The Amber Sword - v4c126

Less than an inch from the sharp edges of the ice prisms, a network of silver lines extending from the ice surface appeared behind Brendel in time; the wall, defined in the Laws as a barrier between the inside, outside, and surface, also had an implication of stopping. Brendel landed heavily on the equidistant grid of silver lines, and the corresponding force was transported back from the Wall of Laws, which helped him roll backward, but at least he did not fall into the Frostbite Field, meanwhile, the silver threads bent downward, absorbing the tremendous impact of his landing. Only then did a clear and bright voice emerge from among the bitterly cold wind, "In the name of the Laws, the Wall, tension, shelter, the Terashoho Staff, the lightning strikes back-"
A five-foot-tall, five-foot-wide, emitting blue force field-shaped shield appeared in front of Brendel, while a lightning bolt tore through the frost-condensed fog, emitting a sizzling sound and stabbed Seibers who was at the center of the tundra field like a winding golden snake; although the King of the Frost Knight tugged at the beam of electricity, tore it to pieces and was unaffected, he looked up, the frosty fog dispersed, and saw the young Mage floating in mid-air behind him - Ciel.
After the first battle of Ampere Seale, Brendel had been researching ways to counter the Ultimate Realm. After the Planeswalker's card deck was displayed, it would be linked to the Planeswalker according to the rules, and once blocked, there was unlikely another way to re-summoned it except during the reset moment each day. So the idea of making a Planeswalker card deck was born from then on, as a secondary
authority separated out from Brendel. There was no doubt in the Laws that the Planeswalker card deck was considered part of his body, so Brendel could summon any card from the Planeswalker card deck to his side at any time, regardless of distance or the limits of the realm. This meant that Brendel could even leave the Ultimate Plains at any time now if he wanted to.
It was just that it was pointless as he understood that he could only get the reward for that quest if he defeated Seibers here.
He knew exactly what that could be.

The silver-white eyes of the King of Frost Knights looked surprised. After the fog parted, it was as if he did not see silver-robed Ciel,the Planeswalker card deck holding a silver staff and clad in a patterned white robe, but time reversing. It was as if he had gone back to a thousand years ago, the man who was crowned with the title of Dragon of the World: Darkness. It was just that one was facing him and one was back-facing him, and they both spoke at the same time.

 "Seibers, can you see the tomorrow of this land?"
"King of the Frost Knights, I thank you for your hospitality, but it is my turn to attack next-" 

The two voices echoed in his ears, Seibers narrowed his that were burning quietly with phosphorus fire; different answers, but with the same ability and breath, the same destiny and pursuit, he could even warily remember the terrifying power - the scene of thirteen supreme managers in the ancient battlefield with unknown enemies when the organization still existed was still vividly visible as if it just happened yesterday. It was just that the aura of the young man in front of him was unlike any he had ever seen, neither Odin the head of the army, nor Kinins of the Arbitration Sword, was there another supreme manager in this world?
But time was running out for him to think -

Brendel supported himself with the silver isometric net and charged at him while the summoned Ciel who was floating in the sky, was chanting a new spell, it was a resounding Dragon language that was full of magic words, its pressure like a sharp claw piercing the restless space. Seibers saw all of it but as someone who had experienced millions of battles, these were nothing but minor skills in his eyes.
He seemed to be able to easily dissolve everything by just raising his hand, but he still watched the scene with interest, as if he was admiring the process of an interesting thing sprouting.
"Maybe this is the one." He thought to himself.

There were sparks in the gap between electricity and light, the Halran Gaia in Brendel's hand heavily chopped on the spine of the Frost Chant Cynna. He was taken aback as he did not even see Seibers move, which was faster than he expected. The next moment, five blazing golden-red lines had gone around him, like sharp daggers stabbing into Seibers' back. This was not a convergence of the Elements and the formation of flame, they were purely golden lines of the Laws of high temperature.
"Blaze, heat and movement -" Ciel's voice was sharp like a sword's blade.
The golden-red flame straight up hit the King of the Frost Knight's back, Brendel could even see the explosive flames and sparks rising up, but to his dismay, Seibers was unaffected, and the pale damage number reflected on the faint projection on his retina was a huge zero. No defense? How could this guy's defense capability suddenly rise by so much! Seibers turned his head, his eyes lit with the pale phosphorous fire looking straight at anxious Brendel and he almost forgot to breathe. 
"Lord, I feel that he had froze the Laws!" Ciel warned sharply through the Psychic Connection.

The King of Frost Knight still has this ability? Brendel felt a chill run down his spine, he quickly tried to avoid the other party's sight while trying to find a proper time to cut in using the Nine Luminaries. Unfortunately, Seibers behaved like an experienced veteran swordsman at this moment, he was calmly waiting for Brendel's last blow, which unevitably discouraged Brendel. 
The King of Frost Knight still has this ability? Brendel felt a chill run down his spine, he quickly tried to avoid the other party's sight while trying to find a proper time to cut in using the Nine Luminaries. Unfortunately, Seibers behaved like an experienced veteran swordsman at this moment, he was calmly waiting for Brendel's last blow, which unevitably discouraged Brendel. In fact, at this moment, Brendel was thinking of retreating, he had experienced many battles and knew very well which battles had a chance of winning and which did not. As a wise player, or a swordsman at this moment, he should know when to opt for a retreat.
He decided to fight one last time, the Protection Law Ciel casted was still upon him; if this blow could not make it, he would have Hipamila (Faith deck, Priest Himilude deck) to pull him and Ciel out of the Ultimate Plains.
It was at this time that Seibers suddenly spoke once more, with a soft thud, he used the Soul Detainer Fingus to block Brendel's sword again. Then that deep and hoarse voice asked, "Young man, I am curious what is the purpose of your pursuit of power?"
Brendel was slightly stunned, but he subconsciously thought that this was just a means to distract him, and after a brief pause, he did not respond.
In a flash moment, there were two or three more sword exchanges -
"You may not understand this, only when you understand what Odin's legacy means then I can transfer it to you with confidence......"
This time Brendel was finally moved, he deflected Seibers thrusting blade and quickly asked, "What are you trying to say, Your Honorable King of the Frost Knights?"
"I am saying that behind this power contains a secret at the tip of the iceberg that you may have vaguely guessed, but only those who truly accept it may be considered worthy to receive the ultimate legacy of the Darkness Dragon."
While the two men were exchanging conversations, their hands did not slow down at all, three long swords staggered like flashes of lightning. Brendel in a series of retreat, he could not help but grit his teeth, at least in swordplay, he found himself unable to take advantage of the other side in the slightest. Seibers swordplay had become more and more matured, as if he was teasing Brendel. Finally, he seized a chance to speak up, "Secret?Are you talking about the hidden truth of the War of the Holy Saints?"

The Soul Fire in Seibers' eyes suddenly brightened up even more, and he suddenly withdrew his sword to give Brendel a chance to catch his breath, "You are smarter than I thought, young man."
This actually had nothing to do with intelligence, because for the War of the Holy Saints, Brendel knew no less about that war than the two people present - Seibers and the Wind Empress Sanorso. As a spectator, he might have even saw it more clearly; although there are many mysteries in the War of the Holy Saints, Brendel thought that perhaps there was no deeper reason behind it, the Miirna's day-to-day arrogance, brutality, and their endless oppression towards the Silver Folk had led to war. 
The tension of this war spread across the continent, 'the seers who led the first people in the darkness of the barbaric thorns, the Silver Folk scattered across the land' was referring to this history. But the Bugas and Misty Elves finally won, they set the order after the War of the Holy Saints, only that the Black Dwards rose up.
This was an official setting, not to be pushed back.

When Seibers put his sword away, Brendel took the opportunity and propped the Halran Gaia on the silver grid, breathing heavily, looked up and asked, "Are you trying to say that the Four Saints covered up the truth and that Odin, the Darkness Dragon, was actually the righteous one in the War of the Holy Saints?" His tone was not trusting, which worked up the Wind Empress Sanorso's curiosity, who was quietly watching the battle from the side. She had the impression that Brendel was different from people under the governance of the Holy Cathedral of Fire. Whenever he spoke about the four Kirrlutzians and her, although with admiration, there was no reverence, which was different from those brainwashed believers. But at this moment, one could tell Brendel was undoubtedly biased towards their side through his tone of speech.
Although Sanorso had a clear conscience for history, there was no doubt that she was delighted to have Brendel's trust at this moment.
"No, not really, I don't want to talk about history in terms of success or failure, that's just your mortal superficial opinion, I have no intention to believe in it, young man, I just want to show you something." Seibers smiled slightly and replied, the look in his eyes was clearly very interesting.
Brendel frowned.
He had actually privately communicated with Sanorso, but there was a sense of curiosity in her reply, "No, let him go on, Brendel, I think perhaps he is not wrong about anything - remember, Seibers is not one of those coquettish sycophants around that guy, he is a real warrior!"
Brendel nodded, he looked at the King of the Frost Knights, and after the other side withdrew his sword, the battle between them came to an end. Although this fight made Brendel extremely upset, it was purely a suppression of strength, if he could still maintain the strength of his heyday, he felt that he might be able to take down the King of Frost Knights, "What do you want to show me?" He opened his mouth and asked.
"Just a battlefield."
Seibers replied slyly, he raised his hand, and the scenery on the Ultimate Plains changed dramatically once again -
"There is an eternal battle in our world."
Brendel was figuring out what he meant by these words, but his pupils were already reflecting images that surprised him. There was an endless sight of wilderness, but there was more to the wilderness than just meadows that rolled in the wind like waves of wheat; at the end of the view, two huge armies were marching. Even the Wind Empress Sanorso let out a soft eek and Brendel might had understood why. The army on the horizon was none other than the Miirna's Black Wings Legion, known as the right wing of the Darkness Dragon, the Miirna's elite.
"The Black Wings, we defeated this army in the midst of the Great Swamp, at the cost of many lives, and Eleranta lost an eye in the battle."
Brendel nodded, he even knew the story behind it and the sacrifice of Orthlyss. This battle was written as a magnificent poem in later times for poets to praise the dedication and sacrifice of their forefathers.

 "What is this place then, and have you had another war with them?"
Sanorso shook her head in bewilderment.
Apparently, she was also surprised by the scene in front of her.
Brendel gazed at the other side of the sky, curious as to who the enemy of these high-minded Miirnas really was - the army that was also as large and as black as the clouds that overwhelmed the city.
On the other hand, Seibers still seemed to be immersed in his own memories, narrating such a story, "In this war, I belonged to the seventh column of the Earth Legion, and I was honored to become a commander under Lord Odin -"
"The Earth Legion? Isn't it the Black Wings?" Brendel seemed to have heard this name for the first time, but found it rather familiar.
The King of Frost Knights gave him a look and replied, "Unlike what you think, this Legion has been passed down from an even longer time than you think, and even we don't know the origin of the system. It is as if this Legion's sequence existed before the Miirnas were born, some say it even comes from the time of the Divine Folk, from before the destruction of Ebabel Fort. But warriors like us, are part of the bloodline, we were born to be part of this Legion. This memory seems to be inherited from the soul, so that we understand our place in this huge sequence, each of us, has such a responsibility. "
"Can you, can you imagine -"
Brendel opened his mouth slightly, he completely did not understand what the other party was saying for a while.

A Legion that one was born with? What was this? He suddenly felt as if he had heard such a name in the game before.
"As I said, it is an eternal battle, as if it has no beginning and no end, the Earth Legion exists eternally, as if only to fight against their predestined enemy." The King of Frost Knights replied slyly.
"Predestined enemies?"
"Brendel ......" Sanorso said suddenly, "Look over there!"

Brendel had rarely heard the Wind Empress speak to him in such an urgent tone. He frowned and subconsciously looked back, but what he saw was a flash on the horizon, not a magical glow, but some kind of strange refracted light. Was it a reflection of the armor? No, it didn't look much like that. Brendel squinted his eyes, and at that moment he finally saw what the refracted light came from.
It was the color of a crystal.
The Crystal Wights.

No, it should be called a Crystal Wight Legion.
Brendel could not help but subconsciously hold his breath, Martha high above, both here and in the game, he had never seen or imagined such a large number of Crystal Wights.
What exactly are those?