The Amber Sword - v4c134

A small group of Kirrlutzian knights climbed down the steep glacial cliff and slowly approached Yoakam's corpse. The body was nailed to the ground in a grotesque position by the tremendous force of the arrow. This Undead had long since perished, with black eyes and its Soul Fire extinguished.
The knight in the lead could not help but let out a long sigh, the warm breath in the cold canyon woven into thin white mist, merging into the surrounding dense ice fog.
The wolves have long receded, and there were still some wolf corpses left around, with bloodstains and broken arrows all over the place. The canyon was so quiet that it was a bit creepy. He should have confirmed the news of Yoakam's death and returned immediately, but he looked around for a while more because of the eerie silence.
In a trance, he seemed to see something standing deep in the canyon, a beast the size of a pony standing behind the mist, its hair unbothered by the wind.

He was startled but as he fixed his eyes on it, there was nothing there. What was thought to be a beast was nothing more than fog floating in the deep valley; but even so, the knight could not help feel a chill down his spine.

After the short ambush, the canyon plunged into this eerie atmosphere, which was even more frightening than when they were being chased by the wolves. He took a breath, seemingly ready to stabilize his emotions. I am a member of the Folded Sword Squad and one of the best of Kirrlutz's younger generation, how could I be frightened of a quiet canyon? How humiliating!

But as he was about to exhale when he realized that something around him did not seem right.

"Ca-Captain ......."

A stuttering voice came from behind him, it was the voice of his subordinate. The knight looked up suddenly, and at some point, a pair of cold, yellow eyes had appeared in front of him. 


Little Pero, Brund, Maynild, and the crowd was silently waiting for a reassuring news to come back from below, but all they heard was a terrified scream.

"Ch-ch-" There was a soft sound, and a magic creature with a silver mane jumped down from nowhere and landed in front of everyone. The Pale Sons. The anxiety and uneasiness within Freya, became a reality instantly.

Everyone knew that Yoakam was the one driving the Winter Wolves forward, and the one controlling the Pale Sons was the silver monster.

Two then three of them, one after another, the demons came from above and landed around the group of Kirrlutzian knights. The Pale Sons neither let out a threatening roar nor ventured in, but simply surrounded them, with their heads held high, gazing at the humans with an icy gaze.

Their eyes were full of whatever that should not belong there based on the beasts' intelligence, and that was what made everyone's heart drop.
Freya was the first to react, she raised her head, with her light brown pupils retracting under the morning sun. She indeed saw several white figures appearing on the shimmering top of the glacier.

Somehow, the Pale Sons had appeared above as well. In other words, these demons had already begun to unfold their encirclement while they were still confidently ambushing Yoakam.

How could this happen?

Later of last night, since the Pale Sons and the silver monster never appeared, everyone thought they had moved separately from Yoakam; but now it seemed that the fact was they had arrived here from early on.

The young girl from Bucce felt her heart drop, Does this mean that the knights of the Folded Sword Squad had lied to me? But what good would it do them?

She shook her head as hard as she could, hoping to throw this absurd idea out of her mind. The Kirrlutzians were in the same shoes as her at the moment, it was unlikely that they would lie about such a matter. That meant that their scouts had indeed not seen the Pale Sons that were behind the Winter Wolves.

She could not help but look to Brund, who obviously was thinking the same as his face had turned pale too. He was the leader of the Folded Sword's scouts team after Anika's death, and right now the job had gone awry under his supervision.

"Black Blade." Brund growled low as he burst out in anger.

"Captain, it's not my fault, I dare to swear in the name of the Flame King, I definitely didn't see the Pale Sons among the Winter Wolves ...... except for the four by Yoakam's side." The knight who was called out had an aggrieved face and explained in a low voice.

"It's not his fault," Freya was relieved when she saw the reaction of the two so she quickly whispered to stop the argument, "These demons have gone around above us, which means they should have at least arrived before Yoakam; but it does not make sense, if so why would they watch Yoakam die?"

"I don't know, it's probably because the silver monster had a conflict with Yoakam itself." Alea pressed his wound and stared at the monsters that surrounded them with a shrug.

That was one of the possibilities, but Freya instinctively felt that that was not the truth of the matter.

"Demonic creatures, there are so many of them!" Shouts came from far down the canyon, "Little Pero, Brund, Lord Commander, look out, they're coming for you!"

Then came the sound of fierce engagement- the sounds of man and beast fighting and killing each other.

All the Kirrlutzians in the front row subconsciously raised their swords in their hands, which shone brightly in the cold air, and turned to face the demonic giant wolves that were baring their teeth.

The next moment, a scream suddenly came from the crowd. Everyone looked back and saw that somehow a Pale Son had come among them and bit off the arm of a Folded Sword knight.

The knight pressed against the bloody broken arm and pierced his sword into the left eye of the Pale Son. The Pale Son wailed and backed away immediately. 

The knight next to him then stepped forward to shield his companion.

"Be careful, they know invisibility spells!" The knight with the broken arm shouted through gritted teeth.

The faces of all the people changed.

"Watch out all around!" Freya shouted, remembering the tactics of the invisible ghosts she had seen in the middle of the forest, she instinctively felt that these invisible magical creatures might fight with the same tactic.

Sure enough, a giant beast suddenly appeared on her left like flowing transparent liquid in the air, opened its huge mouth, and tried to bite her.

But before it could bite her, an azure light emerged from Freya's armor, which was hard enough to block the teeth outside the wall of light.

"Half-plate Wind Armor!" Brund cried.

And at this time Maynild had taken a step forward to stab her sword into the throat of the stunned beast. Since the night Brendel encountered the Crystal Stag, with the help of the raw energy stones, her improvement progress was rapid. The flame of Gold burnt within her, as if she was ready for Elemental Activation. That sword slash, was a worthy illustration of the rapid progress of the female knight these days. The sword was shimmering with a faint black aura that was imperceptible to outsiders, and it broke through the Dark Magic protection that covered the body of the Pale Son, piercing through its throat.

As if it had not thought it would die so easily, the giant wolf struggled for a moment before collapsing with a crash.

"This is the armor that he gave you?" Maynild asked as she drew her longsword back from the giant wolf's throat and wiped it on its silver mane.

"Well, yes ......"

"Although the Half-plate Wind Armor is a standard armor, the one that has been passed down to this day is also worth a lot of money, and it looks like he cares a lot about you." Maynild replied intentionally. Her glance made Freya's heart pound.

Freya exhaled slightly. If it was not for the Half-plate Wind Armor, the giant wolf would have bitten her entire right shoulder, shoulder blade, and ****. She felt as if she could almost feel the cold and sharp teeth penetrating her body, and it would most likely have killed her.

Brendel had saved her once again. She could not count the number of times she had benefited from his grace.

She gripped the sword in her hand before she came back to her senses and looked away, trying to avoid the odd gaze of her senior. She felt like her senior had other meanings to her words and she did not know how to respond.

At this time, the knights and the Pale Sons were already in a fight; the Pale Sons' unexpected attack had put the Kirrlutzians in great disadvantage and loss. Without Freya's previous warning, the outcome would have been more than just a heavy loss.

However, the knights of the Folded Sword were taken back by the unexpected appearance of the magical creatures and was spread out. The Pale Sons seemed to have emerge from all directions by invisibility spells; these nightmares of the winterlands were not as weak as their close relatives, the Twilight species. Even after a thousand years of being weak, they still retained a power level of at least Peak Silver to early Gold, and the Kirrlutzian knights were immediately put into a bitter fight against these difficult opponents.

Or maybe it was not quite the right word, because, from the beginning, the young Folded Knights were already at a disadvantage and were gradually losing their formation and contact. Freya was then scattered along with Maynild, and by her side, only Alea and Brund were soon left, and even Little Pero was lost.

"Commander, which direction do we break out?" Alea asked with narrowed eyes from the side.

Freya shook her head; all they could choose at the moment was to just move toward the center of the canyon and see if they could gather the others there.

"I still can't figure out where the hell these things are coming from." Brund could not help but curse, "Black Blade could not be wrong, and if that silver monster is to our left, how could it stand by and watch Yoakam get killed. Even if they had a conflict, it would be easy to kill us, so why play this game of hide-and-seek with us?"

"I've heard that cats have the habit of teasing mice." Alea replied.

"It is not a cat, and we are not mice." Brund said with a little frustration. 

Freya listened to the conversation between the two and frowned. The same question was on her mind. She raised her head and carefully observed the smooth break at the top of the glacier. From time to time, some Pale Sons jumped down from above and landed in the middle of the crowd.

Seeing this scene, she suddenly had a jolt and remembered something.

"Brund, do you remember the direction those giant wolves came from?"

"Commander, they came from above the glacier, obviously."

"No, I mean last night."

Brund's face changed: "From the forest, they came from the forest."

"They can't be inhabiting the forest, the forest is the territory of Winter Wolves, and two kinds of wolves can't live together. If behind the forest is all this glacier......"

"Wait, Sir Commander, are you saying ......?" Brund reacted at once.

"I remember Brendel often told some legends about the Deadly Tundra; the center of the forest is a huge maze, which is the Holy Cathedral of the Hibernator of Milos, the Frost Giant. I suddenly remembered, this is not a glacier, but the outer wall of the Holy Cathedral of the Hibernator......"

"These magical creatures ...... are coming from inside the Cathedral."

"What!?" Alea finally heard the conversation between the two, "You mean, these monsters reside here? This is their lair?" This news, which would have made people frown, made him sound happy instead, "Commander, you mean that the magical creatures we see here did not arrive here first, but are wild, so they have nothing to do with that silver monster?"

It sounded as if he was relieved to not have to deal with that silver monster.

But unfortunately Freya obviously did not think so, the hunch had gradually became reality, and at this moment the chaos in her mind became a thousand times clearer.

She raised her head and looked at the three: "I was wondering, if these magical creatures came from here, which then, where did that silver monster come from?"

Brund and Alea's faces suddenly changed, and even Maynild raised her eyebrow.

And it was at this moment that a sharp laugh interrupted Freya's words.

"Indeed the descendant of the War Goddess, so sharp." 

Freya suddenly widened her eyes and shouted, "Watch out, Brund, behind you!"