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Brendel remembered his own talent inherited from the Darkness Dragon, but what did the Fool really mean? From the description of Seibers at this moment, was it a savior? Or someone with a fanatical spirit of self-sacrifice? Brendel felt like he was neither, nor did he want to be. Except for Aouine in his memory, this world was perhaps not as relatable to him as he thought. 

But the question was, why did the Darkness Dragon choose him, or was it simply his luck that he happened to stumble upon it?
This answer was not so tenable, perhaps for thousands of years, there were not many people who could touch the Sealing Stone of the Darkness Dragon, maybe only extremely few could, but why did Odin not choose Amman? Was it because Amman is the sacrifice of the Holy Cathedral of Fire? This reason might not be correct, because it could be seen from Seibers' description that Odin probably did not have the prejudice against the Four Saints and their descendants like how people thought. 
"You are saying that I understand the meaning of 'fools', but I do not understand." Brendel replied somewhat cautiously, it must be said that he was still worried that if he answered so, Seibers would choose to withdraw the heritage of the Darkness Dragon. This heritage undoubtedly still meant a lot to him. Whether it was a great power itself, or the support of the Witches behind it, of which the former in particular, has helped him defeat powerful enemies many times, and Barbara and her followers were also a potentially powerful force.
No one knew better than Brendel how well the Witches understood the world.
But he had to ask the question clearly, the sight that Seibers showed today was beyond his understanding, making him realize the great secret hidden behind the world. The 'Fool' gift could be hiding a great crisis. What if Seibers told me that if I inherited the Fool's gift, then I must inherit the responsibility to save the world? What choice should I make? Brendel felt that he was not yet that capable.
Seibers' eyes were filled with Soul Fire for a moment.
"You will come to understand." He replied slowly.
"What?" This answer was unexpected to Brendel. The King of the Frost Knights had been playing games with him, and this tone of certainty reminded him of the wrinkled faces beneath the tents of those gypsies, the Mirrnas's culture that revered mystery. In their eyes, fate was unknowable yet certain, there was no chance of anything but a certainty. But Brendel - Sophie's double soul could not accept this answer, if this was a task, then he should have the right to know everything, to make a choice, not having to play along with some hide-and-seek or guessing game.

If that was, he was still in the world of The Amber Sword.
He stared at the other man with a look of determination signaling that he would not rest until he got an answer.
But Seibers had expected this, " 'Fools' don't have a fixed definition, it stands for such behavior, I read your past in your eyes, I think you are the one the late King is waiting for, young man."
"My past?"

"Some people are destined to flounder, but some manage to work toward their goals from the beginning to the end, even if they clumsily repeat ridiculous failures, even if they are not understood; he may fail, but when he succeeds, he is called a miracle and is recited by all - most of these people became fools in the eyes of the common people, and their foolishness was not stubbornness, but a clearer understanding than others of what they were doing."
"You mean Odin ......"
"I mean you, young man, you know exactly what you want to do."
Brendel fell silent, as he was indeed very clear about his goal. Perhaps to most people, the storms in Aouine were just repeating the history of a dynastic change. Decades ago, or a hundred years ago, it experienced the same history, the decay of the dynasty was mentioned in the newborn soil, the fall of the royal family of Sifah, followed by the rise of Covardo. But his master was a persistent and determined Aouine.This time was different as everyone had ignored the potential enemy in the east, the corrupted nobles who had been scattered and undisciplined for thousands of years, are now united under that supreme and unique Mercury Staff; perhaps forty years later, history will repeat itself and the Aouine belonging to the Aouine people will cease to exist.
This kingdom was probably just a name that represented something, but for him, there were many familiar bodies buried under that silver flag, Her Highness, the Valkyrie, and the memory of many people fighting side by side in faith.
So he had to be one step ahead of the others.
 Perhaps in the eyes of Amandina, Her Highness, the Red Bronze Dragon Leto, all his followers, his enemies, and onlookers, there was something strange, just like how Carglise still did not understand why he always had to plan ahead, he and Amandina thought that his lord had greater ambitions in mind- to become like the late King Erik. Brendel indeed wanted to become that kind of existence, but the title was not to be the king of the land, but the seer who led the people out of the bitterness and darkness.
"Is this being...... a fool?" Brendel asked himself.
"It is not limited to this, I can't tell you much, but a voice in my bloodline tells me that you will certainly understand all this one day. Young man, you, me, and the noble soul in your ring, all of us are searching, the world is an absurd arena in the eyes of many, a place of fame and fortune, a gloomy place of rivalry and intrigue; they have bound their gaze in a superficial cage, a cage of their desires and thoughts," the King of Frost Knights smiled mysteriously, "but not in our case. You know what I'm saying, because the world is not as simple as it appears, is it?"
Brendel was horrified.
The world is not as simple as it seems.
He did not know if Seibers meant it, but at least it seemed to him that he did. Because he knew the past life of this world, and it had another name, called The Amber Sword, a name that only he knew. Those who knew, as he did, what the name stood for, were at the moment cut off from him and were in another world.
"This secret ......" Brendel hesitated for a moment and asked, "is it related to those Crystal Wrights?"
"Maybe, but maybe not, there is a voice in the underworld telling me the truth behind the cover-up of that war, but I know very little about it. Lord Odin can not tell me much, he sealed his life's knowledge in this heritage, he did not force you to choose anything, but history repeats itself, what will happen will always happen, the War of the Holy Saints did not happen very chance. if I am not wrong, the war is about to come to this world again."
Brendel did not answer, but he knew that the Seibers had guessed was correct. 

It was just history repeating itself, perhaps not because of any predestination in the underworld, but because of the selfishness and greed of civilization, that kept repeating itself. The upcoming war over the tablet was a footnote to this.
So in the end, would it still be the fault of civilization itself?
Brendel frowned and shook his head, he felt like his head was going to explode, these things were perhaps not what he should worry about. He exhaled, although he did not understand what Sanorso, Seibers, and Odin were really after, at least he understood what he was after, superficial or noble, he had to do it after all, and he clung to the stubborn character he had developed in the midst of the game.
He looked up and decided not to play dumb with the King of Frost Knights, which, in his opinion, might be entirely Seibers' own bad sense of humor. The Mirrnas's admired mystery, they always played their agnosticism carefully, but Brendel himself had his own way of doing things. He interrupted Seibers' long speech, "You mean that I am only qualified to inherit the Darkness Dragon's legacy if I understand it all?"

Seibers shook his head, "The fact is that the strength you showed at the beginning has already qualified you to inherit the legacy, I just want to tell you everything that happened behind the scenes of this war, whether it's the Kirrlutzians or the Wind Elves, it's far from being to be able to rest on your laurels."
Brendel quietly stared at Seibers.
He meant to say, 'If that's the case, what's the point of all that nonsense you said earlier?
If it were a living person, he might feel a little embarrassed in the face of Brendel's questioning gaze, but Seibers was an Undead, the thousand of years of being under the icy wind had thickened his skin so much that he did not even have a slight change in expression, "Because this is the mission I am waiting for here."
"And what does that have to do with me?" Brendel asked rhetorically, he hesitated for a moment, but decided to speak the truth, "There is no way I will follow the path of the Darkness Dragon, in my opinion, what I will inherit will only be the legacy he left behind, not his will. I hope you understand this."
Brendel felt some approval coming from within himself as he said these words.
"Lord Sanorso?" He could not help but be a little puzzled.
But the Wind Empress did not give a response.
"Are you saying that you are not afraid that I will take back your heritage, young man?" Seibers' tone was calm.
"I'm afraid that's not for you to decide, honored King of the Frost Knights, although I don't know why Odin chose me, that's my will." Brendel's tone became certain, if, after such a long trial, he still did not understand this guy's meaning, then he could really just be straightforward, "Whether you accept it or not, both are true, I am Brendel, not the Darkness Dragon- "
"What an identical stubbornness."
The King of Frost Knights was slightly stunned and then laughed lightly.
A laugh filled with the hollow voice of the Undead.