The Amber Sword - v4c121

In less than a minute before Laurenna spoke, the hunter maiden seemed to have lost her soul as she rushed forward, her thin body was stumbling in the bitterly cold wind, as if like a kite with a broken string that would fall into the crag at any time.

If Medissa had not been instructed by Brendel to follow this lady, it might actually happen.
But Peya did not care about these anymore, she finally found her brother's figure under the ice wall in front of her, the exact same place she saw in her dream. She saw her brother lying in crushed ice as if he was asleep.
The hunter maiden let out a low roar almost beast-like, a few days worth of repressed feelings finally exploded at this moment, she rushed forward as if she had gone crazy. She did not care about the steep ice and difficult terrain at that moment, her palms were soon cut by sharp ice picks, and striking red blood was smeared across the walls of ice in a straight line. What was moving forward was Peya, who was climbing upward as if she were a female leopard.
 Not to mention whispering to warn Peya to be careful, Medissa was surprised to find herself unable to keep up with the other party. She only saw Peya madly rushing over to where her brother was lying, her black hair flying in the wind as if it were a black rose in bloom.
And it was at this time that the little Silver Elf Princess suddenly felt the ice beneath her feet begin to tremble slightly-
She subconsciously looked up as a conspicuous crack spread over her head, heading straight for Peya in front of her.
"Watch out, Peya!"

Laurenna's shout traveled, and then a loud click was heard, the ice above Peya's head crumbled down, collapsing. Almost everyone saw a flash of white shadow, and the next thing they saw was the hunter maiden falling into the hands of someone else.
It was a knight.
Seibers Ansu was holding a longsword in his left hand with finger guards, the cold blade of the longsword resting on Peya's neck. As for the hunter maiden, she seemed to be enchanted as she was frozen there, without a single movement in her eyes.
"Who are you guys?"
Brendel was yet to see Seibers speak, but the rumbling voice had been like rolling thunder that swept through the crowd. Even the Ash Sword Saint, Veronica, and the two Dragons felt as if they were facing a real giant at that moment, so they looked up.
"......Who are you again?" Among all of them, only Aloz made it to ask a question. 
But the little female Dragon frowned, with an extremely unpleasant expression. Ever since Brendel had known her, he had never seen her display such seriousness.
"Who am I?"
The knight standing beside Peya repeated the question, his tone seemed a little uncertain, but his voice still swept unmercifully across the crowd. His thundering voice made everyone present go pale.

Seibers frowned. The Miirnas and humans do not look very different from the outside, but as a former Golden Folk, the pair of Dragon-like golden eyes was their most conspicuous sign, not to mention the pure-blooded Miirnas also had hair of the deepest black that was as black as the night. He was a little confused when someone recognized his identity.
"A Miirna!" Shido let out a shriek.
"No, it's a ghost......" Laurenna's judgment was only a step behind Miss Scholar's, but what she noticed was Seibers' translucent form shrouded in fluorescence.

Seibers' long hair dropped down to his shoulders, from his appearance he looked no more than forty or fifty years old; He had a high nose, flat cheekbones, which were a trait of the legendary Miirnas, thin lips, and he did not look intimidating. He was wearing a silver-gray armor, with a thick gray fur robe over it, and a clock that almost touched the ground. His dressing looked like a typical lord from a remote area. 
A lord who had been fighting demons for years and was a bit out of date.
But there was no laughter at this moment, and all eyes fell on Seibers' sword. The longsword in his left hand was a one-handed sword almost double the length and width of an ordinary longsword, which had a bard at the guard which was cross-shaped rarely seen in this era. The blade was a little gray, but the top had a frosty color flowing as if it were alive.
And the sword in his right hand was slightly shorter, but it was the length of the current era's long sword. Instead, it was thinner and looked like an Elven sword. The sword was forged with blood-red metal. Brendel only needed a glance to recognize the origin of the sword.

The magic sword, Fingus the Soul Detainer.
In Vaunte, only a few could be described as a holy sword, but there were even lesser swords that could be described as a magic sword, even the Cursed Sword Brendel had just gotten was nowhere near this level.
But Fingus the Soul Detainer was definitely one of the magic swords.
This sword was forged by one of the most famous forging masters who was under Odin, the Fire Dwarf Gogul. This guy was not only one of the Earth Wing Legion's seven generals but was also the most difficult enemy of the Wind Express Sanorso and Eleranta when she was alive.
Legend had it that Gogul was the last person to have half of the blood of the Gods after the opening of the first era, that was, a true demigod. He had a son during his life who died in the war, so he picked his son's heart from the battlefield to create this magic sword.
Fingus the Soul Detainer was detaining his son's soul, a descendant of the demigods.
The legend of this sword had many versions, it would take Brendel forever to tell of them. But for him, this sword had a simple attribute which was enough to replace a thousand words.

This sword had in fact appeared in The Amber Sword, the first to achieve it was the fastest progressed guild to open the Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth, and as long as a player got it, then a weapon's attributes were most likely to eventually be known to all.
This sword's attributes were excellent in all aspects and it was only one reach away from being Divine Artifact, but its only curse attribute was what really makes it a magic sword:
Soul detaining: when the player holding the magic sword dies, the magic sword was bound to be destroyed, and the player's character level and Experience Points would return to the initial state; when the player holding the magic sword hits another player with the Fingus, the other player would lose Experience equal to the damage they could cause; when the player holding the magic sword Fingus kills other players, the killed character would lose double the ranking and Experience, and the holder would absorb half of it when the above happens. 
This sword was once named by the players as the sword beyond the system.
How could Brendel not know? At that time, the president of that guild held this sword and used his own guild members to level up, once occupying the top ranking of The Amber Sword for three months. But unfortunately, the good times did not last long, and it did not take long for this person to disappear into the history of Vaunte together with this sword. Brendel did not even need to think to find out what happened to the other party, but in any case, the horrible reputation of this sword was passed down in The Amber Sword for a long time, even until a few versions later there were still players who called it the first magic sword.
Brendel's face turned pale when he saw the sword. <i> Getting struck by this thing would result in a loss of rank, dealing with the guy with Fingus the Soul Detainer would just make us weaker and weaker and make our enemy stronger and stronger... </i> 
"Brendel, be careful of the sword in that guy's hand, that's the Soul Detainer Fingus, it will extract your power when attacking, to strengthen the holder's power." Sanorso although anticipating a good show, reminded Brendel at this moment. 
"I know." Brendel replied. He already knew the terror of Fingus, but he was more concerned about the other sword in Seiber’s hand, as the sword in the hands of a swordsman like Seibers would definitely not be a generic sword. Although he did not recognize the other longsword that was shaped like the Ice Crystal Blade, he knew that that sword would definitely not be inferior to the Soul Detainer Fingus.
"You know? How did you know?" Sanorso was slightly stunned, "Fingus the Soul Detainer was the most notorious weapon of our time, in order to prevent someone from coveting it and cause unnecessary trouble, we have blocked the relevant news after the victory of the battle-"
Brendel did not know what to say so he quickly changed his words, "I mean I have heard about it. Tell me about his other sword."
"I'm not sure about that sword, but Gretel seems to know it, he said it was Cynna the Frost Chant, but to be honest, I've never seen Seibers display the potential of that sword on the battlefield." Sanorso replied.
<i> I see...... </i> Brendel groaned in his mind.

He already knew the origin of that other sword. Cynna the Frost Chant, the legendary ultimate weapon of the Frost and Earth Guard, not a divine weapon per se, but better than a divine weapon. He fully understood why Seibers rarely used the power of that sword on the battlefield, as Frost Chant Cynna was a legendary artifact used against the army, and its only flaw was its inability to distinguish the enemy, and so it was once called the sword of AOE by players.
This sword only appeared on the official website of Torrential rain, the Guardian of the Lost Earth was a wounded occupation, lacking AOE, and this sword perfectly compensated for the only drawback of this occupation. It was said that the official plan was to release this sword as the professional artifact of the Guardian of the Lost Earth, but in the end, it did not work out.
Brendel had heard people say that because this sword was too buggy, the official once put this sword into the game but eventually removed it again. Everything about this sword was actually a mystery.
But this mystery was now in front of Brendel.

The Soul Detainer Fingus and the Frost Chant Cynna, Frost Knights with either one of these two swords could be called one of the top players at the time, and to be like Seibers with both, Brendel could think of how sick that was.
It was no wonder that Seibers was able to scare an entire legion of the Kirrlutz Empire, and Brendel now felt that the Kirrlutzians were not stupid.
The Frost Chant Cynna that was used to clear the stragglers was simply on par with a nuclear bomb.
But the problem now was that the terrifying dual-wielding of such a pair of divine weapons was right in front of them. And looking at it, the situation was not in their favor.
In fact, the moment Seibers appeared, Brendel already knew the identity of the other party.
The hidden class BOSS that was not mandatory to be killed in the middle of the quest. 
"Frost Knight......"
Veronica's voice was finally heard. She looked at the swords in Seibers' hand and froze for a moment before recognizing the identity of Seibers, "Marsha high above, this profession has not appeared before the people's eyes for nearly three hundred years ......"
"Who the hell is this guy?"