The Amber Sword - v3c336

There was a lightning winding in the purple black sky, and the clouds were boiling like porridge. Suddenly, a red dot appeared in the center like a stone hitting water, a red circle rippled out half a mile in diameter.

A soft bzzt sounded.

"Brendel, this is..." Orthylss carefully spoke.

"I know." Brendel expressionlessly observed the scene.

The soldiers beside the princess in the forest had finally noticed the change above their heads. They stiffly raised their heads and saw a huge shadow appearing under the red circle.

It was a battleship.

A huge ship with a four-layered gun-deck and a towering stern was slowly revealing itself from the shadow. On its side, three smaller red circles spread out in turn and three miniature frigates appeared in the storm.

The twelve red dots flashed in the sky. Knights in golden red attire holding long flaming swords formed a circle around the fleet.

"It's the Holy Cathedral of Fire!"

"The fleet of the Holy Cathedral of Fire!"

The sudden appearance of the unknown army had affected the whole battlefield. Even Adega could not help but raise its huge head and look at the unexpected guests who suddenly broke into the air. Then the soldiers of the Northern Coalition Army also lowered their weapons one after another and looked up.

More and more red dots flashed in the storm like dancing red butterflies. Every time a red light flashed, a fully armored knight riding on a silver Pegasus appeared.

Then a wider red dot spread out miles away in the sky. The light spread out and a huge group of warrior monks appeared halfway up the sky. Each warrior monk had flaming wings on their back just like golden angels.

There was a moment of silence on the battlefield.

"The ship’s figurehead is in the shape of the Flame Goddess. It has thirteen wind sails, four-layer gun-decks, 110 artillery." Brendel could not help but shake his head when he saw the scene before of him.

Ash class’s first-class battleship, Pelan.

Paladin Squad.

The subordinates of the Holy Cathedral of Fire were armed and were called the "Staff of Flames".

The thirteen teal coloured sails spread out like a pile of teal clouds in the rainstorm. The giant ship in the middle of the sky was slowly turning.

The half naked goddess was glittering in the storm. It was the ship’s figurehead of the Flame Goddess.

The four battleships turned round in sequence with one side of the shipboard aimed at the Elemental Storm, Adega.

Adega had been sleeping for nearly a thousand years. It had never seen such a thing a thousand years ago and it was at this moment that it became keenly aware of the great danger that surrounded itself.

The wind carried the call of the Kirrlutz.

"Mages, standby!"

"Open the gun port!"

in the next moment, the four battleships shook vigorously at once. Then one side suddenly shot out several flashes of fire. "Ah!" Before anyone could react, Adega the Rager uttered a scream that shook the whole world.

A bright explosion suddenly lit up the night sky.

The Kirrlutz used up all their firepower against this huge monster. The more advanced Magic Power and Disintegrated Crystal in this era had yet to be used and the power of the old-fashioned magic canons designed by the Hazel people was far from enough to pose a real threat towards the Elemental Storm. But the intense pain had caused Adega the Rager to subconsciously raise his head.

It was at that moment.

Eleven Paladins raised their swords at the same time, aiming at Adega's throat. Eleven golden flames extended from the flame swords in their hands. Instantly, Adega was pierced through. The monster was pinned  to the ground by those eleven golden swords.
Compared to the flashy firepower of the previous four warships, this was practically fatal for Adega. It would not dare to fight against eleven Element Activation masters even during normal times, much less during a critical moment.

Adega let out a miserable howling. The lightning in its body was flashing and its body became so bright that it was frightening. It seemed like it could collapse at any time. But this monster was the number one BOSS in the previous version of The Amber Sword. Even if it was seriously injured, it would not die immediately. Instead, it’s ferocity was raised and it fought back by sweeping its huge palm in the air.

    The Elemental Storm was huge. Its palm attack almost covered half of the aerial battlefield. The eleven Paladins did not dare to go against it and quickly scattered. But the three frigates behind them were not so lucky.

    One of them was directly swept away by Adega. The teal colour protective cover had turned into white light just after it managed to light up. It was shattered and swept away from midair into the distant hills by Adega’s slap.

After a few seconds, a bright fireball rose from that direction.

Just right at this moment.

The thick clouds in the sky shifted. The clouds seemed to move towards the same direction and converge in a whirlpool. In the middle of the whirlpool, a golden red light shone brightly. Bang! A red beam of light dropped down from the sky. It was like a red sword stabbing towards the top of Adega's head. In an instant, it was pierced through and nailed to the ground.

The storm in the middle of the battlefield suddenly froze.

There was a faint sigh from within the wind and rain. Then in the blink of an eye, countless lightning bolts spread out from Adega’s body and it scattered along with its body, turning into clouds and dispersing into the storm.

Only then did everyone on the battlefield see a tall knight in a long cloak appear in the clouds. The tall knight then pulled out his sword in a flash of lightning.

That was Williams the Golden Flame Sword, the deputy head of the Paladin Squad.

The Northern Coalition Army abruptly gave a shout of joy.

Everyone was shocked.

The deputy head of the Paladin Squad, Williams the Golden Sword, calmly looked at the ant-sized people on the ground. There was no extra expression on his face, only a few Gold Lines of Laws surrounding his long cloak, turning his eyes gold.
He held a longsword and looked down. The rain didn’t enter within three feet of him before turning into white smoke and then merging back into the rain around him.

He did not speak a word.

The ground also soon fell silent. After the Elemental Storm Adega had dissipated, there was only a patch of embers left on the ground from the explosion. Those small Elemental Winds also scattered and escaped, no one would try to retain them.

Williams quickly saw the young lady in a silver dress in the forest.

Princess Gryphine also saw him. The young woman stood in the middle of rain, her face was pale and her silver eyes reflected the rain. But inside a blazing fire burned brighter.

At that moment, Williams felt as if he had seen those bright eyes again. He shook his head and laughed at himself.

"Little Princess, I will give you a chance to lead your men out and surrender. I can spare you all from death." Williams spoke softly but his voice seemed to spread throughout the entire battlefield and everyone was able to hear it clearly.

"How could you do this?" Princess Gryphine clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. "The oath you made in front of the Covenant of the Gods, what was it? You said you will treat every country under the Holy Cathedral equally. But today, all I can see is the Holy Cathedral of Fire that belongs to the Kirrlutz..."

"On the day the Holy Cathedral of Fire betrays everyone, aren’t you afraid of being betrayed by everyone too?"

Brendel saw her hands were shaking.

Williams did not speak and he did not even bother to find excuses. He replied lightly, "Is this your reply, your Royal Highness, Princess? It's a pity. No matter what you say, you can't change the fact and consequence of belonging to the losing side today."

"Because this is the determination of the Holy Cathedral."

Princess Gryphine was froze as if she was struck by the lightning. Her silver eyes were filled with anger.

Williams took a look at her and shook his head in disdain. "Your Royal Highness, Princess, you can either surrender or to let them all be buried with you. You have only half a minute to think about it."

A sound shook the mountains.

Mephisto the Ash Sword Saint who was carrying a longsword stopped suddenly. He looked up and saw a golden red gate was opening not far from him. An old man wearing a priest's robe stepped out from it.

Then nine doors of light opened beside him. Nine Paladins came out one by one.

The group of people instantly surrounded him.

Mephisto found this funny. "I just killed a priest and here comes another one. The number of high-level priests of the Holy Cathedral of Fire is even more than the number of dogs. "

This obvious provocation did not seem to annoy Wood. Instead, the old man smiled and said, "You don't need to show off to me that you killed Archbishop Moros. Rather, aren’t you afraid that the little guy will be killed by Williams if you travel so slowly?"

Mephisto gave him a dirty look. "If I said I was worried, would you make way for me?"

"I'm sorry, that won't happen."

"There you go, then."

The two both stopped, looked at each other, and smiled at the same time.

"Thank you for giving me a way out when I was in Kirrlutz. But today, I'm not who I was. It's not impossible for me to kill you, Wood," said the Ash Sword Saint.

"That’s mean you really plan to fight me?" Wood asked.

"Not necessarily. You have your dreams to realize and I have my homeland to revive. As long as you don't block my way, I won't do anything to you. Besides, you already understand  that. Otherwise, if you were just delivering heads to me, there would be no need to bring so many people. "

Mephisto took a look at the Paladins and spoke without care, "Just dealing with you alone is already difficult. Adding on so many dogs would make it even more troublesome."

The Paladins became angry at his words but no one dared to do anything. Maybe they were under some kind of orders or they were afraid of his power.

"So it's better to stop and have a look at the scenery, then you go your way and I go my way. Not being able to catch me isn’t just a recent thing,  the Holy Cathedral probably will not bother you for that." Mephisto mocked, "They've just lost a priest, they wouldn’t want to lose another," 

Wood shook his head and looked in the direction of the cliff. In the  distance, black clouds were above the sea. In the storm, waves formed into white crests which were broken when it hit the reef.

"Although I don't know what relationship is between you and him, it seems that you really don't worry about that little guy."

"No. I didn't believe it at first, but I believed it when you appeared." Mephisto shook his head and laughed, "I'm here, which means his goal has been achieved. Do you understand?"

"Oh?" Wood was surprised. "He knew that I was in the back? Is that guy Tuman also in Ampere Seale? Did he tell him?"

"No, no," the Ash Sword Saint laughed. "He just guessed from the beginning that the Holy Cathedral of Fire was involved in secret. It's not because of you, it's because of Archbishop Moros."

Wood frowned and looked at the guy with suspicion. For certain reasons, he once let this opponent off in Kirrlutz. But he also understood that this opponent would never appreciate it. The other man seemed to be very pleased that the Holy Cathedral of Fire was suffering.

"Archbishop Moros killed Princess Magadal. He thought he could hide this from the world but nothing can conceal the truth. He must have never dreamed that his identity had been revealed." Mephisto smiled and said it word by word.

"That young man is really perceptive. "

Wood raised his eyebrow and his expression suddenly changed.

"Time is up, Royal Princess. What is your answer?"

There was silence on the battlefield. It seemed that after the noise of fighting faded away, there was only the sound of the rain. After a moment, Williams's voice rang again.

Arrogant and contemptuous.

Brendel saw Princess Gryphine was standing in the rain. He was just about to walk over there. Unexpectedly, the Royal Princess turned around first.

In the heavy rain, a trace of determination was reflected in the silver eyes of the half-elf girl. "Mr. Brendel, I decided to surrender to the northern nobles."

Brendel could hardly believe what he heard. He looked stunned at the Royal Princess. But Princess Gryphine said softly, "After I die, there is another person in Aouine who can strive for this ideal. I believe in that person. I believe he did not lie to me. "

She looked up at everyone in the forest and said, "If these people manage to survive today, they will one day be the hopes of Aouine in the future."

"Royal Princess."

"Mr. Brendel, I only have one request."

She looked at Brendel with her startlingly bright eyes, "Please, you must save my brother. Even if he may not be a king one day, I hope he can at least live a good life. This is my only wish, Mr. Brendel. "

She took out a crystal and put it on Brendel's hand, "This is the Anchor Key. Only it can provide the anchor for the Royal Fleet. Father built this fleet by himself and personally gave it to me. Now I entrust it to you. "

Princess Gryphine suddenly smiled. Drops that could be either tears or rain flowed down her cheeks. "Mr. Brendel, I hope you remember that there was once a princess of Aouine who had fought with you... Hoping that the kingdom will last longer… Hoping that one day our dreams will come true.”

I wish your sword would shine forever, Aouine.

Brendel looked at the princess who was in tears before him. This was the second time he saw her crying. She no longer had that strong image of history. This was the real Royal Princess.

He covered her mouth with his hand.

There is no need to say anything.

Time seemed to pause in that moment. Brendel drew out his longsword and took a step past the startled princess. He raised his head and replied softly, "There is no need to say anything, your Royal Highness, Princess."

"Please carry on with hope."

"Don't give up on your ideals."

"Because today, history will not repeat itself."

"I will change the future of this kingdom by myself and let you witness it."

"From this moment onwards, all of history will disappear. There will be no more Tears of Bucce and no more Crimson Grief. This kingdom has not left the path of glory. There is still hope to turn things around. "

Not far away from him, the female knight, Maynild, who heard his words, raised her head like she had been shocked. Brendel raised the Halran Gaia in his hand and pointed to the man in the air.

"Williams," Brendel shouted. "Forty years of debt, I'm going to collect it today by representing the people of that day. Are you ready? "

There was silence in the forest. It seemed that there was only a single man in the air of the battlefield.

And in front of him was Kirrlutz's huge fleet.

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