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In the sky, the royal fleet of Aouine was targeting the Kirrlutz’s battleships. They purchased a first-class Ptolemy class battleship from the Wind Elves which had higher maneuverability compared to the Perlan class of the Konolia fleet twenty years ago. But the Kirrlutz had a stronger determination and better personnel quality. Although they were just a fleet of one place, they were undoubtedly the spirit of the kingdom. 

Both parties opened fire towards each other in the sky and warships fell from the sky like fireballs from time to time. But as soon as Brendel’s Wind Spirit Dragons joined the battle the Kirrlutz were put at a disadvantage, and the Perlan class ‘Yasha’ battleship pulled out from the combat. The Wind Spirit Dragons launched a suicide attack at its magic shields, then used the burning power to consume the energy source of the first-class battleship, Yasha which ran out of power collided onto the Northern Coalition Army, causing a huge amount of casualties. 

Soon, Aouine’s battleship ‘Kolin’ released a bomb that went right through the magic shield and hit the stern of another Perlan flagship, which killed both the captain and chief officer on the spot. The Kirrlutz’s fleet formation fell apart and they started to flee. 

The Northern Coalition Army on the ground started escaping when the fleets retreated, they were like ants running all over the wilderness with sounds of the horns echoing across the area. 

And on the other side -

Brendel saw seven Paladins put down their weapons and battled to death with his own eyes, it was impossible for them to succeed which meant their defense would be useless. 

The whole battlefield quieted down very quickly and only the sound of rain falling to the ground and moaning noises of the injured was left. 

Brendel let out a sigh of relief, he felt as if all his body strength were drained. He sat right down on a boulder behind him. 

Maynild was ordering the survivors to build a simple shelter so that the injured could be moved there. 

The injured were mostly soldiers of the Northern Coalition Army while a small number of them were the Kirrlutz. Because of the Grimoire of Life, almost none of the princess’ men were injured. 

Princess Gryphine managed to find him right away. 

“Mr.Brendel, should we continue to chase after the Kirrlutz’s fleet?” The half-elf princess asked hesitantly. The Kirrlutz had twelve main fleets, and Konolia was just one of the local fleets which were similar to Ampere Seale’s navy. Chasing after them seemed unnecessary to her as it might provoke the Kirrlutz too. 

“We have to continue chasing after them, Your Highness, or else it would be troublesome if they joined forces with the Northern Coalition Army again.” Brendel knew exactly why the princess hesitated so he proceeded to explain immediately, “It’s better to order Count Janilasu to chase them out of Ampere Seale.

His words revealed his intention of using this opportunity to seize Ampere Seale, even Princess Gryphine was startled. In fact, she did not discuss this issue with Oberwei and Audine. With the defeat of the Northern Coalition Army and the severe damage to the Ampere Seale’s coast guards, taking the opportunity to capture Ampere Seale was also a reasonable judgment.

Besides, if they had the two fortresses that connected to the North and South of Ampere Seale, they could attack the north again. They were in a safe position in the battle between the two parties. The only problem was the Kirlutz.

Destroying a Kirrlutz fleet and defeating them were two different concepts. If the entire Empire of Kirrlutz was to be completely involved in this war for Ampere Seale, it might not be worth it.

Thinking about it, she could not stop looking at Brendel with her beautiful silver eyes as if she wanted to see through his thoughts. He never seemed to consider the Kirrlutz empire to be a threat. It was unexpected that he destroyed the entire Konolia fleet without hesitation. This was really too bold, even the lone wolf of the kingdom was unavoidably cautious of the Kirrltuz people. They were like a lion, being a little disrespectful in front of them would surely bring disaster. 

Brendel certainly knew the princess’s concerns, but he found the concerns to be a little funny, “Your Highness, be rest assured. The Kirrlutz dare not trouble us.”

“Why?” Princess Gryphine frowned at this. She felt this was too blindly optimistic.

“Because of the Wind Elves.”

I see. But she shook her head and said, “Mr.Brendel, the support of the Wind Elves was not as great as we expected. If the Kirrlutz people just wanted to give us a warning using the Northern Coalition Army instead of really intending to conquer Aouine, I’m afraid it is hard for Sanorso’s elves to take action.”

“That is because they don’t get the benefits they desire,” Brendel replied, shaking his head and sighed. “After all, Aouine is still a country under the Holy Cathedral of Fire and this civil strife is also under the jurisdiction of the Holy Cathedral of Fire. How can the Holy Cathedral of Wind be involved in this? The four Holy Cathedrals seemed to understand this quite well.”

“Exactly,” the princess nodded.

“In this case, all will be well when we declare that the newly established Aouine kingdom will join the Holy Cathedral of Wind,” Brendel replied with confidence.

“This…...but……” Princess Gryphine immediately froze, she looked at Brendel as if he was a monster, she did not expect him to have such a thought. After all, the Aouine people were all descendants of the Flame King, and they were also a country composed mainly of humans. From a psychological point of view, all the Aouine people were more willing to side the Holy Cathedral of Fire rather than the Holy Cathedral of Wind, so the nobles have not thought of relying on the Holy Cathedral of Wind. But their biggest limitation was that they wanted to rely on the Holy Cathedral of Wind to contain the power of the Holy Cathedral of Fire.

It was like bargaining, but in the end, they still have to be embraced by the Holy Cathedral of Fire.

However, no one would think that Brendel was a freak. Him being half an Otherworlder, he had no sense of belonging to the so-called four Holy Cathedrals. In his previous life, he had lived under the jurisdictions of the Holy Cathedral of Fire, the Holy Cathedral of Wind, and the Holy Cathedral of Light. In a player’s point of view, he preferred Farnezain’s Holy Cathedral of Light. At least until they were stabbed in the back.

And in this life, Orthylss of the Holy Cathedral of Wind had always accompanied him in his risky adventures growing up. Speaking of it, if he compared the Holy Cathedrals which he had stronger feelings for, it would definitely be the Holy Cathedral of WInd.

Brendel quietly looked at the princess’s hesitant face.

Princess Gryphine quickly became clear with her thoughts and looked up at Brendel with a serious look, saying, “I admit that this is an option. But we will only consider this at the very last moment, is that okay, Mr.Brendel?”

Brendel nodded, he knew it was not only the princess who was concerned. The Aouine nobles would hardly accept this proposal in an instant. This takes time and requires a chance to change, and he probably understood that Her Highness wanted to use this bargaining chip to negotiate with the Kirrlutz people for the last time. 

And there was a chance her plan would succeed.

Aouine’s geographical location was way too important. To the south was the endless wilderness and the Black Forest. It was also the only way to scout or Madara’s movement. To the Kirrlutz Empire, Aouine was both a source of resources and a natural buffer zone. The Kirrlutz’s emphasis on Aouine was not without reason.

But this applied to the Wind Elves as well. Otherwise, they would not support the kingdom of Aouine hundreds of years ago. They secretly supported King Oberg the Seventh in establishing an emerging fleet and helped to train navy soldiers. Although the Ptolemy class battleship was not the main battleship type of the Wind Elves, it was still a first-class battleship ten years ago. Technically speaking, it was still considered a top-notch battleship.

The Kirrlutz people knew the importance of this fleet.  If the princess announces to join the Holy Cathedral of Wind, it was likely that a Holy War would happen between the Holy Cathedral of Fire and the Holy Cathedral of Wind.

However, the princess might be worried that there will be a misunderstanding between both of them so she added, “Mr.Brendel, you have to trust me, I am not planning on doing this alone. Rather, the people of the kingdom themselves are descendants of the Flame King. Faith in the Holy Cathedral of Fire had already surpassed generation after generation, wanting to change such perceptions is not a momentary thing.”

"Your Highness, you don't have to explain this." Brendel was a little touched, in fact, she actually didn't have to explain it to him at all. After all, she was the princess. Theoretically, he was her knight, her vassal. Of course, Brendel himself might not have had the notion that all men are created equal in his opinion, but he understood that Her Highness, who grew up in the royal family, would never think so. She was willing to confide her thoughts to him so carefully, saying that at least it proved that she valued herself enough.

Humans were born to need each other, and Brendel enjoys that satisfaction.

"But the Konolia fleet must be wiped out, and we must take Ampere Seale as a chance to negotiate." Brendel still reminded them although, in fact, he was slightly at a loss in his mind. The Holy Cathedral of Fire would not pay attention to the annihilation of the Konolia fleet, but they would take action upon Brendel for killing William. After all, he was still the deputy head of the Holy Cathedral of Fire.

To put it simply, the Empire could be disgraced, but the Holy Cathedral of Fire had to maintain its reputation; they would most likely ask Her Highness to hand him over.