The Amber Sword - v3c373

“Amandina, get away from here, I’ll attract it’s attention….” Brendel let go of her hand and said softly without looking back. 

“Master Lord, please be careful.” Amandina replied, and obediently took a few steps backward. 

She had countless things to say to Brendel after coming back from the dead. But she knew that at this time, everyone must try their best to fight against Aouine’s fate. 

Brendel raised the Halran Gaia and let out an angry roar. Like a lion, he charged at the Titan Statue. It was an unprecedented battle, he was facing the Titan Statue’s fist which was as large as a mountain. 

It was a war between ants and giants. 

The Titan’s arm had turned into a bundle of electricity in mid-air, he smashed his fist to where Brendel was, but Brendel did not dodge it and instead faced it head-on. 

Amandina let out a cry of surprise and covered her mouth. 

“Brendel, are you crazy?” The elf consort could not believe her eyes. 

Electric sparks instantly flew out from Brendel, and then bloomed in all directions. 

Brendel was certainly not crazy. 

But he understood that avoiding that attack was meaningless. This was the supreme creation of the Buga Mage, and the attack of the Titan who held the power of lightning could not be avoided. Rather than struggling in vain, it was better to decide the winner in one go. 

Either win or lose. 

There was no other way. 

Countless streaks of lightning struck his skin like a sharp blade, and then penetrated him completely. Brendel’s skin was scorched, and his hair caught fire and started to burn. He continued forward, like a giant moving forward within a storm, nothing could stop him in his path. 

His health bar instantly fell to its lowest state, and his condition changed from healthy to dying. There were one big word in front of him: “Death” 

But Brendel continued forward.

Unyielding Talent was burning like it was the last fire, and the powerful law from space was injected into his body, supporting his body and spirit to stand. 

The lightning storm finally passed.

But Brendel still held his sword high, and he looked at the Titan. Only one word could express the wildness in his heart at the moment. 

“Come at me again…..Bastard!” 

He raised his head and roared, his voice pierced through the entire battlefield. The Titan Statue was shocked, or the man inside controlling the weapon was shocked. 

It probably didn’t think in his wildest dreams that the young man who was merely at Golden Peak Elemental Awakening would be alive after it attacked with all its strength. 

But it accepted Brendel’s provocation.

The Titan raised his left hand, and a lightning bolt, as if responding to its summoning, came down from the sky onto its hand. The surging thunderbolt converged into a thunder ball in its palm, and at that moment it was like the God of Lightning, the Storm Giant, Tramire. 

The Titan grabbed the thunder ball and stretched it into a spear oflightning. 

Since you wish for death, I shall give you death. Thunder had brought fire to countless civilizations, and also decreed destruction. The Titan threw the spear forward, and the lightning converged together and struck at Brendel. 

“Dodge it!” Sanorso did not understand what Brendel wanted to do. She thought that this young man was crazy, she had never seen such a wild side of him before, having the power to face death head on without fear. 

At that moment, she could only remember the day she met the young man for the first time in Bucce. It was because of this same power that she decided to choose him as her inheritor.

But the same scene reappeared. 

The young man was like a fearsome lion, charging at his enemies, or his own death. For him, this was the only chance for survival. 

A boom shook the world. 

The lightning once again burst apart, and the densely converging lightning distorted into a blazing, white gold colored gaseous substance. They meandered through, turning everything they passed into ashes.

But then, an unbelievable sight happened. 

Brende, as if Thor himself, was surrounded by lightning, his hand parted the white gas cloud and passed through the thunderstorm. Everyone saw the black flames in his eyes, the same power charging his body; the power of the Darkness Dragon dominated Brendel at the moment. 

His eyes were on the Titan. 

He leapt up. 

This leap contained an unimaginable amount of force, he flew off the ground like a missile and hit the Titan’s chest. 

That was where the thunder core was located. 

The Halran Gaia separated the water mist, and struck the hard rock right in the middle. Unfortunately in a cloud of sparks, the indestructible Halran Gaia could do no damage to the hard surface. The sword bounced off of the countless magic circles on the bronze surface and was completely pushed away. 

Immediately, the lightning on the magic arrays began to counterattack. 

Countless arcs of electricity flew out from the chest of the giant, and hit Brendel like a whip. But its attack was meaningless. Brendel could not possibly be more “dead” than before, so as long as his head and heart were present, then within these ten minutes. 

He would continue to live. 

Ten minutes was enough for Brendel to do many things .

The lightning also triggered some unawakened forces in Brendel’s body, which was The Blood of Sun. Every time the lightning struck him, the Blood of Sun would strike back with the same reddish gold lightning. The Thorns skill began to show its terrifying power under the support of Unyielding Talent. 

Even if it could only return 50% of the damage, it was still damage dealt by the Titan itself. 

The Titan was attacking himself. 

The person controlling the Titan realized something was wrong. For the lightnings’ countless attacks on Brendel, the same amount was being returned by the Blood of Sunand. At the same time however, every counterattack by the Blood of Sun incited another round of attack by lightning. The vicious circle could not be stopped once it started. 

The Titan was instantly surrounded by a ball of dazzling lights, so bright it was like the birth of a new star. 

In an instant, the Titan could no longer withstand the thousands of counterattacks. Countless fine cracks appeared on its chest. 

The Titan trembled violently within the bright light. 

Brendel was roaring at the sky, or rather, he was screeching in pain. The pain overwhelmed his perception ability, and with all the strength left in him, he uttered a cry, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” 

Brendel used his last bit of sanity to stick out his left hand with the Crimson Red Blessing and stabbed it into the cracks in the Titan’s chest. 

Then he raised his Halran Gaia and started furiously attacking the Titan’s exposed Lightning core. 


Both sides could only meet one end, to kill or be killed. Even the manipulator inside the Titan still held a wisp of hope, Brendel knew better than. At least within ten minutes, this huge thing could not kill him.

Could the Titan withstand full blown attacks from itself for nearly ten minutes? 

The answer was obviously no. 

The Titan would be killed by its own attacks, which would make it the most pathetic death in the history of Titans. 

Yet it could not turn back. 

Brendel had lost the ability to think, completely sinking into a crazed state. He was like a beast that was only relying on his instincts to attack this giant beast. The pain he was suffering right now gave no room for thinking, his last bit of clarity could only let him shout, “Amandina, run! Right now, run ! The portal!” 

His voice spread far away. 


Amandina pressed her hand on her chest. She watched the ball of light become as bright as the sun. She knew that Brendel was fighting a precarious battle with that terrifying enemy. 

She was powerless to change anything and could only silently pray. 

Until she heard Brendel shouting. 

“Amandina, run! Right now, run! The portal!” 

Amandina shook, that roar was not like the voice of her Master Lord, it was like a beast howling in pain. She felt a pang in her chest but she immediately turned and dashed towards the portal. 

A hundred of meters was merely a blink of an eye away. 

But she never expected that the moment she took a step, dazzling light suddenly burst out from the Titan Statue. The light flashed violently ,and suddenly, all the lightning was extinguished one by one. 

Amandina turned back subconsciously and saw Brendel who had lost all his power, fall from the sky and crash into the ground. 


She screamed with worry and then noticed that the terrifying Titan Statue had cracks all over it and was shaking unsteadily. 

Did he win?  

Amandina could not help but widen his eyes, but her heart sank immediately because she saw the Titan Statue stand up shakily, as if it could fall and shatter at any time. However, it was not completely destroyed. 

On the other hand, Master Lord held no traces of life. 

Master Lord lost….  

Amandina felt an uncontrollable pain in her heart, and when she finally realized something, tears started bursting out. Amandina had thought many times that she would die in this war, that Aouine would fall, but she had never thought that Brendel would die. 

Master Lord was omnipotent, he was like the hope that guided everyone to move forward. But she never thought that even the last candle would be extinguished. 

Brendel also didn’t think so----

Halran Gaia was indestructible because of the attributes of his elemental power, so he may not have ever considered a chance of Halran Gaia breaking. And indeed, it wouldn’t. Even under the attack of the Titan, Harlan Gaia remained intact. 

But this made him forget one thing. 

Not every piece of equipment he had on him was called Halran Gaia. 

When he saw his Crimson Red Blessing turning red, melting and then finally breaking into pieces, he finally realized that. 

“I’m done for.” At that moment, he had only one thought. 

Then he was blown away by lightning and landed on the ground with a heavy thud. He felt like he had been embedded into the ground, and his Unyielding Talent was burning the last flame in his body, but it would extinguish soon. 

He had no energy to move, his eyelids became heavy, and exhaustion haunted him. 

Is it all over…  

He wanted to take another look at Amandina, but all he saw was darkness. Because his blood vessels were ruptured, his field of vision was completely red, like a scene before the apocalypse. 

Everything seemed to be muted. 

Suddenly, he saw another bolt of lightning come down from the sky and turn into another Titan. Well, I guess disasters don’t come in ones. It’s over. He thought

Until a familiar and loud voice pierced through his dark thoughts.