The Amber Sword - v4c44

Without waiting for Brendel to ask further questions, he suddenly waved his hand and said, "Well, what I have to do is already done. Brendel, I'm glad to see that you've officially joined us as one of us. After this farewell, I'm afraid it will be difficult to see you again in the future, and you are in charge of your future."

Brendel was suddenly stunned.

It was not that he did not know that this Elemental Emperor would eventually leave, but it was only when they had to say goodbye forever that he realized he was dealing with a legend from thousands of years ago.

"Lord Tuman..."

"Hey, no need to be cheesy. We're all grown men, and besides, with Sanorso teaching you, I'm sure you won't have too many problems." Tuman smiled slightly, "A bit of a deadbeat, but one of my best students."


The Wind Empress snorted. But when she looked up at Tuman, who was becoming transparent, she could not help but frown, “I have a question too, old man.” 

Tuman turned his head and smiled, “Do ask, my student.” 

“After the first battle of Osopao, did you or did you not die?” Sanorso asked with hesitation. 

There seemed to be a moment of silence on the platform.

But Tuman spread his hands, "I'm afraid I have a hard time answering that question. For you know more about history after the first battle of Osopao than I do. The late king should still have been in Elka when I left this image."

"That was before the march into the Great Swamp." Sanorso frowned at him. Brendel listened as 他和Wind Empress talked to herself, but his mind was recalling the history of this part of their conversation. During the War of the Holy Saints, the Four Wise Men did not in fact start out with an army that fought against the Darkness Dragon.

In fact, before marching into the Great Swamp, the Darkness Dragon was far from taking these 'low-class people' from other races seriously. Before the Battle of Osopao, this historical 'tyrant' and 'dictator' had remained in Elka, near the Permafrost Glacier. About this history, even the players never got it right.

For example, what exactly he was plotting in the Permafrost Glacier. There was not a single record of it in history. Brendel could only guess that the other party's whereabouts might have something to do with it, based on the fact that the Deer Demon had said that Odin had once invited Kelsie to join him in his fight against the mysterious enemy.

The Battle of Osopao then broke out and the Resistance invaded Demia. The victory in this battle was a turning point in history. Since then, the Resistance began to grow, the Buga and the Dragons joined the war, and shortly thereafter there was news that the Elemental Emperor Tuman had been killed.

Thinking about this, he could not help but take a look at Tuman.

"The Buga say they killed you, but some of the Silver Elves saw you with their own eyes, but you were only wounded and fled, and disappeared into the Alfalfa Wilderness shortly thereafter." Sanorso continued, "In the end, we didn't confirm that you were actually dead, but it was only to boost morale that Farnezain announced the news that you were dead-"

Tuman laughed at Sanorso's words, "My student, does it really matter if I'm actually dead or not? Besides, if you use the news of my death to boost morale, in my temper, I would never remain hidden. You know very well what I would do. So you already have an answer, don't you?"

The Elemental Emperor's entire lower body had almost disappeared by the time he finished saying this, looking like a ghost floating in midair.

Seeing him like this, the Elf could not help as her fists trembled. SIlently, she replied, “I just wanted to make sure…” 

"You have confirmed it," Tuman replied. The voice faded, "Remember to give my greetings to Eleranta for me."

"She'll be sure to split your greeting in half!"

Sanorso watched as Tuman’s figure disappeared completely, and it was a long while before such a vicious phrase came out of her mouth. Then she turned back to Brendel, who was watching her in stunned silence, she could not help but ask with a sense of irritation, "What are you looking at?"

Brendel hurriedly shrugged his shoulders, the feuding in the era of the War of the Holy Saints really had nothing to do with him, but it was for sure that Tuman, as the teacher of Sanorso, Gretel and Farnezain, must have had a hard time in his heart when these three fought against him.

Just when did the collapse of the Miirnas begin?

Of course, Brendel knew of those times, when the Miirnas were as proud as the Kirrlutzians were today. No, even more proud, because the boundaries of their empire were once so vast that they included the entire Vaunte today, and today's Kirrlutz, Farnezain, Sanorso, and Eleranta were only a small part of the empire in those days.

But even such a powerful empire eventually crumbled in an instant. And to this day, there was no longer any survival of the Miirnas on the continent.

Brendel thought about these things in silence, but he did not want the Wind Empress at the side to suddenly ask him, "By the way, what are you doing here?"

The Elf looked around suspiciously, "This place should be at the edge of the Black Forest, what are you doing here alone in the middle of nowhere? Is it just to see this old immortal... old man?"

She probably realized that the other man was dead, so her own words seemed a bit contradictory, therefore she changed them halfway through.

"Of course not." Brendel shook his head, which reminded him of why he was here. But it was hard to explain, so he could only reply ambiguously, "Of course I came to seek treasure, and you saw it when I met Lord Tuman, simply because it was an accident."

"Treasure hunting?"

Sanorso stared at him suspiciously, "Can you show me what treasure?"

As a former heroic Holy Saint who had experienced the War of the Holy Saints, she instinctively sniffed out the untruth in Brendel's words. But alas, although the Wind Empress was knowledgeable, she could not help Brendel. Only a few steps back as if he was silently counting his steps, Brendel counted a few steps and then walked towards the mountain wall.

Sanorso subconsciously thought the guy was playing tricks on her, and she narrowed her eyes, but she did not realize that it was only a small moment before Brendel pulled something out of the vines that were coiled around the mountain wall with a clattering sound.

"What's this?" The Elf could not help but look at the object in Brendel's hand before she realized that it was something like a slate.

In response to the Wind Empress’ question, Brendel just smiled mysteriously.

"It's naturally good stuff."

He gave an ambiguous reply, but this time he did not lie. For in another history, this slate was indeed an item that had changed Aouine’s history.

And that was the real reason why he had asked Freya to come along with him.

In an alternated history, this was the private property that belonged to that Valkyrie. And in the midst of this history, Brendel naturally wanted it to be returned to its rightful owner.


Tick-tock, tick-tock.

It seems that the only sound left in the large room was the tedious sound of the taut winding of the autonomic clock. This sound echoed in the empty room as if it had been infinitely amplified . The shadows of the sunlight fell through the shade of the trees in this study, imprinting layers of shadows on the carpet. It was like a strange picture.

A pair of pale feet in wooden clogs stepped on the carpet, occasionally destroying the mood of the whole picture.

She walked quietly around the room, occasionally turning back to face her husband with a mysterious smile on her face.

Those servants who knew her well were aware of that special ability that this future Lord's wife possessed - it was called Foreknowledge.

Outsiders had no idea how terrifying this Lord's wife's abilities were. It was only living in this castle for two months, and not a single servant had dared to belittle her authority.

The young man sitting behind the desk, or the future owner of this territory, the knight-mad man in Brendel's eyes, of course. The young man whose real name was actually as Eikkel had one hand on his cheek and was staring at his wife with some boredom.

In fact, ever since the first battle of Ampere Seale, the whole world seemed to have calmed down. It made him start to feel out of touch with himself. The kind of life he said he pursued. It should be hot-blooded and hoovering up the weak.

But alas. Aouine - or at least the South of Aouine had been more and more peaceful these days.

The only news that was slightly encouraging was about the tension that was making the southern part of Radner's territory tenser by the day. But alas, Count Radner would probably not march a large army into Lantonilan’s territory as long as his brain has not burned out.

And Duke Lantonilan had already grounded him after the first battle of Ampere Seale.

He could not help but sigh deeply and muttered, "My dear, you said something would happen today, but unfortunately we waited until now, so it seems you were wrong in your prediction again this time."

Youla was not annoyed to hear her husband say that. She turned back to face Eikkel and gave a reassuring smile. Wearing the traditional clothing of the Nine Phoenix made her entire body appear to be filled with a kind of elegant and intellectual beauty that made Eikkel look dumbfounded.

He coughed lightly and asked, "By the way, are you feeling better?"

"Much better, thank you for your concern," replied Youla, "Please be patient, Husband. In Nine Phoenix, self-regulating is an important ritual for a noble."

"But it's been hours of waiting."

As soon as Eikkel finished speaking, the door suddenly opened. He looked up with a slight startle and found grim-faced Makarov standing outside the door.

 "Lord Makarov, what are you doing here?" He was stunned. But Makarov interrupted him first, "No need to ask so many questions, Eikkel, there's a letter from Firbur, and one is for you."

"Her Highness?" Yura asked.

"Hah, it's Count Trentheim!" Eikkel had already jumped up in excitement before anyone else. "Great, I knew he would never forget me!"

"Quickly give me the letter, Lord Makarov. By the way, what does it say?" He had at least some sense and finally knew enough to stop and ask what the letter said.

Makarov looked at him and shook his head, the future Duke Lantonilan had grown up in the mountains and wilderness, and although he had barely received some noble education now, he was in fact still a mercenary at heart, and full of messed up knightly thoughts. 

What gave him a bit of a headache was that he could not understand how he had brought up such an heir. He silenced for a while before replying calmly, "The letter said for us to meet at Vallendaren-"

"Vallendareh?" Eikkel was stunned, as if he just came back to his senses, "Isn't that the home of Duke Viero, wait, what are the Count and the others doing in the Viero region? Isn't Radner still at war?"

Makarov stared at him silently. 

The young man seemed to have finally realized that he had said the wrong thing, and coughed, "That,... the message that made Radner, was... it was Youla who told me. I definitely didn't go out!"

"Husband..." Youla could not help but sigh. This act of betraying teammates was also a little too decisive.