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*changing Job to Class

Rokshbe Hall’s long corridor was clear like a piece of mirror, and from time to time, there would be a priest in red walking by, their footsteps clicking as they moved. Brendel was sitting on a long bench inside, fiddling with the menu sheepishly under the moon. Sometimes, a system window would open up beside him as he checked the time. 

It had been three hours since the incident in the afternoon. 

The massacre in Sophora Manor had shaken the Holy Cathedral, and they had started investigations, but it was predicted that results would not be produced in a short period of time. But besides that, Brendel realized that after he had cut down two Gold rankers and several Silver rankers, he managed to raise one level. Now his Holy Knight Class had reached level 16. As the class was an Ascended Class, it needed much more experience to level up. In order to level up to level 16, it would require as much experience as a normal Warrior leveling up to level 25. 

But, for every level up of an Ascended Class, his stats would have a greater increase compared to the Basic Classes. So, it can still be said that being a Holy Knight is stronger than any of the other Basic Classes. It was not until two years into the game that the first Ascended Class appeared. So, essentially, Brendel was faster than the players by one whole year. It was all thanks to Mavicart’s Grimoire. However, even it was now a small piece of what it once was, since the Nine Luminaries Sword Art was like a black hole, sucking in all the experience the Grimoire had to give.

Brendel was checking up on his newly added stats as he sucked on whatever was left of Mavicart’s Grimoire. He leveled up once more, closing the gap with the peak of Gold rank. If he excluded his other Classes, Brendel expected that he would have to reach at least level 60 in order to reach the Elemental Realm. It would be a long and arduous task, but with all of his current responsibilities he did not have much liberty with time. 

“But if I can’t get into the Elemental Realm in time, it would be hard for me to protect myself when the Demonic Waves come,” Brendel shook his head. “No, it has already started.” The Loop of Winds was just an opening act, and although it had not affected the majority of Vaunte yet, it was bound to happen. 

And it was evident that there had been a much higher activity with Magical Beasts recently. The astrologists of the South even thought that it was a side effect of the Loop of Winds.

They are only half correct. It is not a side effect, but rather just the beginning of the Demonic Waves. As someone who experienced this once before, Brendel was really knowledgeable about all of this. 

He pressed on the ‘+’ symbol on his system window, and then notifications of confirmations began to pop up. 

-System notification: Holy Knight Skill ‘Blood of Sun’ leveled up to Level 5.

-System notification: Holy Knight Skill ‘Crown of Thorns’ leveled up to Level 5.

-System notification: Holy Knight Skill ‘Colliding Halo’ leveled up to Level 5.

From the Ascended Class onwards, the player would be required to reach certain levels to upgrade their skills. To get his skills above Level 5, Brendel had to level up his Holy Knight class to Level 25 at the least. 

Level 5 ‘Blood of Sun’ could only reflect up to 25% of damage, and Level 5 ‘Colliding Halo’ only added three points to his Defense. It was at this point that his Defense was passable enough to be considered a true Warrior. Previously, he was more like a Night Swallow or Wanderer Class.

Brendel laughed. Although he may be leveling up really fast compared to his previous life, his equipment was still lacking. Though he had Crimson Red Blessing, the Spectral Knight Crystal, Warrior Ring, and Halran Gaia, he did not have anything else that was of good quality. He even had level 20 items like Elemental Bracelet or Flame Ring which proved to be insufficient at times.

The reason for that was because he was always busy with other matters and never had a chance to clear any instance dungeons. Ever since he left Fortress Riedon, due to the Red Bronze Mercenaries, his entire plan was ruined. And ever since leaving Trentheim, Brendel felt that his own abilities were lower than he would have liked. Fortunately for him, his plan was still executed smoothly and he managed to partake in the noble’s meeting, otherwise he would have to question his own worth in this world.

At that thought, Brendel raised his eyebrows. History really did change.

The meeting was supposed to have been delayed until noon back in the game, but it was completely different now, and the location had been swapped from the Anderla Cathedral to the Acacia Manor. Brendel raised his head and looked down the corridor. It was the first time he felt so lost ever since he came to this world. 

Just what is the reason behind the incident this morning?

When he had locked gazes with Duke Arreck, he was sure that the old fox was part of it. But that would not make sense. Won’t hurting the Royal Family be detrimental to them? Just what is happening that made Arreck stand on Seifer’s side?

Besides him, there were other nobles who also realized this anomaly. For example, most of the influential nobles did not come, which meant that they had probably known about it from the beginning. And Brendel was even suspicious that the Holy Cathedral was part of it too. Ampere Seale was normally so well protected by the Holy Cathedral of Flame, that if he wanted to assassinate someone here, he would have needed to rely on the Cards of Fate. So how come such a big group of Evil Cultists suddenly appeared?

That just seemed impossible.

From his past experience, the Royal Faction won. And although the princess was weak, she had a lot of supporters. Once Duke Arreck sided with her, she would emerge victorious in this civil war. It was just that, in this lifetime, the people who backed the princess seemed to have disappeared, and he could not come up with any explanation for it. 

He had racked his brain on this matter multiple times, never leaving out any details. Plus, with his knowledge about the future, although some events may stray a little, the main outline would still remain. With just a little more time, he was confident that he could perfectly see the end result. 

He pursed his lip, and the wrinkles on his forehead deepened.

But then, a shadow came before him and into his vision, causing him to momentarily stop breathing. Freya was in her military uniform, her ponytail tucked behind her head, looking really dashing yet soft at the same time. She seemed to realize just how awkward the mood was, and said, in a blushing manner, “Long time no see.”

Brendel laughed. Somehow, whenever he saw this girl, all of his troubles would disappear. [T/L: Uh oh, Romaine you seem to be in a precarious position.]

“Are you only here to say that to me?” he said with a smile. The headstrong, unwavering war goddess that was unparalleled seemed to be gone, while the image of her from Bucce seemed to be getting clearer and more relatable.

He could still remember when she tended his wounds in a panicked state. She was obviously mad, but cute as well. Seems like she’s still Freya and not the stone cold war goddess that I know of from the game.

“You!” Freya pouted. Although she had come here under the orders of the princess, she could not say that she did not miss Brendel. Also, she could see the reason that she was chosen was due to her relationship with Brendel. But she could not figure out how they knew that she was affiliated with him. 

“... Brendel, why are you here?”

“Did you forget that I was the one that wanted you to get close to Princess Gryphine?”

“I did not forget,” she said, forgetting for a moment the reason she was there due to all the confusion in her head. She backed off a little, “You told me that, to help myself and Bucce, I have to enroll in the Royal Cavalry Academy. But now that Bucce is conquered by Madara, are you suggesting that we wage war with them?”

Brendel shook his head.

He raised his head and looked into the darkness at the end of the corridor, “Freya, you’re not the Freya from Bucce anymore. So, what do you think of Princess Gryphine? What do you think of Aouine?”

She fell silent, and sat beside Brendel. Combing her long hair, she said, “To be honest, I never thought that our Kingdom would fall into such peril. Back when I was with Madden, I thought that despite the problems we have, Aouine was still a big nation. Life was peaceful back then, and wars did not seem like a possibility.”

“Do you still think that there is a chance of redemption for this Kingdom?” Brendel turned and looked at the side of Freya.

“I don’t know. But if it were to perish, I would go down with it.”

“Is that what you have learned from the Royal Cavalry Academy?”

“Kinda. But this feeling was always within me, just that I did not understand it. Brendel, I do have to thank you. It’s you that led me to join the Academy. And now that I see it, it was the best experience I have ever had in my life… And I think it may have altered it forever,” she thought for a while before replying.

Brendel just smiled.

But he felt terrible. Seems like this outcome was always meant to be. The future War Goddess was sitting next to him, and had confessed to him about her ideals. She was always that sort of person from the beginning, burning with all her might up even till the end. I don’t wish to change her, but now that I think of it, the plain cold Freya back in the game might have been her true self.

This rotten country had changed many hearts, and war would do the same as well.

Brendel turned off the logical reasoning he used to use back in the game, and could seemingly hear the voice of this world. Fate is an ever-changing thing, and everyone is gambling on it with all their might, hoping to put their lives on a better path.

“What do you think of the princess?” Brendel asked once more.

She did not reply, but asked with a question of her own, “Brendel, can you tell me? How can the princess free herself from her responsibilities with the nobles and royalty?”

“So I suppose you’re standing on her side then?”

“Sly, but I asked first,” she glared at Brendel and continued, “Brendel, are you part of the Royal Faction?”

Brendel was stunned. He sighed inwardly, That girl from Bucce really did grow up. Although she still is Freya, she was not that clueless girl from back then. 

Surprisingly, he shook his head, “You know that I’m a Highland Knight. And we have never had any ties with the Royal Faction.”

Freya was stunned at first, but then she nodded. She remembered that Brendel told her the same thing back then. But last time, she did not understand what he meant by ‘Royal Faction’, ‘Highland Knight’, or ‘Highland Wizard’. Thinking back, her face burned with embarrassment. She had thought that he was some noble with all those terms he was spurting out.

Even though he was indeed a noble.

The two of them fell silent as they reminisced through the memories of their past.

About the stars under Bucce’s night sky; about Josen who died in the hands of the Necromancer; about the Golden Tree; about Fortress Riedon’s prison; about the battle in the night and the burning moat.

Fate is like a mysterious line, changing people’s directions in unpredictable ways.

After some time, Freya asked, “Is Romainse still fine? Did you bully her?”

“It would already be kind of her to not bully me,” he said sheepishly.

Freyas laughed. That seems plausible.

Then she said, “Princess Gryphine requests to see you, Brendel.”


Brendel composed himself and nodded.