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The creationalism poem of the Kirrlutz people, “Poetry of the God” claimed that the four elven kings and their subordinate elements were the guardians of this world. However, this agreement was only between them and Marsha. These elements were violent and ferocious and human beings rarely got along with them peacefully, just as the situation now.

After the lightning cage failed to work, Adega the Rager directly moved to the third stage. Brendel immediately became alert and lost interest in observing the fight, instantly turning around toshout, "Your Royal Highness Princess, please immediately order all divisions to return to the south of Anker Mountain."

Before anyone could process the words, there was a muffled noise coming from underground. It was like the sound of a building collapsing. They looked up and saw countless furious Elemental Storms bursting out from beneath the ruins of the holy cathedral where the slit where Adega was at. At the same time, the purple black thunderclouds surged in the sky and began to crash down lightning storms.

The scene was like “The Final Judgement” described in the Black Prophecy that went:"Between heaven and earth is the scene of the end of the world, electricity and fire descends from the clouds, the Twilight Knights ride across the fire rain, finally burning everything." Everyone turned pale. The private soldiers of Count Audine were frightened to the point where their limbs went weak. Her Royal Highness the Princess also paled but she remained calm. She immediately placed an order, "Count Audine! The sergeant of Royal Cavalry Academy requested to retreat immediately to the direction of Anker mountain. Mr. Brendel, please lead our Naga team to retreat."

Brendel looked back at the scene of disaster. He was probably the only one among them who did not feel afraid, instead feeling familiar with the scene. His blood boiled with a player’s eagerness to explore and take risks. He turned again and added, "And remember not to leave beyond the area of this valley!"

Princess Gryphine looked at him and nodded.

In fact, there was no need for an order as the Dragon Cavalry of Southern Legion had already started to retreat. The last to leave was Grey Fins after everyone had entered the forest. Bridget the Sea Demon glanced at him with beautiful bright yellow eyes as she passed Brendel and said in a rustling voice, "You may not be a good commander but you are a good prophet."

Brendel's heart was pounded and looked at her with uncertainty.

"You don't have to be surprised. The water tells me everything." Bridget the Sea Demon, saluted him, then slid into the forest with her ritual long blade, her long tail like a snake.

"What did she say to you?" Sani came up and asked curiously. Bridget the Sea Demon, was considered high leveled among the Grey Fins Nagas. It had never seen her tempted by a male creature regardless of if it was a Naga or a human.

"She said I am like a prophet. Do you think I look like that?" Brendel looked back and smiled.

Sani thought for a moment and replied earnestly, "I think you are a bit similar."

He was very similar. To the point that Princess Gryphine waited until everyone went up the mountain and then waited for Brendel to finally come up. She looked at the man with her silver eyes and asked, "Mr. Brendel, have you known for a long time that that monster was sealed below the Ruins of Mar Highland Cathedral?"

She asked what everyone wanted to know. If that was not true, it would not explain why he insisted on fighting against the Northern Coalition Army here. Moreover, he was also the one who commanded the production of the Disintegrated Crystals. The fact that he had ordered a group of Lizardmen to ship large amounts of crystals underground could not be hidden from others.

Additionally, the underground tunnel was also found by Brendel.

Too many coincidences meant that they were not coincidences.

Brendel knew that he could no longer hide it, so he nodded. "Yes." A black wolf the size of a pony passed by him and intimately rubbed his shoulder with its head and Brendel touched its furry forehead. A group of wolves were passing by the two people. Her Royal Highness thePrincess had only heard of such miraculous scenery in legends. Now that she was experiencing it firsthand, she could not help holding her breath.

"Arreck Plateau used to be the holy land of the Silver Elves and hides many secrets there. This cathedral is one of them and the other is just by Frao where the ruins are much larger. The ancient war buried a lot of history underground but these histories are still recorded in the Book of Witchcraft." Brendel replied.

The Royal Highness Princess went silent for a while. She already knew that Brendel knew many secrets, but no one knew how he learned this knowledge. It was as if he was born with all knowledge and was omnipotent.

She thought for a moment and asked, "Mr. Brendel… No, descendant of the Sword Saint, you said that you know nothing about your grandfather's deeds, but your experience seems miraculous to us. You have overcome the difficulties that ordinary people can’t imagine before you came to this step. Your future is unlimited. If you want it, status, power, and even bedwarming women, all of it can be easily gotten. So why did you choose to help me? "

There was one thing she didn’t ask. Looking back today, it was not hard to realize that Brendel's every action since he left Fortress Riedon was prepared for today. He had confessed without hesitation of his favorable impression to her, Her Royal Highness the Princess of Aouine, and gave unconditional help when the Royal Family was in dire need.

If Brendel came upon Darius the Sword Saint’s legacy, she might not have found it strange. But it was not so. The legend of Brendel was his own epic. He did not even know that his grandfather was the famous Sword Saint of Aouine.

Princess Gryphine didn’t believe that there would be love without a reason in the world, just like there would not be hate without reason.

This question has finally been asked. Brendel scratched his head. It was not that he had never thought of this question but this question was really hard to answer for him. It’s not like he could say that it was feelings he carried over with his soul from his last life, right?

"Er... It's probably because some people are naturally worth being helped. Besides, You Royal Highness the Princess is so beautiful, aren’t you worth helping?"

"Is Mr. Brendel going to use this answer to put off everyone? I think even your subordinates need a reason, right?” Gryphine asked calmly.

This really hit Brendel’s blind spot. He turned around and saw that Carglise and Amandina were silently observing them. It was true that what he had done in the past would not cause those who gathered around him to question him because they believe that he could lead them to create miracles. 
But saving an aging kingdom required more than miracles. One day, they would need a goal to fight together.

"...Actually I also don't understand, Your Royal Highness, Princess. But I think kingdoms can be revived, even it it is fleeting. A couple of strong people can't change history. What the Kingdom needs is not only a strong power but also a purpose for the power to serve. "

"Is it being determined to eradicate all the mistakes of this kingdom or is it just to maintain its decaying rule. Your Royal Highness, Princess, don’t you already know the answer? And your answer is the same as mine." Brendel replied slowly.

He closed his eyes. Those who were listening thought he was talking about the second rejuvenation of the kingdom but what Brendel was talking about was actually the last greatness of Aouine. It was the last battle of the Kingdom, yet it ended with a regrettable outcome.

Princess Gryphine stared at Brendel and clenched her fist. She actually had thought of the answer. She closed her eyes and held back her tears of agitation.

She wanted to maintain the rule of the kingdom.

It was not that the Royal Family had to continue on forever. It was to inherit the formor king and her ideals to recreate the most glorious era in the history of Aouine. Her glory did not belong to the nobility but to the whole kingdom and all the people. Even if the Royal Family no longer reigned, she wanted to leave behind its glory.

And then, Aouine would be remembered as a glorious nation in the history of Vaunte instead of being a servile stage for nobility, just like the promise made by founding King Erik on this land. The Lionheart Sword was not to prove that the rule of this land would last forever but that the glory belonged to the people of Aouine.

Only then would this ancient country be strong in every aspect, able to create new life and vitality.