The Amber Sword - v4c120

"Brendel, do you sense it?"
The hunter maiden was struggling to move along the cliff in front of her. Swaying, she said she saw her brother in a dream passing through a steep, knife-like ice wall, in the cold wind. His surrounding environment was like a hall of maze constituted by hundreds and thousands of ice prisms.
The crowd passed through the ice cave tunnel covered with ancient corpses, and this was what appeared in front of their eyes: an underground glacier that seemed to have been abruptly sliced.
The underground glacier seemed to be cut off by a knife, the entire section appeared in front of them, and the section from the bottom of the ground had been extended to nearly a thousand feet above the surface, forming an abyss like a wall; standing on the edge of the ice section, looking upward was a gray and cold wind whistling sky, downward was the bottomless abyss. The north wind wrapping the disordered magic from hundreds of feet away blew, and everywhere was white as if the place was filled with thousands of ghosts.
 It was like Jubius the Goddess of the North Winds was riding her winter pony, or an icy blue river, rushing endlessly.
This scene was exactly how Pea described it before, and everyone was stunned upon their arrival here.

Using dreams to seek answers sounded unbelievable. Although the Witches firmly believed that dreams foretold reality, most of them thought it was absurd, even Veronica, who supported Brendel, could not help but think that the young Lord's idea was a little too fanciful. Laurenna and Shido doubted it a little too.
The Empire's eldest son was noncommittal about it, as if that cold scowl was his trademark.
And the only ones who were supporting Brendel, including those who first followed him such as Scarlet and Medissa, who were convinced of his decision, were only the Witch and Filas.
 As for Firas, there was no need to ask why, our knight here was willing to believe in everything that looked decent to him, no matter how ridiculous the reason for this belief.
But Brendel himself had a vague feeling in his mind, in fact, he had been under the illusion since this whole day - that something was guiding them.
More than once he remembered the strange dream he had, with the eyes behind him that could not see/
"You mean that voice on the ice?"
A long-lost familiar voice suddenly sounded in his head. Brendel was slightly stunned and immediately responded, "Lord Sanorso, you're awake?"
The voice on the ice had followed them from the time they crossed the long, interlocking chasm beneath the ice, the low rustling sound was imperceptible from hundreds of feet away, and if it were not for the flow of Dark Magic, Brendel would have occasionally thought it was just an illusion.
But he was apparently not the only one in the group to notice this, Aloz and the Ash Sword Saint were both on alert.

Those that could live under the ice, in addition to the glacier worms, could only be some indefinable things. But the glacier worms would rarely travel between the faults, and Brendel knew this very well.
"I'm not talking about this. Part of your body is becoming restless, do you not notice this, little one?" Sanorso's voice was a little lazy, but soon she sounded serious, with her characteristic 'serious but slightly mocking tone' she said, "You are not in a good state of mind, you expect me to sleep in such a situation?"
"Not in a good state of mind? What do you mean?"
Brendel was a little confused. Since entering the Black Forest, this imperial Elf sister had very little time to talk with him, only occasionally discussing the era of the War of the Holy Saints with him, and more often urging him to learn swordplay and the Lost Knowledge of the Mist Elves. For her to wake up suddenly today, she must have sensed something special.
"Confusion, you are affected by that dream, something here is calling you, it is trying to influence your mind." Sanorso replied sternly.
Brendel remembered the golden box all of a sudden. He calmed himself down and then asked, "Lord Sanorso, have you sensed something?"
"I think it's that thing, I don't know whether to call you lucky or unlucky." The imperial Elf sister sighed.
Brendel was slightly stunned.
"Back then we drove a group of Miirnass south, chasing them from the plains north of Aouine all the way into the southern realm, which was still covered by the Black Forest at the time. After the Darkness Dragon was sealed, they stole one of the seals from Yasu and wanted to enter the Loop of Trade Winds to gather the other seal, and we and the Silver Elves chased them here, thinking they'd escape from the direction of Bucce into Madara, forming the Miirnas descendants who are there today. Little did we know that they split in two, one went through the Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth and one went eastward out to sea-"
"Wait a minute," Brendel was shocked as he suddenly recalled these words of the Holy Mist Elf Saint and asked, "You said they stole one of the seals from Yasu and wanted to enter the Loop of Trade Winds to gather the other seal. You're not talking about the Ash Gem, are you? "
"What else?" Sanorso's tone of voice became a little unpleasant, it seemed that that chase was not very smooth.
Brendel understood something in an instant, and the golden box that was left behind by the Miirnas in the great valley came to his mind once again. He raised his head to look at the cliff with the broken surface that was as smooth as a mirror with an odd expression on his face.
Understood, but I don't understand why they didn't take that seal and bring it on board, why did they leave it here? Brendel asked in his mind.
Some anticipation vaguely rose within him. If the first seal of the Darkness Dragon had already brought him endless benefits, the power of frenzy brought by the Fool's Talent was now almost one of his biggest killers, not to mention the Witch's allegiance.

Although Sanorso did not sound so happy, Brendel could understand her feelings. No matter what she said, she was probably worried that the Darkness Dragon would come back to life again.
Brendel was not without such worries, but he saw this power more as a kind of data in the game, written in black and white on the character panel was really hard to make people feel any danger; at least so far, this world for Brendel where the game part is concerned, almost nothing had happened out of his expectation, so he had a reason to believe that this inexplicable character panel would not screw him over on this issue.
Unless this living hell 'system' itself was a ghostly thing created by the Darkness Dragon.
But this was unlikely because Odin was just a Planeswalker. Brendel actually had a vague feeling in his heart that the authority of this 'system' in his body was much higher than that of a Planeswalker because this 'system' could perfectly accommodate one. As a modern man, he had never heard of any low-level system that could completely accommodate a high-level system, it would be illogical.

Sanorso 'looked' at him in his mind. Brendel felt like he could almost see the imperial Elf sister with her arms crossed right in front of him- she obviously knew what Brendel was thinking at once, but as always, she did not accuse Brendel's thoughts but instead, she replied with a proud look, "Who knows, maybe they couldn't take it away. You should know that they have our Forest Brigade Legion and Silver Elf Royal Dragon Cavalry backing them up, and with the seal of the Darkness Dragon, it would be impossible for them to leave this land unnoticed."
Brendel was skeptical about Sanorso's words. If the Mist Elves and Silver Elves were really that powerful, the Miirnas might not have been able to cross the Lion Pass on the border between Aouine and Kirrluz. Of course, there was no Aouine at that time, but the Lion Pass had been established since the first battle.
But he wisely did not dwell on this issue, as rashly offending an Elven lady was very rude, and offending a lady of great strength and age was not wise. He decisively skipped this question and asked, "Lord, are you saying that the Ash Gem is not far from us and we can find a way to get it back?"
"You really want to get it back?" Sanorso gave him another look.
"Of course, I need the power now, Lord Sanorso, you understand. I will handle it with care, rest assured." Brendel replied.

The imperial Elf sister blurted out with laughter, "What are you worried about, little one? I didn't say you can't go and get it back, letting you the get sea would be better than letting it fall into the hands of those with ulterior motives. Besides, Odin has approved of you, right? There are not many people who can make that high-minded guy look at them, and I still don't understand what he sees in you."
 Sanorso thought for a moment and nodded with her chin in her hand, "It seems that I have high requirements." 
"So?" Brendel got a little excited as if the depression of being watched throughout the day was now swept away.
"Don't you rejoice too early, little one," Sanorso grunted, "you want to know the location of that thing? Actually, you don't have to. It's not far from you, and it's getting closer."
"It's getting closer?" Brendel was stunned.
"The leader of the Miirnas is called Seibers Ansu, you may not have heard of him, but in our time, he was a famous guy. The Kirrlutzians called him the last Guardian of the Frost Earth, meaning that after him there was no more excellent Frost Knight than he-"

Sanorso suddenly mentioned casually, "If he had not been murdered or usurped, the Ash Gem would have been in his custody. Frost Knights make oaths, and once they make an oath, they guard their promises forever, from life to death-"
"You understand what I mean, right?"
Brendel stared dumbfoundedly at the elegant Elven lady 'in front ' of him, the Lord Saint's deep eyes were like a starry sky, shinning and glimmering, like the eyes of a little girl waiting for a good show.
How funny, how could I not recognize Seibers? The leader of the Black Crows of the Miirnas, the last Frost Knight Lord, the man who held the Winter Whistle Pass in the final battle and made the entire White Wolf Legion in Kirrlutz afraid to advance, had since become a laughing stock.

The Highlanders were still recounting his figure on the mountain pass that one person and one mount as if independent of the world, painted on the red stone slab of the lone wolf, which was his personal glory.
Such a hero only appeared in the legends and epics, now look at what Sanorso had said, was she asking for trouble?
What a joke! This guy's list of opponents back then included Flame King Gretel, the Wind Empress Sanorso, the Great Priest Farnezain, and Eleranta, the Crown of the Mountains.
Who was Brendel in comparison?
But Brendel suddenly looked back oddly, as soon as Sanorso spoke, a creaking sound was heard from above. The Ash Sword Saint Mephisto, Aloz, and Veronica looked up at the same time, and all they could see was a crack visible to the naked eye in the center of the ice above their heads extending forward at a rapid pace.
"Watch out, Peya!"
Laurenna suddenly shouted out loud.