The Amber Sword - v3c372

In the last golden age, the Buga people created the statue and named it after a titan from an ancient legend of Traminer. This sacred weapon used to be an important tool for the people of Order in the fight against the Twilight, But ever since the fall of the final fort, everything related to it had disappeared into history. 

However, related legends still remain. Its power and ability were still praised by the world, after all, it was one of the rare mortal weapons that could fight against the Twilight. 

Until today, when it reappeared in this world. After the first titan stood up, a second titan followd suit. As soon as Brendel saw this scene, he immediately turned around and dahsed towards Amandina. Mesika, the King of Chaos seemed to have just reacted to Brendel’s movement, “The portal! Stop him!” It screamed with anger. 

That was exactly what Brendel was planning to do. As soon as he saw the two Titans, he knew that their chance for victory was close to zero. If so, he might as well find a way to blow up the portal before their enemies arrived. 

Of course, the first thing he had to do was to revive Amandina. 

Devard the Hawk instantly caught up, but Ciel blocked him, chanting “I command you to stop all that passes through, Law of Wall!” He casted a spell with his uninjured left hand, and soon after, there was a force field separating the two. 

The wall appeared so abruptly that Devard almost ran face first into it, but his agile reflexes made him stop at the last minute. He turned around and slashed at the wall. After a loud bang, the sword on the transparent force field did no damage. 

Devard had no choice but to take a few steps backward and try to find a way around the wall. But this delay had destroyed his best chance. At that moment, Nicholas finally killed the last Longhorn Devil and noticed what was happening here. The Sword Grandmaster turned around and swept his flaming sword hundreds of meters, and sprinted towards Devard the Hawk. 

Although Devard the Hawk was known as a swordmaster in Arreck, he has yet to have the guts to take on Nicholas. As he saw a fiery line rushing towards himself, his face paled and he immediately rolled aside in the most un-great-swordsman-y manner to avoid the sword. 

And though he had dodged the sword, his clothes had become dirty from rolling around in the muddy water, and when he stood up, he looked pathetic. Devard, being hot-tempered and grumpy, exploded with anger, “Nicholas, are you trying to betray Duke Seifer!” He shouted angrily.

Nicholas was lazy to acknowledge this idiot, and at the next moment, he appeared next to Ciel, using his sword to stop Mesika, the King of Chaos. Mesika screamed angrily, but it realized that he could not beat the Fiery Nicholas with his strength right now, and that no matter how annoyed and angry it was, it could only watch as Brendel rushed towards the portal. 

Brendel was running like his life depended on it, the Titan Statue was a top-level creation of the Buga Mage, and legend said that it had the power of lightning like the ancient giants. Although they were lifeless stones, they could transform into lightning and traverse across the battlefield instantly. Needless to say, the speed of lightning was no joke, which was why Brendel must destroy the portal before the enemies arrived. 

After a few steps, he found the body of Amandina. She was motionless and her skirt was stained with blood. Although he had already prepared himself for this scene, he still could not help but feel a pang of pain in his chest when he saw Amandina’s cold and pale face. 

She could have lived peacefully in Braggs, although she lived in poverty, but at least she wouldn’t have died from unnatural causes. He knew that Amandina would one day create her own Magicite Power Core and become the brightest star of Aouine. 

Instead, she chose to follow him. 

Even though she had to give up the job she loved, she never complained. She would always quietly stand beside him, and inform him about what a qualified nobel should do. Although it was a bit old-fashioned, her intention was full of goodwill. 

Brendel used to think that Amandina was too rigid, but only when he lost her did he realize how much he owed this girl. 

He silently stared at Amandina’s sleeping face while turning on the Planeswalker System, praying that Master Masha had left him a ray of hope. But when he gently turned Amandina’s corpse over, he was stunned. 

There were holes all over Amandina’s blood-stained dress, as if to show how ruthless Mesika’s claws were. But that was all, Bredel soon could not find any wounds on Amandina’s body, and except for the three long and narrow openings on her dress that proved that the claws of the Hell King had indeed struck there, the skin under the dress was as white as snow. There were no traces of scars or wounds. 

Brendel blinked, almost believing that he was delusional. He smacked his face subconsciously and then tentatively touched Amandina to feel her temperature and the wounds under her clothes. He was shocked to find that Amandina’s body was still warm. 

He frozed. 

At this time, the noble lady groaned and frowned, her long eyelashes twitched slightly before opening her eyes. Her dark pupils stared at Brendel and his movements in surprise.

As for Brendel, he was half-squatting next to Amandina, with the palm of his hand pressed against the softness of her chest through her thin and tattered clothing. 

The two stared at each other. 

Amandina’s face was so red it was indescribable. She could only reply in a barely audible voice, “Lord, my lord…. Please uphold you status. How can you touch such a place.” 

But Brendel, as if not listening to Amandina, gawked. “Amandina, are you not hurt?” 


Amandina seemed to have just realized her situation and recalled what happened before. She instantly forgot about Brendel’s actions and a look of disbelief flashed across her face.

“Ahhh....Im...I’m not dead?”  The usually shrewd Amandina short circuited, “How could this be….?” 

“Master Lord, am I dreaming? Is this the land of the dead, or Master Masha’s Garden of Eden?”

“No, it’s not, Amandina. You’re not hurt… No, I don't know what's going on either.” Brendel’s mind was a huge mess of random thoughts, but none of which were reliable. He was convinced that what he saw was no hallucination. Amandina had definitely been killed by Mesika, and the blood and cuts of her dress was proof. 

But what is going on here?  

While he was still puzzled, he suddenly saw Amandina shed a trail of tears, The tears mixed with the rain, sliding down her fair face. 

“Amandina?” Brendel felt like he was stabbed in the chest. He understood the message in her eyes. 

Those were not tears from shock, nor from excitement or sadness, but tears of joy that could not be suppressed, Because she could finally be with him again, she did not have to travel alone to the land of the dead. 

At that moment, Brendel felt that one of the softest places in his heart was touched. 

Amandina hugged him tightly. 

Tears rolled out from her eyes like broken beads. She did not say anything, but expressed more than a thousand words. At that moment, Brendel understood her choice. 

Brendel quietly felt the warmth of the noble lady. If he could, he would be happy to give her more time. But now was not the time to do such things, he stopped for a moment before calmly pushing Amandina off from his shoulder. 

“Amandina, now is not the time to talk about these things. We need your help.”

Amandina nodded gently, she had calmed down now, and the shock of her revival made her lose her composure shortly. After all, she was a lady staff. She wiped her eyes with her hand, “I know, the portal. There’s another portal too, Master Lord, can you help me up please?” 

Brendel quickly helped her up, and the two quickly ran towards the portal. At the same time, Nicholas had just blocked Mesika and Devard the Hawk. 

The portal was still hundreds of meters away. 

It was at this time that a flash of lightning pierced through the night sky, making everyone freeze. The lightning crossed the entire battlefield and abruptly fell in front of Brendel and Amandina, blocking them from the portal. 

After the lightning had disappeared, amidst the white smoke, a huge figure appeared. It stood under the rain, its towering body was more than 100 meters. There was dirt covering parts of its body, and as rain washed the dirt off, the bronze-like skin beneath was revealed. 

It looked like a bronze creation, but it was actually a product of granite after it was strengthened by magic. 

In this world, other than the Buga mage, no one knew the giants better than Brendel. It was a titan, the supreme creation of artisans and mages. 

Its body was made of stone, but after it was strengthened by magic, it was harder than the strongest adamantite. The ancient Alchemy Array had been long lost after the war and every Titan Statue that survived until now was a gift from that era. 

But most rumors about these gifts described its terrible power. 

When the Buga Mages captured Arles who possessed slates, he only used one Titan Statue to obliterate the third largest city of the Jorgendy Ridge underground. It was said that Arles turned into ashes after the war, and some of the players saw it with their own eyes. 

Brendel stopped subconsciously. 

The Titan was like a mountain in front of them, lying between him and the portal. Although it was merely inches away, it seemed to be at the end of the world. 

Brendel could not help but clench his sword, and the young lady beside him glanced at him carefully. Is this the time to give up?

Obviously not.