The Amber Sword - v4c142p2

    The effective range of the Ice Breath was about thirty feet, the Revitalizing Magic was poorly perceived, and his level was theoretically a little higher than the entry level of the Holy Cathedral of the Sleeper. That was why Brendel approached about twenty-five feet or so before stopping. Ciel was also behind; the Mage's sneaking ability was far inferior to the Warrior class occupations, let alone compared with the Night Swallows. But magic could solve this trouble, he used a Law of sound absorption to eliminate the sound of his footsteps completely, so his footsteps now sounded a bit lighter than Brendel's.
    The next was Scarlet. Brendel could not convince this mountain girl, so he had to let her follow. Fortunately, Scarlet was not weak, and she had Dragon blood.  It would be hard for her if she had to conceal noise in front of scouting magic creatures, but in the face of Icy Breath, the half-deaf, half-blind thing, it was not a problem for her.

   But Brendel looked back again and saw the two sneaky faces of Aloz and Shitah.
    "What are you doing here?" Brendel glared at them without good grace.
    "Afraid I'll lose my toys." Aloz replied rightfully.
    "She forced me to come along." Shitah replied helplessly.
    Brendel was a bit speechless. If he had known, he might as well have brought everyone along to break the siege. It's a nightmare to lure the monsters together with all these four or five people. He could only gesture furiously at Aloz, "Listen to my command later."
    "What kind of attitude is that!" The little female dragon seemed to be very dissatisfied, but after squirming for a moment she added, "...but if it makes sense, I'll consider it."

    Brendel snorted softly, hiding behind the first pillar and pointing to the other side and said, "Look over there, the Icy Breath's attack in ray form, the range is about one hundred and twenty feet, their way of moving is flying, moving speed is about fifteen feet per second. We have five chances to avoid them through the pillar, so their own speed can not reach more than twelve feet per second, so be good and retreat."
    With that, he turned back to look at the others.
    But Aloz looked at him as if Brendel was an idiot, "What are you looking at?"
    "I'm asking a question." Brendel replied.
    "Are you an idiot? We are Dragons." The little female dragon replied impatiently, "We can walk faster than you can run."
    "Him too?" Brendel pointed at the little fatty beside Aloz.
    "Lord, although I don't like sports much, I'm still faster than you anyhow." Shitah replied in a jarred voice as he rubbed his tummy.
    Brendel couldn't help but rub his face, feeling a little blundered. Giant Dragons, as a Golden Race and a combat-oriented race, were naturally physically competent. He knew that of course, but he asked the question out of habit of being the head of the army. He looked at Scarlet again, but the mountain maiden did not answer. She had half of the Dragon's bloodline, so there was no need to say more. He then shifted his gaze to Ciel.
    "Lord, I have the Dimension Gate." The Mage squire deliberated for a moment and replied with a smile.
    "So, I’m still the slowest?" Brendel instantly felt a little embarrassed.
    "Well, kinda..." Ciel looked at the others- Aloz and Shitah were huge Dragons, Scarlet could be said to be half-Dragon, and he himself had magic, so yes, it seemed that indeed the Lord was the weakest.
    "How about that, little Brendel?" Aloz seemed to be very happy to see Brendel embarrassed and giggled, "Now you understand that we are here to help you. Without my help, I'm afraid it’d be very difficult for you to complete this task, which isn't the primary concern here. If you are taken out by these flies, my hard-earned toy will be gone, that would be unpleasant."
    Brendel knew that this little female dragon was deliberately working against him, as if she had been holding a grudge since she knew that he had given the Golden Apple to Scarlet, but his mind raced and suddenly he had a plan, "Aloz, how about we make a bet?"
    "A bet?" The little female dragon narrowed her eyes and subconsciously got a little wary.
    "Well, what I'm trying to say is that it's not as easy as you think to lure these monsters away so that the others can get through. If you guys think that just being fast enough is enough, that's a big mistake, and I can tell you that even with speed, you can't match me here." Brendel replied, "So with that said, I suggest you and Shitah would be better off going back and moving with the others, leaving this job to the professional."
    "Don't come at me like that, I'm not going to be provoked by you," Aloz grunted, "but how do you want to bet?"
    Brendel secretly laughed, this little female dragon was obviously thinking differently than what she said. He certainly knew this. He hastily replied, "I told you, it's a race of speed, to see who reaches the finish line first."
    "Competing with the Dragons for speed," Aloz's eyes widened, "are you crazy?"
    Brendel nodded seriously, "The loser will have to unconditionally agree to one condition for the victor."
    "Condition?" Aloz was slightly stunned, she covered her chest with both arms, and with a red face she angrily shouted, "What are you trying to do?! Shameless!"

    What the fuck are you thinking about? Brendel almost yelled at the little female dragon's reaction. He hurriedly put up a finger, gesturing for silence, and then probed out to look. Fortunately, the roaming Icy Breath outside didn't seem to notice them in the slightest, owning up to being called half deaf and half blind. He let out a sigh of relief and turned back to Aloz, reprimanding her in an annoyed tone, "Are you crazy? Do you want to die here?"
    Aloz looked at him with hatred, showing her sharp teeth and argued, "Who told you to make such a shameful request?"
    "Shameful request?!" Brendel suddenly saw the odd expressions of Ciel and Shitah, as well as Scarlet, who was blushing too. He simply wanted to strangle this stupid little female dragon to death, "I mean, if I win, you have to give me the real Heart of the Dragon." Brendel paused when he said this, after all, the Heart of the Dragon was a secret treasure of the Dragon Race, and he didn't know how valuable that thing really was to the Dragons.
    It's just that Princess Magadal had to rely on the Heart of the Dragon to recover, so he was in a hurry to come up with this solution.
    Sure enough, just as he spoke, Shitah hurriedly shook his head, "The Heart of the Dragon is mine!" But unfortunately, Aloz gave him a suspicious look and asked, "Just this? Then okay, I promise."
    "Sister Aloz!" The little fat dragon's eyes widened.
    "It's okay, you participate in the bet as well." Aloz tapped her cheap brother on the shoulder and replied with a big grin, "This way if he loses, he will owe us one request."
    "And that's how it works?" Ciel's jaw dropped, and he hurriedly raised his hand, "Then I'll join in too."

    Brendel looked at them coldly. Watching his young Mage squire seeking his own death, he couldn't help but sneer in his heart. With some curiosity, he asked, "What kind of bet do you want?" The reason was that in Brendel's usual impression, Ciel seemed to be the kind with indifferent and nonchalant nature- except for the necessary magic research, he seemed to have no other desire.
    "It's not about that, it's just that I think it's cool, isn't it? Think about it, your master owes you a request, it's filthy and unreasonable." Ciel couldn't help but raised his eyebrows and replied with a naughty grin.
    "What the fuck." Brendel had nothing to say to such an odd idea from his squire.
    Then he looked back, only to see that Scarlet, who was blushing, raised her hand as well.
    "You're in too?"
    "The fuck!" For a moment, a thought involuntarily came to Brendel's mind.
    This was indeed very filthy and unreasonable.