The Amber Sword - v4c124p2

How can the three sword moves that are clearly unrelated merge together? Brendel thought of his grandfather at that moment, as facing Seibers gave him the almost same feeling of facing that old man. The fear of facing that old man was because his grandfather had the understanding of sword art beyond human, while Seibers made Brendel feel a fear of death. Seibers' sword art was murderous.
Brendel subconsciously loosened his grip on the hilt of the sword in his hand, as overly tight muscles were not conducive to swordplay, but what can he do? The three sword moves were as fast as lightning that it was impossible for him to keep up with the rhythm if he did not tense his muscles. He still felt the muscles of his wrist and forearms sore and aching, his muscles' usage was almost beyond its limit with just that momentary outburst of energy. 
That was when Sanorso's voice came in  "That doesn't mean anything, no one goes all out in their first attack, little guy, don't think I don't know what you're up to. If Seibers uses the Power of the Laws, I'm afraid you'll have to use the Godslayer Cone, but I have to remind you that although magic items that can imprison Elemental powers are rare, it was not unheard of in our time. Seibers is not a fool, you be careful, his level of power usage is far more higher than the Williams you have met."
Comparing Williams and Seibers, was indeed describing the difference between a dull star and the light of the bright moon, but Brendel was not a country bumpkin who had not seen the world, he himself had reached the level of a Perfect Body, he knew very well what kind of realm that was. But Sanorso's words dispelled at least one of his thoughts. For the existence of a Perfect Body, using the Godslayer Cone was indeed not necessary. When they use their power, it would just be a flash moment when the Ultimate Plains and Lines of Laws would shine up like a net, but at his current level, he could not seize that opportunity at all.
Seibers did not immediately launch a third attack, which gave Brendel a chance to catch a breather. He felt Sanorso look at him with a somewhat strange gaze, "But he seems to want me to show him the heritage of the Darkness Dragon, I feel that this guy has another intention, otherwise I would not have even made it through these three sword moves, it's just too scary......"
"You are wrong to think so, Brendel, Seibers will definitely go all out, even if you are really Odin's heir, it makes no difference to him, as long as he makes a move, it must determine life and death. He did not hold back even the slightest during the previous attack, if you were a little slower to react, you would have long become a frozen corpse." Sanorso paused for a moment, "Perhaps your hunch is true but you should also face this battle with the mindset of really facing a life and death struggle, Odin will not need a cowardly successor, you should understand this."
Brendel nodded, the nervous tone of the Wind Empress made him feel slightly sentimental, "I can see that, thanks."
"So what are you going to do?"
"What else can I do?"

Brendel's voice suddenly became low, he raised his head, black flames suddenly spread out from his body, starting from his back, extending to his shoulders and arms. The flames instantly covered the Halran Gaia, burning vigorously, forming horns on his forehead, wings like a dragon on his back. This was a vision that could only appear in the world of pure Law and magic; the Fool's Blood belonged to the mark of Tiamat, the Dragon of War, was almost completely opened, and at that moment it was as if a wild fire had been released from deep inside. The power of his flesh instantly doubled, and he bared his white teeth, which was somewhat different from his usual character. Brendel only felt a flame burning inside him, shouting wildly for him to release his wild nature.
"He's forcing me to unleash the power of the Fool's Blood, and I don't seem to have much room to oppose it -" Brendel's eyes lit up frighteningly, "Only a battle will fix this."
"Very well--"
Seibers seemed to be very delighted to see this scene, he passed the blood red longsword from his right hand to the left, and then flattened out his right hand. Brendel saw a whirlwind of ice dust in the air, converging in the hands of the King of the Frost Knights , and then condensed together to form the glittering blue longsword -Front Chant Cynna. Seibers held the red sword in his left hand, and the blue sword in his right,  he then lowered his hands with a slight smile on his face, "Mortal, I give you one last chance, back off, or you will not die -"
"He is intimidating you, if you back off, you will only have little to do with Odin's legacy. But if he says he is going to let you go, it may not really be believable either, you have the Fool's Blood, he will not let the legacy of the Darkness Dragon be lost on the earth." Sanorso immediately reminded. 

"I know ......" Brendel's almost groaned. Of course he knew, but the problem was that the magic floating in the air was becoming restless, the Lines of Laws from the three Elemental planes at the same time produced unstable fluctuations, only the skill of the Guardian of the Frost Earth would link the power of the three elemental planes of the Shallow Seas, the Earth Hub and the Mountain of Quelled Storms. Seibers was called the King of the Frost Knights in his time, not the Sword Saint, and Brendel knew very well the difference between the two.
"You plan to back off?"
"Of course not--"
What kind of player backs up in front of a mission that comes to hand? This was not in line with Brendel's values. He raised his head, staring intently at Seibers' next move. If that suspicion of his was correct, even the King of Frost Knights was not invincible. At such a moment, he suddenly remembered the experience of confronting Alberton at that time, the same difference in power levels, the same duel between life and death, but still having the same chance of survival amidst the deadly situation.

"Gaining confidence through the surge of power?" Seibers said, "Life and death can't be changed by determination." He raised his sword, the magic floating in the air suddenly paused, from the the Lines of Laws from the three elemental planes sunk down at the same time. With the King of the Frost Knights as the center, a hundred-foot radius of the land seemed to be injected with some kind of magic, the cracked ground brightened up slightly, followed by a loud noise. Countless ice prisms then grew out from all directions in a spiral, and ice and frost covered the entire land in the blink of an eye.
Frostbite Field. One of the core skills of the Guardian of the Frost Earth, where the Guardian of the Frost Earth's mobility would increase, while the enemy's mobility would be doubly reduced. In the first moment of the Field's unfolding, all creatures on the ice would be imprisoned for half a second (decreasing depending on the level difference).
Half a second sounded like a flash moment, but for this level of existence, it was a difference between life and death.
Seibers knew very well that the Nine Luminaries was pointless even under such a large coverage attack; as long as it remained on the ground, it was a dead end. But unfortunately, at that moment he did not hear Brendel's inner cry. Sure enough, this is the moment- Seibers was trying to spot Brendel's figure in the ice fog, but alas, in vain. He then looked up in surprise and saw Brendel who had leaped into the air.

If Seibers was not mistaken, since his clan disappeared from the earth, the profession of the Guardian of the Frost Earth should have disappeared from the continent for nearly a thousand years. Even if it was Sanorso, even if it was the Wind Empress the mortals knew, it was impossible for her to have seen this move from him. A thousand years of loneliness, in addition to the watch, the only thing he did was to push over the heritage of the Guardian of the Frost Earth. The Frost Knight now had long been not that brute who used the power of the three planes during the War of the Holy Saints to bombard the world, but what he did not expect was that the first strike after a thousand years-
-was predicted by his opponent.
"Brendel." Sanorso's voice in Brendel's mind sounded equally surprised, "Sometimes I really doubt if you can read minds, I myself have not seen this move of Seibers, how did you manage to react in time......."

"No, I can't, it's just a fluke."
Isn't this is not the fucking standard starting move of early Frost Knights, frostbite control, Frost Wind output, what's so unexpected about it? This was what went on in Brendel's mind in fact.
The tactics developed by those Guardian of the Frost Earth's players in the later stages were much more unbelievable than this.