The Amber Sword - v4c148

When the battle began, the black-robed knights around Anrek spread out, occupying the long bridges on both sides, so Brando had to cross one of the lines of defence to sneak up on him. The good thing was that this wasn't a problem for Brando, who had a Concealment Cloak and flew over the crowd directly. The little female dragon found this thrilling and exciting that she asked with great interest, "I didn’t know this cloak was so interesting, otherwise I would have asked William for it. Brando, I’ll borrow it to play with for two days, okay?"
"No." Brando had always been reluctant to accept deals that wouldn’t benefit him.

"Petty."  The reasonable request was refused, at least, it was reasonable to Aloz's. She immediately pulled a fierce face, revealing her snow-white teeth; after a glance, she found Brando still holding her wrist and not letting go. The little female dragon took a bite without hesitation.
"Tsk-" Brando inhaled and hissed in pain. Even though his skin was as hard as steel, those were Dragon teeth. Does she think she's a dog??? He turned his head back in disgust, but did not expect Aloz to lie on his back and bite his neck this time. Brando's face turned pale at once, and he grabbed Aloz's wrist, yanking her over. He was about to lash out at her when he saw Aloz staring at him with her golden eyes and pouting, looking like she was about to cry.
Brando paused. He was confused until he remembered that Aloz was just a little girl after all, even though she acted like a devil most of the time. Based on the age of Dragons, she was just equivalent to a 12 year old girl in human age. Brando was sweating at this thought, feeling guilty for almost making her cry with his strong grip. They were currently on a battlefield, so he stared at her, hinting her not to cry. Though Buni's Concealment Cloak could cover them, it wasn't as powerful as how it's usually shown in movies.
"You're hurting me." Aloz pulled her arm back as she said softly.
Brando even in the deepest nightmares had never imagined such a side of the little female dragon. He thought for a moment, and realized that he really did not seem to have a talent for coaxing girls. If it was Freya, then it might have been better as she could be talked out with reason, but when faced with an unreasonable little girl like Aloz, he was at his wits' end. He was stumped for almost a second before he came out with, "I'm sorry."
"No one has ever been so mean to me!" Aloz looked at him with red eyes. 

Oh fuck. Brando realized that she was doing what girls do best - flirting. He had no other choice though, as they had crossed the last bridge and was only twenty meters away from Anrek, who was surrounded by black-robed knights. He should think about how to strike to catch the old man off guard, rather than here to coax the little girl.
This was really the most sinister situation ever, Brando thought. He could bet that if he didn't put Aloz at ease, the little female dragon would make a big fuss later on, and it would be a big deal if she wasn't calmed down, not to mention raiding Anrek.
Brando looked at Aloz, certainly knowing what the little female dragon wanted  just by looking at her red eyes that were fixed on the cloak in his hands. Brando gritted his teeth and said softly, "it's okay, don't cry, I'll lend you the cloak later, okay?"
"What do you mean it's okay?" Aloz was still teary-eyed, but very despising frowning, " You don't even know how to coax a girl, can't you be more gentle? Don't try to brush me off, try again."
The heck? Brando grew frustrated as he looked in the direction of Anrek, and immediately snapped, "Be grateful, or I will have to die with you."
Aloz gave a soft 'hmph' as she fiddled with her blonde curls. The light golden eyes underneath her hanging long lashes glanced at him- 'I'm not afraid of dying with you.' She continued complaining, "Hmph, you're rude as hell, not a gentleman at all. I don't understand what Amandina likes about you, don't think no one knows about the things you did in Anrek, you sure know how to bully women."
Brando's eyes widened, "What did I do?"
"Like forcibly kissing that human princess."
"Stop!" Brando hurriedly begged for mercy, he finally realized that this little female dragon's voyeuristic fetish had not been here since a day or two. He thought she arrived at the end of the war in Ampere Seale, it turned out that she had already been around since earlier on. But the little female dragon's words finally hit his soft spot, and he was now the most reluctant to talk about the impulse of that night. Even until now sometimes Her Highness still looked at him differently, so one could imagine how his actions had impacted her at that time. In fact, when he thought about it now, he sometimes wanted to bury his head underground and forget about it, he hurriedly begged for forgiveness, "Stop, stop, I was wrong, I'm sorry, okay?" 

"Hehehe, it seems that you still care about this matter," Aloz finally broke into a smile, she promised, "Don't worry, just lend me the cloak to play with, I will return it to you in two days. And later I will help you to beat Anrek up hard." She also tip-toed and patted Brando's shoulder. 
Brando directly ignored the first half of the little female dragon's sentence because the last time she borrowed Scarlet's Azure Lance to play, the Bugas had to send three Mage chiefs, William, Logar and Ajaniand Tulaman, a former Mage chief, to get the Azure Lance back, in which numerous humiliating treaties were signed. Only a simple-thinking girl like Scarlet would think of lending the Dragons something. for which she was complained by the Bugas for a long time. 
But about beating Arreck up hard, Brando thought that he had nothing to do with Arreck. Their grudge was settled in the battle of Ampere Seale, and now they were just here to beat up some losers. The real victim this time was the Kirrlutzians, and Brando was just doing his job. So if the victims didn't demand anything, why would he go and beat Arreck up? Brando just couldn't understand the little female dragon's logic. 

But the little female dragon's next sentence immediately left him in a mess. 
"I know you like the mixed-blood princess, right? How dare the old man steal the marriage from you! Even though I can not bear this sight, he deserves to be beaten up." Aloz licked her lips with her little tongue, both her lips and eyes also glistening, and violence could be seen from within her gaze.

Brando, however, almost spit out a mouthful of blood. He hurried to stop the little female dragon from speaking, or even he would not know the consequences of this.  In fact, he had seen Veronica looking around the hall in mid-air, obviously looking for him and Aloz to see why they had not appeared by now.

Brando, however, almost spit out a mouthful of blood. What the hell is this. He hurriedly stopped the little female dragon from continuing, otherwise there was no telling what would come out from her mouth next. In fact, he saw Veronica looking around the hall in mid-air. Needless to say, she was obviously looking for him and Aloz and wondering why they hadn't shown up by now. 

Brando raised a finger, signaling Aloz to keep quiet. They had both actually flown over Anrek's head at this time, and the Duke was surrounded by black-robed knights who were very heavily guarded. Brando looked left and right and he figured that he could only get behind him. But behind Anrek stood a figure dressed in black robe, neither looking like a knight nor like a cultist. Brando did not dare not confirm the background of that person, but if Anrek dared to let this person protect him from behind, Anrek clearly had great trust in his ability and so, Brando thought that he had at least the strength of Elemental Activation.
"Can you see through that guy's capability?" Brando looked at him for half a day and still had no clue, but Buni's Concealment Cloak would only remain effective for ten more seconds or so. Brando could only turn back and hope to rely on the little female dragon's ability.
"That's weird."
"I smell our scent on that guy." Aloz said so as she sniffed, and then frowned.
"You guys? You mean that's a Dragon?" Brando was startled and was glad he hadn't rushed into it yet.
"What? I didn't say that," the little female dragon rolled her eyes at him, "I mean he smells like us, but this smell is unfamiliar to me, at least I haven't smelled it before. If he really is a Dragon, he must be from another continent." She thought about it, and then wrinkled her nose with disdain and added, "Of course, not only Dragons have the Dragon bloodline flowing in them, we also have some inferior distant relatives, it could be those things. But in any case, you need to confirm yourself."
"You might as well not say anything then." Brando saw Aloz showing her sharp teeth again, rushing to a stop, "Stop. If you want to take a bite you bite all you want later, but not now. Later I'll take a shot at Anrek, you help me deal with that strange guy behind."
"No, what if it's a Dragon? I don't want to take a shot at one of my own." Aloz shook her head.

"Okay, then you go deal with Anrek, I'll help you deal with that strange guy." Brando thought about it for a while and thought that this was also more feasible, although the little female dragon was not very reliable, she was still much stronger than him. But he saw how Aloz looked like she was delighted. He didn't know what was going through her mind again.

There were three seconds left on the cloak.