The Amber Sword - v3c363

“Detected that the skill can be obtained ---” 

“Skill type, general category. Sword Art classification, Law: Dragon Clan, Space.”

“Flash Strike Sword Art Level 0 [Basic] (Dragon Clan/Ancient): Your sword tip can now deflect dimensions. Each attack can ignore a certain distance in space (5m).”

“Added attribute: (Basic:None), (Ancient Trait: Unable to use as a basic skill, experience requirements increase.)”

In the eyes of the Paladin and Amandina, Brendel was just standing there stunned after listening to his description. But they could not see what was happening in Brendel’s mind, Brendel was rapidly communicating with Sanorso with his mind.

“This Sword Art is a little more complicated than the Nine Luminaries Sword Art.” 

“Oh? Why do you say that, my Sword Art is definitely not inferior to Gretel’s. If I’m not satisfied with your answer, I’ll give you a piece of my mind right here right now.” The Wind Empress smiled dangerously. 

Brendel smiled bitterly, Didn’t you already give the answer to that question?  He glanced at the 4120 EP, clearly remembering that the EP of Nine Luminaries Sword Art was only 3550, but he still replied, “Complexity is not necessarily better, compared to that, your lady’s Sword Art is much more refined.”  

“Your words have gotten a little sweeter from hanging around with the princess. But as the elder sister, I definitely like the sweet talking more.” The Wind Empress laughed ambiguously, giving him the feeling that the other three legends who fought alongside her at the beginning must have been subjected to all kinds of suffering too. The reason why the Flame King was able to be the hero that saved the world was closely connected to the the Wind Empress too, “I won’t be mad even if you state the obvious, Gretel’s sword art is the inheritance of the Dragon Clan after all, my Nine Luminaries Sword Art was also not tempered yet at that time.”

This perhaps was one of the reasons, and although Sanorso did not admit it, she insinuated that the Flash Strike Sword Art was better than the Nine Luminaries Sword Art. However, like she said, it was an honor to improve a Sword Art that was comparable to a Sword Art given by the Dragon King.
But Brendel would never believe what the elf consort just said about “I won’t be mad even if you state it directly.” He could guarantee that if he did say that directly, the Wind Empress would definitely give him a piece of her mind. This was proved by history, you could never trust what a woman said. 

“But based on your talents, it shouldn’t be a problem right?” Sanorso was still bothered by Brendel’s rapid progress when he was learning her Sword Art. 
She had been hailed as the most outstanding genius among the Mist Elves ever since she was a child. She began to learn this ancient technique at the age of thirty-five, and she had fully mastered it by the age of adulthood. During the middle period of the War of the Holy Saint, she modified the Lunar Sword into a magical Sword Art, which later became known by the world as the Nine Luminaries Sword Art.

But she became frustrated to find that, as someone who used to be called a beast, she seemed like an average person compared to Brendel.

“Maybe I can try.” Brendel replied. 

“Maybe you can try….”The elf snorted softly. Although she was happy that her inheritor was excellent, his overachievements induced jealousy. 

As for Brendel, the experience from Mavicart’s Grimoire has basically been used up, though the remaining tid bits were enough to learn the basics of the Flash Strike Sword Art. Telepathy escaped the limits of time, the two’s conversation was completed in an instant.

He recovered from his trance, and a light green panel appeared in front of him. Time seemed to slow down, and the demons behind the transparent interface were rushing at him, but Brendel easily blocked them with his sword. 

The last prompt on the interface had just revealed : Skills detected could be obtained, is it confirmed ------? 


Brendel blocked the imp’s claw with his sword, causing it to lose its balance and fall to the ground. He turned his sword and stabbed it into the back of the devil, blackish-purple blood splashing all over his arm. 

“Beginning to copy the information on the Flash Strike Sword Art-----” 

“Warning, similar skills have been detected. Skill Name : Aoinue’s Military Swordsmanship, skill type, general category, Sword Art classification, Laws : Peak Iron” 


As soon as the prompt appeared, Brendel almost threw his Halran Gaia away. How can the Flash Strike Sword Art conflict with Aouine’s Military Swordsmanship? The Military Swordsmanship is a basic Sword Art, and only one skill would conflict with it, which was another more advanced and powerful basic Sword Art.

It was well known that Aouine’s Military Swordsmanship was created from the combination of the Kirrlutz’s Military Swordsmanship and the Wind Elves’s Swordsmanship. At that moment, Brendel suddenly thought of a seemingly far fetched possibility. 

The Flash Strike Sword Art was a basic sword technique, and the Aouine’s Military Swordsmanship reflects a bit of it. 

“Wait a minute, the Flash Strike Sword Art is only a sword technique, not a skill?” 

“Didn’t you know that?” Sanorso, The Wind Empress replied, “The Flash Strike Sword Art is originally a sword technique, along with the Lunar Sword from the Mist Elves, don’t tell me you thought it was a special skill like the Nine Luminaries Sword Art?” 

The fuck? Brendel screamed inside, How would I know that? This was an ancient skill, not a rotten cabbage you can pick off the street. Even in another world, he had only heard of this before, who would learn this ancient skill just to show off. 

“It doesn’t matter, right?” Sanorso also realized the problem and frowned, suddenly realizing that she seemed to be too optimistic about Brendel. Basic sword art was different from special sword art, for example the Nine Luminaries Sword Art could definitely be learned in a short amount of time by talented people. 

But the Flash Strike Sword Art was different, a basic sword art was the way of using swords. Without decades of hard practice, it would be difficult to achieve anything from it. And mastering it right away was impossible. 

The problem now was that Brendel had no choice. 

“Mr Brendel, the Flash Strike Sword Art was the first king’s technique after all. In the millenias of history of the Holy Cathedral of Fire, no one was able to really master it. You don’t have to force yourself.” Stephen saw the change in Brendel’s face, and thought he would give up and said, “You should just let Mr Garlock prepare for it, we’re going to launch the final assault. In this case, destroying even one portal is good enough for us.” 

Before he even finished speaking, he suddenly saw Brendel slashing his sword forward, and as part of this attack sequence, both him and Amandina disappeared. 

Stephen realized what happened in an instant. 

He raised his head in disbelief, but in just a matter of seconds, he had missed the most important scene. He only saw Brendel’s sword lowering, and the head of a Hellhound flying upwards. 

But the Hellhound was clearly far away from them only moments ago. 

This is impossible.  

Stephen knew how to use the Flash Strike Sword Art too, although it was only at a surface level. But he was able to let his blade pass over the limit of space at a very short distance. In fact, most Paladins can do this trick, though it is often only used at the end of a swing.

From the other people’s perspective, it seemed that the attack speed of a Paladin from the Holy Cathedral of Fire was always a little faster than those of the level. 

But compared to the skill Brendel has shown, Stephen felt like he could just go end himself. 

He had to confirm that ten seconds ago, he only said two simple sentences to Brendel. If he could, Stephen really wanted to slap himself and tell himself it was all just a dream. 

But someone else was more surprised than he was. 

“Brendel, what are you doing.” The Wind Empress screamed, abandoning her composure.


Brendel replied, looking up. That slash just now teleported him five meters, and the portal was about three hundred meters away from him. The imps looked like a group of ants from afar. 

Indeed, whether it was a basic sword art or a special sword art would make a huge difference for any ordinary person. But not to Brendel, it was only about how much experience he was going to spend. 

Brendel tried a few more times, the previous slash did not cost him much physical energy, but it consumed a part of his mana. It seemed that ancient sword arts were the same, they all required a certain amount of mana, though the mana consumption of Flash Strike Sword Art was much less than Nine Luminaries Sword Art. In comparison, the former’s mana usage was only one tenth of the latter’s.

After all, the latter was a genuine magic sword art. 

But to say that there were no differences between a basic sword art and a special sword art for Brendel, would not be true. Brendel was not the only one who noticed the difference, the Wind Empress immediately noticed it too. 

“What was that image you left behind just now?” The Wind Empress asked excitedly, “That was no illusion.” 

At this moment, Brendel was excited too, as the previous slashed proved his theory from the beginning. As everyone knew, a basic sword art in The Amber Sword could enhance a special sword art. 

Could the Flash Strike Sword Art, a basic sword art, provide a bonus to the Nine Luminaries Sword Art?

He got his answer right away. 

Brendel hugged Amandina tightly while swinging his sword. Their figures disappeared and reappeared again and again, and after every disappearance, they would advance forward, twenty meters, fifty meters, one-hundred meters. Everytime they appeared, the battlefield would be left with a shadow of Brendel attacking the enemies nearby. 

Two sword arts famous throughout history at this moment finally perfectly merged into one. 

“Wait for my good news!” Brendel roared in the middle of the battlefield. He rose from the ground and quickly passed through the imps in a blur. 

Almost everyone on the battlefield saw such a scene--

The young lord began to accelerate, and the monsters from Jorgendy Ridge soon realized that they could not block himl. And in fact, their attacks all missed, only falling upon the blur left by their opponent.

But the problem was that it was not the actual blur. 

The imps, stunned, watched every blur on the battlefield begin to do the same thing. They raised their swords and slashed forward with all their might. 

Puncture blow. 

The huge sword instantly penetrated a range of more than thirty meters, eradicating every obstacle, no matter if it was a devil or a Hellhound, the terrifying storm tore them into shreds. 

Everywhere Brendel passed through, looked as if a hurricane had just left; it was a huge mess. 

As if in an instant, a pathway to the portal was made.