The Amber Sword - v3c333

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Just as Viscount Finn went silent, the Beale infantry at the valley’s battlefield met with trouble. The light cavalry formed by the Nagas’ Secret Army and Royal Cavalry Academy suddenly appeared beside them. The two armies, Finn Division and Constantine Division, which were initially blocking in front of them, had disappeared all of a sudden. Viscount Von Dougning came to realize that it was a trap.

It was illusion magic.

Finn Division and Constantine Division were caught on the Machenko and Villeko mountains/hills/slopes, their armies didn’t have the guts to cross through the explosion and fire. Brendel had taken this chance to order the Naga mages to create an illusion that these two armies had arrived at the valley’s battlefield by using magic. The illusion was created by using the water molecules in the air to change the light’s reflection. This was already the basics of water elemental magic and the hydrophilic Naga Priesthood were experts in creating illusions using water element. More importantly, Brendel was familiar with the formation of these two armies and he perfectly counterfeited their battle flag and the knight coat of arms, which caused Viscount Von Dougning to be caught in the trap.

Beale’s infantry division were attacking Count Audine’s noble private armies under Viscount Von Dougning’s orders, forming the only protrusion of the Northern Coalition Army. Meanwhile, the Nagas’ Secret Army and Royal Cavalry Academy circled around them, completely surrounding them.

Viscount Von Dougning could only hope that the Finn and Constantine Divisions could appear at the moment to block those two armies. However, the explosion and fire-burning at Machenko and Villeko peaks had lasted for almost five minutes as though the explosive arrows shooted by the archers were free of charge. It formed into a barrier of barrage. He did not even expect the archers to stop shooting due to exhaustion of physical strength. One look and he knew that the opponent had divided the archers into several teams and they rotated in shooting. According to the abilities of the useless two, they were unlikely to appear on the battlefield before the archers ran out of arrows.

The final outcome of the battle was already hard to change.

It was the light infantry of Beale Division’s turn to be attacked. Originally, they had delusions of bypassing the princess to take center stage, but that was shattered because of Brendel’s appearance. The light infantry members were shaken in this moment., Although they still resisted, in such a besieged situation, it was just a matter of time until they eventually collapsed.

The battle in the front line was affecting the entire battlefield. Count Vitokin realized that he had been set up. He could either invest in more troops to rescue the light infantry on the battlefield, but who knew if it was another trap; or to give up on the light infantry and launch a new attack.

But his generals might not support his decision as all the commanders of the Northern Coalition Army were of the same noble origins. He looked uncertain of his decision and could only curse at Finn and Constantine for being useless. But he still had to quickly make a decision.

Because the light infantry of the Beale Division was followed by the Fiet Division’s fortress-like fully equipped heavy cavalry and heavy infantry, they prepared to speed up and start attacking. The valley was at a steep slope so it took the heavy cavalry a huge amount of effort to speed forward. There was only one chance for them to defeat their opponent.

‘‘Master Count Vitokin, please make your decision!’’ Around Vitokin’s were his veteran subordinates who knew that their lord was making a difficult decision. They spoke in union, ‘‘No matter what decision you make, we will always support you.’’

Vitokin smiled bitterly, “Now, the only way we left is to rescue the Finn Division and Constantine Division. As long as they can reach here in time, we probably can still turn things around.’’

Their eyes all brightened, yes this was a good solution. “We can command the Dragon Cavalry to rescue them. We can rescue the Finn Division and Constantine Division by attacking the archers from above.”

It is not that easy. Count Vitokin shook his head but he was helpless. He knew that that was the only way now. Although the Northern Coalition Army was powerful, they couldn’t show their strengths in this valley. If they didn’t take their enemies down now, this battle would only drag on.

Too many things could happen if it dragged on.

Thus, the Dragon Cavalry of the Black Blade Corps who were mobilized all night started rising to the sky again. What awaited them was the Dragon Cavalry of the Southern Legion along with Brendel’s Heaven’s Armament -- at least all the noble commanders of the Northern Coalition Army thought so.

The sky and ground instantly went dark. The quantity of the Dragon Cavalry of the Black Blade Corps and the local forces were at least three times that of the Southern Legion. But their battle prowess were equally matched. The combat strength of the Dragon Cavalry of the Black Blade was reduced by more than half due to insufficient rest and ended up heavily suppressed by the Southern Legion’s Dragon Cavalry whose quantities were far less.

The Northern Coalition Army knew the situation was not looking good. The Finn Division and Constantine Division have yet to be rescued and the battlefield was not optimistic. At the same time, the Feit Division’s heavy cavalry was speeding up towards the battlefield, which was almost uncontrollable.

This was what Brendel had been waiting for.

The heavy cavalry of the Northern Coalition Army was riding past the flowering canyon. The wind and clouds gathered above them. Another storm was forming at the sea of Ampere Seale and the sky began to darken. If someone stuck out a hand at this time, they would be able to tell that It had started drizzling.

The ground began to shake when the Earth Drake started moving. This time was different from the slight tremor from when the Rangers accelerated towards the battlefield. It was as if the battlefield itself  was roaring, similar to rumbling of thunder.

At the same time, real thunder boomed across the sky.

“O Dear Sea Goddess, please attack the heavy cavalry with your soldiers!” Brendel shouted. [TL: this sounds a little inappropriate to address a female but… it’s the most accurate translation from the raws. Any suggestions?]

Bridget looked at the heavy cavalry in a leisurely manner. This was the first time that the Grey Fins Nagas fought against humans on land. This could be considered a precious experience. She raised up her hand. Her four long and slim fingers were connected by colourful webbing. They looked strange to humans, but they held a feminine charm.

The Nagas’ Secret Army bagan to cast their spells again. Ice blades once again appeared in the air above the battlefield. Their human opponents were not ready for this. As a high levelled Silver rank Elementalist, plus the blessings from the sea god, these sea demons were much more powerful than their counterparts in the Northern Coalition Army. They were able to support them in regaining the strength to reenter the battle again.

But out of their expectations, space seemed to freeze and numerous silver threads appeared from the clouds before Bridget could direct the fall of the ice blades. The threads covered the entire battlefield in an instant, forming a huge barrier.

In that instant, all the spells disappeared.

“Spell Disjunction!” Bridget frowned.

Spell Disjunction was the expertise of a Mage.

However, for such a wide range spell with such powerful effects, the opponent must be at least an Elemental Mage. Bridget was not familiar with the power of humans, but Brendel knew who did it.

The top Mage under Duke Seifer named Garlock the Wanderer, one of the Mages from Aouine.

The opponent finally ran out of patience. That guy finally made a move.

That is more than enough.

He immediately turned and shouted, “Amandina!”

“I am over here, my lord!” the noble lady shouted from the crowd.



“Everyone,” Brendel suddenly raised his head and roared, “Cover your ears.”


The situation on the battlefield kept changing, everyone including the princess were stunned by the wolves commanded by Brendel. The Royal Princess and Oberwei recognized them as black wolves at a glance. They couldn’t be considered high-level monsters in the Black Forest.

But according to the folklore of the mountain people, black wolves would only gather during disasters, which was known as the Calamity of Wolves.

“Brendel, he…?” Princess Gryphine dumbly stared at the shining black crystal on Brendel's forehead. Her face turned pale as she asked, “Is that a…”

Oberwei also wore a tense expression.

“Hehe.” Count Audine laughed and said, “‘The Monarch of Darkness shepherds wolves; before the end of the world, disaster is right behind.’ Saying that black wolves are the disasters is just a rumor amongst witches. Only the uneducated mountain people believe in this kind of rumor. I had once encountered the real Calamity of Wolves in the Loop of Trade Winds. Even if it’s a calamity, it can still be conquered by people.”

“It was Brendel who made me believe in that.” Count Audine laughed and said, “I witnessed firsthand someone actually bringing light into darkness.”

Princess Gryphine recalled her experience, and gave a light nod. She could not help but glance at Brendel.

But what no one knew was that there was an old man voice coming from the forest of Anker Mountain, chanting the same words, “The Monarch of Darkness shepherds wolves; before the end of the world, disaster is right behind. The world has no secrets before his eyes.”

“The prophecies are being fulfilled one by one.”

“My King, you are finally back…”

Brendel’s long roar passed through the entire forest, even the black wolves beside him had stopped. At the next moment, everyone felt the ground shake. It was not the shaking caused by the heavy cavalry, the entire valley had shook. 

A large number of soldiers had fallen to the ground and the heavy cavalry of the Feit Division was even more of a mess. They had just accelerated towards the battlefield and fell backwards row by row. Many soldiers broke their neck before they could even get to the battlefield.

But no one cared about the battlefield anymore.

A terrible roar came from underground. Everyone couldn’t help but look at the ground as it shifted. A kind of strange and terrible power was hidden below, the sound seeming to be the roar of a giant beast.

And it was approaching.

The origin of the huge sound was approaching the surface of the ground. Everyone looked up. Suddenly, lightning flashed between the earth and the gloomy sky. But that lightning was not struck from the sky, but from the ground.

A hole opened at the peak of Machenko Mountain and a dazzling white light shone from within.

“It’s over for Viscount Finn...”That was the only thing Count Vitokin could think of when he saw the scene. He seemed to realize something and immediately turned to his soldiers and shouted.

However, in the white light, a huge sound drowned out everything. After the piercing loud noise, everything went silent. Everyone saw the people around them yelling in horror, but they could only see their mouths moving but could not make any sound.

The high-pitched sound wave engulfed every sound, but strangely it made the world silent and people could no longer hear anything.

Then the sound of a loud explosion swept over them like a fierce gale. The strong sound wave rippled out in a ring over the battlefield. All the light and heavy infantry and the Dragon Cavalry were blown back more than ten meters before falling on the ground.

The entire valley shook as if the Arreck Mountain Ranges were about to collapse.

The white light had split the link between the Machenko and Villeko mountains.

A long time passed.

By the time Vitokin recovered his wits and stood up to look over the battlefield, the heavy cavalry of the Feit Division, half of the heavy infantry and one third of the Stevenson Division had disappeared.

Machenko Mountain had almost leveled while Villeko Mountain was left with only the bottom half.

Only a deep rift was left between the two mountains. The rift was too deep to be seen and was covered by white mist. The white mist rose and formed into a huge tornado. Count Vitokin’s mind was still a mess and he couldn’t come up with a single command suitable for this situation when the white mist began to rise to form a tornado.

All the people that were still alive raised their heads and looked at the tornado which grew and spun rapidly to tens of meters above the ground. It was obviously more than just wind as everyone felt a huge pressure on the battlefield.

Then a majestic voice immediately covered the entire battlefield.

“Humble mortals, thank you for breaking the seal for me.” A thunderous voice came from the wind. The stormy clouds gathered above it and the rain suddenly became heavy. Lightning flashed between the clouds and they gathered on the whirlwind. “But I hate people who disturb the grace of serenity.”

Within the rain, all the people around Brendel were stunned. Only Brendel looked at the tornado and felt amazed.

Even the entrance lines are the same.

Then that guy’s temper should still be the same.

At the other side of the battlefield, Garlock the Wanderer who was casting his spell paled and quickly turned around and shouted at Count Vitokin, “Command your subordinates to prepare for the battle. Hurry, before it’s too late!”

But in fact, it was already too late.

The tornado suddenly snorted with extreme dissatisfaction, “What is this...” A silver Lines of Laws from the cloud striked in the air and then exploded into a bright arc of lightning, “Spell Disjunction?”

“How dare you intend to attack me with Spell Disjunction?”

“You worms are seeking death!”

Garlock raised his pale face and saw numerous vortexes of thunder and lightning above him. Then they all struck.

In that moment, a storm of lightning covered the battlefield.