The Amber Sword - v4c111

Along with a thud in Freya's heart, there was a sharp swishing sound, a bitter cold wind brushed against her cheek, cutting off a few strands of hair around her ear and leaving a bloodstain on her cheek. "What the hell?" The future Valkyrie's eyes widened and she subconsciously looked back just in time to see the object pierce Alea's neck behind her- a sharp ice pick. Its thin ice blade pierced the knight's neck, going from the left and out from the right.
"Alea!" Freya could not believe what she was seeing, she looked back and saw the Pale Sons, densely packed in the forest howling lowly. The cold air converged as their silvery fur curled, forming a swirling mass of air in which a sharp ice pick emerged from each of them.
And each ice pick was moving-
Freya drew a cold breath and immediately realized the danger she was in. She did not even have time to wipe the blood from her cheeks and immediately said to Maynild behind her, "Senior, find a way to wake up the others, we have to find a way to break out!"
"What are you planning to do?!" Maynild saw Freya grabbed the reins with one hand and rushed out her position as her heart dropped.
"...... that thing seems to know me, Brendel also told me about something similar, I don't know exactly what the bloodline of the War Goddess is, but perhaps I can try to attract their attention."
Freya had already drawn her Lionheart Sword, and as soon as she let go of the reins, she clamped her legs and charged righteously with the warhorse she was sitting on.
Her last few words were breaking up amidst the wind.
Maynild looked as the sight of Freya's back faded in the wind and snow. She froze for a moment, then immediately turned back with a cold face and dragged the dazed Kirrlutz Bishop beside her.
Yoakami stood at the edge of the forest, rubbing his hands together as he narrowed his eyes and saw Freya charging down the hill alone. His eyes sparkled. The thick snow-white cloak behind the young girl fluttered in the wind, like a pair of white wings, the scene resembled the scene of the War Goddess charging described in the war poem. He smiled slightly,y, "It is really courageous, I can not expect to see such a scene in Aouine nowadays, Her Highness is really remarkable."
But before he could finish his sentence, he was coldly interrupted by the monster on the side, "What's the point of wasting time with them, take advantage of the fact that they are unaware and kill them!" The monster raised its head, and although it had no eyes, one could tell that it had always been watching the direction of Freya, "I order you to kill that woman!"
"No, we should strike at those knights, take advantage of the fact that they are still unaware." Marquis Yoakam faintly froze, and then immediately retorted.
"On my command, I order you to kill that woman!" The monster replied stubbornly.

"But ......" Marquis Yoakam wanted to say something else, but had been swept off his feet and was sent flying by the silvery monster. He crashed hardly into a cedar tree, covering his face with snow that had puffed down from the pine needles. He looked up and already saw the monster giving orders to the wolves.
"Quick, kill that woman!"
Marquis Yoakam could help but have a spiteful glint in his eyes, "This damn fool!"
The white wolves let out a long howl, and all of a sudden countless ice picks flew directly towards Freya. The young girl from the Bucce countryside hurriedly turned her horse around and changed direction to run wildly to the side of the forest, so that most of the ice picks would fall behind her. Only a few hit her cloak, which turned the beautiful cloak into a rag.
"Keep going! Go on!" The silvery monster could not help but scream in anger at the sight.

Another ocean of ice picks fell from the sky. This time Freya finally could no longer find her way out, she looked up and saw the glittering ice picks coming at her, she could not help but tremble. Although she had seen similar scenes in Ampere Seale, this time the attack was aimed at her alone, "So this is what Bando felt that time when he was fighting alone....." Such a thought flashed through her mind, which calmed her down at the last moment. She gritted her teeth and struggled as she swung the Lionheart Sword forward, bringing up the sword with a hush of wind, and crushed the ocean of ice picks into powder.
Still, there were a dozen of ice picks that passed through her defense, piercing the young girl's shoulders and waist, knocking her off the horse. Freya rolled in the middle of the snow, leaving a trail of blood all the way, but she immediately gritted her teeth and got up, raising her head as a white line was reflected in her eyes. At the monster's command, those white wolves in the forest charged out. They seemed to have abandoned those Kirrlutzians and were coming straight for her instead.

"Lord Marsha, what the hell is going on here......" Freya could not help but be a little puzzled for a moment as she could not recognize the monster at all, but it seemed to recognize her. A surge of Pale Sons like a line of white waves rushed towards her, and she who had fallen from the horse simply could not afford to escape, looking to fall into the encirclement, she felt her hands and feet turn cold at that moment, "Brendel ......"
But it was at this moment that Maynild finally woke the Bishop, "Create a protection spell!" She ordered coldly at that guy.

"What's wrong?" The Bishop's looked lost, as if he had just woken up from a dream.
But Maynild did not talk to him, and pushed him back, "See for yourself!" She dropped these words coldly.
The Bishop looked up and noticed his current situation, "Marsha above, the Pale Sons, if this is not the Descendants of Twilight!" He breathe a cold breath as he said that, but after he saw Freya's situation he was taken aback, he shouted out loud, "Hold on, Miss Freya!" At this moment, there was not enough time for him to recite the incantation. The Bishop hesitated a little, before he pulled off the Flame Emblem from his robe, and threw it in the direction of Freya.
As everyone knew, the sacred emblems worn by the Bishops of the Holy Cathedral of Fire all had powerful spells attached to them.

As soon as it was said, a crimson light descended from the sky, forming a protective shield to envelop the Freya. The head of the snow wolf hit the shield head on, and its huge head broke with a click. The light red shield shook violently, and the brains of the pale son were smeared on the light red wall of light.
Freya was stunned, but then released a sigh of relief as she turned back to the Bishop and gave him a grateful look.
At this point Maynild woke up the others one by one, and the Knights of Kirrlutz seemed to realize become aware of their situation, and were naturally grateful to Freya for saving their lives. But unfortunately their commander, although momentarily saved by a protective spell, was still trapped in a heavy siege.
Everyone understood this.
"We have to find a way to cut into the wolves, split them from Miss Freya, and get her out!" Little Pero saw this scene and replied so. But he frowned again, showing a worried look, "But the wolves are too densely packed together, I don't know if we could do it!"
"We can only try, Miss Maynild, can you take wounded Alea away from here, so we can execute our full potential?" Other knights agreed.

But then the Kirrlutzian Bishop, who had been responded to by Freya with gratitude, turned back and said, "I suggest you don't do that, I have a better plan."
"What is your plan, Mr. Bishop?" Little Pero looked at him, slightly startled.
"Just leave it to me from here." The Bishop looked at everyone and replied, "I will split the wolves from Miss Freya, we only have a few minutes, you have to seize the opportunity."
"What do you want to do?!"
"I will devoutly pray to the Way of the Golden Flame, as the Flame burns all evil, and the King of Inferno will surely be with me." The Bishop smiled slightly at all of them, "Don't worry, the Pale Sons were destroyed by the Gods of Order in the legends, and today will be the same-"
"Lord Bishop......"

The cleric waved his hand, "Go, remember that you are the pride of the Kirrlutzians, do not keep the lady waiting too long."
After saying that, he turned over and dismounted from his horse, landing while holding onto his robe, and then walked in the direction of the wolves. Maynild looked back at this guy and shouted, "Wait."
"What does the lady want?"
"What is your name?" Maynild asked with a frown.
"I am a servant of the Golden Flame, my name is not important to me, but you can call me Milian." The Bishop replied with a smile.
Maynild nodded silently, "I will remember you, Milian." With that, she turned her horse around, and all the other Crucian knights looked at her. But the lady knight did not say a word. The cold wind was bitterly cold, but the cold wind was filled with a strange feeling.

The knights formed a charging line.
Milian faced in the direction of the wolves, took a light breath and raised his hands. A golden flame parted the gloomy clouds in the sky and descended from the sky, engulfing his body in a flash. At that moment, the Kirrlutzian Bishop shouted, "Sages, today I fulfill to you the promise engraved in the Golden Flame, the descendants of the eagle will never bow to injustice and evil.
The pillar of fire became bright in an instant, almost completely enveloping the Bishop while the entire forest was lit up. The reflection of the light made the eyes of Maynild and the Kirrlutzian knights sparkle, and made Freya, who was resisting the white wolves, turn back in shock.
Everyone saw this scene.
Milian raised his hand high, his body was almost completely burnt, and he turned into flame entirely. This was because the unbearable divine power completely destroyed the mortal body. But even in the last moment of his existence in the world, his right hand remained highly raised.

At that moment in the dark night sky, a huge golden flaming sword which was a few hundreds meters long appeared above the forest. The blade fell from the sky, like a meteor falling onto the wolves.

At the moment the sword touched the ground, a bright explosion instantly enguled countless white wolves, and the brilliant sparks were the judgment of Milian to the ground.

Millian raised his hand high, his body had almost completely burned out, the whole person turned into a flame - this is because the unbearable divine power completely destroyed the mortal body, but in the last moment of his existence in this world, his right hand raised high from the top to the bottom of a chop.
At that moment in the dark night sky, a huge golden flaming sword hundreds of meters long appeared above the forest, and the blade fell from the sky, like a meteor falling heavily on the wolves.
The moment the sword blade landed on the ground, a bright explosion instantly engulfed countless white wolves, and the brilliant sparks were the judgment of Myron who pretended to cast on the ground by the authority of the golden flame.
The flames were burning, and the wolves had been split in two packs.
Maynild looked back as the golden fire was still making her cheeks shine. But the female knight did not say a word and just let go of the reins.
"Little Pero, you take Alea away. The rest of you, follow me."