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But for Brendel, he was very much against the Holy Cathedral of Fire. Most of the players were almost the same as him; in their opinion, Aouine was Aouine, Kirrlutz was Kirrlutz, the concept of countries would then be much clearer for the players.
But he couldn't tell Arreck these reasons, so he glanced at the Duke with some contempt and didn't reply.
But it seemed like Arreck had gotten the wrong idea. He shook his head and said, "It's normal for young people to admire power, and I can understand the idea that you'd rather be the head of a chicken than the tail of a cow. But what is in it for you if you become the king of Aouine? The praises you'd receive wouldn't be a lot more than now, people may fear you, but that's because of the power in your hands and not you. Until the end of time, it's all going to turn into dust. I think you should look farther, there's something called truth in this world."
Brendel felt a little dizzy. How dare this guy try to convert me into a believer of All For One at such a time like this? Unbelievable. However, All For One was somehow attractive to some people in this world, because Vaunted does have some mysterious existence after all On Earth, right and wrong was just a definition of human beings; but here, it was one of the basis for the existence of the Laws - some crazy people pursued these things all their lives, for example, Arreck. But Brendel scoffed at this. He was about to open his mouth and be sarcastic when he heard some weird sounds.

He immediately waved his hand and gestured for Arreck to quiet down, and then warned, "Miss Korfa, stop for a moment."

When all the noises stopped, Brendel finally heard the sound clearly. It was a sound like a creak of a saw sawing wood, or someone plowing through the glacier with an iron plow. At first the sound was soft, but then it suddenly became louder and louder that now even Arreck could hear it. The expression on the Duke’s face changed, “This sounds familiar.” 

Brendel found the sound familiar as well.

The sound had a regular pattern. It advanced a little before it stopped again. Then after a few minutes, it resumed. 

After a while, Korfa ran out from the ice tunnel and said to the two men, “The sound is ahead of us.”

“It’s advancing in our direction?” Brendel asked.

Korfa nodded.

“Can we turn around?” Brendel asked, suddenly getting a bad feeling.

“I'm afraid it's too late, I suppose it came over because it heard us," Korfa replied.

Brendel immediately turned back to look at Arreck. Earlier in the ice cave, the Duke was talking at the top of his voice, forgetting that there might be something under the glacier. Of course, the main problem now was nobody knew what exactly was that thing. Who would know what could be under all this ice? It's still okay if they were a few ferocious magical creatures, but it would be a disaster if they were to meet something unimaginable. They have nowhere to hide or run.

The entire world below Vaunte was a famous hive, below the glaciers was no exception. Even Brendel wasn’t sure about everything down here, he only knew that it was the area after the ninetieth level. 

Thinking about it, he couldn't help but glare at Arreck.

Arreck was so embarrassed he didn’t say a word. He had put himself in shame for who knew how many times in a single day already.

The three of them just stood there for a moment. Arreck suddenly came back to his senses after hearing the sound of ice breaking in the direction ahead of them, as if to make up for his foolishness. “We can make another ice tunnel with a smaller entrance on the other side and hide in it. Magical creatures under the glaciers are generally very large because they need to store fat. I suggest letting Miss Korfa do this, as only she wouldn’t make a sound when doing it.”

Brendel nodded. What Arreck just said was similar to his idea, which had slightly surprised him. Vaunte’s terrain varied, so there were also various types of magical creatures. Arreck seemed to be quite knowledgeable about this.

They hurried back for about 30 or 4 meters, and opened a T-shaped side tunnel and hid in it. Brendel and Arreck had no choice but to huddle together. Brendel fixed the entrance of this tunnel before they hid in it, he made it look like a natural crack, which was a skill he learned in the game. Only him out of the three knew this skill, not even Korfa.

Not long after the three ducked into the side tunnel, they heard a clattering dragging sound from the front. It sounded like the ice was shattering like glass and then collapsed down to the sides,it was so loud that Brendel couldn't help but stammer. The magic creature must be amazingly large, although indeed as Arreck said, most of the magic creatures under the glacier were large in order to reserve fat, but it was rare for something to be this large to this extent. The sound soon came near, the sound of ice peeling off was almost deafening. Brendel was tempted to reach out and see what the hell it was. Well, if he was a player he would have done it. Dying and losing a level wouldn't be a big deal, as a player's curiosity was more important than ranking.

 But now he could only hold back. It was then he saw that Korfa was about to say something.
He was slightly stunned and realized it immediately
He knew what Korfa was going to say.
Two words.
Devourer's Teeth.
Fuck. Brendel finally knew what was out there. It was the damn King of the Devourer's Teeth. All the hair on Brendel's body stood up. The underground of the glacier was basically these creatures' home turf. He had seen the King of the Devourer's Teeth once before in the Spiral Hall, and was impressed by the meat grinder-like teeth. That thing didn't just wake up from eternal sleep like Mayne and Mel and would be in its weak phase, it had been under the glacier for who knew how long and could only be described as terrifying. And the main point was that if it attacked, with a size like that, they wouldn't be able to defend themselves at all. 

Brendel knew that in the game, they had to rely on the ground terrain of the glacier and siege weapons to defeat such monstrous leaders. It was how the game was set.

But under the glacier and being bare-handed, Brendel estimated that they needed at least 10 warriors that had a level of 130 like him to solve the problem. 

Moreover, the underground of the glacier was the best terrain for the Devourer’s Teeth. They have better perception and mobility here compared to on land and Brendel had started to doubt if the thing had noticed their hiding place. But fortunately, Marsha seemed to be on their side, the King of the Devourer’s Teeth had slowly passed through outside the side tunnel and didn’t seem to notice the three small ‘rats’ that were hiding in there. That creature slowly cruised away.

It came to Brendel’s realization that this creature might be heading towards the big glacier outside the Eternal Extinction Square. It must be the period when the King of the Devourer’s Teeth escaped, which then became the famous BOSS in the Holy Cathedral of the Sleep later on. 

But instead of realization, he was filled with fear. 

Beside him was the once undefeatable Duke Arreck, whose face had turned pale.

The three of them heard the creature move further and further away from them. Brendel suddenly thought that it must’ve left a long pit behind, which would save them a lot of work. This pit might lead to the ground at the Spiral Hall, because the Devourer’s Teeth was originally shut in that place.

Brendel was still thinking about it when Korfa suddenly spoke to him again.

What was she saying this time?

Brendel was startled. He looked as Korfa moved her lips, but it was harder to understand her this time.

“Above? What above?” Brendel looked up inexplicably, and his pale turned pale.. He saw a long crack extending across the ceiling above them, revealing a blue icy surface that was gradually turning white- it’s going to collapse. Holy shit. What do they do now? Should they escape or should they stay? If they escaped now, they would walk into the King of the Devourer’s Teeth. 

It’s not something to take lightly, especially if the glacier collapsed and buried them alive.

He was breaking out in a cold sweat as he tried to make a decision. The glacier was cracking faster than he thought, and before he could even say a word, the ice above fell. But what caught him unaware was that it wasn’t thick ice that fell and buried them, but instead just a thin layer of ice followed by a few people from above. 


“That hurts!”

Brendel cried in joy in his heart. It was the voice of the little prince. But before he could express joy his expression changed, he reached out and grabbed the falling boy into his arms and rushed to cover his mouth. The little prince obviously didn’t expect someone else down there and was unexpectedly dragged into Brendel’s arms. Startled, he looked back and exclaimed, “Teacher?! Wooooo!”

It was at this moment.

Brendel felt the King of the Devourer’s Teeth stopped outside. It must’ve noticed some movement. Brendel wrapped his arms around the little prince who was struggling in arms, and he could only feel chills down his spine.

You’re getting your teacher into trouble, little prince!

Brendel helplessly thought in his mind.