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Brendel finally lured the two gigantic Revitalizing Curses. Countless light rays floated from the Revitalizing Curses, making them look like stars from the dwarf planet category- gravity could no longer bound the burning gas around the stars, the inner layer started to crumble, and the burning hot atmosphere started to expand tremendously. Those two light balls were almost as big as half of the Square as they expanded, and a bright blue line shone from within their body.

The gap between the two gigantic Revitalizing Curses was only as wide as a carriage, and the gap was quickly becoming smaller. Brendel was crazily increasing speed, attempting to pass through in between before it closes. He activated Dash, leaped from the ground, and that long pathway seemed to be just upon an arm’s reach. But it was at this moment, that a fluid-like light floated from the Revitalizing Curses’ body, and dashed at Brendel as it spun like a ring around a planet.

At this moment, countless winding Lines of Laws stretched from the side of Brendel’s body, advanced in front, and created two firm light walls. The fluid-like light rays crashed into the light wall, causing the Lines of Laws to tremble and shone blindingly bright. That was when a shadow appeared from Brendel’s body, the light walls crumbled and were consumed by all the light around. But Brendel had already landed on the ground and as he looked back, the Revitalizing Curses were just behind him, countless Icy Breaths that were chasing after him crashed into the sun-like light balls, like moths flying into a fire, forming light patches on the ball of light, then they vanished. [Note: Moths flying into a fire (Chinese idiom) = finding one’s own death]. 

Brendel stopped for a moment, kept his sword, then ran towards the eastern exit.

At the south, the changes in the entire Eternal Extinction Square could be clearly seen. The Kirrlutzian nobles were surprised and afraid at the same time; surprised by Brendel’s capability and afraid because of their previous arrogance. Lenarette was frowning in silence while Veronica raised her eyebrows. They never expected Brendel to attract these monsters just like that; if they were put into this position, they would have to give more than a second thought on how to accomplish this.

“I didn’t know that Lord Count was capable of this…” Shido was amused as she muttered.

“That’s just a technique.” Veronica shook her head after she replied. It was indeed a technique, but what really mattered was how much would it take one could figure out the shortcomings of the thousands of magical creatures. Well, she couldn’t do that. It was only after she saw how Brendel was dashing through the gaps in the sea of monsters that she followed him to find the safest route, but she still didn’t know if that route was the only one or it was one among many others. No matter which one it was, she would be amused. If it was the previous, she couldn’t imagine how Brendel found it in a flash of lightning; if it was the latter, it would mean that Brendel could see beyond the sea of monsters while she needed a bunch of time to figure out just one of the routes.

Veronica looked towards the north of the Square in confusion. Although she was unwilling to admit this, the intelligence of that young man was indeed amusing that it made her feel uneasy. That young man was an Aouine, and he was the most persistent Aouine she had ever seen. The female chief looked down, thinking that it would be great if there were young Kirrlutzian men who were as capable. That way, when compared to Brendel, he would become insignificant.

“If only there were young men like this in Kirrlutz.” She said as she shook her head.

But of course, Brendel did not expect Veronica to misunderstand his actions and therefore, had overestimated his capability. In truth, the Icy Breaths that were like rushing waters left him with no time to think, he was starting to feel that the problem was getting hard to deal with.

In his eyes, the Square gradually became a promenade that led to an unknown place. It should be the Promenade of Meditation towards this direction, which was the exit of the central maze and an infamous area in the Holy Cathedral of the Sleep. If he remembered correctly, there should be a hall not far away ahead that should not be a lot smaller than the Eternal Extinction Square with no roaming monsters. It was almost a natural place to rest and vacate, so Brendel was planning to change directions there. But the problem was that this time he attracted too many monsters. Before him, there was no one who dared to attract all the Icy Breaths and both the two gigantic Revitalizing Curses here.

It would be harder to change directions with more monsters. He definitely did not want to turn back and dive into the monsters. After giving in some thought, he could not find a logical way to avoid them; Although the bet had ended so he would not be considered cheating, he still did not want to use the Elapsed Pointer because it would cost him his Experience, especially when he just Activated his Elemental Power. It wouldn’t be fun if he downgraded.

But it was as if Marsha was standing on his side again this time, just when he couldn’t find a clue, some light suddenly appeared amidst the pitch blackness. Brendel’s heart moved slightly. Obviously, there couldn’t be players down here in this underground, and Black Fire cultists would not enter the Holy Cathedral of Sleep at this time of the year either. The only ones moving in this Holy Cathedral, besides them, could only be Arreck and the members of All For One. But no one knew who was coming their way, could it be Arreck himself? But no matter who it was going to be,  it was enough for Brendel.

He immediately had an idea.


After receiving Arreck's order, Devard led the knights in black robes to patrol along the long hall, which was in a different direction from the Promenade of Meditation. The black hall was empty, with long arched windows embedded in the walls, and they looked as tiny as ants when they passed these giant arched windows. The windows were made of glaciers that had been around since who knew when, and the eerie blue light came out from behind the ice walls, streaking through the hall.

Just a few minutes ago, they turned at a corner and saw such a spectacular view. But as to what this place was, and what this hall was called, no one knew. The group advanced slowly, walking through light and shadow, the sound of footsteps intertwining into constant hollow echoes from the other end of the hall, the kind of sound that rumbled and reverberated in a wide yet enclosed space. After only a few moments, a black-robed knight suddenly stopped and called out, "What's that!?"
 Everyone followed his gaze, only to see a sudden surge of light in the darkness that was gradually brightening, like some glowing-haired beast waving its tentacles that emerged from behind the corner in front. The tentacles slowly extended forward, and then its body appeared in the vision of Devard and the group of knights behind him. Everyone's eyes widened. They saw two huge balls of light occupying the space of the promenade one after the other and were pressing towards this direction.
"It's the Revitalizing Curses!" Devard was quite knowledgeable and recognized the other party at once, but he had never heard of such big Revitalizing Curses. He looked back and saw that the knight beside him had panicked in drawing his sword, so he hurriedly struck off the knight's sword from his hand and yelled to him, "What are you doing?! Run!"
Most of the Revitalizing Curses were formed by tier three to tier nine spells, and Revitalizing Curses that were more than tier nine were generally called Wandering Magic. Because they were composed of pure and powerful spells, except for spells that disarm and spell dismantle, any spell would have a healing effect on Wandering Magic. The Revitalizing Curse were all without material existence and was only in the form of energy. The physical attacks of the mortal world could only cause very limited damage to them, so Wandering Magic, although its not as strong as Elemental Activation, it was one of the most terrifying monsters among the Gold Peak. 
The two in front of them could no longer be called Wandering Magic. Even though Devard had only seen Revitalizing Curses twice in his life, he recognized it at first glance because it was the Lord of Wandering Magic of more than ten tiers, without the slightest falsification of Elemental Rank.

Only a Mage and the same-level Mage hunters could confront it. Swordsmen like them or All For One's black-robed knights would be insignificant despite their numbers. "Run, let's split up, there are just two of them, some of us should be able to get back to the Duke." Devard immediately yelled to the others.
Only then did the black-robed knights came back to their senses and hurriedly scattered and retreated. But just as Devard spoke, more countless stars emerged from the darkness again. "My Lord, look over there!" Someone shouted out in alarm. In fact, without the other black-robed knights' reminders, Devard had already seen what was happening- countless Icy Breaths were surfacing in the darkness, just like a sudden monster wave.
    "How is it possible!" Devard's first reaction was thinking that they had inadvertently activated some kind of trap, otherwise, how could these Revitalizing Curses in the Holy Cathedral riot for no reason and come straight at them. That was until someone next to him warned him. "Someone's here!" The knight on his left suddenly shouted out, "Someone is leading them here!"
The Highlander's Hawk was slightly stunned before processing the words. He then immediately looked in that direction and became extremely furious.
"It's you!"