The Amber Sword - v3c370

Each of the three-meter-long claws were made of gray cuticles with honeycomb-like holes. Brendel knew that the holes were filled with devilized worms, and every time Mesika, the King of Chaos, attacked, the worms would try to infect the wounds. 

He remembered that when Guild R killed the Devil King, they specifically sent heretic judges and witch doctors to purify the parasites. But unfortunately, he did not have that kind of resources. The Devil King used his sword-like claws and struck at him, and Brendel, just in the nick of time, took a few steps backward. The claws had nearly hit him. 

The green turf was left with three deep claw marks. After that, the power of chaos left a dull, gray flame burning on top of the gouges.

Brendel landed on the ground with a backflip. The adrenaline flowing through his blood had completely snapped him awake, and his dangerous encounter made his forehead break out in a thin layer of cold sweat. 

Luckily, Brendel was reminded by the elf at the last second, or else the consequences would have been devastating. Unlike the usual upper-ranked devils that possessed the Flame of Elemental Power, a higher-ranked devil usually was not recognized by the Power of the Laws. On the contrary, they used the Power of Chaos and the Violent Dark Magic of the Sea Of Magic. 

These two powers in the hands of the devils lacked the ability to create, but its destructive powers were far more enough. It was even more destructive than most elemental powers on the same level; the Power of Chaos could assimilate everything, and the burning flame was proof. 

The gray flame had nothing to do with the Elemental Fire in Vaunte’s world. It was something called Embers. Everything it burned would return to Chaos. Legends said that if the Land of Order turned barren, the whole world would fill with such flame. 

Brendel regained his balance just when he heard the Wind Empress’s voice, “Brendel, when this devil attacked, his right hind foot was slightly slower than its other three feet. It looks like it was injured, can you take advantage of this?.” 

Brendel nodded, in folk tales, Mesika, the King of Chaos, was often portrayed as a three-winged giant. Its belly, full of fat, dipped to the ground. It looked peculiar, though it still had a humanoid form with two feet and two hands. And what Mesika pointed out was actually Mesika’s right ankle. 

When Mesika was conquering the Hell of Torture, he got bitten by a Lord’s pet devil snake, and that injury nevery healed properly. At the time, Guild R had aptly prepared to take down the devil and would not have missed such an obvious weakness. 

Mesika did have a blind spot when turning to the right.

Unfortunately, this information was meaningless to him, as Mesika’s strength was equivalent to the peak of the Ultimate Realm, and would not be easily compromised by such a small weakness. But just in case, Brendel still subconsciously leaned to the right. 

Mesika raged when he missed Brendel, it couldn’t believe that it did not kill the pesky bastard in one blow. It gave a roar and swung at Brendel again with its left claw.

There was an explosive scream in the air. 

But by now, Ciel’s spell was working, “I command you to block everything, Law of Wall.” The young mage finished the spell and pointed his staff ahead; A wall formed with transparent force field blocks appeared between Brendel and Mesika. 

Crack, Mesika’s claws swept across the wall, and cracks formed a spider web pattern on the transparent wall. In an instant, the force field shattered like glass. 

If Brendel was really a player who lived in the first chapter of the game, he probably would have been scared to death. A mage’s Law of Wall was known as an invincible spell, and the only drawback of this spell was that neither parties could communicate or attack each other, which rendered this a purely protective spell.  

But the ability of breaking the force field with brute force was only made available after several versions of the game. 

This was only the year 376. Brendel could feel his scalp tingling, but Ciel’s spell ultimately earned him some time to react. He hurriedly put aside all his distractions and seized the opportunity to roll to the side. He barely dodged the attack.

“Damn bug!” 

Mesika gave a roar. He suddenly felt like a fool. The mouse escaped from its hand again and again. If he could not handle this little creature, he would become the laughing stock of the other Devil Kings. Mesika lost all its patience and dark magic surged from its body without any spells or rituals. 

Brendel and Ciel immediately felt their body freeze. 

Devil Spell : Binding! 

This was a spell that could restrict the movement of any opponent of the same rank for one second much less two noobs like they. If it wanted, Brendel and Ciel would be standing there for more than half an hour. 

Obviously, the King of Chaos thought so too, and with a wave of his hand, Brendel and Ciel were dragged towards him. Mesika put on a haughty face, and, as if he wanted to see a look of terror from Brendel’s face, he said,“You bit off quite a bit more than you can chew, and now I will have you suffer a fate worse than death, so you stupid humans will know not to mess with me.” 

Messing with minds and inducing terror was the nature of devils and the source of their happiness. Mesika could almost foresee the person in front of him shivering in fear.

But he was quickly disappointed.

Only anger burned in Brendel’s eyes; fear was nowhere to be found. Amandina’s death had already pushed him to the brink of rage, and he felt the dark magic in his body riling up. 

Mania scorched his heart like a deadly viper. 

He stared coldly at this foolish Devil King and replied, “The one who will be suffering a fate worse than death is you, Mesika.” 

By this time, Dilferi was already behind the Devil King. 

In fact, Mesika had long noticed this little human girl, but it felt that Dilferi had no powers and was merely an ordinary person, so he couldn’t be bothered with her. 

Although it did not look back, it could still see the little girl pulling out a Devil Armlet nervously. Mesika could not help but laugh. This pathetic bug actually planning to use this thing to restrain me? Mesika was a true Devil King after all, so not only would it not be constrained by this low-level gadget, it could actually affect the holder of this gadget instead. 

Mesika decided to stop what he was doing and wait for the human girl to make this lowly mistake. It planned to turn the girl into its slave and war trophy.

Thinking of the cruelty, this Devil King started to laugh hideously. 

It saw Dilferi raising the Devil Armlet. Although its back was facing the countess, it had a sly smile on its face. 

But soon he could smile no more.

Brendel sneered at this idiot, knowing exactly what the Devil King was planning to do. He had already figured, this was the evil nature of devils, they derived pleasure from the misfortune of others. No matter how they appear on the surface, their inherent nature doesn't change, nor would they easily give up these corrupt habits.

In Mesika’s point of view, there was really nothing to worry about. 

As everyone knew, in the Sulphur River, other than the low-tier devils, high tier devils were divided into many different departments, with the Devil Lords near the top, and Devil Kings such as Mesika on top of that.

The relationship between the upper-tiered devils and the Devil Lord was somewhat similar to the relationship between a knight and his lord, and the relationship between the Devil Lord and the Devil King was similar to a lord and the king. Of course, devils did not have as strict a hierarchy as humans do, nonetheless, becoming a Devil King was no easy feat.

Everyone who became a Devil King had fought their way through seas of bloody corpses after thousands of years. Although the strength of the Devil Kings were uneven, even the weakest of them have reached the Ultimate Realm.

Someone with that kind of power would hardly be afraid of a few useless human beings.

Mesika never expected Brendel’s next move. Although Brendel was restrained, he could still talk and shout. When Dilferi raised the Devil Armlet, Brendel suddenly shouted. 

“Dilferi, listen carefully, the real name of this idiot is 403157. You can find his imprint in the Borderless Purgatory! Hurry, curse him!” 

The sly smile froze on Mesika’s face. One of the secrets known by warlocks who dealt with devils was:

All devils born within the abyss could not be killed. They were Chaos in a different form. Each time they were killed, they temporarily returned to chaos, leaving an imprint, and would eventually be reborn from this imprint. 

And this imprint was the real name of a devil, the source of their power. 

No matter how powerful or weak the devils were, every devil had a unique name. Their names were secrets and no one knew it other than themselves. There had been some devils throughout history who had accidentally lost their names and these devils often ended up in miserable situations and were enslaved forever. 

Knowing the real name of a devil could allow them to command the devil to do everything. Although these claims circulating among the evil mages were exaggerated, they still hold a morsel of truth. 

Mesika, the terrible Devil King, was so shocked that if felt like the world just did a backflip and whacked him in the head. The real name of a devil was a devil’s top secret, and even in a dream, they would never reveal this secret to anyone, but the problem was. 

Brendel actually said his real name.

How did he know?  

If it could change its faith, at this moment, Mesika would definitely seek refuge in Lord Martha. And then sob at her feet and bef for her to delete Brendel from this world. 

It was a pity that Mesika’s boss, Chaos and the Twilight Dragon did not care about these things. 

The King of Chaos snapped back to the situation, and roared, turning back to stop Dilferi. But it was too late, perhaps because it had been too arrogant. Mesika had just turned back when Dilferi already found Mesika’s imprint from the Borderless Purgatory. 

Then she uttered the simplest incantation in the world, “403157, withdraw authority!” 

The enormous Devil King and the delicate countess groaned at the same time. Brendel could feel the restraining spell on him loosening, but he also saw a trace of blood at the corner of Dilferi’s mouth. 


He knew that Dilferi’s powers were too weak. If she only relied on the Devil Armlet to control Mesika, she would get devoured. Even if she knew its real name, Mesika’s immense power was not something she could bear alone. 


He had no time right now to find a gold class summoner who was good at Psychic Arts, and even the countess herself was an unexpected blessing. 

Brendel and Ciel fell to the ground. At the same time, Dilferi’s good-looking face had almost completely distorted as she was struggling to control the King of Chaos. Only now did she understand what Brendel meant when he told her it was a dangerous task. 

She could not suppress Mesika’s power. 

Even with the devil’s real name and the Devil Armlet, the powerful Devil King was not something that an ordinary person like her could easily manipulate. The violent power of Hell invaded her body, quickly corroding her internal organs and blood vessels. 

“Miss Countess, you should know the consequences.” 

“I know.” 

Dilferi raised her head, her face was bleeding and she looked terrifying. But she continued to hold up the Devil Armlet, shouting. 

“I command you to cut off any magical connection with the underworld!” 


The Devil King screamed. It never expected in its wildest dreams that this little girl in front of him was so cunning; Compared to her, it felt like an inferior devil. Wielding its real name, Dilferi could order it to do anything she wanted. In other words, she could order it to die, though she would be torn apart by the backlash first. But Mesika didn’t think she would give such a simple order.

Cut off any magical connection with the underworld.

It was unable to resist, and the dark magic dispersed from its body in an instant. Mesika was visibly and rapidly losing weight. In fact, the fat on its body deflated like a balloon, and it quickly became a piece of dry skin hanging on bones. 

Mesika’s power was also declining rapidly, almost instantaneously going from the peak of the Ultimate Realm, to the middle-level of Elemental Awakening. In just a few seconds, it had dropped down more than two realms, unprecedented in The Amber Sword. 

“Ah! Asshole, you can’t do this!” Mesika was so embarrassed it was like a little girl who was stripped naked. It never expected itself to end up in such a situation. 

To be honest, if Brendel could just make this guy die, he would never have chosen such a troublesome method. However, this was the result of his careful consideration, because this was the only way to ensure the Dilferi’s safety. 

Of course, the countess was not afraid of death. But the problem was, if she died, Mesika would be run loose again. 

So Brendel chose this compromise. However, even the compromised solution would cause irreparable damage to Dilferi, but there was no other way.

The binds on Brendel and Ciel disappeared. He immediately picked up Halran Gaia and at the same time, Mesika’s power dissipation came to a temporary pause. In theory, this effect would completely turn it into an ordinary person, but the withering effect was not something that could happen in such a short time.

The King of Chaos, though it was probably at most a Devil Lord right now, must have lost all of  its confidence. It took a horn out from its waist and blew it. 

The sound of the horn penetrated the entire battlefield, and Brendel knew instantly that this guy was calling for backup. He turned around, and saw that after a slight pause from the devil army in the middle of the battlefield, they turned around chaotically.. 

“Stop them!” 

He shouted immediately. 

Amandina was nowhere to be found, and no one could find where the portal was. If the devil army united, all they had done earlier would be meaningless. 

Ciel quickly reacted and grabbed the staff that had fallen to the ground. 

Meanwhile, the princess and knights surrounded by devils had completely opposite feelings. There were several occasions when they were nearly wiped out. Both Leider and the Paladin from Kirrlutz were wounded and Garlock’s arm was covered with blood. The Royal Highness Princess had a gouge on the shoulder and half of her coat was stained with blood. But just when everyone was pumping up to fight again, the devils surrounding them retreated, and they were instantly relieved.

“What’s going on?” The lucky survivors were stunned. The devils clearly had an advantage, why are they retreating?

They raised their head subconsciously but the portal was clearly still there.