The Amber Sword - v4c123

A chilling voice echoed throughout the cavern.


The ominous voice boomed, causing a cold gust to stir up a cloud of diamond dust. Everyone felt a sudden drop in the temperature. In an instant, the group became much more alert and stepped into their Elemental Realm.

A golden aura appeared around Brendel and the female dragon; Shitah’s was silver; Veronica was surrounded by a shade of green; the Ash Sword Saint’s silhouette was grey; the air around Shia was tinted a lightning blue; meanwhile a pale white glow emanated from Medissa.

But it was all useless.

The freezing gale picked up speed, distorting and dispelling the Lines of Laws. “This is-!” Brendel heard Veronica’s trembling voice as well as the Ash Sword Saint’s bewildered gasp. Before their very eyes, Marsha’s law was crumbling from the might of the natural world’s shallowest force. The howling wind was tinted white from the ice particles in the air, forming white currents of freezing winds that blew past everyone. It was as if time had slowed down, their movements and their thoughts became sluggish.

Feeling his eyelids getting heavier, Brendel struggled to keep his eyes open. In that instant, he could feel a familiar power. It was the Bronze Breath, originating from the natural world’s most primal and majestic force.

All of a sudden, the blizzard swallowed everything around Brendel. The only thing visible was the Frost Knight King standing nearby liike a statue, unmoving and unspeaking. Everything else, including Brendel’s companions, were nowhere to be found.

Time took on a new meaning for Brendel. He could see the ancient iceberg start to melt, as if time had been dilated. All around them, the environment shifted. Mountain rose up and the ground beneath sank, forming into a valley, complete with forests and lakes. Then, it became the shoreline where a new sea met the land. In the blink of an eye, the scene had changed to another one of a lush plain teeming with life.

That instant had already become an eternity.

The iceberg was already a thing of the past. In front of Brendel was a scene akin to the colors of flames. Red and orange hues reflected in the sky by the golden sun setting in the west, giving off a warmth that nurtured the swaying grass under their feet.

It was dawn. The grass rustled in the soft breeze.

“So that’s how it is.” Seibers’s tone was relaxed and nonchalant, as if there was no meaning to his words.

Brendel felt his body relax, finally regaining his motor functions. However, he stood rooted to the spot, trying to comprehend the view in front of him. He knew this place. The entire location was not real, nor had he been brought back in time. This was the Ultimate Realm. He could tell because of the magical energy that was present all around him. In the blink of an eye, Seibers had pulled him into his realm right before Brendel’s companion’s eyes. In this lifetime, it was his second time coming to this place. If he counted his past life, then the number of visits was uncountable. However, the experience he had in-game could not compare to reality. It was truly as if ten thousand years had passed in the blink of an eye.

Turning a moment into eternity, no matter how advanced the game was, it could not emulate the same feeling.

However, the power of Eternity definitely could.

“This is the sunset that existed back in my time. It still breaks my heart to look at it after a thousand years. It is unfortunate that even if time stopped flowing, mankind must still march on. I bet you’ve never stopped to look at this scene. The constant fighting of you people sicken me.” Seibers’s eyes twinkled with surprise at Brendel’s calm expression. He thought that it was an admirable quality, not knowing the Brendel had already gotten used to it long ago.

However, Seibers face displayed none of his thoughts. To a dead spirit like him, the past only served as a source of pain and regret.

Brendel did not reply to Seibers. Instead, he had another question in mind. “Empress Sansoro, you once said that his level was that of Law Peak. I don’t think a person of that caliber could drag others into the Ultimate Realm.”

“I also did say that it was not his true power,” Sansoro replied casually.

Brendel made the wise decision to stop questioning her. He understood that if she did not do things without a proper reason. He knew better than to start a debate with a woman who had centuries worth of knowledge and wisdom. She was revered as a sage by many, even if she spent most of her time asleep, Brendel still did not dare to go against her words.

Brendel felt that he had no need for this lesson. It was normal for a person to make a mistake due to a lack of knowledge, but making the same mistake again was a matter of whether the person even had a brain.

Brendel snapped out of his thoughts. He looked at the Frost Knight King who had pulled him into the Extreme Realm, knowing that he was definitely not here to talk about the scenery. Memories were the most painful thing a spirit could experience. Every memory meant that the spirit would have to relive the pain and regret they harbored. They could only suffer in silence, awaiting the day that they could move on. Seibers’s key to his release was the oath that he had sworn.

The reason that he had brought Brendel to this place could only be for the Blood of God that belonged to the Darkness Dragon.

That was the Fool’s Legacy.

The King of Miirna.

“Child, are you the one that he had chosen?” Seibers spoke after some silence.

“If the person you are talking about is your king, the Darkness Dragon Odin, then yes,” replied Brendel.

“In a way.” Seibers continued, “But did you think that you could speak with me on equal terms just because you possess a page of the Seven Page Seal?”

Brendel shook his head. “That’s your view. To me, there is no need for a reason to speak to someone as an equal. In my eyes, everyone is equal.”

“Interesting.” Seibers pondered in silence before saying, “So what right do you have to save those people? You are not the messiah. Some people are fated to die struggling, yet you have changed their fate.”

Brendel was shocked at his words. “What do you mean?”

“Did you know, history has shown that it will always repeat itself.” The Frost Knight King traced a circle in the air. “Be it a kingdom or a dynasty, it will rise to glory then fall into the eventual ruin. History will always march on its course. Yet, here you are, trying so hard to pull it back to its ‘right’ way, not knowing that by doing so, you’re going against the very history itself. Just like a fool’s errand…”

“You can see my memories?!” Brendel’s shocked expression displayed his thoughts. Seibers was evidently judging his actions. He had barely spoken to this person, having only been a few moments since they met, yet somehow he knew all about Brendel’s past.

The only possible explanation was that Seibers could read minds.

But that’s impossible! It’s classified as a forbidden Dark Magic in the game!

“No,” Seibers broke out in a small grin. Brendel could see the Soul Fire that was in his eyes. “History Backtracking. It’s just a little trick, I’m sure that you have heard of it. You should be happy. With this law, Marsha can recognize you as a proper hero.”

“That spell…” Brendel suddenly remembered about it. His eyes widened as he asked, “I thought that it couldn’t be used against players?”


“Ah…” Brendel realized that he had made a mistake. “It’s nothing… so, you can see my whole past?” Brendel suddenly became very cautious. Everything about the previous world had to be kept a secret. If this secret were to be leaked out, he would definitely be branded as a heretic.

It was just too hard to explain about the game.

“No, only a small part of it. After all, no one is born a legend. However, you are a rather peculiar case. Your life before nineteen years old is completely blank. It’s as if there is some power that is blocking the spell. Is it Marsha? But you don’t seem like you’re the Chosen One.” Seibers muttered while shaking his head.

Brendel breathed out a sigh of relief. “Okay, what is it that you want to say? Sir Knight, it couldn’t be that you brought me here just to ask these inconsequential questions, could it?”

“Inconsequential? Is that how you see it?” The Forst Knight King eyed Brendel. “These are my genuine questions. Don’t you think your actions are paradoxical? Who are you trying to save by changing history? You are not a sage, you cannot give others the fate they want, nor do you know what people want.”

Seibers raised his head to look at Brendel. “How do you know that what you are doing is right? You might be able to save this kingdom now, but eventually it will turn to ash. Nothing can last forever. Perhaps because of your actions, they had lost their only hope of salvation. You think that you are saving people when you are actually domming them. Eventually, there will come a day where the blame is placed upon you.”

“So you are saying that everything that you worked for in life was all in vain? It sure is funny for you to say that,” Brendel replied defiantly.

The Frost Knight King furrowed his brow at Brendel’s accusation. With an agitated tone, he said, “I have no answer to that question of yours. No one does. But at the very least, I have no regrets.”

“No regrets? What a joke.”

Seibers suddenly unsheathed his sword. In his hands, he held the blood-red Soul Detainer. The Frost Knight King’s eyes shone with a cold glint. In an instant, his mood had shifted from a peaceful inquirer to a savage warmonger. “Let me tell you this, child. I find the answer that you gave to be lacking. Because of your incompetence, I have decided to kill you right now to save the noble bloodline from further shame. After you have died by my sword, we shall see if you have any regrets.”

Immediately after he finished speaking, Seibers dashed towards Brendel, his sword ready to take a life.

Brendel had no time to react. As his eyes saw a flash of red, only one thought ran through his mind.

Attacking me just for that? This man is insane!