The Amber Sword - v3c334

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Count Vitokin had never dreamed that an arrogant giant thing would appear on the battlefield among the two armies. Such a strange thing doesn’t happen even in legends. He certainly did not think it was actually a masterpiece of Brendel. As early as the night before, Brendel had already planted a large number of Disintegration Crystals on several seal nodes in the underground temple site. As soon as the time came, the seal would explode automatically. And Adega the Rager, which was the huge storm that was on the battlefield, would naturally come out.

Adega the Rager, was level 71 in the game. According to the power recognition in Vaunte universal, he was at the late stage of Peak of Laws and had reached the peak. It was just that his power had weakened after being sealed. Since this guy was called the “Rager”, his temper was naturally not good. Due to the contract (Tiamat code) made by Lord Marsha and the four elven kings, Elemental Beings were naturally sensitive to the change of law. So Adega even more so hated when someone displayed the law and magic in front of him.

That was why Ciel had never fought back until now. As a veteran player, Brendel would never make such a low-level mistake. But, the Northern Coalition Army was not so lucky. Garlock the Wanderer felt something off the moment he made a move. He was at level 65 at the beginning of the game, which was considered as powerful under Elemental Enlightenment. Strong players at his level were very sensitive to danger and hostility. He immediately sensed the hostility that Adega had towards him.

Adega was like a huge cloud hovering over the battlefield with a diameter of more than several hundred meters. Grey clouds were rolling nonstop around his body, releasing a couple of flashes of lightning from time to time. Everyone had to look up to see his full appearance. There were two huge whirlpools of lightning where his eyes were supposed to be, looking just like balls of electricity.

As soon as the giant thing appeared, the soldiers of the Northern Coalition Army immediately cried out, "Heavens, it's a monster!"

"Nonsense. That is an Elemental Being! "

“So big!”

There were more than a few people who turned around and ran. Adega did not care much about them. A soft sound was heard and a golden arc of thunder flew towards Garlock the Wanderer on the battlefield.

The old Mage was frightened pale. Even the weakest Elemental Beings are much stronger than the average human. Not to mention this being had been sleeping for many years yet was still stronger than him.  He quickly raised his right hand and shouted, “The law, block it!”

A transparent hexagon shield appeared above him, each side of it just colliding with and blocking an electric arc. The arc immediately scattered into several electric snakes.

Adega did not expect that the human below would actually have some abilities. Of course it was also because of the decline of his strength. He could not help but be a little annoyed. He took a deep breath. The clouds that formed his body suddenly inflated and a storm was forming at the sea of Aouine. 

The rain became heavy again and Adega seemed to draw energy from the storm. Whoosh! An arm made from dark clouds suddenly grew out of its body and swung half the distance of the battlefield and hit Garlock.

Although the wind element storm was huge, it was not cumbersome and was actually quite fast. Those soldiers on the battlefield had just seen the changes of the clouds in the sky but in an instant, a huge fist, nearly 20 to 30 meters wide, made up of dark clouds and lightning was right in front of them.

There was a loud bang.

The lightning sparks seemed to gather at one point but was blocked by something. Once again, it scattered, forming into a spider-like shape and was thrown backwards, shooting out countless electric sparks. The scene was like rushing water hitting a rock in the middle of the river and separating to the two sides. It was just that the water was made up of golden red lines.

The arc was thrown backwards. Behind Garlock was a group of archers at their post. These ordinary human soldiers were immediately hit. The electric current rushed over their positions like a flood. Dozens of archers were burned alive, unable to even scream. Even the luckiest ones had lost at least an arm.

An old Mage was revealed below after the arc passed. Garlock was paled and his right hand was trembling. He had to thank The Amber Sword for auto-directing most of its defending spells, otherwise, he would have been frothing and half paralyzed by this slap alone.

Elemental Beings were naturally born Elementalists, but that did not mean their strength was weak. In fact, unlike the weak races such as Black Dwarves, most of the high-level beings were capable of double cultivation of magic and martial arts. For example, the powerful Elemental Lord of the Elemental Storm, once they reached the Peak of Laws, their physical strength would not be inferior to that of an Elemental Activation’s warrior.

Adega attacked again. This temperamental elemental master suddenly became furious. Countless lightning shot from his body onto the battlefield attacking the ordinary soldiers. It could be said that he was the most shameless boss in the history of Aouine.

There were a lot of casualties on the battlefield. Count Vitokin almost fainted after he saw this scene. At this time, Duke Seifer, who had been supervising the war at the back, could no longer sit still. Since the appearance of the Ash Sword Saint, everything that happened in the past two days was out of his expectation. He finally felt that things were going out of control. Even the Royal Highness Princess no longer seemed easy to catch to him.

While he was cursing the Royal Highness Princess, hoping that Adega had smited her, Duke Seifer quickly commanded his subordinates to attack it.

Before Adega could close his palm, a dazzling golden flame burst out of the sky in the torrential rain. A long sword chopped down with the burning flame right on Adega's hand.

Elemental Beings were not incorporeal beings like ghosts. Moreover, even incorporeal beings in The Amber Sword would still suffer from half of the damage from this kind of attack. An Elemental Storm has 25% physical damage reduction. But still, its hand had been completely chopped off by the sword. Laymen might think that the Elemental Storm was just a whirlwind, even if it broke its hand, it still could be joined back together. But actually, Elemental Beings were still beings. Every part of its body was directly created of its energy. It could absorb the power of the storm but it did not mean that it was the storm itself. That meant the sword of Fiery Nicholas had really cut into its body, which made Adega utter a scream that sounded through the entire forest.

Adega was truly angry this time. It shouldn’t be forgotten that it was not only at the top of the Peak of Laws, it was also a BOSS. Brendel knew, even in the real world of Vaunte, the settings fromThe Amber Sword were obeyed most of the time. Unfortunately, Fiery Nicholas and Garlock the Wanderer did not understand this point. Suddenly, there was a circle of golden lightning surrounding their two bodies.

Lightning cage.

This was the second stage.

Adega the Rager had divided the battlefield into two the moment he appeared. Because he knew the breaking point of the seal in advance, other than a few guys who were injured by the debris, Brendel’s explosion harmed none of his own troops. Among them was the idiot named Carglise. The Northern Coalition Army had suffered from heavy losses. The Finn and Constantine Divisions, who had been trapped at the two mountains by Brendel, and their commander were completely annihilated. The heavy cavalry and heavy infantry of the Feit Division were almost wiped out. Viscount Feit was lucky to be alive, but he was caught by the Royal Cavalry Academy.

Three divisions, nearly 12,000 people, had completely disappeared from the battlefield. The casualties from the battle between the Northern Coalition Army and Brendel were not even half of this. This loss could be considered one of the heaviest losses for the Kingdom through its history.

The Beale’s light infantry on this battlefield was either killed or captured. Adega's attention was completely caught by the unlucky Mage beside Duke Seifer so Brendel was able to take this chance to command his subordinates to clean up the battlefield. Hence, Beale’s light infantry were sacrificed on the battlefield. After losing hope, there was only disarm and surrender.

As a result, the Northern Coalition Army lost four divisions on the battlefield, which was a third of the opponent’s troops. Moreover, Adega was still in the Northern Coalition Army, their troubles were far from over.

Brendel looked up. There were two huge lightning cages on the battlefield. He could not help but chuckle. Fiery Nicholas and Garlock the Wanderer are going to suffer a lot.

As expected, Fiery Nicholas and Garlock the Wanderer were surprised by the lightning cage surrounding them. It should be said that every one of these people had true strengths. As long as they stepped into the Elemental realm, all of them would gain their own Lines of Law. It should have been very difficult for external laws to be directed near them without conflicting with their own Lines of Laws. 

It was just like how Brendel found it difficult to control the Paladin by using the ‘must’ skills of the Line of Laws.

Fiery Nicholas and Garlock the Wanderer never had thought of this possibility and they ended up bumping into the lightning cage as soon as it encircled them.

Brendel could imagine their screams. Both of these people had high prestige and strength, able to stay silent even under such circumstances. But, that did not mean they were not injured. The truth was, when the two bright lights that exploded over the battlefield faded, Garlock the Wanderer was still okay because he was a Mage and had many magic tools to protect him from the attack. But Fiery Nicholas became a little embarrassing. His beautiful long flame colour hair was burned away, showing a big and shiny bald head, wisps of white smoke steaming around his body.

It seemed that the name “Fiery Nicholas” was no longer a suitable name. In fact, Brendel had even thought of a new nickname for him, “Bareheaded Nicholas”.

Of course Brendel, or actually Sophie, was black-hearted, but they held back here. In fact, he had long anticipated the misfortune of Fiery Nicholas and Garlock the Wanderer. The lightning cage marked the second stage of the battle of Adega the Rager and it was the same in this world. This was actually a BOSS skill, so it was not strange. One of the biggest characteristics of it was that it could ignore the conflict of the Line of Laws.

It was probably only Elemental Beings, who were naturally sensitive to the laws, that could create such an incredible skill. The effect of this skill was that unless you stayed still and did not move out of the range of the lightning cage, you would lose half of your life.

Although the damage of this skill could be negated by some magic equipment, such as a shield or a life-saving talisman, it ignored all defense and magic damage reduction. In other words, even if Brendel had a hundred points in willpower, he would still take full damage.

Originally, players had suffered quite a lot from this skill. The cage would last for ten seconds and it targeted anyone on the battlefield that Adega hated. This meant that you could not dodge for ten seconds. You could only stand still and defend against all the attacks from Adega the Rager. It was a nightmare for the players.

What made Brendel feel a little funny was that this skill was not very threatening to Fiery Nicholas and Garlock the Wanderer. When the boss was originally released, its level was not as outrageous as these two. One was level 70, the other was level 71. At that time, the player's highest level seemed to only be 55.

It could be said that Fiery Nicholas and Garlock had the ability to fight against Adega the Rager for ten seconds. It was just that they suffered due to lacking information. Most of these Elemental Beings were from ancient times, their skill systems were totally different from those of today.

Before Brendel could finish thinking about it, he heard a thunderous roar on the battlefield. "Hahaha, stupid mortals." Adega's laughter was endlessly arrogant and he seemed to be very proud of his catches. "Under my lightning cage, you'd better wait for the Judgement of Lightning. If you act rashly, you will only lose!"

The loud voice echoed over the battlefield.


Luckily Brendel did not spit a mouthful of blood. Although this guy was named Adega the Rager, players actually all called him Adega the Brainless. This arrogant guy had a weakness. He would show off his skills as if he was afraid that others would not defeat him. Who knew that he would still behave the same here.

Fiery Nicholas and Garlock the Wanderer were both famous masters in Aouine. They glanced at each other and saw similar intentions. As expected, as soon as the lightning cage appeared, they both stayed still. Garlock then casted defense magic and Adega could not deal with them.

At the moment, the war was in a stalemate but it was obviously advantageous for Brendel. From the perspective of the princess’ side, this was the best time to retreat. If Adega could stall the Northern Coalition Army here for a day, they might be able to escape from Ampere Seale.

Unexpectedly, Brendel had no intentions to retreat. He stood in the rain to observe the fight. What is going on now! The princess was too embarrassed to command Brendel. She had no choice but to call upon Freya and asked her what was going on.

Unexpectedly, the kingdom’s future War Goddess replied naturally, "Brendel always behaves in such a way, as if he can't distinguish the priorities. There was a time he was escaping for his life at Bucce. And, at that time he was almost dead but he still insisted on learning first aid on the battlefield from me. I was almost angered to death."

I'm not asking you about his character!

The half elf Princess sighed and directly asked, "Freya, can you ask Mr. Brendel if we should retreat first?"

Freya realized her intentions and nodded. She led her horse over there to ask.


Brendel was dumbfounded. At this time, the Ruins of the Mar Highlands Cathedral were already in a combat state. Based on his experience in the game, players who chose to leave this area at this moment would become Adega’s targeted hated. Although it was not known if this outrageous setting was applied in the real Aouine, Brendel did not intend to offend this crazy Elemental master.

"No, we can't retreat now. Instead, let us take a rest and be ready for the next battle." Brendel raised his head and said. The Kirrlutz had not appeared on the battlefield yet. He did not believe that the Holy Cathedral of Fire would willingly give up.

Even if it was a step back to say that the Kirrlutz did not want to interfere in the civil war of Aouine, but it was reasonable to help them in defeating the Elemental Storm.

It was only halfway through the war, after all.