The Amber Sword - v4c74

"Don't be nervous." Brendel sighed, "Even if it did, it's already dead. This magic pet is ownerless, and what killed the warrior was the spell attached to this pet, I think this guy should be the party that invaded that day. The mage left behind in the Mage Tower should be dead himself after killing his companion, but he passed the last spell to his magic pet and killed this guy."
He was actually talking about the analysis of the player who discovered all of this, but he looked back at Haruz and asked, "You know this guy?"
Although he asked this, he felt somewhat unlikely in his heart. Haruz is so young, and this skeleton should be at least a century old.
But he did not expect the little prince to frown, shaking his head and nodding again, "I don't know, I think I've seen this armor there before."

Brendel looked towards the armor and found no obvious markings on the armor, and the style was very ordinary, except that it looked like it should be magic armor. But after taking a second look, he suddenly realized something was wrong.
All along, he and the player had been preconceived that this skeleton was a human, but he suddenly realized a problem, What if this guy didn't become this way after death, but is just as he is?
For example-
It was a skeleton.
The Black Rose of Bromantonu. 
Brendel knew at once why the young prince was familiar with this skeleton's armor. It was because this armor was a very ordinary Aouine military armor, such armor was almost everywhere within this kingdom's army, but there was one problem: all armors should have the emblem of the army it belonged to carved on it.
But there was only one kind of exception. Most of the skeleton soldiers after being transformed by the Undead, would wear their armor that rusted away in life until they were promoted to the rank of the Bone Knight or even higher. The Corpse Mage would then have the crypt craftsman smooth out the emblems on their armor and enchant them.

 That kind of armor would look exactly like what was in front of them.
But it could not be fully confirmed yet.
He looked back at the young prince and said, "Madara?"
He saw the young prince creep out and nodded vigorously, "Right, that one! I've seen similar armors on their envoys at Winterclaw Castle, and I've asked my sister why Madara's armor is the same as ours-"
Then it surely is.
Brendel himself could not be sure, as his memories on certain things would not be as clear as an native’s. If the young prince remembered it that way, then it was highly likely.
He took a step back and said, "Whether or not it is, just check it out and we'll see. Lord Marsha said that grace is scattered across the earth and that a warrior should return to his homeland, but the gift he left behind in life is a reward for those who come after him."
"If it is a warrior-" he added.
Then Brendel looked to Firas, and the young man's eyes lit up, "Oh, meaning this armor is our reward?"
"There are other things as well, and as I agreed with you, you will be the one to sort them out." Brendel replied.
"Ha!" Firas looked excited, "Yeah, I almost forgot if you didn't tell me. So I’ll go now?" He pointed at the skeleton.

Brendel nodded, the scene was supposed to be a reward for the player. However, he took the trouble to explain, "Out of courtesy, you should start with the examination of his bags, as the priority is to prove the identity of the dead so that the dead may rest in peace. Then only the weapons, and lastly the armor and other equipment."
This was the etiquette for sorting through the belongings of the dead on the continent, but players never had this to do. Except for those who played as extremely spiritual players, but that was a minority after all. And for the natives, that was the rule that had to be followed, especially the nobles, who had considerable respect for the dead, so Madara, while also believing in Marsha, was unpopular in the wider civilization for the same reason.
 “I know, I know.” Firas nodded excitedly as he crouched down and indeed found a nearly rotted leather pocket beside the skeleton. He picked up that pocket but immediately let out a soft giggle.
"What?" Brendel was immediately concerned as he had been looking forward to having this luckiest knight of Kirrlutz to examine the corpse for him for a long time.
"What do you see here, Count?" Firas jiggled the pockets, from which he took out a ghastly white object that first looked somewhat like a slate, but when Brendel took a closer look he realized it was a bone.
As soon as he saw it, he was sure of the other's identity. Only the Undead of Madara would use a possessed bone plate to record words, this was a piece of information he only learned after traveling to the Kingdom of the Gretius’ Knight Squad.
He took the bone plate over. The text on the bone plate was recorded with Madara's secret text, even though he did not know it, that did not prevent him from using the light screen that came with it to check the properties of the thing.
All he could see was a line of phosphorescent green text.
Unknown Bone Plate (Quest Item).
Brendel's heart was racing out of excitement, there was no such category as a specific quest item in Amber Sword. Generally speaking, most of the quests issued by NPC for one to prepare are for other purposes. For example, a blacksmith will ask you to prepare iron ingots, coal, or even tools for him, but these things were also materials in the game itself and can be used by the player as well.
And in general writing quest items, there is only one thing.
That was the hidden quest initiation item.
Brendel's heart was pounding, none of the rewards for hidden quests in the game were any worse. Just like before when he saved the Holy Seal Valley, although the mission completion was still a long way to perfection, the reward Malourcha gave him was a huge surprise.
He took a look at Firas in front of him, He sure is abnormally lucky. But seeing that the other party was still looking at him with a puzzled face, Brendel only then regulated his emotions and replied, "This should be something from Madara's side, Undead knights often use similar bone plates to record words."

"No wonder I saw some strange writing on it, I can’t believe this is the first reward,what bad luck!" Firas cursed and felt a little embarrassed, "Looks like I'm having a bad day, why don't you do it?"
"No, no, no." Brendel hurriedly shook his head. What a joke! If I were to do it, I might as well have called Maynild to do it. The female knight was not always lucky, but it was better than having him to do it as he was forever unlucky.
Firas was actually just saying that casually, and then he simply emptied the pockets of all the contents in one go. Brendel almost passed out when he saw what was inside.
First, there were two rings.
Two dark silvered, as if several silver snakes were twined together around a cat's eye stone ring. And Brendel happened to know these two rings.
The Pupil of the Double Ringed Serpent.

Defense +1
Light Resistance +5
Light Element Pool +20%
The Tooth of the Double Ringed Serpent.
Defense +1
Dark Resistance +5
Dark Elemental Pool +20%
(All For One)
(When equipped with one piece) Preception +100, Bloodline +100
(When equipped with two pieces) Dark Discovery +5
Brendel could not help but grind his teeth when he saw these two items, this pair of rings was a rare set of rings in Fantasy equipment. The attribute of the pair of rings itself was actually not outstanding among Fantasy equipment, but the set attribute was too rare, and the increase in Dark Discovery by five itself was an extremely valuable and precious attribute, not to mention the terrifying Perception and Bloodline both increasing by a hundred.
Bloodline was actually fine, but Perception was a very special attribute in the game. Since Perception was not the main attribute of any spell casting or attack, its only function was to increase one's Perception of the world - basically, every point of Perception in the game could increase one's Perception by two feet, except that this attribute, like Intelligence, was extremely difficult to obtain.
Even today, with Brendel's Elemental Activation, his Perception attribute was still less than 50. With his Perception, he could clearly hear whispers within about a hundred meters, and the sounds of normal speech within almost five hundred meters, or perceive an excellent level lurker within a couple of hundred meters.
But as long as he would wear these rings, within two hundred meters, even the top Night Swallows which might be ten levels higher than him in the game would not be able to hide themselves. As long as he deliberately captured it, the sounds of normal conversations within a kilometer would no't escape his ears.
In addition to his hearing, sight. After Perception exceeded one hundred, vision would become a magical vision that could ignore the darkness, including the darkness created by magic. And as for over a hundred and fifty, no one seemed to have reached it in the game.
It was too hard for this set of rings of All For One to appear because only the Undead would drop it, but the Pupil Of The Double Ringed Serpent was a rare light item, so the drop rate was ridiculously low. At least Brendel had never heard of anyone ever seeing it in the game.
He could not help but stare at the two rings, almost immediately wanting to pick them up and bring them with him. But of course, he could not do that, first of all not to mention that it was very rude and secondly he would not be able to.
Because the Double Ringed Serpent Ring required Willpower that was at least at the peak level of the Law.
Brendel's eyes could only ignore the pair of rings and stop on the following three items. A scepter, a silver-handled mirror, and a tooth.
He almost made a gurgling sound in his throat when he saw the scepter.
That thing also had a popular name.
Francisco’s Hold.
Attacks: 45-51
Strength +200
Physique - 100
Additional Skills: 
Fade- Francisco’s blade does not exist in the normal world, so it is difficult for a mortal to describe its existence. Unless actually hit by Francisco’s Hold, it willl distort human perception, making it impossible to tell how long the blade is by sight, sound, experience, or memory.
Rose's Thanks - 'Remorse devours the heart' When using Francisco’s Hold, whenever the wielder is in doubt while fighting, he ages faster for every enemy he kills.
In The Amber Sword, this sword started an era. It made players understand the existence of 'cursed items' within the equipment category. But more to the point, this weapon was the only one that causes the user to almost delete themselves.
No one knew what the true requirement of Rose's Thanks was, but most people only knew one thing. That you could not easily put away the sword if you had taken it, and that you would lose a level if you kill someone with it.
Cursed items in the game should be legendary level equipment that corresponded to normal items, while demonic items were Fantasy level equipment that corresponded to normal items. The sword was an artifact but Brendel would never want to use it.