The Amber Sword - v4c117

Medissa laughed so hard she could not get up, and Brendel could only shake his head helplessly. But he was more worried about the situation of Scarlet and Shido, so he turned back to the little princess and said, "Forget about this side first, let's go over to check, Shido and Scarlet are still over there."
Only then did the little Silver Elf Princess nod her head and put away her smile.
The sudden encounter took everyone by surprise, and Brendel was a little worried that more similar Chaos creatures (Twilight species) might be lurking beneath these crisscrossing ice layers, but he immediately dispelled that fear.
Scarlet was sitting down leaning against the ice wall with her face slightly red, because the Lord was very close to her, so she did not dare to let out heavy breaths. In fact, the bruise on the shoulder itself was not a big deal, but Brendel's actions made her heart race.
Brendel checked the injury on the red-haired girl's shoulder and let out a slight sigh of relief, "Okay, no big deal."
The mountain maiden lowered her head as she et out a soft breath, but the relief she felt was obviously not the same thing as Brendel's.
"I'm sorry, Scarlet, I'm sorry, Mr. Count......" Shido apologized as she stood beside the two, her arms crossed over her thick notebook, and looked at them somewhat apologetically.

 "So what exactly is going on?" Veronica asked, interrupting her. She and Mephisto each stood left and right next to the slippery slope. A little further away, Haruz, Filas, Ciel and His Royal Highness, the eldest son of the Kirrlutzians, had cleared out the crushed ice, and as the huge chunks of ice were removed by Ciel's spell, the silvery white corpse under the snow was gradually revealed. 
Brendel took a look at the monster. The cause of its death was obviously not because of the fallen ice, as the corpse's skin was far less shiny than it was before, it was dull and gray, as if the surface of a metal covered with a layer of frost.
He suddenly felt his heart throb.
This thing died because the magic power in its body was depleted.
No, it was inaccurate to say it was dead, rather, it just fell into some kind of dormant state; once it absorbs new magic, this thing may come back to life once again.
Brendel frowned as he looked back not far away from the puddle of silvery liquid. He had never heard of a similar magical creature in the game, nothing close with such terrifying ability. Brendel could not help but feel a chill down his spine. 
At this moment, Filas whistled from not far away. The lucky young man looked at the corpse and could not help but be a little surprised, "Haruz, Your Royal Highness, have you noticed that this thing is a little like the Lost Names?"
"The Lost Names?" Lenarette Aurelius looked at him in disbelief.

"Ah, I forgot, Your Majesty, you entered the forest from the direction of Castle Vallendaren, you may not have encountered these things. All in all, it's just some nightmare, but it's really surprisingly similar to this monster." Filas was slightly stunned, and then replied.
Laurenna agreed while nodding aside, "Yes a little." But she gave her fiancé a somewhat odd look. Since she had experienced that kind of scene in the dream world, she did not know how Filas could face the royal eldest son who had been 'taken out' by himself so calmly.
"It seems that the Lost Names wandering in the Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth is related to these things." Brendel who was also surprised replied. In The Amber Sword, the Bugas' canon had only discussed the causes of the creation of the Lost Names, but what had compelled them to fall was still an unsolved mystery.
However right now, it seemed that the answer to this may be close at hand.
The thing's body was melting, as if it were melting ice under the hot summer sun; silvery liquid flowing down like a stream, converging into a silvery puddle under its body in a flash, a scene that made Brendel completely sure of his previous guess.
He looked up as if he had finally finished thinking and asked Shido, "Where did you meet this thing, Miss Shido?"
"Sorry ....." Miss Scholar blushed a little and replied embarrassedly, "I didn't meet it somewhere, and I don't know how I should describe it... seriously speaking, it should have been dead."
"Dead?" Filas looked back with some surprise at the corpse of the monster that was turning into a pool of mercury at his feet, and he pointed at the thing and asked, "Are you saying that this thing will come back to life?"
But Brendel interrupted him and skipped right over the question, "How did it come back to life?"
"I was a little curious...... so I put a Magic Moonstone in it ......," replied Shido with a red face, "I'm sorry, it's all my fault, and caused Scarlet to get hurt for me."
She said while giving a grateful glance at Scarlet. If it was not for this half-Dragon girl's timely reaction, it was estimated that the monster's first counterattack could have killed her.
She was a scholar, not a warrior.
Brendel then started to understand the origin of this thing, No wonder a living Twilight species popped out from a pile of corpses from ten thousand years ago, no wonder this thing was so weak...... All of it was due to the monster absorbing a Magic Moonstone.

The Magic Moonstone was a medium-quality magic crystal, but the magic power it provided was only the level of a mage who had entered the Gold-rank in his prime.
He was a little helpless, although he did not know how the scholar lady was aware that this thing could extract magic to self-regenerate, but this it was too reckless of her. In the Black Forest, especially in this kind of place, any single careless action could lead to death.

"Miss Shido, now you should understand, this is the outer edge of the Holy Cathedral of the Hibernator, the monster you met before is most likely the Twilight species that once invaded this world with the Twilight Dragon tens thousands years ago; it is an upper Chaos creature, of which their power you and I cannot speculate, so please be careful." Brendel sighed and warned.
"Sorry, Lord Count, I already know that......"
Brendel looked at her, and was too awkward to continue to reprimand, she was still a child on her first adventure, after all. During his first adventure back then, the things he had done was much more dumber than this.
"Brendel, what exactly are these things?" Veronica was listening to the conversation between these young people, and she finally spoke up and asked.
"I do not know," Brendel shook his head: "I have never heard of similar creatures, but they are Twilight species for sure. These things are a bit odd, they don't seem to actually die, but rather go into dormancy, they draw magic from the outside world and slowly regenerate......"
"Immortality?" Everyone in the room drew a cold breath.

The Undead of Madara pursued eternity, but the eternity they pursued was nothing more than the so-called transient immortality. There was only one thing in this world that was eternal, and that was Chaos.
The followers of All For One were fanatically superstitious about this, believing that belief in Chaos and becoming one with the Twilight Dragon was the only way to return to immortality.
The Four Holy Cathedrals had always considered this to be nothing more than absurd nonsense, but right now it seemed to be a ready-made example.
The immortal Twilight species.
The ice cave was drop-dead quiet for a moment.
"This goes against......" Veronica was all a bit speechless.
"No need to be superstitious, it's just a guess." Brendel stared at the monsters, himself finding it a little unbelievable as well. These Twilight creatures which fought head-on with the Frost Giants, were just in a state of dormancy after 'death'. Frost Giants were the most valiant and warlike Golden Folk and even they were unable to kill these monsters. Brendel found it hard to imagine if there could possibly be people who could completely destroy these monsters in this current era.
He shook his head and also asked in the world of spirits, "Lord Sanorso, I know you are there, have you seen something like this?"
"Never seen it, but I always feel as if I've heard something similar there." The voice of the elven imperial sister immediately came.
"Can you be sure?"
"If I could be sure, I wouldn't call it 'as if', are you an idiot?"
Brendel shrugged his shoulders.

He had to speak to the others to comfort them, "But we at least have good news, it looks like they are not lurking under this glacier, but have perished in that tragic battle ten thousand years ago. As long as we don't provoke them, it looks like it shouldn't be too much of a problem."
"Tens thousands of years ago, Mr. Brendel, are you sure they won't slowly collect the free magic in the air and come back to life?" Laurenna questioned with some confusion.
"Have you ever felt magic in the air?" Brendel asked rhetorically.
Everyone was slightly stunned, and then realized that the space in this ice cave seemed to be terrifyingly clean. The magic power that strayed in the ubiquitous world of Vaunte was surprisingly absent here, Veronica and Mephisto's expressions changed in an instant, and only Brendel was slightly bemused as he had learned this from Ciel long ago.
A Mage's sensitivity to magic was much more outstanding than a warrior's.
"What's going on here?" Filas was the first to ask.
"The seal." Veronica glanced at Brendel, her expression somewhat graved, "This is the seal of the Holy Cathedral of the Hibernator, it turns out that these things are sealed under this Holy Cathedral, and after isolating the magic power, they can never be resurrected-"
"How is that possible!" Shido could not help but widened her eyes at these words, "Lord Coomander, this is Milos' Holy Cathedral, does it mean that even the gods can't eradicate these monsters?"
As she said this, her complexion suddenly changed and she subconsciously closed her mouth, feeling some shivers.
The others' compleScarleton was similar.
Brendel glanced at Filas and Laurenna, both of whom had a grave expression, so did Veronica, the Kirrlutzian War Goddess who suddenly thought of a possibility.
"Do you think that Arreck will want to open a portal here, so that the lower part of the Sulfur River that connects to the Sea of Magic will be connected to this place......"
"If that happens......" Ms. Scholar's face turned pale at once.
If then, when these terrible monsters were once fully released and re-entered the world of Vaunte, they would forever break free from the shackles imposed on them by the Holy Cathedral of the Hibernator.
Brendel could not help but gulp when he thought of the scene.
He could only think of one phrase.
Return of the Twilight Legion-