The Amber Sword - v3c307

Dallit’s POV

It was six in the morning. 

At the Black Blade Squad’s camp-

A magical alarm filled the whole campsite with distress. Knights clad in black rushed out of the rest area and headed straight for their mounts.

Rows of dragons started to spread their wings.

Viscount Kuztal Bolleman lowered his binoculars and gazed at the southern sky which was black with countless raptors shuttled between clouds and lightning. It was a scene of devastation.

“It’s the druids.”

“The southerners are at the end of their stick.”

He was silent. He flipped his saddle, then held his five-meter long dragon spear with one hand, while raising his left hand high in the air. A voice exploded from within the camp like roaring seas and waves.

“Black Blade Squad, Dragon Knight Platoon One -"

“Roll out!”

The beasts flew up into the air one by one, their outstretched wings covered the skies. The ground troops watched the knights lift off as the huge formation was launched in just a blink of the eye.

“Dallit, make sure you do not make any mistakes at the critical moment!” The ground staff yelled.

“Oh, fuck you!” The knight in the skies laughed and lifted his head. Ahead, thunder and lightning created a golden-red atmosphere under the rain clouds, and tens of thousands of raptors rushed towards them.

“It’s the Arrow Eagles!” 

“-Look out! They’re speeding up!”

Someone from above shouted. 

“Everybody, get into battle formation!” A serious voice commanded through the Magic Crystal. 


“Estimated time of collision: thirty seconds.”

“Twenty seconds.”

Dallit lifted up his head, his eyes were filled with flaming war passion.

The Black Blade Squad had been on standby for a long time, and it was at this moment, everyone felt that their blood was boiling.

Viscount Kuztal Bolleman raised his spear firmly, silently counting the seconds.

“Ten seconds.”

“Eight seconds.”

“Two seconds.”

“Attack! “

“For Aouine!” In a moment, the skies of Ampere Seale seemed to be ignited by ear-splitting shrieks.

The gigantic black dragons and countless raptors collided. At that moment, blood rained from the sky, the open wings were like blades, cutting through the storm, and the birds’ bodies fell from the sky like raindrops.

But the dragon knights faced a fierce resistance. Their formation was shattered in an instant. Warnings, roars and the cacophony  of slaughter and screams mixed together, filling the air with horrifying sounds across the battlefield. The knight in front got thrown off the saddle as his dragon cried and fell after him.

Dragons fell, crashing into the soil like black meteors, silent and still.

The flames of war continued to spread and burn.

Brendel’s POV

The buzzing noises from discussions in the hall seemed to be quiet for a moment, the solemn Rokshbe Hall was left with dead silence. It was as if time froze.
“Ciel, is that you?”

Bunide, the leader of the Highland Knights stood tall, with an air of confidence. Although he was not loud, his words echoed repeatedly throughout the hall.

There was chaos.

Everyone looked at each other.

“Leader Bunide, you were saying...?” someone from Grinoire’s side asked. 

“Squad Leader Bunide, did you get that right?” This person was a close friend of Duke Viero, and Brendel had met him in the past.

Everyone else also started to discuss within themselves, most of the people directed their attention towards Ciel. “Ah!” Countess Yanbao suddenly shrieked, she looked at the young wizard as if she had seen a ghost and said, “Ah! How did I not notice? The two really looked alike!”

“Who does it look like? What’s going on?” Brendel did not know what was happening however he found amusement in the fact that Benninger who was performing has now become a joke despite being confused at the current situation. 

But he never expected to see the current situation.

He turned around, his gaze then fell on his own servant. It was as if he was getting to know him for the first time again, “Ciel, it looks like you’re kind of famous, can you explain why?”

“Ha,” Ciel smiled forcefully. “My Lord, this must be a misunderstanding.” 

“It doesn’t seem like it.”

“It’s true.”

“Then it will be best if you explain it to them.” Brendel suddenly became alert, as he heard the rumbling outside.  He immediately stopped and winked at Ciel, telling him, ‘We’ll talk later.’

The battle has started,

Ciel understood what Brendel meant, he turned to the squad leader of the Highland Knight and said, “Squad Leader Bunide, I think you might have got the wrong person.” 

The hall went silent once again.

The transition was surprisingly natural. 

“Are you sure...?” Bunide smiled and raised his eyebrows.

Before he could continue speaking, a trembling sound shook the entire hall. 

Bunide paused and raised his head in suspicion.

Everyone subconsciously raised their heads, the sound obviously came from above.

Has something happened? After a short while, the second tremble came, more violent than the previous one. Most of them fell to the ground because they were caught off guard.

“What’s going on?” 

“What happened?”

“Was it an earthquake?” 

It became chaotic inside the hall once again. All of a sudden, a huge hole opened up on the crystal dome of the Rokshbe Hall and small crystal pieces fell all over the place. Cold wind rushed in, and an enormous mass filled the hole. 



Wind and rain were pouring outside, but there was just ash and smoke in the hall. The nobles were horrified, they started to scream immediately.

Brendel was the only one who managed to see clearly what that thing was. In the middle of the hall was a corpse of a flying dragon, with its neck already broken.

It was from the Black Blade Squad.

Seemingly at the same time, Duke Arreck’s deep and firm voice rang out beside his ear,


Everyone was stunned, but they got back to their senses immediately.

“Paladins, stop Makarov!” This was Moros’ voice.

“Catch Princess Gryphine!” Sir Benninger shrieked.

Brendel also reacted immediately, he protected Dilferi with one hand and commanded, “Ciel, get the princess!”

The hall erupted in utter chaos.

Dallit’s POV

Dallit’s face was full of blood. 

He looked out through his torn mask, the whole place was filled with blood. Countless raptors were flying in circles in the disastrous battlefield. 

In the very middle of it was an Archdruid wearing a cloak of trees like a deity. Every time he cast a spell, wooden spears and spurs appeared and launched at the Dragon Knights. One by one, they fell.

An Archdruid in the upper gold rank.

There was a chill in Dallit’s heart, if it was not for the continuous voices from the Magic Crystal, he would have trembled. The deaths were consuming everyone’s will to fight.

“Team Three, Team Four get into an assault formation!” 

“It’s Viscount Bolleman, he’s making his way in there!”

“Guards, continue the assault!”

There was a loud roar from the Magic Crystal, and the Dragon Knights rearranged their formation in midair, they were about to make their last shot. The flying dragons could not fight midair for a long period of time, especially when they have to bear the weights of the knights.

“Those damn southerners!” Dallit cursed with his teeth gritted.

This was their final attempt. Ahead was Viscount Kutzal Bolleman’s flying dragon advancing, revealing his strength as a middle Gold ranker, like a comet in the sky. Everyone followed his lead.

The battle began and came to an end shortly after it began. The Dragon Knights suffered a dramatic loss, but the enemy was defeated. 

The balance of victory and defeat have been tilted.

“Look below!” 

“Reinforcements are here!” A voice full of excitement came from the Magic Crystal. 

Dallit turned and looked, spots of red lights covered Ampere Seale. The knight squad stationed by the Holy Cathedral of Fire in the port joined in the fray!

He felt like shouting in joy for a moment. What an intensive yet victorious battle!

Was the enemy a competent opponent? Probably. Dallit’s mind was full with thoughts. He subconsciously glanced to the side, and his gaze was fixed towards that direction-

West of Ampere Seale. 

The direction towards the Arreck Mountains. 

A cluster of black spots was approaching at full speed. 

“On our left! A big cluster of unidentified flying units has been discovered! I repeat, attention to all squadrons, a big cluster of unidentified flying units has been discovered at the left flank!” The Magic Crystal stuttered. “Wait, they’re Dragon Knights!”

“Are those reinforcements?” 

Everyone froze. Reinforcements?

Only Dallit was squinting his eyes- He had excellent eyesight, and he quickly identified the enemy from a distance. That is not the reinforcement army… That is… 

“It’s the enemy, the enemy is attacking!” He snapped at the magic crystal: “It’s the Southern Army! The Dragon Knights of the Southern Army! Get ready for an attack!” 

He understood at that very moment that the knights of the Holy Cathedral of Fire were not there to reinforce them.

They were here to face the Southern Army.

But why would the Southern Army be here? Dear Marsha!

The weather roared with the ferociousness of the war. Rain soaked and wet the gazed upon the advancing army.

Nosidal’s POV

Nosidal sat upright like a spear on his saddle, allowing rain and wind to beat against his face, allowing lightning and thunder to brighten his eyes, but he was calm and composed in his heart.

He subconsciously touched his face, the injury inflicted on him in the Loop of Trade Winds had scarred him, yet he felt relieved. Scars are medals of honor to a soldier.

At least, he had returned to the Southern Army.

He turned around to meet the gazes of all in the vicinity. They nodded to him in mutual respect. They were once comrades, and now they are brothers in arms.

But this was the Calamity of the Wolves no longer.

The kingdom indeed abandoned them.

But the Southern Army would never abandon their homeland - 

Nosidal raised his spear, pointed to the front and commanded, “Dragon Knights, listen to my command - get into attack formation, our target - Black Blade Squad!”

“For Aouine, charge!”


Everyone knew the civil war of Aouine had officially started.

In the midst of smoke and dust, Brendel faced his first opponent, a Paladin. When he saw his opponent, he was fighting Maynild. In fact, the dark-haired knight was losing ground.

But she could not possibly give in as Princess Gryphine was just behind her.

When he saw this, Brendel did not give it much thought and he straight away stabbed at the enemy. Brendel’s swordsmanship has always been brutal and fierce, and this stab of his was no exception. It did not have any sort of noble etiquette, it could be classified as a dirty sneak attack.

The Paladin of the Holy Cathedral of Fire was an Elemental Awakener as well, but he could only brawl with Brendel. 


The two swords clashed against each other, and both of them were knocked back by the impact.

Maynild finally found the chance to take a breather. Using her hand to cover her mouth, she coughed out some blood. She took a few breaths and then immediately looked at Brendel with a pale face.

“This swordsmanship…...who taught you?” She asked.

“I’ll tell you later.”

Maynild gritted her teeth, but she still nodded her head.

The Paladin noticed Brendel, in fact, he had already recognized him. The eyes under the metal mask shined coldly. The air surrounding Brendel immediately felt like it was stagnant, even his body movements felt slower.

“Be careful, his Elemental Power might be related to wind.” Maynild immediately reminded him. Although the female knight’s voice might sound quite cold, it still sounded a little caring.

But this voice made Brendel slightly heated up.

It sounds so similiar.

So similar to senior sister.

If only she was still here…

Still in this world…

Senior sister

Brendel could not help it but close his eyes. At that moment, he felt his senses were flowing out. It was pitch black in front of him, but it felt as if everything was right in front of his eyes.

One dot, one line.

A world created with Laws.

A towering wall just appeared right in front of him.

The Elemental Barrier!

Brendel’s heart trembled. He forced open his eyes, and his vision changed. There was a ball of silver flame somewhere deep down in his eyes, countless Laws and definitions of the world, even the fates of all beings, were moving towards in one direction.

What is going on?

He raised his sword up.

“You may have the binding power of the Wind, but a coward who dares to strike at an unarmed woman cannot hold me.”

Brendel raised his sword with one hand, and slashed at the Paladin’s sword. 

And the Paladin’s sword was thrown out of his hand. It scattered across the floor like the paladin’s confidence.

He was shocked. He never thought that there would be such a freak who was able to touch the Elemental Barrier during a battle. That strike just now was not his own strength, but rather the power of the Laws.

The paladin quickly woke out of his trance and kicked his reflexes into high alert.

Despite losing his sword, the Paladin, being one of the elites of the Holy Cathedral of Fire, reacted quickly and made a hasty retreat.  

Brendel swiftly sent a horizontal slice at him.

The tip of the sword missed the enemy by just millimeters.

But the deed was done.

“Ah-!” The Paladin let out a scream, with one hand pressing against his own chest. There was a deep cut on his breastplate, with blood pouring out from it. 

Brendel raised his head, he was overjoyed. His eyes dazzled and he exclaimed, “I never miss -” [TL: Black Panther: I never freeze. ]