The Amber Sword - v3c273

“That doesn’t concern you,” Brendel replied frankly and lowered his sword. 

His aura changed, and his strength as the peak of the Golden rank turned everyone expressionless. Magadal and Yoakam had seen Scarlet’s abilities at the peak of the same rank just now, and they did not expect to see a young boy displaying the same power before them right now.

Just who is this guy? No wonder Archbishop Wood was so courteous towards him.

Yoakam began to feel uneasy. It was normal for a noble to have an aide at the Gold rank, but for the heir of the family himself to be that powerful as well? That has to be watched out for.

He gestured to Devard, warning him not to kill the boy. They must be quite powerful to be able to nurture a boy to that level. The evil in his eyes waned, but his expression remained unfazed. It seemed like he wanted to give Brendel an unforgettable punishment.

A Gold Ranker against an Elemental Power Awakener.

Actually, Brendel just stepped into late Gold rank after leveling up to level fifteen in the Holy Knight role. And he did not hesitate to strike his next move.

But it was not the Military Swordsmanship. He Dashed in front of Devard with speed so terrifying that Devard could feel his scalp fall off. He immediately recognized the attack to be the special skill of the Sun Knights, and, by a breath, he defended with his swords.

It is fast. But to pierce the Silver Wall, which was attributeless, you’re still lacking. Devard comforted himself. 

Brendel’s thrust was pointed towards the defense line formed from the two swords, and with one step forward he used the Nine Luminaries Sword Art, forming an illusion.

He swiped down on the mirror-like shield, ringing out a painful screech as the two metals clash. To conceal his identity, Brendel was not using his Halran Gaia but rather just a normal blade. However, upon activating his Passive Elemental Power, Stable, his sword became near-indestructible. If it was not, it would have probably shattered to pieces when it hit the shield.

That was expected. A Gold ranker’s strength will never bypass my Silver Wall, smirked Devard as he lunged at Brendel.

But he did not expect that, even before Brendel could retract his sword, another blade was coming at him once more. It was as if Brendel’s afterimage was appearing at two spots at a time. In disbelief, another attack landed on Devard’s Silver Wall.

The Wall may be floating inches away from Devard, but the strikes could still be felt by the Elemental Power user. The two attacks that landed could be felt by Devard, especially the second attack that surprised him, knocking him away.

But that was not the end of it. Brendel Dashed to the eight corners of the hall, and each time he did so, he left a mirage formed from Nine Luminaries Sword Art. All of them charged at Devard, focusing on him from nine different directions. Devard may be a Swordmasterm but he had never seen something like the Nine Luminaries Sword Art before in his life. It was a Sword Ast that was comparable to the Kirrlutz’s Flash Strike Sword Art, and was definitely way better than his Striking Eagle Sword Style, meaning-

-he never stood a winning chance in the first place.

Devard was immediately knocked into a daze. He obviously had more strength than Brendel, but he could not use it. All nine of the illusions hit him with an attack layered with Brendel’s Passive Elemental Power. There were no flaws in the technique, and even people who did not understand sword fights could see that Brendel’s attacks are really fast, like a hurricane. Magadal did not know that it was an effect after using the Nine Luminaries, and was shocked by the fact that it was extremely fast.

“How can there be such fast swordsmanship?!” Yoakam’s expression flashed, and unconsciously took away the hand that was on his wound. He was no preoccupied with being shocked that he did not realize the puddle of blood that began to form on his feet.

However, none of Brendel’s attacks penetrated the Silver Wall, but it did brush up all the dust in the room. Not good, he cursed. He did not expect to not be able to break the defense even after using the Nine Luminaries Sword Art. And plus he had enraged Devard.

If Devard were to use his Active Elemental Power, Silver Surge, this would be a long and tough battle. I need to end this swiftly, Brendel thought.

He breathed in, and the nine illusions merged into one. He may be seen to have the advantage at the moment, but his left hand was bleeding, and his right had a large wound over it. Devard’s ability was no joke, and just the rebound of Brendel’s attacks made him injured to this extent. But he did not hesitate, and cut down on Devard’s Silver Wall once more.

Devard was enraged for being suppressed by a junior that was about two times stronger than he was. And in his rage and gritted teeth, he used both of his swords to parry Brendel’s attack.

There was a large splash fire upon contact. And ‘kathak’, his short sword broke apart.Wha-What?! The famous sword, Kaizer’s Teeth, with its three layers of runes on it, actually broke? Shattered to pieces at that!

Although that was actually thanks to Brendel’s Passive Elemental Power, Brendel could feel himself not holding up any longer. He used Puncture on Devard, producing a scene akin to a machine gun mowing down its enemies. The pillars behind Devard were cut down one by one, and Magadal heart sank, How can I ask them to battle in the Anderle Cathedral just now?! Are they gonna try to tear this place down?

At that time, she was afraid. Even with her high status, the few people ranked higher than her would most likely berate her. She bit her lower lip, determined to use her savings to pay for the repair fees, and she was hoping the two of them would not stir the mess up even more.

But that hope will not be fulfilled.

Brendel swiped down, activating the Nine Luminaries Sword Art and another sword swiped down following the first. He also activated 30% of the Spectral Knight Crystal as well as Puncture. 


The two moved back seven steps as the entire hall crumbled.

Yoakam did not even think that Brendel could be that powerful, If they tore down the Cathedral, my life will not be peaceful. At that thought, he immediately yelled, “Retard! Quickly stop!”

Brendel did not listen to him. How can he stop right now with his momentum? He was continuously backing, but NIne Luminaries Sword Art was still running and cutting at Devard. Devard was going mad right now. He did not understand just how Brendel was doing it, He’s obviously backing off, but how are the strikes still coming?

What the FUCKKK is going on!!!

Devard was utterly pissed, feeling like the swordsmanship he practiced for several decades was a joke to Brendel. Finally, he could not hold back and bellowed, ignoring his master’s orders, “Silver Surge!”

A silver blade, without warning, appeared in front of Brendel as he brought the blade down. And in that instant, the skin of Brendel and his mirages split, and fresh blood was flowing out of it.

It was like a blade just appeared right in front of his skin, and did not even need time to travel.

This is the power of Active Elemental Power.

It was too powerful for a Gold ranker to go up against someone who could use the Active Elemental Power. Like Mephisto’s World of Ashes, it was not a power normal people could even imagine.

Silver Surge was overpowered too. It did not require any attack time, and the injury would appear immediately. It bypassed any form of defenses, and was a power that surpassed the Laws.

Brendel had already seen this coming. But his expression did not change, his determination unshaken. He could see his skills activating one after the other, and when he activated the skill he inherited by the Darkness Dragon, Berserk, the entire hall shook.

The Nun Princess’s face paled. It was Elemental Power Resonation, the true form of Elemental Powers.

At that instant, Brendel had stepped into being an expert in the realm of Elemental Awakeners. Even if it was just an instant, it was enough. He easily surpassed the stage of Awakening, and had reached a new peak. Even if he were to match up with Veronica now, he would only lose to her by a little.

Devard nearly stopped breathing at that moment. He looked up to see Bredel easily walk pass his Silver Wall. 

But it was not because he was too strong, but that there was nothing stopping him.

Active Elemental Power: Spatial Chasm

A spray of blood followed by the yell of Devard. Yoakam and Magadal watched, their eyes wide opened, as the famous swordmaster’s arm was flying in the air. If Brendel was killing people in the Cathedral, it would have been troublesome. But his actions were sort of appropriate in that moment as Brendel was born to be the archenemy of Duke Arreck. It would be better to reduce the powers of my enemies right now. Besides, with his standing in the Cathedral and connection with Arreck, it probably won’t be too much of a problem to heal him.  Limb restoration is a really complicated procedure, and not many people knew how to do it.  But to Duke Arreck, it probably is not much of a big deal. It is just that, even if it’s fixed, Devard will be useless to him for the time being. Meaning, in this period of time, Arreck’s right hand will be trash, he thought.

Brendel sheathed his sword. The residue of the power moved in all directions, and when they collided with any structures, cracks began to form on them. Before the Cathedral met the largest disaster since its construction, another more powerful force descended from the sky, suppressing all the rogue energies. And at that moment, the entire place was shrouded with some form of divinity.

Brendel looked back, his face full of blood, as he saw an angry Archbishop Wood walked towards him.

Fuck! How can I forget that this guy is still here? Brendel cried out. He was too preoccupied with finishing off Devard and had forgotten that the leader of the Anderla Cathedral was still here. Now we’re screwed. Messing up the Cathedral, and all that, he’s definitely not gonna let us go easily.

“As you can see, archbishop. I did not intentionally do it,” Brendel coughed and answered dryly.

Archbishop Wood just looked at him, and then at Yoakam.

“AH! Archbishop,” Yoakam saw Wood and his eyes flashed. And then he bowed with etiquette as well.