The Amber Sword - v3c308

Brendel’s POV  

Smoke and dust stagnated in the air as a layer of golden lines floated in this closed space with Brendel as its center point, while the other end connected to the World of Laws. 

So this is the Elemental Realm. Brendel thought.

At the same time, at the bottom of the Elemental Power column in Brendel’s status screen, another attribute was added.

-Guaranteed Hit:  As long as the Lines of Laws are stable, the spellcaster's next attack can appear anywhere within a certain range. Casting it would require 50 EP.

“We finally meet again, my old pal!” Brendel looked at his attribute, the power of the Laws,  almost nostalgically. The power gap between an Elemental Awakener and a Gold ranker was massive, so much so that the difference between a Gold and Silver ranker couldn’t compare. The difference between a Bronze ranker and a Silver ranker didn’t even need to be mentioned. Only a few geniuses could manage to obtain this power after reaching The Elemental Barrier.

But once a person managed to grasp this power and cross the gap, he would be stepping into a whole new world. There was a consensus among previous players that a player that reached level 55 and awakened their Elemental Power would flip to a brand new page of The Amber Sword. [Author’s note: The level required to reach the Elemental Realm would vary according to the Job classes.]

Just to reach this realm, Sophie once spent three and a half years.

Even the number one player at the time took eleven months.

In this second life, however, he managed it in a year, and that was only because he took a long way around Trentheim and was distracted by other matters. But precisely because of that, Brendel believed that he was far stronger than the world’s number one at the time.

Brendel slightly raised his sword, its tip pointing at the knight before him. The space around Halran Gaia resonated faintly. 

The attribute “Guaranteed Hit” could have a lot of manifestations, but with the distinct Space Elemental Power it was imbued with, it was evidently different from the other attributes.

Space Elemental Power, one of the strongest Elemental Powers. 

How could Brendel not be pleased? This was stronger than any Elemental Powers his previous life had. Are facial features a factor on the Elemental Power? Sophie’s soul thought, feeling jealous of Brendel for having such power. 

While it may be weird for him to be jealous of himself, there was a major drawback.

He only had 100 EP at the stage of Elemental Awakening.

Casting this spell once would consume half of his EP. He made that last attack in a drunken state after leaving the World of Laws. Otherwise, he would have killed that Paladin on the spot. 

The next attack would definitely hit.

With this attribute, even though he could attack at any location in space, though there was a condition before casting this spell. The Lines of Laws had to be stable.

Brendel looked up. The golden lines which only he could see would definitely not stabilize at an indefinite distance. In fact, they became weaker after fifty meters away. 

At the same time, there were distortions when these golden lines were close to the Paladin, meaning the opponent’s Law was causing interference.

Brendel’s opponent was also a Paladin, a powerhouse in the Elemental Realm who had completely activated his Elemental Powers. If it was not for the fact that his Space Elemental Power was stronger and his opponent was caught off guard, it would be difficult for him to even land a single blow. 

Of course, mastering “Guaranteed Hit” could help him take down his opponents easily. But in order to do any serious damage, Brendel had to consume all of his Elemental Power, and he wasn’t stupid enough to do so. 

“Unfortunately, I can only use Active Elemental Power right now, but if I could use Elemental Control too, I could definitely be his match.” Brendel said, “But I have to wait until I fully activate my Elemental Power.” 

Brendel sheathed his sword and immediately helped Maynild to her feet beside him.

The female knight snorted softly while frowning in pain. Blocking that Paladin’s attack must have taken a toll on her.

Maynild and he were neither friends nor blood relatives, but Brendel always treated Maynild as his senior. When he remembered how his opponent was cruel towards a woman, especially a defenseless one, Brendel could not help but glare at the knight opposite him with anger. 

Without a doubt, if it was not for the fact that his opponent was too strong for him, Brendel would have unsheathed his sword and fought him on the spot.

The Paladin apparently noticed Brendel was not an easy person to mess with too. He stepped back vigilantly while covering his wound with one hand. I‘ve never heard of any freaks who reached the Elemental Barrier in the middle of a fight before, not even in the history of the Holy Cathedral! he thought. Besides, he stepped back not because he was afraid, but because the hall had already fallen to the control of the Holy Cathedral.

There was a big hole in Rokshbe Hall’s crystal dome, like a soulless eye blankly gazing at the overcast sky. Rainwater flowed down along the dome, looking like a dirty waterfall when viewed from below. 

The water gushed to the ground, flooding the place with muddy water and scattering the chairs all over the place. 

On the other hand, the halls were already surrounded by the priests. Nicholas, the Sword Grandmaster from House Seifer, and Garlock guarded the side doors. Behind the crowd, there was another Paladin guarding the main entrance. 

Including Archbishop Moros, there were already five powerhouses in the Elemental Realm in this hall alone, not to mention Nigel, a veteran from Black Blade Squad was here too. He can already be considered half an Elemental Awakener.

Brendel held Maynild while the princess and Oberwei followed behind him. The Royal Faction, on the other hand, stood with Makarov, Fleetwood, and Buga guarding their side. Too bad Freya is not qualified to enter the Holy Cathedral, or else she would be able to intimidate these people! Brendel thought.
Brendel looked around, recognizing some of the faces from the crowd. These people were famous and strong NPCs back in the game. Most of them were Gold rankers from the north, even the weakest among them were still Silver Rankers. Brendel always dealt with them in the past, completing their tasks through their subordinates.

After all, Gold rankers were mostly nobles with substantial titles. For example, the subordinates of Count Radner, except for Kodan, were high-ranking nobles. Players of The Amber Sword were all inferior compared to these NPC in the early stages of the game and mainly relied on these NPC to obtain resources.

What was not expected was the fact that in today’s history of Ampere Seale, these people were mostly cannon fodder or passersby. Brendel could not help but feel a little emotional. Suddenly, the hall became quiet, leaving only the sound of rushing water, 

The nobles who had nothing to do with today, such as Duke Grinoires and Duke Viero’s subordinates, were mostly scared at this moment. They probably expected a change in the situation but did not expect both sides to betray each other so quickly. At this moment, they were forced to stay at the side by the priests and could only silently watch what was happening. 
Only the Highland Knights and Bunide were standing in the middle of the hall where no priests were visible around them, making Brendel sigh, Awesome people will always stay awesome whenever they are.  

As for Duke Arreck, he had silently left early on, unwilling to stay in the muddy water any longer. With the strength of the Hawk and the Silver Knight, no one outside the Holy Cathedral could actually stop them from escaping. 

Brendel saw how Dilferi Odinar, the Countess Yanbao, was not frightened under the protection of Andrea, not to mention that she had three Gold Ranked Knights around her. But even with Royal Faction, the Sword Guardian, and plenty of Gold rankers, their powers altogether were no match with the powerhouses from the Elemental Realm and Brendel was very well aware of it. 

Everyone present was also aware of the situation, including  the newly appointed archbishop of Anderla Cathedral, Archbishop Moros. Therefore, he stayed calm and unconcerned about it.
He stood still in his original position with two high-ranked bishops beside him, then raised his head and looked at the Highland Knights before directing his attention away. Apparently, the archbishop was also not planning to mess with them. 

In his opinion, Duke Karsuk was nothing compared to them. After all, they were backed by the Black Tower mages. Those people, who built the ten or so floating cities above Buga, were definitely not people to take lightly. 

Obviously, Duke Karsuk invited these Highland Knights to join the meeting just to intimidate everyone else. The duke always had a neutral stance and did not even join the battle just now.

Archbishop Moros glanced at Duke Seifer at the side, an uncomfortable expression on his face. He then turned back, his eyes falling on Princess Gryphine.

 “Everything is clear right now, Your Majesty. What else do you have to say ?” The archbishop slowly said. 

“Where is Benninger ?" Princess Gryphine frowned. She silently counted the people in the hall, realizing that the person she hated most was not in the room. 

The half-elf girl looked cold, she did not hate him for lying to her, but rather for abducting her brother. Her hands unconsciously curled into fists at the thought.

“He’s in a safe place right now,” Moros replied indifferently. If he was an ordinary person, he would not mind giving him to the princess to force her submission.

Unfortunately, this person was the youngest son of Duke Seifer and had an extremely high identity and status. 

Moros shook his head and replied, “Your Majesty, I suggest not making any foolish moves.” 

“Lord Archbishop, there is an issue here.” A sudden voice said, “To be honest, what everyone wanted to discuss is too complicated, and it’s almost time for breakfast too. I feel like you should send us out for breakfast before continuing this meeting as her Majesty is still young and needs food for growth.” 

Everyone was stunned at first - intruding in such a situation was already a substandard thing to do. “Who the hell dares to be so rude and speak without noble etiquette!” Everyone thought, but when this man finished speaking, they could not help but be shocked. 

Even Duke Grinoires and Duke Viero’s subordinates could tell what the voice was trying to say, Is he crazy?  How can he provoke the Lord Archbishop!   
The Highland Knight Squad Leader could not help raising his eyebrows and looked over in surprise too.
Everyone's eyes were focused on Countess Yanbao's subordinate, because it was Brendel who spoke to the archbishop in such manners.
Moros's face was ice-cold, almost enough for cold droplets to slide down from his face. He looked blankly at Brendel, "If you think it would be better to provoke me before dying,  I actually do not mind for you to provoke me even more." 

Moros shrugged scornfully,  "I've seen many heretics before. Most of them were empty mouths like you too." 

Brendel smiled slightly, "You misunderstood my meaning, Lord Archbishop. The words I said just now were not directed at you, but what I am going to say next is. Care to listen? "

"Of course not, " Duke Seifer finally stepped in. He first looked at the Highland Knights, then sarcastically said, "Our Lord Archbishop here has no time for your gibberish!"

Duke Seifer was just being sarcastic, but he did not expect Brendel to turn back and look at him with a cold smile. Suddenly, the duke felt the air around him was getting thinner, like a thousand sharp blades pressing onto his body, gradually suffocating him.  Duke Seifer suddenly shrieked, if Marquis Yoakam did not help to hold him, he would have fallen into the muddy water by now.

Brendel’s next words were dripping with venom, anger was seething from his eyes "I will get revenge for what you clowns did!"

Yoakam was startled too. Even though Brendel did not mention anything, he knew what the man implied.

He felt perturbed and suddenly remembered what happened with Princess Magadal. I’d better confirm it with Archbishop Moros.

It was at this time the Lord Archbishop silently snorted, realizing that Brendel had Awakened his Elemental Power too. In fact, he must have used his power on Duke Seifer just now. For an ordinary person like Duke Seifer, a slight disturbance in the Lines of Law would have scared the ever-living shit out of him.

But if he were facing an opponent like Duke Arreck, what Brendel did would not be as effective, Of course, if Brendel were to use his attribute “Guaranteed Hit”, killing any Elemental Awakener within 50 meters would be easier than lifting a finger. 

"Hmph, " Moros snorted, "Let's see what you can do to me! "
Brendel spread his arm, "I am not the one who provoked you first,  Lord Archbishop. What I am trying to say is that you should think of how to save your own skin before getting rid of us."
My own skin? Moros could not help but laugh, he suspected Brendel was hiding his ability. Otherwise, he could not explain Brendel's drastic power change. As an archbishop from the Elemental Realm who is protected by four powerhouses, what can this fool actually do? Moros thought. Even the strongest archbishop from the Holy Cathedral of Fire does not have the power to do so.  

As Brendel finished speaking, a chill suddenly rose from behind. Moros had faced danger thousands of times before, but even the most dangerous situation did not stun him. But this time was different. Moros felt as if a beast had set its eyes on him, a feeling that he had not experienced in years.

His face suddenly paled and he turned around subconsciously. In fact, someone already shouted before him, “What is that!?”  

When Brendel stretched out his hand, and a piece of cloth suddenly appeared. To be precise, it was a cloak: “The Giant’s Cloak!” 

Moros was quite knowledgeable as well and was able to recognize the cloak immediately. Suddenly, the Lord Archbishop could not help but feel startled, and even the high-ranked bishops from Kirrlutz and Paladin started trembling in fear. 

“This… This…. This is impossible!” 


“The Ash Sword Saint!” 

“It’s been a long time, Moros. Once again, I am bringing a gift to Kirrlutz.” The person who walked out of the cloak spoke. In the next moment, he released a terrifying force which affected everyone in the place.

Everyone paled, they felt as if the world itself wanted to slowly crush them when...