The Amber Sword - v4c122

On the steep ice cliff, both parties stood still for a moment. It was so still that it seemed as if time had frozen, and the king of the Frost Knights from the era of the War of the Holy Saints quietly whispered: "I, who am I?" The voice was like an aria, echoing in the wind, he slowly raised the blood-red stabbing sword in his right hand. His movement was as gentle as a dream, but the moment he raised his hand, an invisible wave of air shot out from the blade; the wind blade parted the ice and powdered snow, with a slight tilt angle, it headed straight to the Medissa who was at the front. Wherever the blade passed, the air formed a cyclone after because of the turbulence.

"Spiritual Shield!" The little Silver Elf princess frowned as she shouted, then a translucent spherical grid-like shield instantly appeared in front of her. As if in an instant, the wind blade had already reached her, with a loud bang, the air blade hit the shield head-on causing the translucent grid-like to flash chaotically, the air blade was squeezed on top of the shield, deformed and separated to the sides. The blade hit the ground behind her, leaving two deep scratches nearly ten meters long on the glacier.

When a warrior reaches the Elemental level, their basic swordplay would have an additional extension option - using skill and power to compress the air to form a wind blade to attack the enemy within a range of 100 feet, and from then on the warrior's melee attack would be extended to a long range. Generally speaking, swordsmen who just entered the Elemental Activation would be capable of shooting the wind blade up to about 100 feet; but at the peak of the Elemental Activation stage, the range would not exceed two hundred feet.
The distance between Medissa and Seibers was a full hundred meters.
"You are Seibers! How did you get here!?" Medissa raised her head and asked somewhat incredulously.
"Heh, I recognize you, little princess-" Seibers raised his head slightly and smiled faintly, "Time passes by like light, what is the meaning of past memories, history, dust? Worthless. Who am I, little princess? I am a wandering spirit of the dead. What a feast, there are ramblings sent among the north wind."
"Seibers, how dare you transform yourself into an Undead!?" Medissa gritted her teeth and stared with her silver eyes at the lord of the Frost Knights, one of the supremes among the Miirnas, "How dare you degenerate like this......"

"Just a dull pact," replied Seibers faintly, "no wiser than the trifles of mortals, no more foolish, honorable, sacrificial nor worthy than the cares of saints."

"Obsession," Medissa said, "Your pact with whom, Darkness Dragon? Seiber, you're still guarding the secrets of the Miner, knowing full well that you are no longer able to make a comeback ......"
Seibers looked at the young princess of the Silver Elves with a bland look as if the world was a speck of dust in his eyes. Even the oath he guarded itself was meaningless, the past, the future, and all else was vanity. He suddenly moved the blade of his sword away from Peyia's neck, and then slowly drew a line in front of him.
"Let us take this line as the boundary between life and death. Mortals, stay back. The things I guard are too heavy for you. Death seems to me a straight line, but in your eyes it is a fading and parting. This is the crossing over to River Styx, while the trivialities of the mortal world still have color in your eyes, retreat-"
There was silence.

Seibers. This name that came out from Medissa's mouth did not yet mean anything to the others present, but Brendel's next words were enough to make them understand the weight of the name. "Beware, he is Seibers Ansu, the Miner's Frost Knight lord, one of the leaders of The End Battle. You Kirrlutzians should know him as you have given him a title, the Lone Wolf of the Highland, the Hitman of Everwinter-"
"It's him!" Veronica, Mephisto, and Laurenna all turned pale, the Commander of Azure Skies even subconsciously drew her sword from the sheath. Shido let out a low cry of fright, and even His Highness, who was suspected of having facial paralysis, could not help but raise his eyebrows. No matter what, whether he was an enemy or friend, Seibers was still the hero of the last era, an era where his fame was at its maximum during the most dramatic period of history on the continent of Vaunte.
To be harsh, Veronica and Mephisto were even less significant than children in front of Seibers.
"Medissa, how is it?" Brendel asked again in a small voice.

"The peak level of Elemental Enlightenment. I have no major injuries, but his strike seems to be a test......" Medissa stretched out her right hand, and the blazing white light formed a long silver pike in her hand. But she looked a little nervous, "Lord, Seibers' strength was much more than this when he was alive, he--"
"I know." Brendel interrupted her, "I know, what is important now is that you're okay."
Medissa opened her mouth but did not reply. She felt warm in her heart.
Brendel raised his head and looked at the Miner's lord who looked at them from above, who once called the shots, and in whom the meaning of power and majesty could be found to this day.
"Lord Sanorso." He called out in his mind.
"That King of the Frost Knights transformed himself into an Undead with an oath as a binding, preserving at most less than a quarter of its strength when he was alive. No, this thing is no longer Seibers, but at best a shell trapped by obsession. But it must have inherited some of this body's abilities in life, plus the oath of transformation itself will also give the Undead extraordinary power of the Undead. You have seen the White Knight Abram, be careful, Brendel, this shell is much stronger than just what you see." Sanorso reminded him in his mind.
But she suddenly stopped talking, "Brendel...... he seems to have noticed me......"
"That's impossible," Brendel was stunned for a moment, he would never believe that anyone could see through the Accelerated Thought, even if they were people who could do that, it would not be Seibers, "Lord Sanorso, you are-"

"He seems to have something in his hand that can have a connection with me, only the dead understand the fondness of the living, he sensed my existence through that thing......" Sanorso frowned slightly in Brendel's mind as she interrupted Brendel's words with a somewhat urgent tone.
"Something connectable?"
"Wait, I get it, it's the Wing Ring ....." Sanorso suddenly sucked in a cold breath, "No, I'm wrong, that thing is not on him, it's on that little girl! "
"Little girl?" Brendel suddenly reacted: "You mean Peya?"
The Wind Empress nodded slowly.

Brendel looked up, just in time to see Seibers turn towards him, his eyes were golden, and his gaze was as sharp as a sword but it made Brendel's body shiver; the King of the Frost Knights seemed to see something, his eyebrows twitched slightly, but his face remained impassive, "What a long dream, the Elves of Loxhaven, the Elves of Alfheim, gathered here today finally; flame and dust, you all pursue the ruin's ashes of reborn, mortals, truly blind and ignorant."
Of all the people present, only Brendel and Sanorso understood the meaning of these words. The Mist Elves originated from Loxhaven of the Howling Halls while the Silver Elves originated from Alfheim of Holy Silver Valley, which were coreferencing to Medissa and Sanorso which was only a secret known to a few people. Brendel saw the little Silver Elf Princess look back at herself with a somewhat strange look.

Veronica was a little nervous, a few people saw the female chief her sword in her hand, her whole body tensed like a bowstring. Every time Seibers' Undead made the slightest movement, she held back from acting on her impulse, and even shivered a little, but her reaction was not too much. As the highest level of power in the Kirrlutz Empire she was maintaining a good relationship with the Holy Cathedral of Fire, no one knew better than her what weight the title King of Frost Knights carried.
The Flame King, Gretel, was able to escape after battling with Seibers, and this was written in the Pale Poem. Yes, the Flame King escaped alive. As one of the nine most powerful Miner's lords under Odin, the Darkness Dragon , Seibers was once the most difficult enemy of the Four Saints in history.
But Seibers just took one glance at her.

"Do you understand, little girl, what it means in our etiquette to turn your weapon on a stranger?" The dead soul of the knight smiled somewhat carelessly and asked in a flat tone.
"Seibers, I am a descendant of Gretel the Flame King, you and I are enemies, not friends, you should understand my pride-" Veronica took a breath and replied in a low voice.
"I, understand your pride." Seibers nodded, "Eagle-like pride, that should spread its wings in the sky and not walk in the shadows. You are a Kirrlutzian, I will give you a chance to fight." After saying that, he put Fingus the Soul Detainer into his sheath, held Cynna the Frost Chant in his right hand, and raised his sword blade.
"Come challenge me, like your forefathers did a thousand years ago, with honor, loyalty, and worthlessness, but that is your choice."
"Lord Commander!"

"Commander!" Shido and Laurenna spoke at the same time. They knew very well the temper of this female chief, if she had decided to do so, a terrible battle might occur today. Veronica reached out to stop her two subordinates and replied, "Shido, Laurenna, remember, the Miner have always been the enemies of the civilized world, we are the descendants of the Flame King, we do not have the right to forgive them--"
When Veronica raised her longsword, Brendel was having a heated discussion with Sanorso.
"Brendel, what do you want?"
"I think we may not need to fight him."
"You really think so?"
"Let's wait and see."
Brendel looked up and suddenly called out to Veronica, "Wait."

He turned back to Seibers and asked in a loud voice, "I know who you are, King of the Frost Knights, and I even understand why you are standing guard here. It has been a thousand years, Seibers, it is time, and I know who you are waiting for. Seibers, that legacy has returned from beneath the dark abyss, get out of the way, we are not mortals, get out of the way of the doors of your treasury-"
Seibers was slightly stunned.
He lowered his head.