The Amber Sword - v3c341

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“You think she can stop me?” William asked coldly.

Brendel laughed in his mind as he heard William use the pronoun 'she' instead of 'he' in the Kirrlutz tongue. He sure is a clueless fellow who can’t differentiate men with women. He looked up at William and he replied, “You can try~"

With that, Brendel raised his hand and one of the Grimoires disappeared from the battlefield.

He removed it.

And reshuffled all the cards from the Graveyard back into his deck.

In that same instance, Brendel once again unleashed Tempest, and the Nightmare Furnaces immediately shot a bolt of black lightning at William; however, William seemed to have been preparing for this moment, and snorted, "Petty tricks!" He flashed to the right, dodging the lightning storm and appeared next to Brendel with a sword on his neck.

“Brendel! Look out!” Orthylss warned.

Brendel's heart chilled. The slash was so fast Orthylss’s voice barely ended, Brendel could feel the cold edge on his neck.

So fast!

William moved twice for his sword to reach Brendel’s neck, but it had surpassed the limit of a  normal person’s perception. Everyone present, including Princess Gryphine behind Brendel, only saw the moment he pulled out the blade.

It was as if he had been standing there all along, like the blade was meant to cut down Brendel’s neck without any mistake.

"Ah!" Princess Gryphine’s face turned pale.

But to William’s pity, the head that was supposed to be chopped off did not exist. On the contrary, all he saw was the fading shadow of Brendel in front of him. And then, Brendel suddenly appeared behind him, Halran Gaia cutting down right at his shoulder.


William did not glance back, but as if he knew Brendel was right behind him, he threw the longsword in his hand backward, parrying Brendel’s attack.

The two swords clashed and sparks splashed in all directions.

"This….Nine Luminaries Sword Art" Although he blocked the attack easily, his expression was morphed completely. Stunned faintly, He shouted, "How could you--!"

But before the words could even be heard, The ground below him began to rumble. William's face changed once more. Anticipating the danger, he hurriedly leapt upwards, only to see a sharp spear of rock breaking out from under his feet. As if following suit, countless spikes 'clattered' together to form a forest of sharp rocks underneath him. If William had not reacted in time, he would have been ripped to shreds.

"The Sword of Earth!"

Even without William shouting it out, everyone knew what they were looking at. Oberwei, Princess Gryphine, and even the cadets of the Royal Cavalry Academy, who mostly came from noble families, had more or less heard of the legend of the Sword of the Earth a long time ago.

As long as the Holy Sword remains connected to Gaia; as long as it is above the surface of the earth, it can unleash the endless power of Gaia...

That Holy Sword was Halran Gaia.

It was William’s turn to feel his heart freeze. Previously, he only knew that Brendel was a descendant of Sword Saint Darius, but never did he expect this frail man to contain that many secrets. Alliances with Nagas and Druids; overwhelming strength; summoning abilities. And now, even the Dragon's Descendant and the Sword of Earth was on his side!

This man is only getting more troublesome to deal with. I have to get rid of him quickly!

But just as the thought flashed through his mind, he saw Brendel, who was not far away, hurried back as soon as he picked up the princess of Aouine. And of course, not forgetting to lift his head and snicker at William.

Are you mocking me?


With the uneasiness in his mind, he looked down. Sure enough, he saw something glittering on the topmost rock spike-- it was a crystal.


With a loud bang, the entire ground in the forest shook, and a blinding light rose from the canopy of the black pine forest. Then a powerful shockwave split the upright pines in the blink of an eye, forming a huge deep pit in the middle of the fallen pine trees at the woodland of Anker Mountain’s foot.

From the smoldering smoke in the middle of the pit, William stood at the bottom of the pit. While he was not blown to death, he was not unscathed: his armor was scorched black and the golden-red cloak was also blown to bits. And he totally fitted the description of a beggar!
What puzzled him, though, was how Brendel predicted his own attacks.

Even Orthylss was bewildered.

Finally, she could not hold her doubt much longer and asked, “ You were not bad just now. Back then… when Her Majesty the Wind Empress fought the Flame King Gretel, she also used the Nine Luminaries Sword Art to evade his Flash Strike Sword Art. But how did you guess that he would attack from your left side?"

"Because he's left-handed," Brendel replied. While others were not familiar with William, how could he be? For Her Royal Highness’s, he had fought for her countless times against that bastard.

"'re very cunning, Brendel."

"It’s the teacher that taught me well."

“I didn't teach you that."

“There is an old saying in Nine Phoenix: A master is only a guide, but the person’s cultivation depends on himself" Brendel smiled slightly.

"......." Orthylss was speechless.

Although Brendel was bickering in a frisky manner with Orthlyss, he was still aware of William's presence. In fact, right after the explosion, he then immediately put down her Royal Highness and pulled himself out of the masses. "Mr. Brendel!" Princess Gryphine called out. And just as soon as she saw Brendel leaving, the Paladins’ deputy head soon caught up with him.

But this time, Morpheus was in his way.

Meanwhile, Brendel used Glory once more.

The Echelonius Weaver with the Nightmare Furnace’s cooldown was reset once more. Meanwhile, using Tempest and Glory twice got him another two Breaking Dawn Cards, as well as something that excited him even more--

Anrolda’s Divine Ring.

Here we go.

Brendel raised his head.

William had already swept Morpheus away with his sword, and the Transgender Vampire crashed into the forest like a comet, ending with fumes of smoke sprouting from his body. 

One at Elemental Enlightenment.

The other who was at the Peak of Laws.

The difference between the two was too wide.

William withdrew his sword and looked at Brendel. There was no longer a hindrance between the two.

At the same moment, Andrea finally met her end in the skies under the hands of the ten Paladins. Three sharp swords stabbed into her chest simultaneously yet consecutively. [T/L:......]  And with the last of her strength, she stabbed into one of the distracted female Paladin’s neck, shocking everyone.

It was raining blood.

Blood from both the female Paladin as well as Andrea’s floated down.

"Two." The Vampire Princess replied calmly. As the flame in her eyes died down, she shut her eyelids.

Her skin, white as frost and graceful like a true princess.

The nine Paladins just moved over her body that was falling from mid-air.

Somewhere even higher up, the Holy Cathedral’s air fleet was engaged in a fierce battle with the Black Tower Mages.

Between the Black Tower and the three warships, arrows, explosions and even magic flew in both directions. The magical defenses on both sides bloomed with the most bright and dazzling light as countless attacks bombarded them

The Dragon Cavalry from the Southern Army joined the battle again.
Nosidal gripped the spear on his saddle. Wind and rain accompanying him, there were also other Dragon Cavalry units flying in the sky. He could not identify clearly the faces of the riders, and could only vaguely remember the person beside him belonged to another regiment from the Southern’s air force. He had no fame, but Nosidal hoped that the boy would be remembered in history after today.

The Kirrlutz's fleet immediately repositioned themselves, opening fire at both the Dragon Cavalry.

One by one, they fell.

But as more Dragon Cavalry units passed through the dense barrage, Nosidal screamed for his men to climb up to a higher altitude, forcing the Kirrlutz to strengthen the defenses above them as they Dragon Cavalry flew past them from above. As they flew past their enemies, the Dragon Cavalries dropped down fist-sized Detonation Crystals.

The bright explosion drew a thick blinding ring over the shields. The shields above ‘Taylor’ twinkled about ten times before shattering like glass; another explosion burst open the top of the airship, and then it began to incline to one side at once. This caused the Magical Systems inside it to malfunction and explode! This led to a chain reaction that exploded the ammunition rooms as well. The airship spewed out fires and lost altitude and crashed into the Northern Coalition Forces.

The other airship, ‘Gijiu’ was in slightly better shape. However, it was also on flames.

Only ‘Peilan’, was still standing strong in the wind and rain. The magic shields of the airship were almost unaffected by the impact of the Detonation Crystals. However, if the Black Tower Mages were to join in the fray and attack them, they would be in a perilous situation.

But at this moment——

Suddenly there was a throbbing roar in the clouds, like a giant beast’s thundering hooves through the clouds. Bunide who was in the Black Towers looked up in that direction.

Then he saw a red dot.

More red dots quickly appeared on the sky as well. One... two... three….  And more than twenty dots hovered under the clouds, and the silhouette of a golden red airship began to form in the rain.

A huge fleet was entering the battlefield.

Finally, the main fleet of the Holy Cathedral finally arrived on the battlefield.

All the Mages of the Black Tower stopped their actions at that moment. The Dragon Cavlaries were also panicking and fleeing the scene.

Kirrlutz’s Second Konolia Fleet entered.


Before Brendel noticed what was happening in the skies, nine Paladins landed beside him. In front of him, William held his sword laterally the golden Lines of Laws extending from behind him. He moved forward across the sea of fire

"Darius's descendant, what else do you want to say before you die?"

"William," said Brendel, suddenly and seriously, "if the Holy Cathedral follow their promises, the outcome would not be such. If you had the chance to redo your life, I wonder if you would still walk down this path? "

"It's a little late to ask for mercy," William replied coldly.

"No," Brendel smiled. "I just want to wish you good luck."

what does he mean?

William was stunned.

At that moment——

Brendel pulled out two Breaking Dawn Cards.

Light element pool: 33 / 50

Dark element pool: 43 / 60

For the fourth time, the Nightmare Furnaces were multiplied. And in the same moment, Desperate Trojan Horse reached its minimum count of forty Undeads.

Brendel placed the Desperate Trojan Horse Card horizontally to activate the special effect of the card: ‘When the requirements are met, place this card to release the 3 reserved Cards onto the battlefield.’

And the cards he prepared beforehand were: Vampire Baron, Glorious Matyr, two Death Sentinels as well as--

The Grimoire of Life.

The overpowered slash came down on Brendel again. But just like it did before, Anrolda’s Divine Ring began to light up. Brendel smiled again, "Good luck, William."

Thought Acceleration activated once again and he began to fill up his hand.