The Amber Sword - v3c367

Once the Longhorn Devil died, the little devils - having lost their restraints - scattered in front of Nicholas. This wasn’t really surprising to Brendel; the devils from under the Sulfur River were not a proper army to begin with. They were chaotic, selfish, bloodthirsty, cruel, and not necessarily willing to go to war to fight for the benefit of the masses, especially for the Imps, who preferred to slaughter unarmed civilians.

The Lantonilan knights finally slaughtered a bloody path up to meet with Brendel. The knights suffered heavy casualties; almost everyone was wounded and their numbers were reduced by more than half. They haven’t given in purely because Brendel's god-like attack injected a powerful dose of confidence into everyone.

Casualties were to be expected, but what was really inspiring was the Door of Flame that had turned into thousands of sparks floating in the rain - no one dared to believe that they had done it.

But, in truth, Brendel actually did it.

Nicholas stepped forward and pulled Brendel up from the ground. By then, Brendel had almost fully recovered from his injuries with the help of holy water. However, the holy water didn't help with the weakness that came after the blood loss. He helped Amandina up and looked at everyone to see the trust written on their faces.

"Master Garlock, teleport us to that portal near the beach now," Brendel said.

Garlock peered at him. Not everyone had such fearlessness in the face of danger. He had seen many children of nobles who had never been in battle boasting, but then they were terrified out of their minds the moment they entered combat. Those battles of the past were very different compared to today's battle.

He nodded and picked up his staff. Then, he began to chant the spell. The Laws of Space and Time, as the power second only to the power of existence, had the highest authority among all the Laws. Even though he was an Elementally Enlightened mage, he still could not make contact with the highest tiered Laws so easily.

In fact, there were teleportation spells starting from the ninth tier. The Elementalists called it the Bridge of the Four Realms and the Conjurers called it Partial Teleportation, but that was just them being witty. The Elementalists reached their destinations through four corresponding Elemental Planes, while the Conjurers casted themselves into the sea of magic, before turning to the Principal Material Plane to teleport.

However, both were incomplete teleportations. The former could only reach a specific location and the latter had no fixed teleportation point. It was a random teleportation and was also dangerous, so it often was used for escape.

True Spatial Magic only existed from the tenth tier and above, where the magic of Laws existed. A Conjurer needed to request the highest authority from the Code of Order to open the gates of space, a process that had a great cost. To a Conjurer, it meant high Elemental Point and stamina drain.

All spells above the tenth tier had one characteristic, and that was they wouldn’t only consume Elemental Points, but also reduce the maximum Elemental Points. The reduced Elemental Points could only be regained slowly through limited means, and usually, the best way was time. It was not possible for a high-ranking wizard to repeatedly cast tenth tier spells by using EP potions.

This was a disciplinary measure by the Higher-Order Laws to go against mortals requesting more power than they could handle.

But it was only for mortals. And as far as Brendel knew, the Silver Races could ignore the penalties for spells below the thirteenth tier, just as the wizards of Buga could cast thirteenth tier spells like how mortals cast spells below the tenth tier. However, the Golden Races had no such limitations.

Therefore, the Flame King’s Flash Strike Sword Art could only be inherited from the Golden Race such as the Dragons, and could never have been created by the Iron or Silver Races.

Aside from these romantic fantasies and legends, there was a well-known rumor in The Amber Sword. It was said that the Golden Races died out due to excessive spell abuse. Therefore, it was thought that these disciplinary measures by the Higher-Order Laws might in fact be a protective measure for the Iron Races.

Of course, there was no way for Brendel to know the truth.

However, he knew that once Garlock was done casting this spell, he was basically no different from an invalid. After losing the powerful wizard’s support, their situation might become more difficult, which was why he insisted that the old wizard save the ability for when they were going to destroy the second portal.

Destroying two portals and destroying one portal were very different feelings. If there was only one portal left, then people might still have some confidence left in them, but if there was one more, it would leave them in despair.

The knights surrounded him as Garlock sonorously chanted each spell. In the distance, the scattered Imps were being driven back to the battlefield by the Brute Devils flying in from afar. Each of the three portals were actually guarded by a large number of devils, especially the one near Port Ampere Seale, where many Brute Devils were fanning their wings preparing to fly. Brendel knew that there must be many high-ranking devils directing them.

When the first portal was destroyed, the devils reacted as if they had received a blow to the head. They probably didn't expect that dozens of humans would be able to defeat their own kind. Not even the Lantonilan knights thought it would happen.

However, the devils were quick to react as well.

Countless Hellhounds and Brute Devils swept in from the south. There was about two kilometers between each of the three portals. Between these two points was a flat, grassy plain, and everyone could see the scene of their attack in full view.

This was much stronger than the rabble formed by those little devils from before. The point was that no matter if it’s the Hell Hounds or the Barbarian Devils, they were far superior compared to the Lantonilan Knights and witches in terms of their individual strength, not to mention their number was still larger than theirs thousands of times over.

It was practically like an apocalyptic scene.

"We'll teleport about twenty to thirty meters to the left of the portal, but no closer. I'm afraid of causing an abnormal reaction from the portal!" Garlock suddenly roared, and a circle of white light spread out from the staff in his hand.

Brendel immediately felt a tremor in space.

This was the feeling before the arrival of the true Supreme Law, and he had experienced such an oppressive sensation more than once before. It was completely different from the usual portal, and the way his Flash Strike Sword Art worked. It felt like Marsha had personally come and opened a door for them.

"The power of teleportation will crush the devils in that location. But don't expect too much, they're not stupid!" Garlock continued to remind them. "Pay attention to the enemies that suddenly appear around you."

Most of the knights were experiencing this for the first time, and they couldn't help but be in shock. Before they could react, the surrounding scenery had already distorted. The next moment, the huge golden-red portal appeared in front of them.

That tremendous visual impact made everyone choke a little.

However, they immediately paid the price for that brief pause. Almost all the devils by the portal were high-ranking Longhorn Devils and Devil Warlocks. They had already noticed the spatial tremors on the other side of the battlefield, but the Devil Warlocks were unable to cast Dimensional Anchors even at a distance of just several thousand meters to lock down the battlefield. However, as soon as the Lantonilan knights appeared, the devils - who were already prepared - immediately attacked.

These devils were more familiar with Spatial Spells than humans. Only a lone Longhorn Devil took the shocking Laws of Space head-on, and was crushed to smithereens in an instant. The remaining Longhorn Devils managed to get through the magic arrays. They grabbed the knights, and dragged them right out with a sweep of their claws.

In an instant, three knights and a witch were dragged out and killed. If it wasn't for Nicholas and the old knight of the White Lion Legion, Leider’s fast reaction, there would have been twice as many casualties.

It was only then that the knights reacted in shock and anger, but it wasn't really their fault. After all, Brendel hadn’t even had the chance to let them rehearse this once. The knights who reacted immediately found themselves trapped in a siege, with all sorts of devils pouncing on them from all sides. Most of them were Hellhounds and Longhorn Devils, along with some existences that even Brendel couldn't name.

However, the ones that were actually threatening were just the Longhorn Devils and Devil Warlocks.

The good thing was that the situation this time was slightly different from the previous one. Brendel wasn’t alone anymore; the Great Swordsman, the old knight Leider of the White Lion Legion, and the Paladins of the Cathedral of Fire were tackling those Longhorn Devils as well, so Brendel could focus his attacks on those Devil Warlocks.

Although he was still a little weak and powerless, he was the only one there who was capable of dealing with those Devil Warlocks, so he had no choice. Besides, he didn't see those Devil Warlocks as a threat at all, so he simply handed Amandina over to Her Highness for protection and then started charging towards the rear of the devil army.

Two Longhorn Devils tried to stop him, but Brendel didn't even look at them; he just Flashed right through them using his Flash Strike Sword Art. "Cover me!" he shouted. Behind him, Nicholas and Leider reached a tacit understanding with him right at that moment, and they each stabbed a sword directly to the left and to the right.

Leider’s strength was equal to that of the Longhorn Devil, but Nicholas wasn’t far off. The Longhorn Devil never had a chance to fight back as it was swiftly slashed to death by the two swords. Then, the swordsman turned back to help the White Lion Legion’s former leader deal with the remaining Longhorn Devil. The two of them together slaughtered this high-ranking devil in the blink of an eye.

"Nicholas, I never thought I'd need your help one day. I’ve really grown old." The old knight couldn't help but let out a long sigh as the two men swept their long swords in an arc, making all the Brute Devils around them fall.

Nicholas gave him a glance. "I can't help but say, a battle like this reminds me of the past."

The old man was slightly startled, knowing that he was talking about the Holy War. He couldn't help but look slightly glum. "True, who would want to kill each other if they had the choice?"

They looked at each other and shook their heads. They knew that although the princess was in control of the situation now, the nobles in the north might not be willing to compromise. Right now, they were only united in order to fight these devils.

To be frank, the princess's power was still too weak. Otherwise, Ryder wouldn't have chosen the Seifer family in the first place. He was favored by the Covardo family, but he only wanted the kingdom to suffer less from war, and he was willing to do so even if it meant bringing dishonor to his name. However, the old man never dreamt that the situation he orchestrated would become what it is right now.

He had a vague feeling that he might have been wrong since the beginning, but he didn't understand what he was wrong about. The truth was, Brendel guessed correctly; the reason Leider had been involved in the operation was simply to confirm some thoughts that he had.

However, these weren't things that Brendel needed to think about. In fact, it was already a luxury for him to think about about how to survive.

When he killed the Devil Warlocks, those who were supporting them with spells were immediately dumbfounded. In fact, these devils were just relying on their instinct to cast spells, as they didn’t really possess any knowledge of magic. As soon as Brendel was among them, they immediately went haywire and started flinging fireballs around due to their immunity to fire spells. This resulted in nothing but a few Imps getting blown up. Brendel was completely unharmed.

Brendel was well aware of the habits of these monsters. As soon as he charged into the horde, he immediately pulled back again. From an outsider's point of view, this was a strange move, but the Devil Warlocks’ next move immediately proved his wisdom. As soon as these monsters finished throwing the fireballs in their hands, he immediately went back in and started killing them. In an instant, the Devil Warlocks were scrambling for escape.

These were the lessons the players learned back in the day in exchange for their blood, sweat, and tears, but now Brendel had the advantage, and the unlucky ones this time were the devils. They probably never dreamed why any human would be so familiar with their fighting style - in fact, these devils who were already in such chaos were probably not even sure what to do next.

Yet Brendel knew.

That was the difference.

Garlock's teleportation spell was soon a huge success. The Longhorn Devils had organized a counterattack, but the Elementally Enlightened swordsman and the two great masters who were Elementally Activated on the scene rendered their efforts futile. Other than killing a few knights, the devils failed to achieve anything. The humans soon approached the portal. Once again, Amandina outperformed expectations and identified all the nodes in barely a minute.

Such an ability impressed everyone. It was important to know that although Wood had explained the characteristics of the Flame Door to them clearly, the connection points to the Laws of Space on the portal were not fixed. To find it, it required not only knowledge of Magicite, but also a certain sensitivity to the flow of magic.

In fact, sensitivity to the flow of magic was the most important talent a mage could have. From this point of view, Brendel realized that the lady beside him seemed to possess a magical talent that was far beyond that of any normal person.

But come to think of it, people who possessed talent in Magical Weaponry were more or less gifted in magic. And as a genius in this area, it was reasonable to have excellent talent in magic.
Brendel's thoughts were soon validated, and Garlock immediately saw the talent that Amandina possessed. In fact, he could not stop praising her. While searching for the third node, the old wizard only gave minor tips beside her, but Amandina was able to find the correct location immediately by relying on vague feelings.

Such an ability - according to the words of this Seeker of Wonders - was a mark of a prodigy.

Brendel could tell that this old man was tempted to take on an apprentice. That was a good thing, but only if they could get back alive.

The second portal finally came crashing down.

Everyone couldn't help but cheer, but only Brendel felt the pressure increasing. He had exhausted almost everything, but there was still one more portal.

Two thousand meters away.

Countless devils were surging in.

Brendel looked at the distance. It wasn't a huge distance, but it wasn't close either, and for the first time, the word rift surfaced in his mind. Honestly, if he were asked how was he going to tear down the last portal, Brendel probably could only say, “With perseverance!”

“Or, just wait for a miracle.”