The Amber Sword - v4c100

The moment the Dragon roared, the mountains shook. The Miirnas said that the shadow of the Dragon swept across the plains, the wind from its beating wings would blow for a day and a night, Aloz opened her wings a few miles away, and the wind had already ravaged the mountains. The triangular flag on the tip of the Halflings' guns on the ice field rattled in the wind, but what filled their minds was boundless fear.
"Dragon!" Nobody knew who let out a scream, and the neatly organized group scattered in all directions on the snowy plain. Seeing that he could no longer control the procession, Kuwu had to flee to the northwest with the escorting knights by his side. In the blink of an eye, Aloz had flown above these tiny creatures, she hung her head low, a huge shadow hovered over the group of hundreds of people, her golden eyes reflected the scattered fleeing Halflings. Based on her interest, she first selected the small group of people to the south, about 20 or 30 Halflings who were riding dwarf stallions fleeing to the hillside among the crystal woods. But Aloz would never give them this opportunity, she directly lowered her head and spewed out a mouthful of golden flames.
A large ball of fire fell from the sky and landed on the glacier, instantly engulfing the Halflings who were still running away, turning them into ashes. The flames continued to burn on the ice, even the ice made sizzling noises. The ice melted layer by layer, revealing the black igneous rock below, which had been melted thousands of years ago once again in the flames turned into lava, with white water vapor rising up more than ten meters into the air.
The searing flames seemed to excite the little female Dragon. She let out a scream while her beating wings stretched up high, and she spitted out of her mouth flames like a golden sword that plowed through the glacier, has been burned into the forest and into the crystal forest. But that was not all, her golden gaze was now locked on another team, but this time she did not intend to continue to spit fire as Dragons can not endlessly spew flames like in the fairy tales of mortals. Aloz stood up high and straight like an arrow and then swooped down towards a team of Halflings. She swept past their heads and brought up a strong wind like a sharp blade, which scattered those Halflings all around, while some of the riders were thrown off their horses by the huge wind pressure and crashed into the hard ice, rolling dozens of meters before stopping and cracked their brains.

 Aloz looked at these unlucky guys, and she felt more and more pleased with herself as if her anger was completely vented. She let out a cheeky laugh in mid-air that sounded like a deafening thunder to outsiders. The little female Dragon in mid-air spun around and landed heavily on the glacier, she stretched out sharp claws to grab the ice to steady herself. The huge impact ripped out flying ice chips from the ice layer, leaving more than a dozen deep claw marks.
Aloz turned around and swept the front Halfling riders out of the way with a tail swing. She turned around and stopped in front of the little things, then stretched out her claws and slapped a rider who could not stop in time. Her sharp claws were like four sharp steel swords that could easily rip those little things into pieces. She lowered her head, and immediately swallowed the little thing along with his horse.
The Dragon was not the embodiment of justice in any legend.
Those who belonged to Arreck’s Enknor Halflings seemed to finally realize that there was no hope in escaping, so they angrily grabbed their spears and attacked. Although they looked as vulnerable as kids in front of the mighty Dragon, these Halflings were not gentle people- they were Arreck’s private soldiers and veterans who had killed others during battles. Once they got onto the battlefield, they were just people who did not value life anymore. Despite that, they might not have the courage to fight the Dragon.
 Aloz looked at these tiny creatures and could not help but yawn, she casually cut off a few thrown spears, and then raised her claws, ripping each Halfling into meat paste. It was as if she was killing rats. When she slammed her claws for the seventh time, those Halflings finally broke down and turned to flee.
When Kuwu turned around and saw such a scene, his heart ached as if being cut by a knife as those were his people, but he knew that those people could not escape. The Dragon was like a cat playing with rats. The wind whistled in his ears as he clutched the reins, his body crouched on his horse's back, the scenery around him was blurry, but he had no intention of retreating into the woodlands. He kept retreating along the snowy plains to the north. The two previous teams, both of which were rushing to retreat into the forest, would be aimed first by the terrifying Dragon. Dragons were very shrewd creatures, most mortals only remembered their savage side, but Kuwu knew this very well, so he led his escorting knights to escape this disaster.
He no longer expected to live through the battle, but in the mind of Kuwu, at least before dying, he had to first find the Holy Cathedral of Hibernators. At least to let the Frost Dragon out, which was the last thing he could do for the Duke Arreck. But it was not that simple. This big-eared Halfling turned his head back, and a line of silver light shone on the horizon reflected in his vision.
The gallant maiden on horseback was commanding hundreds of knights to chase them forward along the glacier, the Valkyrie wearing Aouine's knightly battle armor, two cloaks fluttering like feathers behind her. And behind her, after experiencing two incidents with the Dragon and the Elite warhorse, the knights of Kirrlutz finally reluctantly accepted the fact that the maiden had become their temporary commander. This had nothing to do with Freya's leadership ability, but capability on the battlefield could indeed determine many things. The military advocate's force and whoever that was capable would qualify as the boss. 
The knights of the Folded Sword Squad rode fluorescent warhorses, they were like icy waves sweeping across the snowy plains, different from the Halfling dwarf stallions. These Elite horses' hoofs did not sink into the snow, as if they were flying on the snowy surface, incredibly fast. Freya divided the knights into echelons, from left to right in a diagonal line, she then commanded them to rush down the mountain forest, then advanced north along the west side of the snow plain, and they soon caught up with the first fleeing Halfling cavalry.

"Roji-! Others, keep going, don't slow down!" The young girl shouted, her voice traveled far with the strength of the Silver rank, echoing across the battlefield.

Freya was shouting for the female knight with the slender face, and this name made Roji frown. The female knight even raised her head to look ahead but did not answer, as she felt awkward being commanded by an Aouine commander. But as a soldier's obedient nature, she still clanked her longsword and shouted: "The tenth echelon, prepare to attack! " The knights behind her responded in unison, and the sound of swords being drawn rang out in unison as the Kirrlutzian knights raised their longswords high, their brightly shining blades reflecting an undulating line of flashing light across the snowy plains.
Looking down from above over the snowy plains, a diagonal black line was advancing rapidly, and it passed a scattered fleeing party, engulfing that party into the left flank. The tenth echelon of Kirrlutzian knights slowed down, but the other nine echelons continued to advance. Freya glanced back nervously from her horse, but she was satisfied with what was happening - the Knights of the Folded Sword were very tactically astute and had executed her tactics almost perfectly.
Freya seemed to finally put her mind at ease, she looked up, the future Valkyrie at this moment seemed to finally showed the aura of a young girl from the countryside of Bucce. Her eyes glittered as she turned to draw a long sword and pointed it forward. She firmly ordered: "Third, fourth, fifth echelon to the east to disengage, the second, sixth, seventh echelon to launch a free attack! The eighth and ninth echelons are responsible for closing up!"

"Others, follow me!"
At Freya's command, the battlefield immediately changed, and the Kirrlutzian knights suddenly spread out like a wolf pack, running towards their respective targets, forming a faint momentum to surround them. Although the enemy they wanted to surround was several times larger in number than them, there was a Dragon that was also chasing these Halflings, so no one has a trace of fear in their hearts. What was more was that they were the proud Kirrlutz elites, how could they possibly bow down to the hicks of Aouine? Even without Aloz on the field, they could just as proudly charge these Halfling cavalries to their death.
Freya's tactics showed results almost immediately, as the Halflings under Anrek finally came to their knees. These Kirrlutzian riders were much more purposeful than the more playful Aloz. They performed what was supposed to be wolf pack tactics, driving their prey forward like a pack of winter wolves forming a squad, and constantly killing those who fell out of the group. If any Halfling cavalry tried to break out of this net, the eight or nine echelons of Kirrlutzian knights following behind would immediately kill them.
 The battlefield was littered with corpses, and some Halflings who were seeing no hope of escape, had to turn around and launch a dueling charge, all of them were tough mountain folk, but unfortunately, their opponents were also the best academics from Kirrlut. And even though they were slightly less experienced in battle, their average Gold downstream strength was enough to make up any difference.

Almost all of the Kirrlutz knights made gains, and from the second echelon to the tenth echelon were soon in a melee, but only Freya was still advancing. She was locked on the group that was fleeing far from the front. She didn't know that it was none other than Khufu with his escorting knights, but she knew very well that the other side must be a good commander. Freya had been watching this group almost from the beginning, from the time Aloz entered the battlefield until now, and every choice that commander made was almost always the right one.
The other side hadn't made a single mistake.
The dwarf stallions are taking full advantage of this terrain. The wild dwarf stallions are born in the cold and windy highlands and often have to cross the ice gaps between the valleys to feed further away, finding the cracks in the glaciers seems to have become instinctive in their bones, but on the other hand, Freya's side, although the spirit war horses can float on top of the ice, they cannot really fly after all, and sometimes a break in the ice can kill everyone, so the future Valkyrie has to be cautious.
Both sides chased and fled, and in the blink of an eye, a distance of one or two miles wavered, and the undulating ridgeline appeared on the ice plain. Freya frowned, some anxiety in his heart, further forward, will be out of the interference zone of the ban on communication magic, but her heart anxiety, Kuwu as well as bad, in his look behind those guys behind the warhorse as if they do not need physical strength, while he and his escort knights sitting on the mounts have been overwhelmed.
Must be decided in a short time.
Such thoughts flashed through the minds of both men almost simultaneously.
Almost all of the Kirrlutz knights made gains, and the second echelon to the tenth echelon was soon in a melee, but only Freya was still advancing. She locked her eyes on the group that was fleeing far from the front. She did not know that it was no other than Kuwu and his escorting knights, but she knew very well that they must have a good commander. Freya had been watching this group almost from the beginning, from the time Aloz entered the battlefield until now, and almost every choice of that commander had been the right one.
They had not made a single mistake.

Kuwu was escaping along the edges of the glaciers, the dwarf stallions had full advantage of this terrain. The wild dwarf stallions were born in the cold and windy highlands and often had to cross the glacier gaps between the valleys to feed further away, finding cracks in the glaciers in seemed to have become instinctive. But on the other hand, although Freya’s Elite horses could float on top of ice while advancing, they could not fly after all, and sometimes a breakage in the ice layers could kill all of them, so Freya had to be cautious.

They chased and fled, and in the blink of an eye, in a distance of one or two miles, an undulating ridgeline appeared on the snowy plain. Freya frowned with some anxiety in her heart. If they moved further forward, they would be out of the interference zone of the ban of Transmission magic. Although Freya was anxious, Kuwu would not be well off either. Those guys’ warhorses behind were as if they did not need physical strength, while he and his escort knights who were sitting on the mounts were overwhelmed.

The battle must end in a short period of time.

Such a thought flashed through both of their minds almost at the same time.

Freya gritted her teeth and gripped the reins, but Brund at her side was already pressing on. Although in all seriousness, he now had no prejudice against the commander, as in such a battle command was difficult to talk about what was outstanding. But Freya from the beginning to the end maintained the necessary decisiveness as a commander, and so far she had not made a mistake, which showed that she was at least calm enough and knew how to analyze, which is the bare minimum as a good commander. However, like Freya, Brund also realized that if they continued to chase after them, their mission would fail.
"We’ve got to find a way to drive them to the brink." He shouted intermittently against the wind.
Freya was slightly stunned, then nodded. This was actually exactly her own idea, but the changing terrain of the ice field, she was not sure what would be the right choice. It was a difficult situation.
"Little Pero, we should go that way!" Brund, however, turned back to one of the men besides himself and shouted. Freya knew the young man, a senior graduate of St. Ebony. The lanky young man might not have been cut out to be a soldier, but it was said that the man's graduation grades were high enough to make all those who graduated with him at the same time jealous.
Freya, being an academy student herself, knew exactly what that meant.
But little Pero shook his head: "The terrain of the snowy plains is so complex that a great deal of luck needs to be involved, and if you want me to tell the truth, I can only say that even I can't tell. We can only bet on luck and see if Lord Marsha favors us."
He said so in the wind while shrugging his shoulders.
Everyone's heart sank, but they knew it was reasonable. "Knight Maynild," Brund turned his head to the other side again. He knew that the knight beside the Aouine princess, compared to Freya, Maynild was from the first batch of the Royal Cavalry Academy's most outstanding graduates: "What do you think?"
But Maynild did not have a change in her expression, she did not even turn her head back, like a javelin standing up in the wind and snow, she just faintly replied: "I will obey the commander’s commands."
Brund choked for a moment.
But everyone's eyes had fallen on Freya. The young girl from the countryside of Bucce froze and subconsciously gripped the reins, she bit her lips, but did not say any words of refusal.
She lifted her head and glanced at the northeast-