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Dim Korfa pompously sneered, yet in her eyes, there was clear rage. 

In the piercing cold, the overcast sky speckled with muffled lightning and roaring thunder, the rows of erected flags on the ground fluttered aggressively in the air, like a call to arms in the preceding moments of war. 

On the tip of each flagpole was a golden dragon emblem, refracting what little light there was from the edges of the storm clouds.

Milos’ Frost Giants worship the Giant Dragon, which was the tradition since the prehistoric era, and naturally helmets with dragon horns gradually appeared as time went by. 

Across the endless plains, right then, an ancient yet powerful tune was heard from all corners around Brendel. Taking a quick glance around his surroundings, Brendel knew he was surrounded.

“May the spirit of the ancestors bless us with the strength to slay our enemies.”

“For blood will overflow across these plains as we overcome our adversities.”

“Our native land, where the Giant Dragon lives.”

“Under the storm clouds, the brightest stars lie beneath.”

From an extensive overview of the world they were in, it was as if a long-forgotten period of the prehistoric era came back to life. 

It was barren, vast and seemingly boundless, yet only duplicates of the hundred-meter radius they were in, suspended in mid-air upon a platform within the barrel-shaped valley they were located in. 

It seemed as if the horizon were expanded through a panorama shot, a bizarre sight to behold yet immensely plausible.

Brendel just could not comprehend how Korfa could so impeccably merge into Milos’ realm as if it was hers all along.

In his deductions, Dim Korfa could have utilized Milos’ realm only because Milos’ kingdom, despite drastically restricting all foreign laws or elements, does not affect her much, given that her Power of Chaos was still weak from her recent rejuvenation, and she would still greatly benefit by using her stellar fighting experience to secure her win. 

Yet what Brendel witnessed before his eyes was far beyond his earlier predictions, for Dim Korfa did indeed summon Milos’ kingdom, but not only was her power not restricted, she appeared to be at full control of its ebb and flow, like the actual king of these lands. 

This seemed entirely impossible from Brendel’s perspective because if she had everything under control the way it was now, why would she put herself in such a precarious position, even resulting in such rugged escapes and an injury dealt upon herself?

The overcast sky began to rain with the occasional sprinkle of snow, as the chilling raindrops rolled down the noticeably pale cheeks on Brendel’s face, cleansing the scars he received as remnants from the Calamity of Wolves. The Frost Giants hum to the tone of the battle song as they march on, as terrifying as they were many.

Brendel however did not react but instead contemplated a counter-solution for the situation he was in.

The abruptly made cliff akin to that of a lone fang amidst the empty plain, and on top of it stood Korfa, which Brendel was fixated upon. 

“Why is she so furious?” Brendel caught hold to that single clue in the eyes of the darkness surrounding him, yet what he found does not appease him. Korfa had single-handedly erased her own conscience.

Brendel was anxious, for that was the only reasoning he had, and if Korfa were to remove her own Law then she essentially would have removed her own identity, to become one with Milos! So that’s why she could merge this perfectly into Milos’ kingdom!

She was no longer Dim Korfa, but was still not Milos yet.

Then a thought came to Brendel. ‘It’s…”

The Awakening God, Surash.

“She actually went to such lengths...she’s gonna die with Milos!” Brendel took to realize that she was forced into this state, and the root cause was him.

No wonder she was eyeing me with such hatred and fury. This disgust she has in her towards me will never subside now!

Brendel was at a loss for words, Why would she do that, there is no reason for her to do that, now what’s going to happen?

The Front Giant legion closes in. Even though they were not actually the genuine legion encroaching from the pages of history, now that the fellowship were in Milos’ kingdom, under his law, Korfa is the supreme king with absolute power, and if she were to sacrifice her army, they would do as she commanded.

At this point, this was not just a battle between mortals and gods, it was the ultimate gap.

“There might still be a slim chance out there, I have to think this through.” 

Under such strenuous circumstances, however, Brendel was far calmer than before, not long before an interesting idea sparked. 

Lifting his head, his eyes sparkled with a bizarre thought as he proclaimed, “I shall grant you with one more chance, eldest daughter of Hati!”

He then dropped the staff of Earth and headed in the direction of the Frost giants.

“What is he doing?” Dim Korfa was dumbfounded, her platinum-coloured eyelashes lifted with confusion as they fluttered like willow leaves in the wind. 

“Has he gone mad?”

But at that point, she had become increasingly wary of Brendel, and would not offer him any opportunities.

Watching as Brendel headed in her direction, she thought to herself. If he’s being arrogant then I should just tighten the formation of the Front giant legion. No matter how good he might get, there is no way he could break through the hordes of Frost giants, they would crush him alive!

She was keen to witness the futility of all his schemes.

She was ready to put up to a sacrifice, and would not allow for any mishaps to happen again. Caution and utmost attention had become her new talent, yet such traits were never in her core personality, which frustrates her most that Brendel had single-handedly ingrained them into her.

Meanwhile, Brendel watched as the organized Frost Giants marched closer and closer towards himself.

At that moment, he contemplated on how much of an upper hand it would be if the Frost Chant, Cynna, was still available for him to use, and how effective it would have been against the Frost Giant clan legion. Even as one of the legendary armies, they would not be able to withstand such power.

Nevertheless, he had to snap out of the wishful thinking, since the one handed to him by Seibers Ansu was a broken piece, and who knows when it would ever be fully repaired.

Letting out a sigh, the black crystal on his forehead began to flicker from sight.

It was time to utilize the Heart of Hati.

On the vast plains, the wolves began to howl.

Dim Korfa was ever so slightly alerted. 

She knew the far-reaching howls from the wolves were not ordinary beasts, but instead were her kin, the Twilight wolves clan.

The howls were hollow and melancholic as if they had foreseen the end of the world, the day the sun and moon, day and night no longer exist, as the world returned to its mould. Wolves would then begin devouring the Earth and the sky.

It irked her more that the pack of wolves were the Wolf tribe closest to her mother, the Black wolves, and their males. 

She watched unfathomably at Brendel from afar, as he strolled across the plains while the wolf pack came closing in from behind.

Poetic as it was, it was eerie.

As the leader of the Demons, Hati’s eldest daughter among his twelve, here she was however, commanding a legion of Frost Giants, representing Order and the gods. 

As the successor of the Darkness Dragon, Marsha’s handpicked, now being chased by a pack of Twilight wolves, it seemed like the prehistoric battle had now flipped entirely. Yet there Korfa was, watching from above yet immensely uneasy, an ominous feeling lingered with no way of sweeping it.

Those who had lived in the classical golden era would watch as their subsequent generations do worse than before, ultimately culminating in a brutal war that would erode their legacies to dust, fading into the emptiness of time. 

As for the generation of Black dwarfs that had been corrupted by dark magic, ultimately gained their long-awaited freedom, escaped their murky past, came to the plains and lighted their own flames of destiny. No longer with Divine glory behind their backs, and instead with an unidentified silhouette in its place, one that even Korfa couldn’t verify. The attack-defense positions undoubtedly had switched.

On these vast grasslands, in the face of the hordes of Frost Giants, the mortal man and his wolves seemed as insignificant as specks of sand on a beach. 

The wolves went through Brendel like waves on the ocean.

Brendel ordered them to form a wedge formation. The Black wolves, including the males, were no match with the fighting experience of the battle-hardened Frost Giant legion. All he could hope for was that the wedge formation would crack a gap in between their airtight formation.

The wolves, under his order, began accelerating, while their opponent did the same. Under the ever heavier storm of rain and hail it became a symbolic scene to behold, as the opposing sides sped through the rain, ready to sacrifice their all.

The next moment, both armies ultimately came into collision with one another.

Korfa’s Frost giant legion had an average height of over 4 meters.

Even the Black wolves that were the size of horses were only as big as mortal wolves in the eyes of the Frost Giants. The prehistoric species had been at the crossfire for as long as history was first recorded, archenemies for tens of millennia. 

The wolves with their speed advantage did manage to tear through the Frost Giant’s formation, it was the Black sunstone panthers instead that were dusted in an instant! Not only did they do hardly any harm to the Giants, but they were also effortlessly smashed into bits by their opponents!

Only as the back row of the Black wolves began cutting in did the Frost giant legion finally receive their first casualties. They were forced back as they stumbled, occasionally onto one another, some even trampled to death. Nevertheless, after a hundred meters, the wolves were once again deeply surrounded, owing to their enemies’ far superior numbers. 

A male wolf came towards Brendel, one of his eyes branded with a scar across, a remnant of the battle of the Loop of Trade Winds.

Charred fur was seen in patches across the beast, likely from the Battle of Ampere Seale. 

This alpha wolf has been of assistance to Brendel for the longest, Brendel could even recall the first day they met, when he made it through the Black Forest. 

Flashback went through his head, bittersweet. The wolf then came up to him, Brendel ran his fingers over its thick fur over the beast’s face, before it abidingly laid down on his belly. 

Brendel understandably held onto the thick fur on its back, strode over and sat comfortably on its back.

Brendel once again raised the Staff of Earth.