The Amber Sword - v3c310

“Moros, you’re crazy.” 

“You know nothing. Do you think you can stop everything?” 

Moros’ robe was fluttering in the hot air. He put on a nasty grin on his face, and said, “Don’t ever compare me with those cowards and their worthless ambitions. Haha…my goal is supreme.” 

“Moros,” said Mephisto with his sword lying on his shoulder.

He stared fiercely at Moros and glared like a beast eyeing prey, ignoring the golden magma that was leaking out from the ground.

“You got it wrong,” he said.  

“I don’t care about your goals at all. I’m only here to kill you. Murderers will not escape punishment. Not you, and not even Kirrlutz’s Emperor”

“So,” he raised his sword and pointed at Moros, “Please, go to hell,” said Mephisto. 

Grey ripples shot out from the blade. In just a blink of an eye, Rokshbe Hall and Anderla Cathedral disappeared, and the two were left in a bleak, white plain. The magma seemed to have freed itself from its constraints and began to rise quickly up their feet.

The tier ten spell was finally ready to release its greatest power. The magma gushed out from the ground and exploded miles into the sky, like a blade reaching for the heavens.

A golden red cross was shining in the sky. 

Mephisto’s robe was burned up by the spell, revealing the armor he was wearing inside. Even that was gradually starting to glow, the lines of Law’s carved onto it began to light up, and he seemed like the embodiment of flames.

But he did not feel the heat and just walked towards Moros like a beast that coming out from a fiery pool.

Then, he raised his flaming sword. 

“The flames can’t hurt you …No, you’re being protected by the boundary…What is this place!?” Moros yelled.

“Moros, you should have used your strongest single-target spell. If you had done that, with your Elemental Power, you could have stood a chance. But you purposely chose a spell with such a large area of effect. You’re too greedy,” Mephisto shook his head and said while walking towards Moros.

“The final plane, The Grey Wilderness...I see…” Moros was enlightened, “So this is the fourth realm!”

In the next moment, Moros let out a terrible scream as the fire sword stabbed into his heart. He could not have dodged it as he was still casting a spell.

And in an instant, the flames on the blade started burning him up.

Moros laughed suddenly, “Haha! I was too greedy? You’re wrong. Oh…Mephisto, why didn’t you go and save them…they’re dead now…”

Mephisto looked at him in pity.  

“What is it with that look?” Moros stunned and said. 


“You’ve underestimated him.”


Mephisto nodded his head. 

Moros coughed severely. The color from his eyes seemed to be fading away. But at the last moment, he realized something. It was all a cycle. Everything will be destroyed eventually. Everything will return as one eventually…

And then he widened his eyes and groaned, “It’s useless… All your efforts are… You’ll never understand…. The essence of the world…”

Brendel’s POV


Right after they ran away from Anderla Cathedral, a familiar voice called out to him. He turned his head back and saw a knight standing in front of the flames looking at him.

Brendel smiled and said, “Bennett, we meet again.”

A smile was put on that cool face, “Yeah, it’s been a while. “Never did I expect us to meet on the battlefield again.”

“Aouine’s people should be fighting on the same field anyway,” said Brendel. 

Bennett was a little startled and nodded his head. 

Then, he dismounted from his horse and saluted to Maynild and Princess Gryphine.

“Greetings to Your Royal Highness and the Knight Captain Maynild.” 

“How’s the situation?” Maynild asked weakly. If it was not Brendel holding her up at the moment, she would probably have fallen down.

“The Garrison was the first to show up. But they were repelled by Freya and the others and are now hiding in Juggler Street and Four-Seven Street. They must be waiting for reinforcements,” Bennett answered proudly.

The sergeants of the Royal Cavalry Academy were chosen among the best youths amongst the nobles and the Youth Police. Added to their rigorous training, they were the best troops that Aouine could mobilize right now.

And Bennett had every right to be proud. In the history known only to Brendel, these sergeants would be Princess Gryphine’s main force in the future.

“How about the patrol knights and the Black Blade Squad?” Maynild asked with a scowl on her face. 

“They won’t be coming,” Brendel interrupted.

The port is in flames now. Sani and the others must have made their move, he thought. Their sole purpose was to distract the attention of the force attacking Ampere Seale right now, but never did he expect them to overpower their enemies and counterattack into the city as well.

Above Ampere Seale, Dragon Knights from both sides began tearing each other apart. At times, bodies of the Dragon Knights fell to the ground, smashed into bits.

It was easy for Brendel to convince the Southern Legion. After all, he just had to use the fact that they would have been easily abandoned by the Royal Faction with their terrible location and they would have submitted to him. In fact, back in the game, it was due to the Royal Faction turning a blind eye on Count Radner’s allying with the Madara forces that they had led a harsh life.

And when their commander died two years later, the Southern Legion was wiped off from history. During the second invasion from Madara, the south was so weak that they were quickly conquered in one night, and that eventually led to Freya’s death.

Although it was Count Radner pulling the strings, the people of the south were hurt, thinking that it was the Royal Faction who had condemned them.

Brendel had always wished to stop this from recurring, but he lacked the opportunities to do so. 

However, that changed when Noseda appeared.

The two of them were meant for one another. The Southern Legion needed an ally, especially one like Brendel who was affiliated to Princess Gryphine. Plus, he liked the fact that Brendel hated Count Radner too, and quickly sided with him.

And thus, the Southern Legion, known to have the most powerful Dragon Knights in Aouine, came under Princess Gryphine’s banner.

Soon, Count Radner’s lucky days will come to the end, Brendel thought. But that thought lasted only for a moment. 

Everyone was looking at him for an answer.

“My allies are restraining them,” answered Brendel.

“Bennett, are there any Garrison troops at the King’s Trail or Forest Avenue?” Brendel asked.

Bennett looked at Maynild, who turned over to look at Princess Gryphine.

With a pale face, Princess Gryphine nodded her head and said, “Just follow Mr Brendel’s order.”

“But hold on,” she looked at Brendel and said, “Mr Brendel, Ampere Seale is a city renowned for its history. It is a treasure to Aouine…so if it is possible, I hope you…”

“I know,” Brendel nodded his head. It seemed like his decision to destroy Anderla Cathedral had offended Princess Gryphine. In fact, he was upset about the loss too. Things like that were important to Aouine’s people who were very spiritual. It would probably be bad if all of them were ruined during the war.

But there are no guarantees in wars. Brendel could only try, “Your Royal Highness, we’d put our best efforts to reduce collateral losses.” 

Princess Gryphine nodded her head calmly, agreeing. 

Brendel looked back at Bennett. 

Bennett nodded his head too. The symbolic bell tower of Braggs had accompanied him since he was born. If the bell tower was destroyed during war, all the people of Braggs would be upset too.

These symbols represent hope to the people of Aouine. As long as they remain, Aouine will never truly fall. This is the power of culture, Bennett thought. 

“Brendel, we didn’t discover anyone from the Garrisons at the King’s Trail or Forest Avenue yet. But heading up north, there is a defensive brigade stationed near the North Gate,” said Bennett. 

Anderla Cathedral was actually located eastward, in the center of the old port city. 

There were five streets that reached the holy cathedral: King’s Trail and Forest Avenue at the north; Juggler Street and Four Seven Street at the south and Haiyan Avenue at the east.

Brendel’s plan was for the Nagas to occupy the port while he lead the princess away through the north side to the Silver Lighthouse. Then they would ride a boat away from the scene and regroup with the Nagas later to head towards Duke Seifer’s territory. 

The plan was risky but not impossible.

But no one would have expected them to leave through the north side with such a terrible storm plaguing the seas there. Such a thing was only possible due to the help of the Demon Whale

After listening to Bennett’s explanation, Brendel said, “Ampere Seale has 30000 Coast Guards, so we should expect a large number of them obstructing our way.”

He asked, “How many people do we have?”  

“Two hundred sergeants, all were under the commandments of Freya and Mok.”

“Two hundred versus one thousand,” Brendel looked towards the north.

These two hundred sergeants of the Royal Cavalry Academy are the backbone of Aouine. They would bleed to their last drop of blood and perish alongside the War Goddess in the future.

In Aouine, they are unmatched.

He lifted his head up,  the raindrops pouring on his body.

“Your Royal Highness, please orders us to break through the north so that we can regroup with my allies.”

Marquis Yurian’s POV

In Haiyan Fort, despite the braziers burning to keep everyone warm, everyone’s expression was grim.

Marquis Yurian sat beside a long table with a scowl on his face.

A map of Ampere Seale and its surrounding areas was on the table. The pins on it that symbolized enemies kept increasing. According to the latest news, the Nagas had conquered the commercial street along Haiyan Avenue.

If Haiyan Fort cannot stop them…

Then they will easily get into Ampere Seale.

Marquis Yurian rubbed his temples and said, “Let’s go and have a look outside.”

He stood up, his armor clanking as he walked. Before his subordinates could stop him, he had opened the doors wide open.

Storms, lightning, and thunder were raging violently.

“My lord.”

Marquis Yurian was silent as he looked at the rain. Flags indicating the Coast Guards were still waving in the streets. But they had lost many outposts to the Nagas. They were unexpectedly outmatched this time.

Rather than calling it plunder, why not call it an invasion, he thought. 

Obviously, their enemy was the Grey Fins Nagas’ Secret Army. 

In the game, the Grey Fins Nagas’ Secret Army was a second-tier army. Not to mention the Coast Guards, not even the Aouine Military could defeat them!

No one in the room was in the mood to speak.

The port has become a killing machine that culled the lives of everyone on it. 

“Zinopa Li and his patrol knights are barely holding on, but it seems like they won’t last any longer” Marquis Yurian turned his head back and said. “Let Eben and Inest bring their troops to support us.”

“My Lord, but Archbishop Moros had ordered us not to adjust the defense at the South Gate.”

“I’m the one in charge here,” Marquis Yurian interrupted him.

He turned his head back and said, “This is Ampere Seale. The Frada Forest and Arreck Mountain Ranges are in the south. So why are we putting so much effort to defend the South Gate? Don’t tell me the Royal Faction has managed to reach that place!”

“But Princess Gryphine…”

“That’s none of our business,” Marquis Yurian replied coldly, “Remember, we are soldiers of Ampere Seale. We have the responsibility to protect it. If the Archbishop has any questions, he can come to me.” 

The knights looked at each other and saluted Marquis Yurian, who had been protecting Ampere Seale for ten years. 

After they left, Marquis Yurian heaved a sigh. 

He put his hand on the icy battlements. Just what’s going on with this Kingdom? It’s looking like this port right now, stormy and dark…

Carglise’s POV

A bright glow rose from the sea.

Carglise turned and looked as it rose. Behind him, the White Lion Battalion numbered in the hundreds, but they had the might of tens of thousands. People who saw them would not believe that they came from Trentheim. After all, until half a year ago, they were still a bunch of countryside ruffians.

There was a ball of flame burning in his heart.

He had made the most important decision in his entire life. Although it might have been the wrong decision, he did not regret it. 

“Miss Amandina.”

“I saw it too,” Amandina, who was standing in the rain turned her head back, and said, “Time’s up, you should go. Please escort our Lord back safely.” 

“I understand.” 

“Carglise, remember, it is neither the Royal Faction nor Princess Gryphine that can save Aouine, but our Lord,” said Miss Amandina. 

Carglise startled a little and said, “Miss Amandina, do you think it was unwise for our Lord to take such a risk?”

“It sure is unwise,” Miss Amandina heaved a sigh.

“But it’s also because of that that we put our faith in him. Although he may be clumsy, some people were meant to guide others to the light - at least that was what my father said,” she continued.

“And we’ll follow his guidance.” 

“I just hope to see a miracle.”

“That’s precisely it.” 

Carglise was silent and nodded his head seriously. Looking at Amandina walking back to her house, he felt a surge of adrenaline.

He looked back. Countless eyes fell on him, their hearts pumping as well. They had come here from the Loop of Trade Winds, they had seen miracles happen with their own eyes. It was like a brilliant light was before them, showing them the way out of the darkness and giving them an experience they could not forget.

And the person that gave them all that, is currently in the city-

Under the dark raging storm.

Carglise raised his sword.

Amandina looked at the White Lion Battalion one last time. Watching their armors disappear into the rain, she thought, Brendel will surely lead these bunch of enthusiasts into a glorious era.

What will the future be like? Will it bloom like a flower in the river of time?

Amandina opened the door and saw Romaine on her knees. She was worried that Romaine would treat Princess Magadal as a plaything, but she was relieved to see her acting calmly.


“Amandina,” Romaine answered seriously. 

“Hmm?” Amandina was a little startled. She had never seen this side of Romaine.

“I’m sorry, Amandina,” Romaine nodded her head and said, “I am going to meet Brendel.”

“What? Wait, you can’t…” Amandina was shocked.

After the White Lion Battalion set off, all the non-combatants would dock the ship out to the 
sea to regroup with Brendel. And I definitely can’t put Romaine in danger during this time.

But before she finished her words, she found herself unable to move.

“Romaine, you brat!” 

“Listen to me, Amandina,” Romaine stared at her and said, “Brendel is in danger. This is a trap,  and only I can help him.”

Amandina was shocked. Romaine had never looked like this before. 

“So I am going to leave now, Amandina.”

“Please look after Princess Magadal.”

“This was a task handed to me from Brendel and now I hand it to you.” 

Romaine walked out of the room right after she finished her words.

Amandina could only hear Romaine saying, “Sister, let’s go…Hurry up, Princess Magadal told me that we don’t have much time left…”

And she was so shocked that her face was drained of all color. [T/L: I’ll be honest with you and say that I had goosebumps writing the last two lines at midnight. If you don’t see anymore uploads, you know what did it. >_<]