The Amber Sword - v4c97p2

Brendel did not expect the future legend to appear before his eyes, who was so young. Brendel could not help but take a second look at the other man. As if noticing his look, Veronica smiled, "Now there's no need for me to introduce him, right, little one?"
Brendel laughed bitterly. Of course, it was unnecessary. The Crucian nobility had an ancient tradition of sending their heirs out on a journey, but this tradition had long since been disobeyed by most families, as assassinations and accidents had killed too many good offspring, but the Kirrlutzian royal family had a lot of gumption.
"Dragons are seen by us mortals as superior, but they also have many peculiarities, as if they had an almost paranoid greed for wealth. As far as I know, this time we are dealing with a timid young dragon. It's not in the Dragon's nature to choose to be sneaky, but rather in its personality," Brendel continued.

"It's interesting that a Dragon can be cowardly. Teacher, you were right, one can only understand the world by exploring it.” Shido exclaimed in amazement.
"Don't despise it just because it is a coward. No matter what, Dragons are a formidable opponent, the same goes for young dragons. Even a coward would dare to crush an ant." Brendel warned.
"That's right." Shido nodded politely to him.
"This guy......" Brendel was a little speechless.
Veronica, however, heard what he was saying, narrowed her eyes, and asked, "Brendel, from what you're saying, you can find it out?"
"I don't have the skills to track a dragon, that's the job of the Elven Dragon hunters in Esothuk, except I happen to know where it's hiding." Brendel smiled a little.
"You know where it's hiding?" Veronica's green eyes lit up and she looked back, unable to help but praise, "You sure didn't disappoint me, little one, it’s as if nothing could be too difficult for you!"
"You are flattered, I was just a fluke. Don't forget, I am on good terms with Duke Lantonilan, and Duke Viero is not averse to an alliance with me. They are the masters of this place, and this young dragon has lived in this area for quite some time, so the locals can’t know nothing about it." Brendel replied modestly.
But Veronica seemed to be distracted by this, and she still looked at Brendel admiringly, "Brendel, you make me regret- I mean at your age, hey, it would be nice if you would join the Kirrlutz Empire."
"Aren't I also standing with the army commander now?" The army commander's hospitality was a bit overwhelming to Brendel, but he could not choose to become a Kirrlutznoble anyway. He laughed lightly, subtly changing the subject.
"Hmph." Veronica snorted softly, expressing her displeasure at Brendel's perfunctory answer. She picked up the map on the table, shook the dust off it, and asked, "Where is that dragon? It seems like we have to catch it before it eats all of our food."
"Are you planning to leave now, Commander?" But compared to Veronica's gusto, Brendel was calmer.
"Well?" Veronica looked back at him puzzled, "Of course, we can't delay any longer, and I don't even know how much longer we can keep this a secret. I've already ordered a reduction in food rations, but it's only a temporary measure, and sooner or later we'll have to call it quits."
She suddenly stopped and asked, "Brendel, do you have any other ideas?"
Brendel nodded, "Actually, I have news for you."
"News? Good or bad? If it's good news, tell me; If it's bad news, forget it, there's enough bad news already, let it be put aside for now." Veronica froze for a moment, capriciously replying as a military commander. Then she went behind the table and took her longsword off the shelf.
Brendel looked at the woman somewhat helplessly, "We found Arreck's trail before we came here."
Veronica's hand froze. She lowered her sword and looked back at Brendel with a glint in her emerald green eyes and asked somewhat oddly, "Have you come to bring me good news today, little one?"
"It does seem that the Holy Cathedral of Fire is getting antsy about these portal fragments." Brendel looked at her as he murmured. 
"You guys...... them, no, of course, we're anxious, do you know how much the Empire has been embarrassed this time? You're partly to blame for this, so don't get too cocky, someone will come after you." Veronica saw Brendel smile and knew what he was thinking.
When Brendel looked at the other two, Lenore sat there like a statue, silent and unmoved by his and Veronica's words, while Shido looked at him with curiosity, holding a book with both hands. Brendel was now a household name in Cruz.

  Have the Kirrlutzians suffered a defeat since the last Holy War?
"Tell me what's going on." Veronica asked.
When she heard what happened to Peya, Veronica didn't show much sympathy on her face, but just said icily, "Arreck was seeking his death."
In the end, she turned back and asked carefully, "You said that the girl had followed the trail all the way to this neighborhood, which means that her brother is still alive, and had left markers along the way, telling you that Arreck had passed through this area." She looked puzzled: "But what is the connection between the two? Are you trying to tell me that Arreck is also heading for that young dragon's lair?"
"Exactly, Lord Veronica, there is one thing that I did not tell you before coming here, as to not leak the news." Brendel replied, "You already knew that Arreck's trip was for the Heart of the Dragon, but you didn't know that the Heart of the Dragon was in the middle of the Glacier of Despair, guarded by the young dragon."
Veronica was startled for a moment.
"So you're up to some more scheming, aren't you?" She stared at Brendel and asks.
What scheming! Still, Brendel nodded, "Neither adult nor juvenile dragons are that easy to deal with, even Arreck may not be capable, so I think they'll go to a place first."
"What place?"
"The Holy Cathedral of the Hibernators."
Veronica froze at the name, her narrowed emerald green eyes were with a dangerous glow, "I've heard of this place, you're not going to tell me those 'things' are still alive, are you?"
Of course, they were still alive.
 The chief wolf, Warg Hati, was only temporarily sealed and half asleep, not to mention her heirs. The Twilight Scars chased after the Father of the Giants, Milos the Frostweaver, to this place. After a battle, the god of the frost Giants fell, and the blood of Warg Hati flowed in the snow, from which the foul creatures were born, and the heirs of darkness were sealed but were still asleep in the Holy Cathedral of the Hibernators.
Arreck would not be capable of dealing with the young dragon, and his only chance was to free the heirs of Warg Hati. Brendel had guessed the Duke's thoughts almost immediately.
But he must not have known what he was about to release, and it was not one of those miscellaneous bloodlines of the wolf scourge, but pure-blooded demon wolves born from the blood of Warg Hati, a true creature of chaos.
Opening the Holy Cathedral of the Hibernators would also open the path to the most central team quest of the Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth.
But fortunately, Brendel knew that it was a seal ruled by time, and unless it was opened from within, Arreck was doomed to disappointment. He had an idea, however, and it was an idea that would not only leave Arreck empty-handed but also at a huge disadvantage.

To say that this idea was a conspiracy, it did not seem entirely implausible.
Seeing his look, Veronica knew that the young man had a plan. But now was not the time to discuss a plan of action, so she chose to trust him, but she said, "It seems that you have already figured out what to do, but I have one more question-"
"What exactly is this heart of the Dragon you speak of that I once thought was the heart of a giant dragon?"
"Well......" Brendel was a little innocent, "I don't know."
"What?!" Veronica immediately looked like she wanted to kill someone.
"As you know, Lord Veronica," Brendel looked at the large book in Shido's hand, "much of a mage’s knowledge comes from books, and you can rarely know what it is until you have seen what it looks like. Got it?"
"Hmm, sly answer." Veronica glared at him, "Don't think that I don't know what you're hiding from me, go ahead and recuperate while I gather the others."
Brendel broke out in a cold sweat as the army commander stared at him. He did not think Veronica could tell that he was lying. But actually, he did not lie about the origin of the Heart of the Dragon, it was just that he did not tell the army commander that he knew it all, not from books, but a game with the same name as this world.
This is something that can't be explained, isn't it?

Brendel was not going to dwell on the issue. He simply saluted the female army leader, turned around, and was ready to leave with the others.
But at that moment, Shido, who was right behind him, followed, and before Brendel could lift the felt of the tent she called out to him, "Mr. Brendel."
Brendel turned back.
"I’m just a little curious, Mr. Brendel. You are the most knowledgeable Aouine I have ever met, do you know the habits of the Dragons?" Shido asked in a curious whisper.
Brendel always felt some suspicion in the other's pure, innocent eyes.
"No, I'm not sure." He simply shook his head, as there were some things he can never explain to such an inexperienced little girl, especially when the other party was a stubborn scholar, a female scholar to be specific. "I also heard that Dragons are particularly fond of human maidens, and will swipe beautiful maidens back to their lair-" he said. “Did you know about that?"
Shido stared at Brendel with her wide, turquoise sapphire blue eyes, "Mr. Brendel, you're such a joker, I, I've never even heard of these......"
How smart. Brendel thought to himself.
The young woman hesitated before asking again, "Mr. Brendel, I hear you are a descendant of a Highland Knight? I have heard that the Cartians still maintain their tradition of marrying stepmothers and daughters-in-law, and I have heard that your souls are not purified in the flames when you die, but that your bones are collected, put in a jar, and buried along the road? Is all of this true?"
Brendel looked at her oddly and stared at her for a moment before he turned pale and replied, "Yes, but more than that, we also keep the habit of eating our food raw, fresh with blood and murder with swords up in disagreement. In our place, women can have many men, and men can have many women, so what do you think?
Shido was dumbfounded, with her face all incredulous, the girl just stared at Brendel open-mouthed.
"I'm sorry," Brendel looked at her and added, "What I said before were all lies-"