The Amber Sword - v3c274

The entire place was a mess, and the culprit to it all had left long ago. Brendel eyed Archbishop Wood and said, “Archbishop, you shouldn’t have come out.”

His previous mocking tone was now replaced with a stern and serious one.

“If I didn’t, won’t you guys tear this place down? Do you know just how old this place is?” Archbishop raised his eyebrows and asked.

Brendel just smiled awkwardly and looked at Magadal, “I still haven’t thanked you yet. May I have your name please?”

“Just call me Magadal. And I’m just a nun here, sir,” she sighed. “I’m sorry. I really should have stopped the battle and prevent such a mess. This Cathedral was built on the blood and sweat of Master Rogning. And it was my fault to have ruined this place.”

“No,” Brendel shook his head. “Even if you stopped me, I would have probably continued to fight him.”

Magadal widened her eyes in slight shock, “Then why? Don’t you feel regretful for your actions?”

“I would only feel regret if I could not manage to protect my subordinates,” Brendel answered seriously. “Princess Magadal, that was the reason for my gratitude towards you. That you gave me a chance to fight.”

“That’s a first. Normally, the servants would work for their masters, and would have sacrificed their lives to protect them. Isn’t that their duty?”

“The subjects should be loyal to their masters, and the masters should reward them with protection and pride. That is a form of mutual contract, similar to the oaths sworn back with our ancestors.” 

Wood was looking at the mess everywhere and interrupted, “But for that, you have to pay up to hundreds of thousands of Taels. Isn’t that too hefty of a price?”

Brendel twisted the newly obtained ring, and shrugged, “After all, it won’t be my money. Marquis Yoakam is the one that’s generous. Spending that much just to check whether or not you’re hosting the Holy Knight ceremony, isn’t that more ridiculous?”

If Yoakam were to hear that, there was no doubt he would have fainted from anger.

Wood just remained silent.

“I see,” Magadal looked at Brendel. “Dear sir, may I have your name?”

“Of course, it’s Sophie.”

Brendel looked at Wood as he said that. He half expected the man to be red with embarrassment for keeping the lie. But, to his surprise, Wood just remained unfazed, like he never heard anything.”

“Sophie?” The Nun Princess arched her eyebrows. “Why does it sound like a girl’s name?”

Her voice was small, like she was subvocalizing. But Brendel who had stepped into the Gold rank could easily hear it with his superhuman senses. He coughed, making Magadal raise her head towards him.

“You’re here to become a Holy Knight at this current period?”

“That’s right,” Brendel thought of something and added. “I also wanted to sightsee the place, I heard that Ampere Seale is the busiest harbor in all of Vaunte’s southern regions. But it was all just rumors and I will gladly take this chance to see it for myself.”

“I see. It is indeed as you said. Ampere Seale is busier than most of Aouine. But the only place that’s worth visiting would only be this Cathedral right here. Plus you can also go to the Marble Lighthouse and the market here too. Believe me, it will be a different experience than the places you’ve been to before.”

“I heard that Ampere Seale also has the largest auction house in the south. Do they sell any antiques that are beyond imagination?” Brendel acted. In reality, there was no one there who knew more of the auction house than him. It was the auction house with the most players, and only opened once per season. And all the players would have flown from all across the place to Ampere Seale for the occasion.

“Ampere Seale had indeed the largest auction house in all of Aouine… Mr. Sophie, you have something in mind?”

“I am interested. However, I do not have the qualifications to participate in the auction.”

“You’re troubling over that matter?” she asked in surprise. “That is no problem. I do know the person hosting the event, Baron Dunner. If you don’t mind, I can introduce you to him. He is an honest businessman and would definitely like to have one more customer.”

“Perfect!” Brendel knew that Magadal had a large network of connections and would definitely have her ways to help him. But he felt bad at exploiting her, so he sincerely thanked her, “If that’s the case, I will help myself to see him. Thanks a lot, Princess.”

“It’s nothing much,” Magadal smiled at him, like she was content that she was able to help someone. “However, mister Sophie, please keep in mind that Yoakam, being the sly guy he is, will most likely take revenge on you.”

“That I know,” Brendel nodded. Of course, he knew. But he came here with an undercover identity. And Ampere Seale has a population of about three hundred thousand, and there were hundreds of nobles here. As long as Archbishop Wood did not say anything about him leaving the Cathedral, chances of Yoakam spotting him would be low.

Marquis Yoakam’s POV

As he came out of the Cathedral, Yoakam immediately went on his carriage. Devard, with his heavy injuries, was pale as he was carried onto it. The carriage was thick with the raw scent of blood. Despite being a clean freak, Yoakam just asked, “How’re your injuries?”

“Not looking good. I’m afraid I would have to rest for at least half a year.” Devard said weakly. The bleeding was stopped with magic, but from the haggard way he sat, he was not in good shape.

“I never expect the brat to be that powerful,” Yoakam scratched his face. The chilly pain made him gasp for air, a breath of cold air. Never been hurt by anyone since young, Marquis Yoakam was silent as he contemplated. As to what, no one knows.

“You were too rash this time, my lord,” Devard said weakly.

“That bastard Wood had only performed that ceremony twice in these decades. Obviously I wanted to know why.” He put his blood laced fingers by his nose and cursed, “I wouldn’t say that. But that brat… It was only for two women, was there a need to be that cruel? And I don’t even know where he came from--”

“What do you think of him?”

“Magadal did not seem familiar with him, so he should not being on my cute niece’s side,” HIs face dark as he continued, “He must be the descendant of some of our Kingdom’s ancient nobles. It was said that Erik had the help of them last time. And that they had close ties with the Kirrlutz… I don’t even know why Wood is affiliated with them.”

“Is he trying to prolong his term? My lord, that, to our plans,...” Devard suddenly rose up painfully.

“Keep still. Don’t worry,” he had a cold glare when he stared at the Sword Grandmaster, who froze in fear. “Do you think it’s that easy to do so? Even the Kirrlutz were not able to disobey the orders from the Cathedral, you idiot. I think he’s trying to struggle for another while. Let him be, it won’t matter to us.”

Yoakam said as he looked out of the window into the dark forest. Sounds of teeth gritting could be heard…

Amandina’s POV

As she walked out of the Cathedral, Amandina heard that Brendel had gotten into another fight with Yoakam, and she gave him a cold glare. But she forgave him. After all, he did all that for her. 

Brendel had gotten used to Amandina’s beratings, who was scolding him despite having a lower status.

But he did grumble, Just why can’t she be thankful for once?

Thankfully there’s still Scarlet to give me some comfort. I don’t know what she is thinking, though.

She would occasionally look at me with a weird glare as they walked, and a jealous Amandina could be seen grumbling on the other side of Brendel.

Ampere Seale was a bustling city, and the place was known for its trade. Legends have it that the roads in the place were tiled with gold and jade. But even if that was a joke, the magnificence of the place was no joke. Brendel was so mystified by it that he did not realize that he was bringing along two beauties as he strolled the place.

It surely is not a bad feeling to bring two cuties as I go shopping. And I don’t even have to wait for them as they shop and carrying their stuff, Brendel smiled as he opened his status panel. There was a new Job on it - The Holy Knight - and displayed with it was the fifteen levels and the skills Blood of Sun, Colliding Halo and Crown of Thorn. There’s nothing much to study about it anyway. After all, I have memorized this Job since this was all just a game. After all, I’m just here for the Job specific skills. Its other skills can only be unlocked once I reach level 30, which I don’t have plans on reaching anytime soon.

He then opened the skill panel, glanced at it and began to upgrade the new skills. He first leveled Colliding Halo to level 10, and then the other two to level five. The Holy Knight Job was an Ascended Job, and it required more XP to level up the skills, and this time, it took Brendel around seven hundred thousand to upgrade the three that he just got.

All this time, he was receiving XP from Mavicart’s Grimoire and had loaded up to around 4 million of it, and he spent half of it on upgrading his skills. The Grimoire had already shrunk by a quarter of its original size. And according to Brendel’s calculations, if he consumes the entire Grimoire, he could upgrade his Mercenary Job to level fifty. But levels did not have much of a meaning, unless it was absolute strength.

Devard was the prime example. Brendel used his Gold ranker status and managed to defeat that guy, proving only one thing - skills were more important in The Amber Sword. Talking about it, he was reminded of Nine Luminaries Sword Art. From level seven, he would require 25 thousand XP to upgrade it to level eight. And even if he used up the entire Grimoire, it would only reach level ten, what a pit hole for XP.

He breathed out a sigh and woke up from his daze, and he first saw Amandina who looked as if something was off. Oddly though, he had the impulse to have her wear glasses at the moment. And being the mover he was, he immediately bought her a pair of magic glasses from the Hasel people.

But it was not only based on impulse. Amandina frequently needed to use her eyes for inspection. And the glasses were the perfect tool for her to protect them. Of course, only Brendel knew if he bought it for work purposes or if he had any other ulterior motives. And even though Amandina rejected it, she could not convince Brendel. However, she did look good with the glasses on, with that air of an actual accountant to it.

The three shopped till dusk. As the main streets were dyed a golden red sheen, the three returned back to their hotels. It was almost dinner time when they got back, but he realized that most of his important aides had been there waiting for some time. 

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