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“Teleportation Array, that’s impossible!” Brendel replied immediately. He had a million reasons to believe that it was nonsense, and the reason was that the players had explored this possibility long ago and came up empty-handed. He blindly believed that the latter days’ information was ahead of the ones in this world. Those guys would never make a mistake on such a childish issue.  

“The Lord is right, it is indeed impossible for this to be a Teleportation Array. But it did, in fact, leave some sort of message that would allow us to have a Teleportation Array immediately.” Instead of panicking, Babasha replied with appreciation. 

Brendel was slightly stunned, then his eyes lit up. “Are you saying that this fountain is actually the blueprint of a Teleportation Array?” He immediately inquired. 


"This teleportation array doesn't require the witches to draw it in a special way, does it? Wait, that's not enough, Blood Refining, I get it!" Brendel suddenly reacted and it dawned on him, "It takes the blood of Sugar Jar to draw this Teleportation Array, right?"

“Exactly what you said.” Babasha looked impressed. But Brendel was already too lazy to bother with her. He screamed in his mind, Holy shit, these people are out of their minds, the designers of The Amber Sword are a bunch of scums. He was not sure if he should laugh or cry, this was clearly a series of quests: in order to open the third part of this ancient remain underneath Ampere Seale, it was necessary to unlock the witch’s reputation as well. 

But the problem was that though there were people of Kirrlutz in the game, as well as Wind Elves and people of Aouine, there were no people of Miirna. Even Madara, who was originally a follower of the Darkness Dragon, shared a rivalry against the Witches. The only place where the Witches had the best reputation was the underground of Jorgendy Ridge, but unfortunately, the players had no power there. 

This meant that in order to open the witch’s reputation, one had to risk going against the ‘government’. Although it was slightly better than joining a cult, like All For One, it was still unfavorable. 

There were players who had chosen such a path, but the question was, how many of them had actually succeeded? And how many of them had met the Witch of Life and Death? 

Among those, it was even rarer to find someone who went into a dungeon that required entering the undergrounds of Ampere Seale, which was just an early dungeon in Aouine. It was later even occupied by Madara, keeping in mind that though she was once on the same side as the Witches, because of the Darkness Dragon, they became the archenemies.

The fact that hardly a single well-known witch existed within Madara proved that there were indeed a lot of problems. 

Because of this, no one playing the game in his previous life had discovered the secrets here. Everything seemed to make sense, but Brendel thought the designers were twisted sadists, the game was designed to allow players to solve puzzles, but as far as he was concerned, the puzzle in this ancient relic was clearly unsolvable. 

If only he hadn’t transmigrated... 

Though now this unanswered question finally had an answer. It did not take much blood to paint a Teleportation Array, and definitely no need to slaughter Sugar Jar for a blood sacrifice. If saving a kingdom required killing a little girl, Brendel would rather look for another way, even if it was bound to fail. 

And he was sure that the princess would support him. 

In fact, the look the princess had sent him mirrored his thoughts. However, she showed even greater curiosity about whether such a Teleportation Array could be used elsewhere. This idea aroused Brendel’s interest greatly, indeed, if Teleportation Array that could be drawn and used on the spot, even if it could only teleport a couple of people, would be more practical than the Door of Flame of the Holy Cathedral of Fire.

After all, it was cheaper and easier to build. Despite the Door of Flame looking like it was built in just minutes, it was a product that required the manpower of twenty-odd Elementals from the Holy Cathedral working together, not to mention the money spent was simply an astronomical figure.

If it was not for the Holy War, Brendel figured that no matter what, the Holy Cathedral of Fire would not have been willing to invest in the Door of Flame for a mere civil war within Aouine. 

There was no shame in that, no matter how important the geographical location of Aouine was, its presence was insignificant. The only difference was how much money it took to appease its noblemen, and that was it. 

But to their dismay, Babasha informed them that the Teleportation Array had a fixed coordinate array. Its designers in the past might have had the ability to design similar Teleportation Arrays going to other places, but that did not mean that they themselves could too. 

The technology of the relic’s inhabitants had been long lost under the quicksand of history, and the Witches merely inherited one-tenth of it. 

Such an outcome was expected, and Brendel was not too regretful about it. He reassured the princess, silently keeping this Teleportation Array in mind. This thing was also a Magic Array and a work of alchemy, maybe the alchemists under me could improve it in the future.  

Not to forget that he had the alchemist that would likely become the most famous alchemist in all of Vaunte, Tharma. And according to him, Amandina was also gifted with talent no less than his own, albeit in the design and manufacture of magic-guided machinery. But with the presence of these two powerhouses, Brendel felt that anything was possible. 

He silently jotted down the Magic Array, while Babasha had already drawn a huge Magic Array on the ground together with Sugar Jar. Although the Magic Array needed Sugar Jar’s blood, it was not completely drawn with blood, otherwise, the little witch girl would have been drained out of blood before the Magic array could even be completed. 

The Witches did not allow outsiders to watch their process of creating the Magic Array, except for Brendel of course. However, Brendel already vaguely guessed the princess’ thoughts, so he did not bother to look at the few old ladies drawing maps as he knew what was going on anyway, and though he was not as good as Babasha when it came to alchemy, no one here could surpass him when it came to the technique of Blood Refining. 

Tharma’s Blood Refining technique was handed down from him after all. 

As soon as the array was completed, everyone stood in the array. Then the Witches stood in their predetermined places and began to chant, identical to what they chanted before in the forest. It seemed to be the designated ancient rune here, much like a code for opening doors, which was also a part of the Witches’ heritage.

The chant had just begun when Brendel felt the scene around him become a blur. He felt the princess gently grab his sleeve, but immediately let go again. His vision blurred and then he was in a completely unfamiliar place.

He lifted his head. 

At that moment, he held his breath. 

He suddenly realized that he had forgotten something very important. That was to ask before coming here if Babasha had ever been here before.

These words almost seemed like they were being squeezed out from between Brendel’s teeth.

Everyone including the Witches looked up in shock. 

They all stared at the hall with wide eyes. “No…...Lord.” Babasha gulped, and it was perhaps the only time she had shown any other expressions than that dry smile since they entered this underground relic. 

It was a huge hall. 

The center of the hall, above the dome. 

A lance that radiated lightning in all directions hovered in mid-air. The blade was painted with stars falling to the ground, and the squiggly text on the lance’s body was exactly that of the Miirna writings, and on it stated the most famous motto of the Kirrlutz’s epics from the ever since ancient times. 

“The lance cuts through the sky, the stars fall upon the earth-”