The Amber Sword - v4c156p2

Brendel looked up suddenly, and in that instant, he sensed that aura of power that had appeared in Korfa, it's just that this one was more majestic and unrivalled. It was an existential power above the Laws - the power of the gods. Everywhere the ripples passed, the Lines of Law disintegrated, and Brendel watched as the hands on his Pointer hanging on his chest began to slow down, as if time around him once again began to flow.
The Elapsed Pointer wasn't working anymore! 

The wail of the Devourer's Tooth still echoed above the abyss. While he was still falling, Brendel was greatly alarmed as he knew that he might have caught the Awakening God's attention. Only existential power could easily restrain the power of the inferior artifact.
Without even a single second to spare, a loud thud was heard. The Devourer's Tooth had landed heavily on the square's solid ground with him hundreds of feet below, the creature's body that weighed hundreds of tons ripped open. It sounded like cloth being ripped. Blood gushed out from it, revealing the bloody body and flesh underneath. Then it bounced up high and landed heavily once again, making a sound similar to a deflated ball hitting the ground, and fell to the ground like a mass of rotten meat, motionless.
As if a bursting pipe, uncountable blood gushed out of the cracks all over its teared body, forming streams of blood at its side. This once unbeatable magic creature had come to the end of life.
Brendel was in no better condition.

The moment the Devourer's Tooth landed, Brendel intended to use the Elemental Force to make himself fly, but unfortunately, the Lines of Law was already in pieces after that wave of existential force, so it was impossible to activate it. He landed heavily on the ground together with the King of the Devourer's Tooth, and the impact sent him flying right away. Fortunately didn't have a body mass like the monster, and he had it as an 'airbag', so Brendel was just heavily thrown to the ground. At the last moment, Brendel managed to adjust his posture before landing. He rolled a few times, and although he was dizzy, that's about it.

Of course, this is also because of his own capability. If it was an ordinary person, they might have long become a meat pie. But for Elemental Activated beings, falling from hundreds of feet in the air was nothing. If he had prepared in advance, he could even jump down directly without cushioning and still wouldn't be injured.
But this time it was unexpected. Brendel staggered from the ground when he stood up, feeling so dizzy as if his brain had been hit by a hammer that it took him several attempts to get on his feet, only to see stars above his head. The only thing he remembered was that the person who pulled him back to this square must be a foe and not a friend, so he immediately raised his Halran Gaia and took a defensive stance.
"Who is it!?" He shouted.
"It's me."
A woman's voice came from the square.
"Korfa!" Brendel recognised the voice at once.

"You call both my sister and I Korfa, it seems you're lacking sincerity." The woman's voice replied.
Brendel was stunned. He immediately came to his senses and realized that he was now talking to the dark side of Korfa who had escaped previously. Since she appeared here, then he probably was in the God's Eternal Resting Place. He calmed down and looked around, but apart from this bare square, he didn't see the so-called Awakening God. He narrowed his eyes slightly and replied in response to the other party's words, "So what should I call you, honored lady?"
Brendel still felt a little dizzy so he tried to talk some nonsense, so as to delay some time for himself to return to his best state as soon as possible. The time on the Elapsed Pointed had ended, and while he quietly checked his status, the system had automatically deducted part of his EXP, but the good thing was that it seemed to think that he had killed the Devourer's Tooth, and the EXP of the BOSS alone was a generous reward. His EXP was instead a lot more than before.
The woman let out a 'hmph' softly, as if a sneer. She certainly knew what Brendel was trying to do, but did not bother to pay attention to it. She teasingly asked, "Weren't you very bold before? Why have you suddenly become timid, Mr. Human?"

'Mr. Human." This sounded exactly the same as how the other Korfa called him. They were indeed an existence of two souls in one body. However, Brendel was a bit puzzled. Why did he feel that this eldest daughter of Hati had some personal opinions towards him? He looked up in confusion and asked, "I don't know what you mean."
"Earlier in the Spiral Hall, the person who called out my name and almost made all my efforts go to waste was you, right?"
Korfa said coldly.
Brendel's brain buzzed. He didn't expect her to see it. Korfa's dark side was notoriously vengeful, so no wonder she stepped in to stop him, it looked like she was here to deal with him. He broke out in a cold sweat but didn't bother to say more. She was the hidden BOSS here, and he is now in this square, a fight between them was naturally inevitable. He tightened his grip on the Halran Gaia and waited for her to strike.
But it is at this time that a 'whirring' of black flames suddenly appeared above the square. Brendel tilted his head and saw the flames part from it, from which slowly came out a young girl with a figure similar to Korfa's, except that her entire body, including her clothes, was made of burning black flames. She was floating in mid-air, looking down at him.
 "I'm curious as to why you recognize me in my human form."
"Do not use your poor excuses to put me off, even the Bugas have never seen my appearance," Brendel was about to speak, but the girl seemed to have read his mind and blocked his retreat route first. But she also muttered to herself, somewhat strangely: "How strange, I can't even see where you come from... who are you?"

Brendel was appalled: "You can read my mind?"
"I am a god after all."
The young girl's voice buzzed and echoed in the darkness.
"You're a god?" Brendel responded, "No, this is not your power, this is Milos!"
"How clever," the young girl smiled, but Brendel didn't sense innocence from her. She smiled eerily, "You asked what you should call me, right? I am Surash, the only god on the continent of Vaunte after the Year of the Fallen Star. But I am no longer the Awakening God- I am the Awakened God!"

In your dreams. Brendel thought to himself. If you're a real god, how can the players still play? This was after all a level 50 or 60 quest, although it was said to be a hidden BOSS, but as long as it was a BOSS, there was a possibility of defeat.
Brendel suddenly thought that this self-proclaimed 'sister' of Korfa, who claimed to be Surash and whose mind seemed a little less sober, seemed to have the same thing in mind as him, which was to buy herself some time. It was conceivable that Milos' original body shouldn't have fully awakened yet and this wasn't a short process. Brendel suddenly thought of those huge wrecks they saw on the glacier, and what the true form of that giant god was already imaginable.
"Brendel." Just as Brendel was trying hard to not be sarcastic, Sanorso's voice suddenly arose in his mind, "Someone is approaching from above."
"How do you know, Lord?" Brendel was slightly stunned. Since when did this Elven imperial sister have the function of a radar? He had not heard of it before.
"Idiot. I can feel Anguilli and the others."

"What about Yaruta and Peya?" Brendel looked up at the infinite cliffs above, "The two siblings can't fly."
"The two siblings can not, but someone can.  Someone should be leading them and quickly too, most likely that teacher of yours."
"Mephisto?" Brendel's stomach tightened. If it was the two of them, then the remaining one would most likely be Veronica. Although no one knew how they found out this direction, if these two could join the battle, it would be much more certain to deal with this impostor god Surash. Upon this thought, he didn't intend to confront the other party, but instead he played along.
"In that case, Lord Surash, what is the purpose of bringing me here? Although I inadvertently almost ruined your plan in the first place, but as a god, it seems like you don't need to be bothered by a mortal like me, right?"
"Naturally, I won't bother with you." The young lady's voice was cold, "On the contrary, as my first guest, I will also show you something amazing."
"Something amazing?"
"I'll show you how a god is reborn, and from this moment on, the history of Vaunte will be permanently changed, you should feel honored to participate in it, mortal."
Brendel didn't feel honored at all, instead, he picked out the other party's flawed language and said, "Aren't you the god who has awakened, Miss Korfa? That seems a bit inconsistent, doesn't it?"
"Pfft--" Brendel heard the sound of Sanorso holding back her laughter.
Korfa felt a little embarrassed as her cheeks turned red and said, "Shut up, you just watch."

Brendel shrugged. He had confirmed his suspicion anyway, which was enough. As long as Korfa wasn't a true god, then there would be a way to defeat her. On the other hand, Sanorso said to him while laughing, "You are so ungentlemanly, Brendel, how can a girl's slip of the tongue be corrected like that." The two were whispering on one side, but they also paid attention to the young girl's every move, only to hear an extremely bizarre buzzing sound coming from the darkness just after she spoke. Brendel looked in that direction, and immediately saw the darkness of those dense pathways lit up in sections like something was flowing inside, and gradually approaching the platform.
At the next moment, the whole platform vibrated.
Oh no. Brendel frowned. The vibration wasn't from the platform, nor from the abyss below, but the whole crag. The entire valley was shaking. His expression gradually changed. This was the resonance of the mountains, he could almost feel that the trembling came from the entire Deadly Tundra of the glaciers. The glaciers have awakened at this moment, and they are making a sound that belongs to them.
Thousands of years later, that sound appeared once again above the earth.
And something, something was beginning to change.