The Amber Sword - v3c374

Medusa Lysemeka stood in awe at the side of the pit, looking at the supreme creation of the Buga Mage. The bronze giant stood under the heavy rain, and then it turned into a lightning bolt, shooting straight to the sky. It disappeared into the sky in the blink of an eye.

This is a masterpiece, she thought.

It was a pity that the one who controlled them was not from Jorgendy Ridge, but from the All For One society’s cultists. No one liked the evil cultists, as did Lysemeka, but for certain reasons, she could only endure the hatred she had for them. 

The beautiful lady could not help but shiver when she thought of the Devil Lord, whose body gave off the smell of sulfur. 

She then diverted her own attention to the pit. The first Titan Statue was heading towards the battlefield. and the remaining statue was in the middle of activating itself too. 

She saw the human dressed in noble clothing walk towards the Titan Statue. A ladder had been set up and there were many cultists clad in robes from the All For One society. This was like a festival for them. Lysemeka suddenly remembered that this guy was a marquis. 

Too bad that she always held disdain for human nobles. 

She looked away subconsciously, but immediately saw the last thing she wanted to see.


“White Mist, did you hear that? They are heading towards Brendel, what should we do? Such a big statue... Brendel surely can’t beat it,” the merchant girl said nervously after assessing the situation. 

“Oh, then what are you planning to do?” 

“Well, I don’t know..”

“Can we get in by cutting a path through?” 

“What do you think?” 

“Then what should we do!” 

“There’s no way, Romaine. Some things cannot be stopped by manpower. But when you become stronger in the future, you can avenge him,” White Mist replied blandly. 

The merchant girl fell into dead silence. 

“White Mist. Do you think Brendel can beat them?” She asked. 

“No, he can’t. That’s a Titan Statue. None of us are capable of facing it. There are two Titan Statues too. Admit your fate, Romaine. A witch must learn how to see fate and not change it. No one can change fate,”  White Mist replied. As a contract spirit, human’s emotions were unnecessary for her. 

“I don’t want to.” Romaine shook her head. “My fellow witch said it too. I’m a sorceress, not a witch, and I’m going to save Brendel.” 

“So how are you planning to save him?” White Mist asked Romaine, obviously not taking Romaine’s words seriously as she stared at Romaine with blank, dead eyes.

“I… I… ” The merchant girl looked outside nervously, but then it seemed like she had made up her mind when she spoke again. “I know, I’m going to snatch that stone statue here!” 

“If you are slightly stronger, it might be possible,” White Mist replied calmly, “Every time I told you to practice your witch arts, you always found various excuses to avoid it. At your current level of skill, you will only get killed out there.” 

“No, I won’t.” Romaine shook her head. When she spoke, it was as though she was encouraging herself.  “Brendel said it too. Romaine will become a great merchant. Brendel will never lie to me.” 



“You’re such a fool.” 

The merchant girl giggled. “Brendel said so too, but Romaine is actually really smart.” 

Some people were smart because they could see through everything. When the mist of the future covered a mortal’s eyes, only a wise man would be able to reach the final result. However, some people were smart because they could see through people’s hearts from the beginning. 

Only a few people would understand what kind of ideals and beliefs they were tirelessly pursuing. 

For Medusa Lysemeka, she probably had not thought about what she wanted to pursue. As a resident of the underground of Jorgendy Ridge, it was already a precious feat for her to survive until now. She merely wanted to maintain her status as much as possible, to prevent her lord from abandoning her during a mission like she was just dust. 

She had seen too many similar tragedies. 

Therefore, she was accustomed to being well-organized and careful when planning her moves. She must go forward step by step in order to prevent herself from falling into the abyss of unresolved disasters because of those unexpected changes. Until now, her plans had always paid off most handsomely, until she saw a little girl in a merchant’s dress rush out from the ruins and run towards the Titan Statue. 

Somehow or other...

For the first time, she sensed that there might be a serious flaw buried in her delicate plan. Right at that moment, she suddenly thought of the times where Sir Benninger was suddenly spotted by the Eagle Demons.

It was perhaps intuition, or a moment of fortune which made her let out a roar. “Stop that little girl! Don’t let her get closer to the Titan Statue!” 

The evil cultists on the outermost perimeter were the first to react. 

These lunatics and bastards looked back nervously, only to see a beautiful merchant lady who was running, her hand lifting up her skirt. Everyone could not help but feel relieved. and they even started to blame Lysemeka for making a huge fuss. 

It’s just a little kitten who lost her way.  

The cultists near her stopped subconsciously. They watched, calm and composed, as their companion walked alone in front of them and stopped the little girl. All of their faces showed the same look of amusement and anticipation. 

But they would soon regret it. 

“Romaine, deal with the man on the left first,” White Mist calmly ordered her like a machine. She had no ability to fight, therefore she transformed into a bow tie and tied herself around the neck of the merchant girl. Even though she turned into a bow tie, she could still observe the surroundings as a contract spirit. 

The merchant girl took out a small cage and pointed it at the evil cultist who stopped her. “Bird in the cage, who gave you wings of freedom?” 

A light flashed, and the cultist who intended to stop her disappeared. Everyone could now see the unlucky guy’s figure in the girl’s cage. 

“Witch!” someone immediately screamed. 

“Be careful, she’s a witch!” The evil cultists finally reacted, but it was too late. Romaine had already stepped past where the unfortunate cultist had been. Since the others were not prepared for the attack at all, the merchant girl passed through their defense easily and quickly. 

“Romaine, the noble next to the statue.” 

The evil cultists finally turned back and chased her, but the merchant girl had raised her head and took out a small wax figure. 

“Castling Translocation!”

The next moment, she teleported to where the noble was, while the noble swapped positions with her. Right then, the evil cultists rushed forward and immediately mobbed the fat, screaming noble beneath them. 

The merchant girl was already close to the Titan Statue, and then, she saw the ladder. The bad guy she knew, Marquis Yoakam, was climbing up the ladder quickly. 

Romaine immediately lifted up her skirt and chased him. 

“Too slow, use your magic!” White Mist stared over calmly while calculating the distance between the two. 

“I don’t have any spells anymore, White Mist,” the merchant girl replied, somewhat exasperated. She chased after Yoakam, who was in front of her. The cultists behind her had stood back up and began to chase her again. The three circled up the ladder, and soon, they approached the Titan Statue’s chest. 

At this time, Lysemeka and the Tauren Lord finally arrived at the foot of the Titan Statue. 

“Sketa, go up!” Lysemeka shouted. 

The Tauren Lord, Sketa gave a loud roar and thumped his chest. With a sprint forward, he jumped onto the ledge, and with yet another leap, he landed right in front of Romaine and White Mist. 

“Be careful above,” White Mist reminded calmly. 

“Ah, what should I do?” Romaine saw Sketa descend before her. She was startled, as if she never thought that the enemies would catch up to her. 

“Use the Embrittlement Potion.” 

“But we will fall too.” 

“We can’t think of them anymore.” 

The Tauren Lord landed on the scaffold in front with a crash, and the whole ladder shook. Romaine quickly held on to the Titan Statue. At the same time, she drew out a bottle from the bag and dropped it on the planks

After the bottle broke, the liquid immediately flowed out and quickly merged into the planks along with the rain. The plank turned white and gray. Unfortunately, the naturally unintelligent Tauren Lord did not notice this detail at all. He stretched out his big hand and tried to grab the merchant lady, but all of a sudden, he fell right through the planks and tumbled down.

The potion’s effect was extremely powerful. The entire ladder shook in a blink of an eye, as if it would collapse the next moment. 

“Romaine, use the Magic Rope!” 

The merchant girl wobbled in mid-air as she took out the rope used to bind Sir Benninger from her bag. With a mighty swing, she threw it up in the air, and the rope came to life like a snake. It tied itself around the neck of the Titan Statue. 

At the same time, the ladder collapsed all of a sudden. Romaine was left grabbing the rope while suspended in mid-air. 

“Rope! Rope! Become shorter! Hurry!” she shouted. 

The shortened rope pulled her closer to the neck of the Titan Statue, but at the same moment, Marquis Yoakam, who was at the front, was already climbing into the ears of the Titan Statue from the top of the ladder. Before he went inside, he looked down mockingly at Romaine. 

He probably recognized who the merchant girl was. 

Medusa Lysemeka watched, none too pleased, as Sketa fell from the sky. She had no time to check on her companion as she quickly took her longbow from her back and shot at the rope in Romaine’s hand. She was planning to break the rope, but did not expect for the rope to remain intact after an arrow was shot at it. She instantly realized that the rope might be an unusual item. Immediately, she shifted her target and aimed for Romaine. 

This arrow was aimed at Romaine’s heart, but unexpectedly, the merchant girl nearly slipped off the rope due to a loosened grip, causing the arrow to pierce her shoulder instead.

“Ah! It hurts…”

Tears began to build up in the corner of her eyes due to the pain. Her grip slackened, and she nearly fell right off the rope. Fortunately, White Mist turned into a ribbon and tied her hand and the rope together, just barely saving this young lady from tumbling down.

“Be careful,” White Mist scolded. 

Lysemeka frowned. As she raised her bow to shoot again, the Titan Statue seemingly activated and morphed into a bolt of blue light, which streaked across the sky. Medusa was merely stunned for a moment, and then she darted her eyes around in search of the Titan Statue and the little witch.

She froze for a brief moment, before she sighed and lowered her bow. 

"Are you alright, Sketa?"

She turned back to look at the Tauren Lord lying on the ground. Sketa shook his head quickly. This creature was alright due to his thick hide and fleshy body. However, he crushed several cultists when he fell. 

This guy is such an idiot. I hope the cult will not come kicking up a fuss.  

Suddenly, she felt exhausted, as though she was tired of living. She could help but shake her head and sigh once again.