The Amber Sword - v4c144p2

“You know me?" Freya was startled and asked.

But the voice did not answer. Freya was nervous and curious, extremely worried about Brendel, Maynild and the young prince's safety. But she was not sure where she was. She waited for a while, seeing that the voice had no intention of continuing to speak, she lowered her body to pass through the small door in the ice wall. The thick ice wall was about ten feet, and after passing through the small door, she suddenly felt a bright light in front of her eyes, and the temperature around her rose a few degrees. Instead of the previous cold in the valley, there was an air of warmth.

Freya looked up in surprise and found that behind the ice wall was a very pleasant room, just like the furnishings of the nobleman's study she had seen in Ampere Seale, with a table, a high-backed chair, a bookshelf, and a fireplace with a thick carpet on the floor and a bright flame burning in the fireplace, a bookshelf full of books, a silver candlestick and a dinner plate on the table. The table was filled with food of all colors, and the food was steaming as if it had just been brought out of the oven.
The room was empty, but someone automatically pulled out a chair for Freya and put a plate, knife, and fork on the table, as if inviting her to take a seat. "Please sit down." The voice sounded once again and said so.
Freya knew that if she didn't do what she was told, the voice would ignore her again, she hesitated but sat down eventually. Immediately a white porcelain teacup automatically flew down from a nearby shelf and was placed in front of her, and then the silver teapot on the table seemed to be lifted by an invisible hand as it was tilted slightly to pour her tea.
The tea was a beautiful red, like onyx in a cup.

Freya was a little nervous, she put her hands on her knees, suddenly remembering what she had learned in etiquette class, and subconsciously said, "Thank you."
The voice looked like it could see the restraint of the girl from the countryside of Bucce and couldn't help but laugh.
"No need to be nervous," he said, "no need to be nervous, it's been a long time since we've had hospitality here."
Freya inhaled gently. She did not know what it meant that there had not been guests for a long time. Does he mean that there had been guests here, or does he mean something else? She asked, full of doubt, "Hello, are you the owner of this place, are you the one who saved me?"
"This question, we will discuss about it later, taste my tea first." The voice replied gently.
In a completely strange place to drink something of unknown origin was not a wise thing to do, but Freya felt that the other party had no need to do more than that. She hesitated, but still held up the white porcelain tea cup, and gently took a sip. The black tea was very delicious; it had a thick milk flavor that seemed to relieve the body after entering one's mouth. Even the aches and pains caused by sleeping in the snow disappeared in an instant, but she didn't felt like enjoying tea, so she just took a sip and put down the cup with heavy hands.
"How is it?" The voice asked.

"Well, very well, thanks for the hospitality." Freya replied, weighing her words.
"You're worried?"

Freya was no fool, she could now confirm that the other party was the master of this place.
"Because I don't know what kind of place this is, and I'm confused."
"It's just a 'place' because it's not fundamentally different from other 'places', and if you consider this seriously, you'll see that it doesn't matter to you, right? " the voice replied.
Freya found this statement odd, but couldn't say that it was wrong; her real concern wasn't really where she was, but how far away she was from Brendel and Maynild. She nodded honestly, "Yes, I am worried about my companions, with whom I have gotten lost. I'm sorry, I'm not saying this to cause you any trouble, it's just that... can you help me get out of here?"
She paused for a moment, "...... or, or you can instruct the goblins."
"There is no need to hurry," the voice said, "Miss Freya, there is no need to hurry, I have led each of you to this place because I want you to do me a favor."
"You are the one who has been guiding us?" Freya remembered the stag that she had seen outside the door, so she believed a little, "But who are you, and what kind of favor can we do for you?"
“My power is already very weak, but it is not difficult to lead you to this place, because I know the purpose of your visit, so I just need to tell you the direction." The voice laughed, "Long story short, after all, I'm running out of time, so, I'll first introduce myself. My name is Milondal, as the Kirrlutzians call it- it's Milos."
‘Clang!’ The teacup in Freya’ hand fell onto the trap, and she did not even notice that her tea had spilled onto the tablecloth. 

Snapping, the teacup in Freya's hand fell onto the tray, and she was unaware of even the spill of tea on the tablecloth. Before coming here, she had never even heard of this name, but soon, the name was engraved into her memory like the glaciers and frosts of this forest, and Brendel's words echoed in her mind over and over again, shaking her to the core.
"You, you, you ......"
"You guessed correctly, I am none other than the first Frost Giant in this world, they honor me as a father, you humans call me a god, I accept all of these names one by one, because I am precisely qualified to do so."
 "But ......" Freya wanted to say but since the stars fell to earth, the gods have long since departed from this world, and legend had it that they went far away with the Twilight Dragon, never to return. And although many shrines to them had been built in Vaunte to commemorate that gods and people co-existed in the era, everyone understood that the era of mortals had long since come. But she could not say a word, she was stunned by what she heard.
"Are you confused?" The voice, as if it knew what was on her mind.
Freya managed to calm herself down and nodded her head.

"Actually, there is no need to be so surprised, Milos perished long ago, and I am just a myth left behind by a great will."

"People's thoughts will repeatedly haunt the questions they most wanted to unravel during their lifetime, and such myths will occasionally become ghost-like, but if your own existence is too strong, such thoughts will become as if they are substantial, just like an existence like me." The voice replied gently.

"Are you saying that something is bothering you? But aren't gods supposed to be omniscient?"
"Perhaps only Lord Marsha can be omniscient, we just think more than you do, but my myths have nothing to do with you, they are just mediocre. But today I want you to do me a favor, Freya, this matter concerns not only, you, but also your companions, and the young master of Valhalla. I know him, don't I?"
"Brendel?" Freya was so shocked she almost stood up.
The voice didn't answer, but Freya had the odd feeling that the other man had nodded silently.
"What do you want me to do for you?" Freya could only ask cautiously, although she felt that this must be some mistake. How could she solve a problem that even the gods were troubled by?
There was a moment of silence in the room.
"I want you to stop me from resurrecting."
It was only after a long time that the voice spoke slowly.
"What!" Freya seemed to be electrocuted as she bounced up from the chair. She felt as if she had heard the most ridiculous thing since she was born, her face full of unconcealed shock, "What did you say?!"
"Stop my resurrection, Freya."
"That great will is gradually awakening from the darkness, and you do not understand what will happen, but it is an ill fate for all of Vaunte. The age of the gods is over, it has nothing to do with the myth, I do not know the answer to that question, but the knight of Azure Lance has given you an answer, and that answer can no longer be rewritten, Freya."