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Brendel silently looked at the weak girl who never had a companion in history. Except for a few players, no one knew the real ideals of the Royal Princess. Even the nobles who supported her did not understand what she persisted after.

In order to win the support of the Royal Faction and Duke Arreck, she had to compromise again and again. Some players even stigmatized her as a political prostitute, but she had to retain the aristocratic rule in order to maintain the most basic requirements to achieve her ultimate goal.

But the development of history was hard to predict. This was the tragedy of the Royal Princess.

She had to go against her ideals again and again. Although she had tried to offset it, it eventually became impossible to turn back. When she finally decided to give up the past and move forward, those new aristocrats who once supported her immediately abandoned her.

Maybe she should have left behind this decadent thinking right from the start and win the help of the people who would have supported her. But she was a princess born in the Royal Family, thus deeply afraid of the power of the aristocracy.

But at last, someone had stood up to support her.

Brendel thought quietly that maybe this was a change. Let her know that the aristocracy of the kingdom were not the only ones that she could rely on. In this ancient kingdom, there were many  who hoped for change such as Freya, Amandina, and even the descendants of Carglise’s aristocracy. It was just that they could not express themselves and could not see past the fog of history.

But he could see through everything. He did not even need to guess, history and the future were all within his reach. Brendel understood what was right and what was wrong.

The northern nobles were addicted to the authority of the past. All their efforts were to continue the current situation. However, there were some people determined to get rid of the malpractice of the past and understood that this ancient kingdom could only be reborn on its ruins.

He looked back and saw Carglise was lying on a simple stretcher, winking at him from not far away. Whereas Amandina smiled and nodded to him, as if she felt a sense of relief.

Princess Gryphine took a deep breath.

She looked over Brendel's shoulder. The scene of Adega plundering the Northern Coalition Army  in the valley was reflected in her silver eyes. She sighed gently.

"Thank you, Mr. Brendel."

"Aouine’s people still inevitably fought against each other but having lost half of the Black Blade Squad’s armies, the northern nobles will reconsider their positions. If the Holy Cathedral of Fire doesn't want Aouine to be trapped in a long lasting civil war, they may turn to compromise with us. "

"The kingdom must experience the pain of rebirth. It is better to do it all in one battle at the Ampere Seale than to bleed slowly. Mr. Brendel has changed the future of Aouine and saved many from the war alone. I represent this ancient kingdom to thank you."

Her words were sincere. Aouine was in a precarious situation bit it was also a situation full of opportunities. The Royal Faction, the northern nobles, and herself were all looking for the catalyst to break the situation. The northern nobles had taken the lead as the participation of the Holy Cathedral of Fire was unexpected to her and the Royal Fraction. It seemed that the situation was irreversible.

But at this time, Brendel had changed the whole situation by himself.

She had met many people, but this young man was  different. He had power and strength, but there was not a sense of tactful cunningness that a noble would have. Even she had that kind of personality. That was why she would treat herself and others as political pawns.

But Brendel was not like that. Although she only knew him for a short time, she was clear about this. She could not understand that kind of natural, unrestrained yet firm temperament. It might seem ridiculous and childish to the aristocrats, but perhaps only such a person could change history.

The Royal Princess seemed much more relaxed.

Brendel shook his head and could not help to refute her, "Your Royal Highness, Princess, I'm afraid it's not that easy. The Holy Cathedral of Fire is not as simple as you think. "

He was not speaking hearsay, he had personally witnessed the greed and arrogance of those people. The people of Aouine had lost their honor. Was it not the same as the descendants of the King of Holy Cathedral of Fire? It was just that the Kirrluz Empire had a lot of money while Aouine was just so-so.

Princess Gryphine frowned a little and said, "Mr. Brendel, are you saying that the Holy Cathedral of Fire will go against the Covenant of the Gods and interfere in the civil war of Aouine? This... is impossible, isn't it? "

Indeed, this was something that had not happened in thousands of years.

But now was different from before.

Brendel knew that the Great Demonic Wave was coming soon. Many prophecies had mentioned this great upheaval. The Holy Cathedral of Fire had been inherited for countless generations, it was impossible that they were unprepared for this. In fact, the next holy war was just one of a series of chain reactions brought about by this change.

This was why the Holy Cathedral was so serious about this holy war. They would never compromise with the vassal state at this time. Not to mention that the fragments of the Flaming Blade were still attached to his body.

Although the Flaming Blade was not a necessary thing, of course it was fascinating to get  a divine artifact. But there was not only one divine artifact in the world, it was not worth losing their lives for it.

But the choice was out of his hands.

Orthylss had told him that it was bound to him. In short, unless he was killed, the flaming blade belonged to him.

It sounded wonderful, but in fact, it was really dangerous.

Brendel looked at the princess and nodded. The Royal Princess did not know that they were at a crucial and revolutionary moment in history. It was excusable to misjudge the situation. Moreover, Aouine had been ruled by the Holy Cathedral for centuries, no one would dare to belittle the sanctities of the Holy Cathedral.

Princess Gryphine was silent for a moment. She did not know how she would resist if the Holy Cathedral intervened. Although there was also a Holy Cathedral of Wind, Sanorso's Wind Elves would never make a move as long as the Kirrlutz did not intend to annex Aouine.

She bit down on her lip so hard that her lower lip bled.

Brendel looked up.

The sky was gloomy. Adega was fighting hard with the Northern Coalition Army in the valley below. At this moment, Brendel felt an unusual aura from the sky.

It was as if a stone had been dropped into a calm lake, rippling all over the battlefield.

"Brendel, that's a reaction from the Teleportation Gate." Suddenly Orthylss’ voice sounded in his heart.

"I know." Brendel nodded.

He was very familiar with this. In the future battlefields in Vaunte, mass teleportation was one of the most commonly used battle tactics. When the large-scale Teleportation Gate opened, it would cause everyone on the battlefield to feel shaken.

Brendel felt worried about teleportation above the sky.

That was...  the Door of Flame.

At this moment, above the sea of Ampere Seale was a world full of water.

A navy quietly docked over the sea outside St. White Bay. On the first-class battleship of Royal Aouine named Victory, the sergeants of the Royal Navy lined up under the heavy rain, as if waiting to be spot checked.

A clear bird cry came through the rain from a distance. An Eruya Dragon shook its wings and was revealed under the rain. It approached the battleship and landed on the deck of Victory.

The dragon flapped its wings twice and a person jumped off from its back.

"Captain!" The sergeants shouted in unison.

"Well done.” Count Janilasu, the commander of the Royal Navy looked at his subordinates and said solemnly," Bring me my coat. "


"Ampere Seale has entered a state of war. The Royal Princess ordered the first fleet to be prepared."

There was a burst of excited cheers on the deck.

Count Janilasu raised his head. The battleship became a busy scene and the magicite began to charge and spin. Several magicians in silver robes were on standby at the magic rudder located at the top of the Victory.

"The coordinates, Count Janilasu." The first helmsman of the Victory, the leader of silver robe mages, David the Silver Flame calmly asked after confirming that his apprentices had completed all the procedures.

Count Janilasu looked back and stared at the rain.

"Fixed coordinates: 128, 22. Have the full fleet in place, first priority. Activate the secret anchorage of St. White Bay, codename The Battle of St. White Bay. Prepare to jump on my order."