The Amber Sword - v3c371

Mesika’s shriveled skin wrapped around its thick bones, its rib cage protruded, and its eye socket was sunken deeply into its three skulls; He looked like a huge skeleton. From time to time, a deep blue flame exploded from its body, which was the light emitted due to a devil’s magic loss. Even its armour had completely disintegrated; he looked like a brutal tyrant who suddenly fell from his throne and turned into a beggar without a single penny to his name. The huge psychological gap also brought about an immense feeling of insecurity, and although it still had an advantage against Brendel and Ciel, Mesika quickly used its remaining power to cast a Flame Shield for itself. 

As if doing so would help make it feel more at ease. 

However, Ciel was not slow at reacting either, when Brendel told him to attack, he immediately picked his magic staff off of the ground, loudly reciting an incantation, “I command this sharp blade, it shall separate all things, in the Law of Tiamat, Demeter’s Blade!” 

Waving his hand in a chopping motion, the air in front of him formed a bright wind blade, which promptly sought to cut the Devil King Mesika.

Mesika’s Flame Shield was much stronger than Brendel’s Crimson Red Blessing, the red and orange light emitted by the magic shield was like a layer of orange-red grease, thick and sturdy. Ciel’s Dragon Blade slashed at the shield, and as if violently stirring a boiling pot of oil, the red grease on the hemispherical magic shield started vibrating intensely. 

But it did not budge. 

“Hahaha!” Mesika took a step back at first but soon laughed when it realized that Ciel could not penetrate its shield. Its three heads also started cackling in laughter; It seemed to have completely forgotten that it was still a Devil King of Hell. Normally, it was an insult for it to even receive this kind of attack, much less getting its shield pierced by a mere Golden Leveled mage.

“You can’t kill me, just wait for it” it shouted haughtily. 

But he did not laugh for long, for immediately after the transparent attack of the Dragon Blade, a black heavy sword appeared behind the spell. The glowing sword was like a silver thread, parting the rain, and the orange-red Flame Shield had no effect on the sword as it flickered through space and slashed its chest. 

A flash. 

Brendel leaped up through the rain, and opened up a two-meter long wound on the monster’s chest with his sword. With any expressions on his face, he dragged the sword downward skillfully, as he had done the same moves in The Amber Sword thousands of times in the past, and immediately, blood splattered everywhere like purplish-red blood rain

Mesika’s laughter came to an abrupt end, now replaced by a terrified scream. 


The screams then turned into howling, and the huge body of the Hell Devil King fell back. Brendel landed steadily on the ground, as the huge body of the Hell Devil King fell to the ground. 

But Mesika has clearly yet to kick the bucket. Despite the wound on his chest that extended from his shoulder all the way to his lower abdomen, which was so deep that its bones were visible, it remained alive. Its torn flesh revealed an obsidian-like gem within him. It was the devil’s Dark Stone of Magic, the source of its power, though this gem had lost its connection to the Sulfur River and appeared dim and gray. 

It was still waving its paws in the rain, trying to get up. The powerful vitality of the devil was undoubtedly witnessed at this moment, the damaged muscle and blood vessels were healing at a rate visible to the naked eye and some small cuts instantly turned into new scars.

But Brendel would not give the Hell Devil King a chance to fully recover. He immediately jumped on the Hell Devil King’s stomach, stepping on its chest and raising the Halran Gaia high up, ready to stab it. 

“No, don’t!” Mesika finally panicked, as all three skulls showed fear, he shouted “You can’t kill me! I’ll agree to becoming a slave of that woman, what do you want, I can give you strength and power, and everything you want!” 

Brendel was unimpressed. 

“Ahhhh, I know.” It screeched like a pig, “I can help you resurrect that little girl!” 

At that moment, the Wind Empress could sense Brendel’s hesitation, “Don’t listen to its nonsense, Brendel.” She quickly reminded him. 

Brendel was not affected for long before coming back to his senses, “Resurrect?” He sneered, “More like she will be transformed into a devil right? Amandina doesn’t need that!” 

His sword pierced downward. 

It was at this moment, a ray of cold light came flying through the rain. 

A silver light hit Brendel’s sword and with a clang, and the Halran Gaia missed Mesika’s magic gem by a hair and pierced into flesh right beside it.. 


The Hell Devil King screamed again. Today was probably the most unfortunate day it has had since its birth. This mighty Devil King was getting ruthlessly trampled on, not unlike a carpet. 

But he got really unlucky. Brendel knew all the true names of the seven Devil Lords of the Underworld that had visited the human world before. This knowledge was meaningless in the last world, because the seven Devil Lords were killed by the Twenty-five Footed Man. 

But here, it had undoubtedly become another nail in his coffin. 

With his sword having been blocked, Brendel took a step back subconsciously. It was a dagger that had blocked his sword, and was now embedded in the grass beside him. The dagger contained a shocking amount of power. One needed to be at least at the Elemental Activation level to pull that off; this was not by some half-assed devil like Mesika, this was the work of a true Elemental Activationer. 

Is it a high-tier devil?  

He shook his numb wrist and raised his head, but instead saw an old acquaintance standing in the rainy night. 

Devard the Hawk. 

“This guy…..” This guy obviously did not come to him for revenge. Brendel immediately thought of the man supporting him, Duke Arreck. He almost forgot about this guy, who seemed to have disappeared after leaving the Anderla Cathedral. 

But now the old fox finally appeared. 

After he showed his trump cards. 

In the middle of the battlefield, the devils’ attacks were getting weaker. 

In fact, most of the devils were already retreating towards the portal, leaving only a few blood-thirsty Hellhounds and rogue devils who defied orders and were still attacking the princess. 

But they no longer posed a threat. Leider and the Paladin were sufficient to stop this kind of weak attack, using their actions to teach these chaotic creatures battlefield courtesy.
The spears on the bodies of the dead devils originally belonged to another group of small devils which they probably robbed from the Coast Guards, because the spears still had the emblem of Ampere Seale and the manufacturing number. 

These spears formed a circle around the team. 

“They are going towards Brendel.” The Royal Highness Princess looked in a distance nervously, “We can’t let them escape!” 

“But what can we do, your Royal Highness Princess?” 

Stephen, the Paladin answered with a bitter smile. 

Everyone was wounded and exhausted. Only a few knights remained, all suffering injuries, along with the few mages who had been supporting from the backline, though they were hardly useful in this situation. 

The witch named Babasha was nowhere to be found too. 

“Leave it to me!” A voice replied weakly, as though he had to roll out those words from his throat, Garlock, who was lying on the ground panting, had his lungs pierced by a spear in the previous battle, and his hand was also seriously injured, “It may still be possible for me to cast a teleportation spell, although the spell won’t teleport you as far as last time, but I still can find a way to teleport you to in front of them.” 

“But are you okay, Master Garlock.” Royal Highness Princess asked worriedly, anyone could tell that the old mage was not in a good condition. 

“Fortunately… Cough, I have recovered some of my energy, and I can cast it again.”  Garlock replied, “Don't worry, your highness.” 

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you, Master Garlock.” Princess Gryphine nodded, 

Leider suddenly walked over and patted the shoulder of the old mage lying on the ground, Garlock glanced at the kingdom’s “old lion”. He then shook his head and helped himself back on his feet while the knights beside him tried to lend him a hand. 

Garlock pushed away the people around him with a slight wave of his hand. He picked up his staff, glanced at everyone and directed his gaze at the portal. 

Then he began to recite the mantra, which was a bit difficult at first, but gradually smoothened. 

The space began to shake again. 

The familiar white halo spread across the battlefield. But this time, there were no devils to stop this spell from forming, because they had already turned into rotting corpses. 

The halo suddenly spread out in front of the devil army, like a gate. In the next moment, the figure of Princess Gryphine appeared on the grass. They were at the back of the devil army only a moment ago, and were thrown backwards by these chaotic creatures, but now, they were blocking the pathway of the army. 

Everyone had already developed a resistance to the side effects from the teleportation, most of them only felt a slight dizziness and quickly recovered. They prepared themselves as soon as they saw the approaching devil army. 

But it was at this time when the princess realized that Garlock and the two seriously injured Lantonilan Knights were gone. 

“Where is Master Garlock and the others?” Princess Gryphine asked immediately. 

“They stayed back, your Royal Highness Princess. He did not have enough strength to teleport everyone, and the three chose to stay back after a discussion.” Leider sighed. 

The princess was stunned, she understood what that meant. 

“But why didn’t you tell me?” 

“Everyone has the right to choose to be a hero, your Royal Highness Princess. He is waiting for us in another world, and we will follow soon after stopping these monsters.” 

The half-elf girl bited her lips. 

“I understand.” she nodded. 

The old White Lion bowed slightly. It was a gesture shown by a veteran to the young princess, and then the old knight turned around with his long sword. At that moment, thunder and lightning flashed throughout the battlefield, shining across the sky, piercing the dark clouds. 

The devil army found the praying mantis in front of them. 

And they did not intend to stop.
The advantages of the devils on the battlefield had been stripped away, and it was now an entanglement with equals . It was as if both sides were like dying men, just waiting to see who would suffocate first. 

Brendel stood under the heavy rain and stared at Devard the Hawk and Sword Grandmaster Arreck, the two did not seem to be wet but no one paid attention to this. 

What is Arreck trying to do?  

In The Amber Sword, most players were suspicious of Arreck. 

Because of the bizarre death of the eldest princess, all the fingers were pointed at the Duke and the Kirrlutz. But the conspiracy behind it was clearly far more complicated. Players had also found traces of Evil Cultists, though this series of investigations eventually dissipated due to the destruction of Aouine. 

Brendel would rather believe that the Duke Arreck was suspicious, and the appearance of Devard confirmed his guess. 

And it was not what he wished to see. 

Devard the Hawk drew his sword out in front of him, dropping Brendel into a dilemma. Should I let the King of Chaos go? The problem was that Ciel definitely could not defeat Devard.  

He didn’t know how this guy was able to recover in just a few days from losing an arm. This was probably thanks to the devil. At least when Brendel saw him in the cathedral previously, this guy was not fully healed yet from the way he held his sword with only one hand. 

This thought flashed through Brendel’s mind. 

Devard was already sprinting towards him, “Ciel!” Brendel shouted. 

Ciel immediately started casting a protective spell. He raised his staff, but without warning, the wooden staff shattered like glass.

The broken pieces of wood seemed to have been hit by something, they ignited spontaneously, then turned into ashes. The young mage could not help but scream, as a large portion of his hand was burned. 

“What the hell is this!” He raised his head. 

A visible ripple in the air swept across the battlefield. 

The wave crackled across the land, instantly charring the grass it passed on top of. Even human hair stuck straight up as if it was swept by static electricity, emitting a burning smell. 

“Ring of Lightning!” Ciel groaned. 

This was not an advanced spell, nor was it a high tier spell. But no one had ever heard that the range of a tier two spell could cover a battlefield as wide as several kilometers. 

Without Ciel’s spell as a cover, Devard headed towards Brendel like a lightning bolt. Brendel had no choice but to give up Mesika, removing Halran Gaia from its chest and rolling back. 

Mesika let out yet another painful howl from the ground, but it finally found an opening to escape, and without even waiting for its chest to recover, it immediately got up from the ground. 

“Ciel, what the hell happened, where is your spell?” Brendel asked without looking back. He was in a hurry, because he did not know how long Amandina could last. If her soul completely dissipated, even Marsha could not bring her back. 

The problem was, time was running out. 

“I don’t know!” Ciel was looking in the direction of the Ring of Lightning.

He then screamed weirdly. 

Brendel had never heard Ciel make such a disturbed noise before. He heard the mage shouting his name, “My lord, look behind!” 

There was a huge commotion. 

Brendel turned back automatically, and then he saw that in the direction of Ampere Seale, a huge black shadow was breaking out from the ground and slowly standing up. 

At that moment, his mind turned completely blank, “This is impossible!” 

How could there be a Titan Statue here. 

Did he teleport to the end period of the Slate War?