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A black tower on the plateau with scholars with scrolls in their hands standing in the midst of the wilderness and a melodious wind blowing. That was the world’s impression of Karsuk. The Black Tower Mage originated from the Silver Race when the first generation of mages in grey robes began to build the tower in the north of Danir, Aouine was not even established yet. 

The ruins of the famous Black Tower could still be found near the Silver Horse City up to this day. But the mages had gradually moved north to places like Nalle and Chaen to establish huge libraries and cities. The Black Tower Mages were closely related to the Highland Knights of Dellinger, both of them abided by an ancient agreement that was documented on a black sheepskin and was now kept in the big library of Chaen.

William’s complexion darkened when he saw the appearance of these troublemakers. 

He lifted his head up and saw a few Gold rank mages in grey robes on the roofs of the four square towers. Each black tower built with much effort was a complete magical phalanx for each of the Black Tower Mages. Their spells could be exerted to its maximum on their own towers and it was not any weaker than someone with strong elemental power. 

“Black Tower Mages, how dare you guys violate the Taftaka Agreement-” 

But the mages ignored him and as soon as the black towers appeared, the chant of magic rang loudly in the rain. “King of Disasters, please give me the authority over the elements, the Deep Ice Spear-” 

A white light array appeared on top of each of the four towers, mysterious patterns and curses converged into one point and shot a ray of translucent greenish-blue light directly at the Holy Cathedral of Fire’s Navy. Ear-deafening alarms sounded from the three floating warships of the Holy Cathedral of Fire. Immediately, the commanders onboard began screaming commands and Perran and Taylor immediately began to carry out abnormal maneuvers. Their magical floating core made humming noises and lines of blue arcs projecting out from its outer shell. 

William gritted his teeth and slashed his sword in that direction. The golden-red light of the sword looked like a long pole of flame in the night sky that traveled as far as a hundred miles away. 

But in reality, that was actually on an irregular Line of Law. The gliding line advanced into a zigzag golden line which cut off three blue stripes in an instant, the remaining one still hit the bottom keel of the ship. A crunch could only be heard and a thick layer of ice immediately formed on the silver ship hull. Rainwater flowed down along the solid ice, instantly solidifying into a field of icicles.

The mighty force even caused the Taylor Frigate to begin to sink. 

William’s men disappeared from the sky in one moment and reappeared in front of the four square towers at the next. It was not teleportation, it was simply movement too fast for a normal person’s eye to see.  

“Tower Mages, you all better give an explanation.” 

“Haha, the Kirrlutz are really arrogant. We have parted from the Silver Alliance long ago. So please address us as the Black Tower Mages, Lord William.” 

William stared coldly at the mages on the towers. 

“We are here because this is Aouine’s civil war, we chose to be on the Royal Family of Covardo’s side and this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you Kirrlutz.” 

Princess Gryphine who had heard this from the forest below could not help but press her hand against her chest, clenching her fist. She knew that these mages who did not mind the world’s businesses would not support her for no reason. The only one who would have relations with them could only be the genius from the Peloche family, Ciel. And the one who had relations with him was the descendant of the Earth Sword Saint Darius. 

She glanced at Brendel. 

“According to the Holy Cathedral of Fire, the Royal Family of Covardo who have become tainted by the heretics is  unqualified to inherit the throne. Tower Mages, the Holy War is right around the corner, I suggest you not to get involved in this battle.” 

William raised his hand and the whole battlefield seemed to stop moving. The warrior monks of the Holy Cathedral of Fire and two hundred flying knights paused in the air and the Northern Coalition Army stepped backward like a tide and distanced themselves from Anthony’s knights.

The Tower Mages were troublesome, he really did not want to get them involved in this worsening matter. 

“What a joke-,” an angry voice said. 

Brendel who was holding that golden card in his hands paused. He lifted his head and coldly interrupted William, “Who are you to say that the Royal Family of Covardo have been tainted by the heretics?” 

William turned pale after being interrupted, but he still managed to collect himself, “I can represent the Holy Cathedral right here. There’s no need for me to explain to a convict like yourself. You just need to understand that there’s no way we could have made a mistake.”

Brendel smiled contemptuously as if it was not for the Holy Cathedral of Fire’s authority he would not have even bothered to look at this person. The William in history was just a brainless child to him. “It’s up to you to judge whether it’s right or wrong and you’ll never make a mistake. Unfortunately, Sanorso, Farnezain, and even Eleranta would not agree with your bullshit. The Holy Cathedral will not make mistakes? During the year of separation, could it be that the priests of Rus didn’t buy out all evidence and mentions of the region?”

“What priest of Rus?” William’s complexion changed as he pressed hard onto the sword’s hilt.
“Archbishop Hanfukke of Rus was sensitive to the people’s needs and was expected to become a powerful candidate for the Central Priest but later disappeared. The Holy Cathedral declared that he died of an illness. What a joke to say that a hallowed priest would die from illness. Could your healing magics and cures have been only developed after the year of separation? Why do I remember that such a cure already existed way before the Year of the Saint?”

William’s complexion turned from pale to dark, but Brendel did not stop there. In fact, the Holy Cathedral of Fire was a huge organization and had countless regional priests, just like how Aouine seemed to be sieved into small marginal areas. Amman who he had met at the Loop of Trade Winds would not be the first lurker nor the last of All for One.

“What’s funny was that the excuse given by the Holy Cathedral of Fire was so weak. Maybe it was because of the overly rigid structure, but thanks to your authority which has the hearts of people, no one doubted such an excuse. But you don’t actually think that other than the Kirrlutz, everyone else is also fools?” 

Brendel’s words made the atmosphere on the battlefield turn cold. Such words were absolutely blasphemous during normal times as no ordinary civilians had ever dared to doubt the four Cathedrals’ authority. But this was like a thin piece of paper that most people would begin doubting the moment the first hole was poked through. 

Also, it was not like the nobles had never doubted, they just kept it to themselves. 

Brendel continued, “Do you really think that no one knew about all the secrets? Don't forget that there are so many pairs of eyes in this world. The mages recorded the histories and the astrologists foretell the future. Only you would think that you can keep these secrets secret. The religious issue in Rus had been hidden from the world for almost three generations but there are lots of documentaries in Buga and the White City. Even if the Holy Cathedral of Fire is in charge, there are still quite a number of records and descendants who know the truths in Gaka and Yaladebu.” 

“Do you think I’m lying? Then let me tell you this, in the first century, year 101, in Sichfran-” 

“Enough!” William looked as if he had seen a ghost, he stared at Brendel. What Brendel was saying was the most forbidden secret of the Holy Cathedral of Fire. The upper level of the Holy Cathedral of Fire actually knew about this but it was something that could not be helped. They could not disclose it as prestige was everything to the Holy Cathedral. But the problem was, how did Brendel know?  

When Brendel talked about the first century, William felt as if he got stabbed in the chest as it was the most critical point of the religious case. He did not know how Brendel was informed of these details but what was certain was that Brendel was his biggest nightmare.
If William got involved in such a serious matter, he would be in trouble. Although he was the deputy head of the Royal Cavalry, it should not be forgotten that while the Royal Cavalry had only one head, it had seven deputy heads. 

“This was originally the difference between saints and mortals. The hearts of the people were easily swayed and he could only be blamed for his own demise when he got bought over by cultists. The Holy Cathedral had nothing to do with this. The handling for such scum still clearly reflects the innocence and purity of the Holy Cathedral.” William forced himself to be calm and replied solemnly with uneasiness.

“Such a smooth talker, Lord William. If that was true, then it’s justified. But as far as I know, the Holy Cathedral is not as kind and good as they seem, for example-“ Brendel replied aggressively.

“Cut your crap!” William did not dare to let him speak again. If this continued on, his position as the Deputy Leader would lead to the religious court sooner or later. “It is the same with you, you are the descendants of the Kardiloso family. The Holy Cathedral made a huge mistake sixty years ago but it will not happen again.” He turned back, looking coldly at the Black Tower Mages in the sky. “You all should still remember what happened in Pfeiffer Valley. If you don’t want to be involved with this issue, turn around and leave immediately. I can pretend that you all did not appear today.”

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