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The princess stabbed at Brendel’s chest, the silver glimmer on the tip of her sword seemed to separate the dark rainy night and the lightning outside the window and the whole room seemed to turn black and void, monotonous and devoid of any color.

Thunders boomed.

The sword bypassed Halran Gaia’s line of defense. But the tip of the sword involuntarily slid off to the side. Gryphine felt as if she had hit the surface of a stone, and her sword flew out of her grip because of the rebounded force. It pierced through Marshal Atanya’s portrait, a precious oil painting from the third century.

Brendel grabbed the right wrist of the princess, her wrist was soft and slightly warm. But he did not have time to savor this moment. Her glare made him stood upright, Her left hand! Brendel held the princess’ left hand without hesitation. A bright gleaming dagger flickered on her left hand.

Brendel had firm control over Princess Gryphine’s two wrists, and their postures were a little awkward. She gritted her teeth and raised her knees to kick Brendel’s lower abdomen.

Brendel never expected that this elegant princess would be so decisive in her actions. His instincts kicked in and with both hands, he pressed Gryphine against the wall. 

In the background, lightning struck and everything went blank.

Princess Gryphine groaned uncomfortably, expressing a painful look in her face. Bowing her head slightly, her silver, curly long hair shook slightly with it.

Before she even had time to react, Brendel pushed her whole body against the wall. She could not manage to attack him back. But now their posture was ambiguous, as Brendel almost had his entire body pressed on her’s. Aouine’s Princess was still an innocent young lady, she had never had such close contact with a man ever in her life. Brendel’s strong manliness made her felt slightly hot.

It was at this point, Princess Gryphine finally yielded, closing her eyes and her whole body softened. Her long eyelashes trembled softly, tears falling from her face. As such emotion cannot be concealed and controlled once it erupts, glittering tears flowed out like a broken dam, rolling down the cheek like a river stream.

Brendel panicked, and thought to himself, My princess, please don’t cry. Stab yourself if you want to commit suicide, not cutting and threatening me with the sword. She almost destroyed his love life, but in the end, he looked more like the culprit rather than her.

But the pitiful half-elf princess was just so beautiful, Brendel thought her face gleamed like white jade under the reflection of the flashes of lightning. He never thought that this was the future powerful princess that would be supporting the entire kingdom of Aouine and felt really moved.

“Stop crying,”

Princess Gryphine did not seem to hear him, and her tears kept flowing. She was not a fragile person, but the recent events in Ampere Seale had made her despair. No one would even help her out, even the Royal Faction would just watch her fall deeper and deeper into the abyss.

The only thing that supported her all this while was her belief, but even now, even the only hope she had was destroyed. Even though she was still fighting on, she could not bear it any longer.

“This doesn’t look like our princess.”

“How can a crybaby princess bring Aouine out of hardships?”

“Princess Gryphine.”

“I’ll leave if you continue to cry,” Brendel awkwardly coaxed her.How do I even talk to her? The only time I had to deal with girls back in my previous life was with my senior. Does this count as an experience?

But Princess Gryphine was obviously not a child. She just had too much to bear now. Like a spiritless toy doll, the only proof that she was still alive was her tears.

Brendel could not hold it in any longer after few fruitless negotiations with her. He raised Princess Gryphine’s chin and then lowered his head.

Bolts of lightning flashed through the rainy night and there were sparks of fire in the distant sky. 

The half-elf princess opened her eyes.

Brendel could not take back that kiss. It was like he opened a door to a world of sincerity

He always thought that what he had for the princess was just pure admiration and respect, but now he finally realized it came with affection and love. He came all the way here to get her, to keep her alive, and to stop a tragedy in history from happening once again.  

The figure which he had idolized over and over again was now in his arms. Her soft body was like a feather, without weight.

It’s realistic but also illusory.

He released Gryphine’s wrist with one hand, then grasped the skinny waist of the young princess, holding it tightly, as if he was afraid that she would disappear again. He felt her soft lips carefully, then further inching closer and closer, pressing his lips against hers harder and harder, gently opening the mouth of the half-elf princess.

It was at this moment, a loud slap could be heard.

Gryphine was furious, her anger made her face extremely red. She bit her lower lip and glared at Brendel with murderous intent.  It seemed like she noticed everything that happened and woke up instantly.

She even forgot about the current situation, only one single thought remained in her mind. 

How dare you? You deserve to die! she seemed to say.

“You!” Princess Gryphine’s face seemed like it was frosty, and she subconsciously reached out for her sword.

But she only then realized that she had lost her sword. Her sword was stuck in the back of the oil painting.

‘You have crossed the line, Mr.Brendel, I trusted you so much but I never knew you were this type of person!” The princess shouted.

“Sorry.” Brendel apologized. He was a little dumbfounded too, he never dreamed that he would be so impulsive and actually did something like this. Everything happened naturally. Was this 
what I wanted subconsciously?

He quickly dismissed this outrageous thought but was still a little excited by this as well.

He had inherited Brendel’s feeling, and that part of him loved Romaine’s brashness and her need for excessive care. But his other half, Sophie, longed for the princess as well as his senior sister back in the game.

The princess exhaled gently and she seemed relaxed. She closed her eyes, trying to return to her calm and innocent self. “How did you manage to bypass the cathedral lockdown?” She asked.

“And what have those guards outside been doing? How could they let you…… It was Freya who let you in, right?” 

She looked down and said with a calm tone. Her initial address for him, ‘Mr. Brendel” became ‘you’ which made him sound like a stranger. Brendel started to feel uneasy. 

“I have met Freya, but this has nothing to do with her.” He tapped on the cape he was wearing and continued, “It’s not hard to get into the cathedral with this cape. Though I did meet with some trouble when I was entering the garden, fortunately, I ran into Freya and her men patrolling around.

“I won’t put this blame on anyone. Freya is Duke Everton’s daughter, she has qualities we don’t have.” Not to mention that everyone has their own priorities, and they must have treated me like a joke now I suppose…

The half-elf princess smiled bitterly. She sat down and leaned against the back of the chair, just like she did back in her early years as Oberwei told her stories and combed her silver, wet hair...

“Princess,  your Highness.”

“Mr.Brendel.” Gryphine interrupted. She looked at him, with her strange yet charming silver eyes. “Do you want me?” 

Brendel took a deep breath.

He found himself unable to reject this offer, and he was catching feelings. 

He knew what the princess meant, but still, he could not hold himself together to refuse. This is Aouine’s future princess, the girl of everyone’s dream. And now, I just have to say yes and she will be mine.

The pride of Aouine.

Brendal shook his head. 

“I can’t refuse, Your Highness, for your beauty has been engraved in my heart. But not now, nor should it be done like this. The princess in my heart is the one who dares to reprimand the nobles. Only her boldness is worthy of Aouine’s hope.” 

Brendel said word by word carefully. 

Princess Gryphine was confused. “What do you want me to do?” She returned to her calm tone and Brendel knew that she felt embarrassed by her reckless act. In fact, he was frustrated too.

But if he was given a second chance, he would still have done it the same way.  Although he felt sorry for the Aouine’s future princess, he was sure that he had done something he normally would not have.

His personality from back then had started to show its motives.

Brendel was about to say something when he heard two people walking in from the corridor. Princess Gryphine’s expression changed. If the outsiders were to see Brendel and me alone at this time, my reputation will be completely gone.  

The princess gave Brendel a death stare. The matter of losing her sword wasn’t settled yet, and now another trouble is coming their way. When she turned to him, they met eyes.

Gryphine blushed. “What are you waiting for? Hide!” She said in a low voice.

“Where can I hide?” Brendel was dumbfounded. He had just heard from Freya that the Royal Faction had gone over to Prince Haruz side. Why did they turn back after just a while?  

“The closet!”

The princess pointed to the closet at the side. The footsteps were coming close, and that was when she only realized her hair was still in a mess. She simply combed it with her fingers and subconsciously covered her own lips. 

She lifted her head and looked at Brendel, he was scrambling to hide in her closet. Gryphine said fiercely, “Brendel, this time you have to help me. Just treat it as a charity for Aouine’s princess.”


Brendel almost fell headfirst into the closet. This entire incident is just so weird…