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Princess Gryphine nodded firmly, ''I understand, I will send the order for Count Janilasu to continue the pursuit, wipe out the Konolia fleet, and take the port of Ampere in one fell swoop. Mr. Brendel, I will fight for the best interests of both Aouine and its subjects, and I will seriously consider your proposals..."

"I will not allow the tragedy of Lord Darius to happen ever again."

Knowing that this was a promise, Brendel gave the princess a serious bow. Her Highness turned to leave when Brendel heard Orthylss say in his mind gently, "This princess is really good at this, you little fool must have been really touched by her."

"No, but I felt some warmth," Brendel replied.

"So you are really a little fool, you have shown enough power in the previous battles to prove that you are the only one she can rely on and is her biggest helper. You know very well that this is not your full power, but she does not think so. Her serious consideration for you is just more than a means for the Royal Family to win hearts and minds." Orthylss said to him seriously.

Brendel laughed lightly, but his heart was touched. He knew that Orthylss was just reminding himself to prevent him from losing out. "Thank you, Miss Orthylss."

"Hmph, good that you know." Orthylss said, "I've seen a lot of fights, and I'll admit that the little girl is still pure-hearted. But the future still remains unknown to anyone; you've got to keep an eye out."

"Certainly," Orthylss felt more and more like his own sister to Brendel, and that only a close relative would be so patient in teaching him.

From time to time the sky flashed with explosive fire, which was the gunfire of the pursing First Fleet of Aouine’s Imperial Navy.

The battle was over.

Brendel was gradually gaining insight on his deck, the Paradise of Adversity. This cycle was powerful in his opinion, but it was very energy-consuming to maintain the cycle and the constant reshuffling that it requires cost even more of his energy. Contrary to the greatest Planeswalkers in history, whether it was Tuman or Kelsie, or even Odin the Darkness Dragon, he was quickly exhausted from the constant strain on his EP. To them, maintaining such a cycle was as easy as breathing. But it was a different case for him. After all, he was only at the strength of a Gold Rank Elemental Awakener.

However, he was still cautious and did not let the Transgender Vampire, Morpheus return to his own deck. He had reached the realm of Law’s Peak. With William dead, he would basically be the strongest fighting force on this battlefield.

And he did not take back the Nightmare Forges either, leaving seventy of those metal beetles behind. Brendel left an Anxiety Card in his hand to replicate the Tempest Card, one of his strongest single target Cards.

With these two killer moves, Brendel also put away the Grimoire of Life and the Desperate Trojan Horse with ease, then dissolved the Death Sentinels. After all, summoning Undead Creatures would give him a negative reputation, and Brendel did not want to have prefixes like 'Undead' and 'Dark' on his title in the future.

Truth be told, he had not even planned on using this Card if this fight was not too dire.

He looked up at the explosion beyond the rain for a moment and quickly thought of something else. He had someone call Ferlarn to him, and then he whispered in her ear.

A look of discontent immediately appeared on Ferlan's face.

This time she firmly refused. "I refuse. It is too much, my Lord."

"Why? Isn't it just dissecting up the body?" Brendel did not understand why Ferlan overreacted every time.

“I refuse anyway!” Ferlarn glared at him then turned around and walked away. She would have preferred if her Lord saw her as an Elementalist instead of a mere tool used for looting. 

Brendel stood there in embarrassment. It was hard to find a person who had great luck in looting like her. But just so unfortunately, she did not like dissecting corpses. This left him very helpless. He sighed and when he was about to find some other way to convince this lady, he suddenly stared wide-eyed.

"Stop!" He almost screamed miserably, but it was a little too late, Maynild had already moved several Paladin corpses to the side, and then her gruesome black hands had yanked William’s body up as well.

At that moment, it seemed like ten thousand horses galloped wildly through his mind.

"What's wrong?" The female knight came to a screeching halt when he heard his scream and faintly glanced back at him.

"......What loot do those knights have on them?"

"Oh, I checked. The magic dissipated so much that they only left a few of the Holy Cathedral’s flaming swords," Maynild replied with an unchanged face, "But these swords are not bad; our kingdom does not have this type of forging technology."

Darkness covered Brendel’s eyes. 

In fact, Brendel had a bad feeling about it when she went to touch the body. The woman looked too much like his senior, and he instinctively remembered just how bad her luck was at looting items.

But Maynild's answer immediately eliminated the last strand of hope he had left. Even if the corpse belonged to a Paladin from the Holy Cathedral of Fire, how could she just pick up some ornamental swords that are so useless? Brendel instantly realized just how bad this woman’s luck in looting was.

“Will…...How about William?”

"I Haven't seen it yet," replied Maynild, unaware that the man in front of her wanted her to stop checking the bodies out for loot. “I’ll check it out now.”

"Don't!" Brendel wanted to smack himself in the face. But before he had time to cry out, he saw Maynild remove a ring from William’s hand.

Brendel instantly froze.

It was a silver ring with a very special pattern on it.

"The ring doesn't seem to be magically disintegrated yet." The female knight examined it and replied seriously.

"Brendel!" Orthylss suddenly called out.

Brendel nodded immediately, "I know."

Both of them had seen the pattern on that ring before. It was divided into nine branches; each one so familiar to him. This was because it was exactly the holy sigil of Sanorso from the Holy Cathedral of Wind.

The second Wing Ring.

Brendel finally understood at that moment why William instantly recognized his swordsmanship when they met. "Show it to me!" He said to Maynild as he immediately walked over to her.

The female knight who resembled his senior looked at him, nodded, and then placed the ring on his palm without hesitation.

"How do I use it?" Brendel asked.

"Inject your Power of Law into it." Orthylss also looked a little excited. After all, there was an Elite Soul  in every ring, her companions from earlier years.

Brendel did as he was told.

Suddenly, there was a faint flash of white light between him and Maynild. Then the next moment, a translucent, somewhat ghost-like elite Elven maiden appeared between them.

The maiden was short and looked only a little taller than Princess Gryphine.

Her skin was very white, with the crystalline glow common to Wind Elves. Her ears were pointed, her long purple-blue hair was tied in a loose ponytail behind her head, and she wore a tight set of leather armor, though most conspicuously, she also carried a long elf bow almost as tall as a human behind her.

She yawned as she appeared, it was as if she had just woken up.

"Who are you?" Maynild was slightly startled, and with one hand, she immediately pressed on the hilt of her sword. However, she probably also guessed that this Elf maiden's origin was related to the ring on Brendel's hand, and therefore she did not pull out her sword.

But Brendel heard a low cry from Orthylss in his heart at that moment.

Then Orthlyss manifested directly beside him and appeared on the other side.


It was now the Elf maiden’s turn to stare incredulously at Orthylss.


Orthylss gave her a hard glare.

The Elf maiden was immediately startled and shouted, "Ma- Madam!"


Brendel froze. I've never heard of a master-servant relationship between the Wind Empress's subordinates. He did not see the look in Orthylss’ eyes, he just looked at the both of them curiously.

Only then did Orthylss smile in satisfaction at the elf maiden.

Brendel interestingly looked at the elf maiden and said, “Hi, I am Brendel. May I ask the name of this beautiful young lady?”

The Elf maiden looked at Brendel and Orthylss and roughly guessed their relationship. With respect, she immediately replied loudly without hesitation, "Nice to meet you, Mr.Brendel. I am Blade Knight Orthylss, Chief Bowman under the Wind Empress! Looking forward to knowing you better! Ouch, that hurts......."

After a loud smack to her head, she clutched it painfully.