The Amber Sword - v4c142p1

After crossing the entire glacier, the King of the Frost Devourer, Frost Teeth, had yet to appear. Only some Frost Souls were seen in the snow, which was Undead creatures that generate from haunting souls of travelers frozen to death under the glacier. They were similar to ghosts but looked like the ice demon from the snowy forest. Fortunately, they were not considered strong so the little female dragon, Brendel, and Veronica could easily dispatch them without the Ash Sword Saint’s involvement. Of course, Ciel and the other three managed to get quite some Experience. 

In this large copy, these small demons had substantial Experience and Drops, but unfortunately getting the Elapsed Pointer today made Brendel lose his reputation. None of the Frost Souls had dropped one good thing, not even a high-level white piece. Brendel felt numb. It would be worth it if we could get even one set of the Elapsed Pointer, then losing some reputation wouldn’t hurt. This is so unfair.

After passing through the glacier, through a hidden cave in the valley, the team entered the mountains again. Under Brendel’s guidance, the crowd turned into a long manmade corridor, as if suddenly a spectacular scene appeared in front of them. 

The Holy Cathedral was so majestic as if sandwiched in the mountains independently supporting the glaciers on both sides like a giant; when people made their way out of this narrow walkway, they would feel as insignificant as dust.
Everyone exclaimed, even Brendel who had read the description in the Strategy was amazed. This was the Eternal Extinction Square, and beyond that was the Spiral Hall. It was a creation of civilization from the last era. The Square still echoed the war's tragic screaming, and then everything fell silent, leaving only the silence of a million years later.
"What is that?" The young prince, who didn't know when he had come to the front, asked as he stared curiously at the group of ghostly blue balls of light swimming in the Square below.
"The Icy Breath."

Those were the Revitalizing Magic awakened by the Dark Magic from the ancient battlefield, but the number was somewhat alarming. From this end of the Square to that end, there were at least a thousand of them, spread out in all directions like stars in the night sky. Veronica saw this scene and felt that it was going to be difficult, as this kind of ancient Revitalizing Magic was quite difficult to deal with. It would be easy to deal with if there were only a few dozen of them, but there were thousands of them. Even if she and the Ash Sword Saints had gone out together, along with the little female dragon or Brendel, they would still not be able to cope with the situation.
"Should we Cielge directly?" She inhaled a deep breath. This scene right now also proved the tragedy of that ancient battle, how intensive the magic outbreak needed to be to cause so much Revitalizing Magic to converge here thousands of years later. There was another ancient battlefield in Vaunte, where the battle between the Four Wise Men and the Darkness Dragon broke out. Nowadays, it was called the Dead Land, where a large number of Revitalizing Magic was active; but the amount was not as outrageous as how it was here now, the battlefield was more than 10 miles long with only hundreds of Revitalizing Magic roaming around, unlike here...... Veronica couldn't help but shake her head, "I'm afraid this will take days to clear up."
"We don't have that much time, behind us is the Spiral Hall, by this time Arreck and the others should be close, we have to get a step ahead of them." Brendel immediately replied, "I'll distract these things, I'll give you the signal later, you all cross the Square."
 "No way!" Brendel was slightly stunned and looked back, but found that it was the little female dragon and Medissa who spoke against him. The little female dragon looked at him from up to down and replied with some dissatisfaction, "You are my toy, before you make any decisions yourself, shouldn't you first consult your master?"

Medissa was more worried, "Lord, your status is different now, there is no need to risk your life. As a superior, you need to learn how to act as a superior."
Brendel raised his eyebrows. How's this line so familiar? He looked at the little Silver Elf Princess and asked, "What else did Amandina say to you?"
The Silver Elf Princess face was tentatively red, stammering, she said, "No, no... these words are from me. "
Brendel looked at the red-faced Medissa and found it funny because he had never seen this side of her. He was about to relieve the other party when Veronica voiced out her opinion which was similar to Medissa, "Brendel, you are not considered the strongest among us, the princess is right, leave it to me or Mephisto."
Brendel shrugged, directly ignoring the little female dragon's nonsense. While for Veronica, he had his own opinions on the issue. In fact, it wasn't as dangerous as they imagined; attracting monsters was something so common that it would be impossible for a professional to not know this. 
This was a necessary means. Although Brendel had not personally tried, he would still know how.

By saying this it did not mean that Mephisto and Veronica couldn’t learn this skill, it was not something difficult after all. The problem was that a prerequisite was required, which was to be familiar with the terrain. Out of all the people present, only Brendel was barely competent enough for these conditions. There was no room for error. Once surrounded by all the Icy Breath, even Mephisto would not be able to escape easily. Nobody wanted war. As Veronica had said, a war like this would last for more than a few days.

So he finally shook his head, “Lord Veronica, teacher, luring these monsters away isn’t hard, but do you know where to lead them to? I know because I’m more familiar with this place than you guys. Let me give it a try first, I will think of a way to retreat if it gets tough.”

“How will you retreat?” Brendel’s perfunctory manner obviously could not be hidden from this Kirrlutzian Army Chief.

“Uh……” This wasn’t a good lie to tell. Brendel hesitated for a moment before answering, “I’m not sure yet, I’ll think of a way.”

Veronica stared at him suspiciously.

 Brendel sighed and explained, “Lord Veronica, please don’t worry. Do I look like someone reckless? Well, for the sake of Aouine I might be, but in terms of working for you Kirrluztians, I’m still not sublime enough to do that. So please believe in me, okay?”

This statement convinced the female chief. Although it sounded less pleasant that even Lenarette who was behind, snorted, thinking that Brendel was being narcissistic. Did the Kirrlutzians even ask the Aouines for help? Veronica looked at him and replied somewhat coldly, “That’s true. A little slick like you can’t be compared to those who boast about sacrifice, although you often put on such a compulsive face.”

Brendel laughed bitterly at this, he knew Veronica was talking about what happened in the Loop of Trade Winds. But at that time he didn’t bother to sacrifice himself for Druid or the Tree Elves, he just wanted to find a way out of the desperate situation. He looked back and saw most of the Kirrlutzians who were unfamiliar with this in bewilderment, while several of his own men were snickering, especially the Silver Elf Princess. 

But in any case, Veronica finally did not object.

He turned back again, and his teacher, the Ash Sword saint, still didn’t say a word but only gave him a slight nod as he replied indifferently, "Since this is what you asked for, be careful and take the opportunity to hone yourself. It's good for you." Brendel raised his eyebrows. His teacher was admittedly also a strange person. Perhaps killing thousands of demons was nothing to him, after all, he was someone who was able to kill a way out from the core area of the Kirrlutz Empire under siege.
This was naturally incomparable, to know that those who participated in the siege were not lacking Veronica’s level. Comparing to these people, the Icy Breath was just like a pet dog.

He shook his head and he thought of this. He then gestured to his Mage squire not far away, “Ciel, you come with me.”

Luring monsters was a skilled job. Although it can be completed by a single person, his current strength was still not entirely sufficient to do so. But things would be different with the help of a Mage. The key was that Ciel was summoned by him,  so if in danger, he could replace Ciel any time. But if he brought others, they would more or less be in the way instead of being helpful during critical moments. And the main reason was that he was not willing to let Veronica find out the little secrets of his.

Facing his Lord’s summons, all Ciel could do was sigh. He wrung his hands as if it was expected. It was going to be hard work anyway, that certainly meant he would be needed.

“Lord, I did not owe you anything in my last life, right?”

“That’s hard to say, but I think I probably owe someone.” Brendel replied.


 The young Mage turned back, only to find that Brendel had only taken one step out when someone yanked on his coat. Brendel turned back helplessly and was met with Scarlet's bright and somewhat worried eyes, "Wait for me here, Scarlet, I'll be right back. Oh, no, I mean we'll rendezvous on the other side right away, okay?" Brendel felt that the phrase ‘I’ll be right back’ to be odd. Why would he come back here? So he hurriedly changed his words.
However, the red-haired girl looked at him and shook her head seriously.
That meant 'not good'.