The Amber Sword - v4c116

The silvery liquid looked a bit like mercury to Brendel, but from the distribution of the Frost Giant's corpse around and the sword stuck on top of it, it was almost certain that this should be the corpse of some kind of creature, a magical creature.
"Some kind of metallic subspecies of mud monster?"
"No, the corpse of a mud monster obviously can not be preserved for tens of thousands of years or even longer, and besides, there is no mud monster among the Twilight species." Brendel subconsciously shook his head, in the long experience of the game, he had seen most of the monster species of Vaunte, alive and dead. Beasts and humanoid-type magic creatures usually leave corpses after death, Elemental-types would fall apart and return to their original form, and demon-types' existence would be expelled back to the original before death. The only ones that turn into a puddle of water after death are the recently dead mud monsters or water elementals (including their ice subspecies).
But the situation at hand was clearly not within any kind of common sense, as Brendel slid down the ice wall to Medissa's side, where he crouched down next to the puddle of silvery liquid and extended his index finger to dip in it.
But the moment his fingertips touched the liquid, he withdrew it as if he had been electrocuted. The 'mercury' was not sticky, nor did it feel like a biological fluid, it was more like an inorganic substance. But what made Brendel wary was not this. He felt a subtle sense of power loss at the moment his hand reached into the liquid.
Brendel's hair stood on end, he clearly felt the liquid sucking his power as if it was conscious. "Be careful, this thing is weird, stay away from it." Brendel immediately pulled Medissa to her feet and alertly warned.
It was at this moment, suddenly a scream came from the ice cave to the left of the two, Brendel looked back - it was the voice of Miss Scholar. "Shido?" His complexion changed.
"Oh no, Miss Shido said she was a little curious and took Scarlet over with her to check the other corpses." Medissa replied anxiously.
"Damn it!" Brendel immediately heard the sound of exchanging blows, then a muffled sound of a human body hitting the ice wall; it was not known whether it was Scarlet or Miss Scholar who had been hit. But Brendel heard three consecutive footsteps on the ice that was heavy and sounded more like the stride of a physically tall male creature, which was definitely not Scarlet's or Shido's.
Brendel frowned, even before Medissa reacted, he turned in that direction and drew his longsword. The dark and heavy Halran Gaia was just out of the sheath when a flash was seen in the direction of the ice cave, and an odd creature appeared in the sight of the two.

If Freya is here, she would have screamed, because the humanoid monster which appeared in front of Brendel and Medissawas streamlined, silver-white, had an oval head without eyes, nostrils nor ears, leaving only a huge split-mouth that seemed to be laughing silently all the time.
The monster stopped at the mouth of the cave, looking a little surprised as if it did not expect the presence of others in this direction. However, it suddenly opened its mouth and waved its right hand forward, extending five or six meters like flowing liquid metal, forming a silver blade towards Brendel and Medissa.
The silver blade was like a flashing band of light that arrived right in front of Medissa in the blink of an eye. The Silver Elf Princess was taken aback and subconsciously hold up her spear to try to block. But Brendel pulled her back with one hand as he shouted, "Be careful!" He held the Halran Gaia up, and the Resonance power summoned a rock that shot out from beneath the ice, which crushed the silver blade into pieces.

Brendel saw the monster's silver blade hit the rock, and both the hard rock and silver blade shattered into countless tiny silver droplets and debris. But the liquid droplets which fell onto the ground did not infiltrate and penetrate but converged onto the monster like mercury. In the blink of an eye, the silvery monster immediately grew a new arm.
"Careful, this thing is not so easy to deal with." Brendel protected the little Silver Elf Princess with one hand, and only then had time to finish the second half of his sentence, "Do not have any kind of contact with it, it may absorb energy to maintain its regeneration ability."
"Huh?" Medissa had never heard of such ecology and could not help but open her small mouth slightly. The monster heard Brendel's words and turned its head back; although it had no eyes, Brendel unexpectedly realized that the other party was looking at him.
He felt a sudden surge of resentful killing intent from the monster.
The silver-white humanoid creature paused slightly and pounced once again, moving incredibly fast, like a silver light when it moved. Not to mention Medissa, even Brendel almost lost the target.

"...... It has to at least have Elemental Rank muscle quality." Brendel's heart tightened, the thing had in fact gotten out of his field of vision, but he did not even look around before throwing his sword out- There was an angry scream and Brendel felt his blade pierce something. He looked back to see the creature almost split in two from its rib cage to its chest, but it had one hand over the wound as it continued to charge forward, looking like it was about to rush up the ice slope on the other side.
"Damn it!"
Brendel did not expect this thing to be able to escape despite the severe injury. The good thing was that Vaunte had similar magical creatures, that he could react instantly. He braked with his right and raised the Halran Gaia with his right hand, slamming it into the ground. A dull booming sound was heard, only to see a stone dragon appear at where the sword tip was, extending a straight rumbling line that stabbed into the back of the monster.
The silvery humanoid monster was incredibly fast, but the stone dragon from the ground was a step ahead, one after the other, and in the blink of an eye it was at the monster's feet. The Resonance of the Halran Gaia delivered full damage equal to that of the attacker, meaning that the blow was exactly the same as Brendel's full force, and with a loud bang, the terrifying impact from beneath the ground blew it straight up into the air. The monster's right leg, which had taken the full brunt of the damage, turned into countless silver splashes. 
While the monster was still flipping in mid-air, Brendel immediately let go of the Halran Gaia, raised his right hand, and the Wing Ring immediately began to store energy. The Lord bared his teeth like a beast, he raised his right hand high and let out a low rune hiss from deep in his throat.
The next moment.
The wind bomb spun and shot out, instantly hitting the monster that was in mid-air. The wind bomb penetrated through the center of the silvery liquid, knocking it through the heart and forming a bright ring.

From the time the creature passed by Brendel and flew, to the time Brendel released the wind bomb, the whole process was completed in just a blink of an eye. The battle that erupted made Medissafroze, as this was the first time she saw Brendel fully display the game's combat talent. The little Silver Elf Princess's reaction was slower but still, she witnessed the entire battle process, and her eyes were shining at what she saw.
Brendel was a human, if one ignored the Count's title, he was only a young man in his twenties, and yet his reflexes at this moment, in Medissa's eyes, were fully in line with the level of an ordinary Silver Elf warrior.
But if the young Silver Elf princess realized that in fact, at this moment Brendel was still far from the level of his heyday, and was even with slight regression, who knew what Medissawould think.

In fact, since the battle with Alberton, Brendel had been encountering enemies that were either too weak or too strong, and he had long been somewhat rusty in the old game.
The monster had completely fallen apart, like a mess of mud on the ground. Brendel was hopeful that these few blows would kill the thing, but it was not to be. The silvery liquid flew and squirmed, reverting to human form in almost the blink of an eye, while sliding towards the ice slope.
It moved simply beyond the speed of normality, its speed was three times as quick as the rushing river below the glacier even when it was smashed. And when it reverted to human form, it was already nearly a hundred meters away from Brendel and Medissa. Even if Brendel had the intention to chase after it again at this moment, it was too late, not to mention that the thing's body quality may not be worse than his, and their speed was about the same level as well.

Brendel saw the thing getting close to the top of the ice slope, he could not help but cry out in regret. Because he saw the silver monster's skin become gray, like the color of the puddle of silver liquid he saw before, no longer so shiny, which meant that the magic power to maintain its vitality might be on the verge of depletion.
"It's a pity, a little more would have been nice!" He was chagrined, but it was at this time that he saw a figure appear at the top of the ice slope.

Brendel was slightly stunned to realize that it was the eldest son of the Kirrlutz King - that young man who proudly proclaimed to him that his name was Lenarette Aurelius. Apparently, at the same time, Lenarette also found the monster running towards himself, he reacted quite quickly and immediately pulled out his sword from his waist.

"Be careful, don't touch it!" Brendel, however, was clear that the King's eldest son was only at the mid-Gold level, and his actual combat power might not even be as good as the lower Gold. The royal family was always used to using some extraordinary means to train their descendants, but their actual combat experience might not be as good as it should be, so he hurriedly reminded.
But the reaction of the eldest son of the Kirrlutzian King was frighteningly calm, he took a step back almost at the same time when he heard Brendel's reminder and slashed downward with his longsword. The power from the Gold rank was injected downward into the ground, which immediately cut the ice layer in front of him that was nearly fifty meters wide, and after the ice layer came off, it caused a terrible landslide.
The disintegrating ice and snow fell onto the monster head-on, and the monster had no choice but to smash a huge ice pick with one fist, which consumed a lot of its strength, resulting in its skin becoming duller in color. It had no choice but to leap upward, trying to jump over the ice that was rolling down.
But Lenarette seemed to have expected it to do so, he lifted his head, stretching out his left hand, a white light shined from the ring on his left index finger and a ball of wind shot out to just hit a piece of ice cone above the cave.
'Boom', a loud sound was heard. Those ice cones, along with almost half a meter thick of ice came downward smashing. This time the silver monster could no longer avoid and was covered in the ice, falling into the occurring landslide, and rolled down to Brendel's feet.
Brendel was dumbfounded at what he just saw, he could not help but look at Lenarette. How's this guy's combat techniques exactly the same as mine? If something could be done with the help of the environment, we would never do it ourselves, he is abnormally calm too......  

If this was the other party's first battle, it was definitely frightening. 
"Lord, his ring can release wind bombs too." Medissa sighed in a small voice.
Brendel nodded, and he gave Lenarette a thumbs up as he had to admit that the battle was on point. If it was not for Lenarette's quick reaction, that thing would have escaped.
But the eldest son of the Kirrlutzian King looked at him and had no reaction to his appreciation. The man remained his stern face, checked the solidity of the ice slope, turned around, and walked back.
"What the......" Brendel was so angry that he dropped his hand and turned back to Medissaand sighed, "That's why I hate the Kirrlutzians, these guys seem to have arrogance written on their faces, Marsha above, I just don't know how their self-esteem grows?"
"Actually, the Silver Elves are similar, Lord." Medissa replied with a smirk, "The Kirrlutzians are not worth anything in our eyes either."
"Really, why don't I feel that at all?"
"Because we have to maintain the necessary grace. You see the Silver Elves smiling and being courteous to the humans, but in fact they are saying in their hearts, 'Foolish fellow, arrogant bastards.'"
Brendel suddenly turned his head.
He stared at Medissa, "That's enough, Medissa, I get it...... stop smiling at me."
The Silver Elf princess could not help but cover her mouth and giggled as she bent her back in laughter.