The Amber Sword - v3c276

The female girl’s lips are like feathers as they landed on Brendel’s neck, and his hair began to stand. Her teeth were scratching his skin, and then they penetrated his skin into his body, and then into his blood vessels. Andrea was like a spineless cat lying on Brendel’s body, tastefully sucking his blood. After that, she licked his neck like a princess, causing him to struggle in pain.

Brendel sucked in a cold breath. Normally, vampires would release a sort of sex pheromones when they feed, letting their victims fall into a state of ecstasy, so the usual cases of vampire feedings were something of a happy occasion. 

But Andrea was not your average vampire. According to her, that would only be something a shameless vampire would do. So that why every time she feeds, it would be very painful for Brendel.

The only consolation was that each time she feeds, she would be like a lover huddled in his arms, her entire body releasing some sort of charm. Andrea was totally a first-class seducer, her slim body was completely stuck on Brendel’s chest, and he could feel two soft fluffy objects touching his own skin. Her curvy long legs extended out of her dress, its complexions like white jade under the moonlight, and Brendel could not help but fantasize.

“I’m done,” Andrea notified Morpheus like a lord. 

“Okay,” Morpheus replied. The vampires had a hierarchal system, and Morpheus had to wait until his mistress finished feeding the best quality stock before he could join in to suck his blood on Brendel’s neck.

“Oi! Oi!” Brendel was powerless against the two Gold ranked vampires, “Didn’t we agree to not bite my neck?!”

“Lord Sister could so why couldn’t I?” Morpheus flashed his long eyelashes. He immediately covered his ears and pretended to not hear his master as he pounced onto Brendel’s neck.

Brendel rubbed his neck when they are done. From the bushes, a shy looking Medissa walked out to smile at him, “My Lord, will it spell trouble for us to summon the Undead? In any case, they’re not living beings, and would need to possess something to survive.”

Brendel suddenly remembered that Medissa herself was an Undead too, and most likely the most beautiful Undead this world had ever seen. Her silver armor plates lit up slightly, indicating that it was a spiritual object.

Brendel moved his eyes from her to the village at the bottom of the mountain, “What’s up?”

The village was encased in darkness, and from afar, it looked like a small spark. Only Eleves were capable of seeing it that far and that precise. And of course, Romaine could as well.
“Sue said that the location is here. And Raban had led the other Mercenaries of Lopez to inspect it. The people in the village had also confirmed that, there was indeed a noble that came here just a few weeks ago. But it was unsure if he’s Duke Yanbao.”

Brendel just nodded.

This was the plan Sue gave him: replace this Duke’s messenger and attend the nobles’ meeting.

It may sound preposterous to kidnap the messenger or even the Duke himself, but Brendel found it totally logical. The noble’s meeting will be held two days later in the Sophora Garden, which was a property of the Holy Cathedral of Flames, so the Holy Cathedral would naturally maintain the security there and not allow any trespassers. Brendel would obviously not ask Archbishop Wood for help, as it would be too easy to cause trouble. And the Archbishop might not necessarily agree to his plan as well.

The only way to sneak in was to impersonate another noble. It was known that this meeting would be attended by five of the six heads of the biggest noble families, including Viero’s and Karsuk’s messengers, while Duke Seifer and Duke Arreck would attend it personally. House Covardo would obviously send in their representatives as well. Only Duke Grinoires remained an uninterested attitude, and even spared the effort of sending in a representative.

Of course, Brendel was not stupid enough to impersonate these people.

This means that, the only people available were the five Special Authority Counts that were mediocre only to the aforementioned families. Count Radner was naturally excluded from the list, and Count Vitokin, the Black Blade Squad Leader must be removed too. The commander of the Royal Navy, Count Janilasu was also not the option as well. This leaves Brendel with only two choices.

One was the Grey Mountain Count, Count Cordo, and the other was Count Yanbao. But Count Cordo was always by Duke Covardo’s side, so most people should recognize him. Relatively speaking, Count Yanbao’s region is near the north, and was the weakest Special Authority Counts. He barely communicated with the other nobles, and even Brendel did not know he existed even with his experiences in the game. 

Looking at how not many people amongst the nobles knew him, Brendel found him to be the best choice to impersonate.

But even so, the task may sound simple, but he was nevertheless a Special Authority Count, so how can he be not tightly guarded? But Brendel believed in his subordinates’ capabilities and decided to execute the plan beforehand.

Count Yanbao was living in a manor within the forest near the village. He did not have any friends here, so the manor he was living in was a rented place. Ampere Seale had many merchants and nobles who would come by to visit, so they would often rent a place like this around the port. According to Sue’s intel, the owner of this land was a merchant who did not have much of a background.

Upon hearing that, Brendel felt more reassured with his entire plan.

It should be easy for a group of people to sneak across the manor that was filled with bushes without being spotted by the guards. But even so, Brendel still ordered Medissa to provide support from a distance away. With her slightly translucent look, she was suitable for infiltration. Even after that, Brendel was still worried and ordered Scarlet and the some Fireclaw Lizardmen to help her. In case anything were to happen to the infiltration group, they can provide the necessary help.

No matter how he sees it, it was a suicide plan and he could not help but be wary.

By Brendel’s side, there were the Mercenaries of Lopez, two cute Vampires, and Andrea’s servants, the Blood Lineage. They looked like young kids and had the strength around Bronze and Silver rank. However, they were masters of espionage, and their experience did not fall behind the mercenaries from the city-states.

And there was another uninvited company. Romaine had, under no one’s agreement, followed the group sneakily. She walked like a small kitten, and if it was not for her trailing behind Brendel, he would have probably not spotted her.

It seems like she had superb skills of infiltration despite not having any form of training. Even the Night Swallow amongst the Mercenaries of Lopez was surprised. But in the eyes of Brendel, she was born with the abilities for her to commit petty crimes. In any case, there was nothing ladylike about her.

But Brendel had decided that, it would be better to let her stay by his side rather than allowing her to roam free by herself and causing more trouble. As long as she did not leave five feet away from him, she was allowed to have her freedom.

And Romaine liked this a lot. After all, she had always dreamed of adventuring with Brendel.

The matter was dealt, and Brendel let out some Wind Spirit Spiders. He could not share his senses with them, and their potential as scouts were limited, but they were good as alarms. Brendel then looked around, “How many guards are there?”

“From the front, I could see one. It was just that we are unsure if there’re any hidden scouts, My Lord,” A Blood Lineage answered. Under dark conditions, the vampires had better vision than humans and were, therefore, more reliable.

Satisfied with the answer, Brendel also deemed it impossible for him to look past the bushes at the condition of the manor several hundred meters away.

Brendel nodded, and, using the Wind Spirit Spiders, checked if there’re any turrets before ordering his troops to approach the manor. This moment, Romaine spoke out, “I can see some people in the manor. There was someone near the fountain… He seems to be kicking something, and then picking it up to throw into the fountain.”

Everyone looked at Romaine, and Brendel could not help but think, Don’t I have a personal radar next to me? 

At that moment, he had a brilliant idea and asked, “Can you see any hidden scouts?”

“Hidden scouts?”

“It means people who are hidden.”

“Oh… I do see two of them.”

“Where?” Raban jumped immediately and asked.

“He’s behind the guard at the front!”

Raban turned to look at Brendel, “Our enemy seems to be really experienced. We can determine how many people are hidden in there. This will be slightly difficult, My Lord.”

As an experienced mercenary, he was really sensitive to the positions of the troop. Just with a little lead, he could come up with an accurate conclusion. And Brendel had always trusted in his deductions, so he nodded and whispered, “Do you have any plans?”

“Let’s try to get someone to talk,” Raban answered.

Brendel nodded once again, “Morpheus, follow me.” 

Upon completing that sentence, smoke came out of his clothing, veiling his sword and overall appearance. It was the Dark Element used by the followers of the Dark God. Brendel did not want to expose his identity, so this was the best possible way.

He pulled up his hood and was about to leave when Romaine took out a meticulously crafted silver cage, “Brendel, you’re going to catch people? Let me help!”

Before Brendel could react, she clapped her hands and chanted, “Man in the cage… Man in the cage, who is the one who robbed you of your freedom?” She clapped one last time and a white light flashed from within the cage. Instantly, a tiny man appeared in the cage. Andrea and Morpheus and the others looked at her, eyes wide with shock.

“What’s this?” Brendel asked, looking at the terrified young man in the cage.

“My Lord…” The Blood Lineage who answered him just now said, “That’s the guard at the front gate.”

“Dark Witchcraft!”