The Amber Sword - v4c39

Before Brendel could stop her, Sanorso the Wind Empress had left the ring in his hand, as if a shadow had materialized around him. As soon as she landed, the dashing Elf stared intently at the dark-haired, blood-eyed young man who stepped out from behind the light door and called out the other man's name in a tone of certainty.


Tuman stopped at once, "Sanorso?" The bloodshot eyes of the young man clad in a silver robe suddenly lit up, "Elite Elf? Legacy of the Moon? You've chosen this little one as well, so it seems I have good taste."

Sanorso's slender brow furrowed slightly as he stared suspiciously at the image before him, "Tuman, you're not dead?"

Tuman smiled slightly and spread his hands, "My student, a thousand years have passed and we meet again in a thousand years, is this still the first thing you care about?"

Brendel stood by and watched the scene - historically Tuman, as a follower of the Darkness Dragon, had a predictable relationship with the four Holy Saints. But according to the historical record, Sanorso was indeed considered as his student. 

Before the War of the Holy Saints, Tuman had taught the secrets of magic to all intelligent creatures and left behind such valuable knowledge like the Holy Mark. Thinking about it, among the Four Wise Men, Gretel, Sanorso, and Farnezain had all been his students.

But Sanorso did not necessarily recognize this teacher, she looked at the other coldly, "It doesn't seem boring to me at all, Tuman, all that we went through to achieve all this a thousand years ago, we don't want to start all over again." 

Tuman laughed unconcernedly, "My student, it has been a thousand years since Gretel built the Kirrlutz empire on the great plains, how is his Holy Cathedral of Fire today? How are the Kirrlutzians of today different from the Miirnas of that day as far as the Aouines are concerned?"

"You founded the Holy Cathedral of Winds, but your subordinates turned against you. Where are the once glorious Mist Elves today?"

"Of all of you, the one I admire most is Farnezain. But how many of his doctrines still hold today, the glory of the White City is long gone, and your descendants are now fighting each other for superficial gain. It is no more than that on the earth today."

The Elf lady’s face sank slightly, “Everyone has a dark side in their hearts, Gretel and I did not build these kingdoms to last a thousand years, and what you could foresee, we have already foreseen."
"Only as you have discovered, there must be a centralized state on this land to solve certain troubles. Your original decision to divide it into four did not seem like a sensible choice now."

Faced with the Wind Empress' refutation, Tuman's face did not look angry. Instead, he just replied softly.

"You won't get anywhere by not trying, Tuman."

Tuman raised an eyebrow and asked rhetorically, "So what answer did you get? Your soul still haunts and lingers bitterly over a ring to this day, and why? History has long since moved on, so why do you remain stationary in the same place?"

Sanorso held her breath and fell slightly silent.

"Is he the one you chose. Sanorso?" But Tuman did not seem to want to press on. Instead, he turned to look at Brendel and asked.

"Is he not also your chosen one?" The Wind Empress did not reply in a friendly tone. He had only ever seen the wise Lord in a dashing and strong manner, but he had never seen her in such a childish manner.

"Nonetheless," but Sanorso quickly recovered, snorting coldly, "that old boss of yours, Odin, the Darkness Dragon - and Kelsie, have taken a fancy to him. This little fellow is not a simple one, and Gretel’s Flame Scepter seems to have decided to choose him as his master."

"Before the Glorious Era. It's not surprising that heroes should be born. One can only see the future if one has lived through an era." Tuman replied.

"You think highly of him," the Elf lady said, "I don't have as many complicated ideas as you do, I'm just looking for a successor."

Tuman looked at her and smiled without saying anything. But he wasn't going to expose her, instead, he looked behind Brendel at the newly born, thinly veiled World of Laws. 

Beside Brendel, were the Cards of Fates that belonged to him floating in the air, circling. Since the ‘knight’ profession had been established, the world behind him had tended to stabilize again, and those Cards of Fates that were flying around no longer showed signs of being out of control.

"Brendel, you got to this point a little faster than I expected, I would have thought it would be at least some time before you understood the true meaning of power." Tuman could not help but exclaim after watching for a while.

Hearing Tuman say that Brendel could not help but blush even though he was not someone who would get embarrassed easily. If it was not for the Deer Demon who informed him of the true meaning of the Planeswalker's power, he would still be indulging in powers that were not his own.

Sanorso who knew all about it snorted lightly. 

"You fallaciously praise me, Lord Tuman, I have only recently come to understand these truths." Brendel sighed, the fact that he had truly understood the unreliability of forces that were not his own was still amid the first battle of Ampere Seale. The experience of being pulled into the very Ultimate Realm and was nearly overturned during the battle with Williams was still fresh in his mind.

"Looks like you've encountered quite a bit." Tuman smiled gently, "But these aren't bad things, and experience is valuable to anyone regardless of the outcome, not to mention that it doesn't look like you've suffered much from these incidents."

This was a real fluke, Brendel thought with fondness.

But those were not his primary concerns right now, his primary concern was about the Planeswalker's transfer. After all, it was concerned whether or not he would be able to Activate his Elemental Powers, so he briefly intoned and asked, "Lord Tuman, are you here for me to reorganize my cards?"

"Pretty much," Tuman nodded, "You should understand by now that the blueprint for the deck I set up for you that day was based on nothing more than an understanding of your world. But it is, after all, not your code, and to become a true Planeswalker, you must turn what I have gifted you into a knowledge that is truly your own."

 "As in these cards?" Brendel said, looking at the 'White City Pioneer’ in the card bank.

"Exactly." Tuman praised.

"So what should I do next?" He asked again.

"Don't you already have an idea in your mind, just follow your ideas and do it. I am only here to inform you of some of the laws a true Planeswalker must follow when you become a full-fledged Planeswalker." Tuman replied, "As an apprentice, the laws are far more lenient on him because he uses the power of others, but he can never reach the ultimate level. And once you become a full-fledged Planeswalker, you will soon understand the true meaning of this legacy-"

"The Planeswalker's true meaning?"

Brendel looked up. As Tuman had said, he had envisioned his deck of cards a thousand times since the first battle of Ampere Seale, and to this day, he did have a rough framework in place.

Although it did not have to be extremely detailed, creating a deck was no longer a problem.

So Brendel nodded his head and read aloud, “What belongs to the knight, belongs to the knight." As soon as he finished speaking, silver light flashed in mid-air and cards fell. 

As soon as the Sun Blade fell, it immediately turned into a silver 'Holy Song'. In Amber Sword, the Holy Song was a basic skill of the Farland Knight, a special gaining skill - it allowed the Farland Knight to sing the Holy Song to destroy Undead creatures and magical creatures on the battlefield while generating a shield against Black Magic damage on friendly troops.

This brand new card looked like this to Brendel: 

Holy Song 

Long Song III 

Light EP 2 


Pay X EP (Knights, below level), when the Farland Knight sings a chant, it causes X points of damage to non-white creatures (Magical creatures, Undead).  

Also, place X on each ally creature, removing one counter for each point of damage dealt from the Black Curse. 

‘O glorious Holy Cathedral,  look at the white flames descending from heaven, like wings over an army-' 

Then a Sprint Drive that turned into a ‘Group Sprint’ for the Farland Knights: 

Group Sprint 

Long Song IV

Earth EP 2 


Pay 1 Glory, the Farland Knight can make his followers gain the ‘Group’ ability. 

Sustained,  the Group Sprint will last until the next day's reset moment. 

'I saw with my own eyes the Sabris screeching into a charge, tens of thousands of troops crumbling before them - Baron Vassaran Cardin '

(Group ability, when a creature with this ability also gets 1% more damage within a certain range, the damage increases by one for each additional creature with this ability)

Next was the Golden Battle Flag, the Silver Colt, and the Holy Sword. They became 'Encouragement', 'Cavalry Readiness', and ‘Heaven’s Armament’ respectively.


Long Song IV

Light EP 5 


Pay half EP (Knight), the Farland Knight inspires all ally troops to get a boost (existing level +5). 

Sustained, the Encouragement will remain until the next day’s reset moment. 

'My glory is both your glory-'

Cavalry Readiness

Long Song VI 

Earth EP 1 


Pay X wealth, the Farland Knight orders X followers to become cavalry, and if they are already cavalry, they gain the ability to fly. 

Sustained, Cavalry Readiness will remain until the next day's reset moment. 

'Flags like the sea, spears victorious in the forest, cavalry ready to go-'

Heaven’s Armament 
Long Song VII 

Light EP VII 


Pay X EP, the Farland Knight summons a number of X Holy Swords to attack the enemy from the sky, dealing 5 points of damage. 

'As the Light of Judgment plows through the battlefield, the undead army is destroyed in ashes-'