The Amber Sword - v3c288

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Caike maneuvered through the remains of the windows, and following behind him were seven other men. They all walked past the glass riddled floor of the hall, pulling out their swords at the same time. 

Currently the entire place was a mess: the blood of the fallen had formed streams of crimson, and no matter where you looked, you would see Evil Cultists. However, there were a few groups managing to keep their footing, especially Princess Gryphine and her men. Brendel too was wielding his large sword, bashing away at enemies whenever they came too close.

Caike’s gaze locked onto that young man. He squinted his remaining eye and his face twitched. He had long made a name for himself as a mercenary that instilled fear among others. His other seven comrades were the same, and no matter if it was in terms of strength or background, they could potentially become anyone’s worst fears. 

Caike looked back at them and they all nodded silently. Since they were here already, there was only one path forward: victory. Defeat would mean death.

As the eight Gold ranked warriors stepped forward, everyone became stunned at their arrival. The bodyguards next to the nobles palpitated. Although it could be said that each powerhouse in Aouine would have at least twenty Gold rankers, they mainly fought solo and rarely as a group. This is because they would lead as captains and the regions these people would have to protect were large and required a lot of manpower.

Precisely at this moment, Gryphine seemed to have realized something. She turned back to see a smiling Duke Seifer ordering his men to stand down, while Duke Arreck was expressionless, placing his hand habitually on his sword.

The other nobles were scared shitless. Baron Balta was slightly nervous, and when he locked gazes with Princess Gryphine, he looked away. Princess Gryphine thought, Duke Viero, Duke Karsuk, Count Cordo, and Count Vitokin are not here. Don’t tell me…

She gritted her teeth and lowered her head.

When she looked up, she could only see two clergymen from the Holy Cathedral. Seems like they did not send any of their powerhouses this time.

Caike twitched his eyebrows. There’s no time to lose now. Bloodthirst flashed through his eyes, and he pointed at Fleetwood, “That old man is a Wizard, don’t let him complete his preparations.” His men nodded and rushed to attack the people of the Royal Faction. The nobles seemed to realize that the target of these evildoers was Princess Gryphine, and they did not care about the Royal Family’s influence as they simply moved aside.

The pride of the Royal Faction seemed to be meeting its end at that moment, and the color of Aouine’s flag gradually losing its shade.

The eight mercenaries moved into an offensive stance, and the mood of the entire hall changed, with everyone’s faces falling.

The princess did not say anything, nor did she move backwards. She just looked around fearlessly, and there seemed to be an innate power radiating from within her, giving the people around her strength.

All of a sudden, the pride of Aouine’s Royal Faction seemed to gain a sliver of hope, and the flag it represented a little more color. 

Brendel felt it and breathed out in relief. That’s the power of her belief in Aouine, to the Kingdom, and to the people within it. It seems like we’re at the step where it comes into play once more.

Like it was back in the game, they were at that point of no return once more.

Brendel raised his sword above his head.

“Haha! A genius!” Caike’s eyes lit up. He noticed how Brendel was about to overcome the barrier of becoming an Elemental Awakener. That genius… I really like to hunt arrogant people like this! 

He laughed. Although Brendel may be strong, he was still slightly weaker than him. Plus, he believed he had combat experience over Brendel, where he did not, so he thought that the boy was no match for him. 

Geniuses take time to nurture. Unfortunately, this young boy will not have that sort of time!

He licked his lips, as if he had already tasted the fresh and tasty blood of victory he had been craving for. That same taste flowed down his throat, the blissful feeling exciting every hair on his skin, causing him to tremble feverishly. That excitement was also the reason why he could execute every one of his attacks flawlessly.

He struck down. 

It was a perfect attack. One that not even the greatest swordsman could find a flaw in.

Princess Gryphine saw the blade and paled. She was a famous swordsman of the Royal Family, but she had yet to see a real fight on the battlefield. It was then that she realized just how naive she was. She may have had a perfect mastery over her swordsmanship, but still realized she needed to gain experience to actually master the art of combat that her mentor told her about.

And that moment was here. The opportunity for her to break free of the protective shell she was always living in.

Gryphine’s lips moved, but no words came out. It was due to her slight distrust in Brendel.

“Look out, Brendel!” yelled Count Yanbao. Princess Gryphine turned to look at her good friend and felt a little sad. As royalty, she did not have the freedom to do as she wanted. It could be said that it was her responsibility.

Caike’s sword was soon in front of Brendel’s eyes, its shining flash emanating a cold air of death.

But Brendel was still unfazed. He just raised his sword, and put out a textbook sword stance. 

So dull--?!

The sounds of swords clashing reverberated in the ears of everyone there. But everyone had this same thought. After all, they were seeing the same thing: that Brendel was using the most basic style in Aouine’s Military Swordsmanship.

Halran Gaia was placed horizontally, forming the first move that every soldier was trained to protect their lives with. Precisely because it was the most basic move, everyone there thought it was the dumbest thing to do. There were even some people who thought that it was not worth receiving the attack! To those that knew even slightly about swordplay, they would think that using this move would spell their deaths.

But it did not end there.

Stunned by Brendel’s stance, an alert flashed across Caike’s mind. There was a reason these people were known as geniuses. Caike knew that for a fact and was never careless. He did learn that lesson after losing his eye after all. Seeing Brendel rush at him with his crude attack made him anxiously want to move back.

But he was too late.

An arc formed across his throat, and then blood burst out of the line, spraying out like a geyser shooting out wine. Halran Gaia broke his spinal cord, its momentum causing his head to separate from his body and spin through the air, letting everyone see the unwillingness in his eyes, which was probably the last thought of his life.

“That fast?!”

There were two Brendels in the hall. And one of them disappeared soon after Caike’s death.

The remaining one raised his sword. The black sheen of the blade and the color of obsidian reflected the light at its tip. The entire hall went silent once again, as if the world had paused. It was like a dream that had just ended, before the whispers began once anew. 

Devard widened his eyes. He could never forget that swordsmanship that took away his arm.


“What was that swordsmanship?”

Brendel sheathed his sword and looked around. Though not a soul dared to look back at him.  The Nine Luminaries Sword Art, one of the three greatest sword arts in Vaunte, revived itself in the human realm after thousands of years of being lost. Just one look of it was enough to demonstrate its greatness.

Seven more people to go. 

This type of scene, where Gold rankers die so easily, was supposed to only have happened in the great war that happened tens of years ago, or those ones that happened centuries or even thousands of years ago. 

Fear could be felt tangibly within the air, shaking up everybody’s mental states. 

Every wave, coming off those terribly bloodthirsty Gold rankers, was powerful enough to directly attack the hearts of people after all.

The seven Gold rankers all felt a chill running down their spines. It was a feeling they had long forgotten. In their eyes, Brendel was like an ancient wild beast that had opened its wide jaws of death. Breaking free from that feeling with their years of experience, they raised their swords and rushed forward shouting, “Kill him!”

There were no more bystanders in the hall. They had long understood that this was a fight between life and death. Victory and defeat could be on both sides of the same coin.

No matter how strong one is, the outcome of each fight is never predictable. Three of the mercenaries came beside him, two on both of his sides and one in front, forming a semi-circle with him in the center. Brendel could not see the people behind him, and Dilferi, who was surprisingly nervous for her captor, shouted, “Watch out, behind you!” 

But Brendel did not care. After all, he did not come to fight alone.

Behind Brendel’s back, a pale, slender hand grabbed at an approaching sword blade, and that random Gold ranker it belonged to began to shriek and wail.

Morpheus’s eyes lit up like blinking lights. He was hyped to fight. “You can’t be rude towards My Lord,” he scolded. His usual meek side was gone, and in its place was a hungry beast out for blood.

The assassin’s face paled as he looked down at the scrap metal that was once his sword.

What Strength…

On the other side, Andrea did not say a word as she battled. She immediately pulled out her swords when she appeared, and both blood and corpses soon began to fall onto the ground. She clapped her hands, and blood droplets coagulated to form a circle in front of her and blades on both of her hands. From within that seemingly small pool of blood, two pairs of wings emerged, and with a roar, two blood dragons popped out. 

They looked down with their mighty heads at the three insects before them, the three assassin-like mercenaries.


Brendel knocked away one mercenary’s sword to see that sight. I do pity the enemies that are fighting Andrea. She’s a master in blood arts. In this place where blood could form streams, this would be her best fighting stage. I doubt even I could beat her here, not to mention those three people. Count it as punishment for invading this place, I guess?

But still he turned around, “What are you guys doing? Do you really think I can fight seven of them by myself?”


Oberwei, Makarov, and Niya came to their senses. They were overwhelmed by Brendel’s ‘performance’ just now, and for a second forgot that they were on a battlefield. With the addition of five Gold rankers, plus Brendel himself, the entire situation soon changed.

Morpheus quickly finished off his opponent. He was fighting a Strength type Swordsman, but unfortunately, his Strength stat was still lower than that of a Vampire. There would be no chance in ten thousand that he could have beaten Morpheus. After analyzing his opponent’s movements, he got close and jabbed- right into his heart.

Brendel slowly backed out of the scene. He had initially wanted to prolong the fight with Caike, just now, to see their background. However, he did not get that opportunity as he one-shotted the poor man with his Nine Luminaries Sword Art. 

The easiest battle was won by Andrea. She did not even need to fight in the first place. Her dragons that were formed from the blood essence of tens of people, including several Silver rankers, easily suppressed the three assassins. And after casting some Black Witchcraft on them, they met their painful end.

Among the remaining three alive assassins, the Wolf Baron was the fastest at ending his battle. Oberwei was a true Swordsman. Although his opponent was weaker compared to the other assassins, his flawless swordsmanship showed just how worthy he was to be called a lone wolf. Its speed, accuracy, and cruelty were on point. It clearly demonstrated why his opponents always met a painful and bloody end whenever he fought with a sword. 

After his fight ended, Niya and Makarov’s battles marked their end as well. Brendel was surprised to see that Niya was a Holy Knight like him as well, when he saw just how good of a Warrior she was. Heavily armored, she used ‘Colliding Halo’ to restrict her opponent. And when Morpheus came to help her out, the opponent could only admit defeat. 

I can see why she was chosen to be the guard of Count Yanbao. She is probably the strongest meat shield they have, Brendel thought.

Amongst them, Makarov was the weakest. While he may be skillful, he was mainly a strategist and was not as good at combat. He even came close to taking damage at some points. Brendel, however, had sprung to his rescue, locking his enemy down and preventing him from attacking. By the time the assassin realized just how deep of a shithole he was in was when he saw his comrades fall to the ground. He cursed silently and attempted to retreat.

However, Fleetwood yelled, “You’re not going anywhere!”

Ripples appeared in the air, and the assassin was stuck in his place. It was now that the strength of a Wizard could be fully utilized against the Warriors. Even if the assassin wasn’t of a lower rank, once a Wizard completes his spell, the enemy was bound to face death. 

A fight between a Wizard and Warrior was fundamentally different from one between two Warriors. Those battles were never of attrition and would usually end in the blink of an eye.

It was not the first time that Brendel had cooperated with a Wizard, and he perfectly coordinated with a leap that penetrated his enemy’s heart.

Brendel landed on his feet. And when he got up, he was looking at Arreck who was not far away.

The Duke shifted in hesitation, and widened his normally squinted eyes, revealing a cold hard glare.